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Default The BALLOON N' A BOTLE incident
. It all started with me being contacted on my private mail on this site.
I don't know if i was the only one they contacted, but I tought that their offer sounded interesting..
It was a balloon company that looked for volanters to test some of their new products and their adress where in the same city that i live in.
Well i was about to have two weeks off, so i wrote that i was awalable.
The next day companys developing leader called me and told me that they had chosen me and I could come to their developing compartment next monday.
I arrived there the next monday and was greated by the develop leader.
"Welcome" she said "please follow me"
We valked into a huge warehouse, it must have been at least twenty meters up to the seiling and several tuosand square meters.
There was a lot of tetered latex balloons in all sizes and a lot helium tanks.
"This already looks kinda interesting" i said "can i try those?"
"Well maby later we have something totaly new you shall test first."she said" Here it is "
It was a table with some tanks on. The tanks where about half a meter in lengh.
It looked like a four five liter scuba tank, but it was bright red and was marked BALLOON N' A BOTLE.
" Is that it? "I asked a bit disapointed.
" Don't be fooled by their small size "she said and opened the valve.
With a hiss a balloon began to inflate out of the tank.
She inflated it to about a meter in diameter and said" hold on to it"
She closed the valve and the balloon came loose from the tank. It felt very boyant.
"These balloons have a huge lifting capabilaty and are almost impossible to pop.
The first test i ask you to do is to let you self fall onto the balloon on your stomach" she said. "Try jumping up and fall over the balloon.
I did and it felt a bit strange.
It was like it took a lot longer to fall to the ground and when i hit the ground the balloon bounced up in the air again with me on it a couble of times.
" Whoa this is fun" i said.
"I told you that you should not be fooled by the tank" she said.
I looked at her and first now i saw how beautyfull she was. She looked a bit like Ziva from NCIS.
"Let us try from up here" she said and pointed at a lift that was tree meters high.
I climbed up and she handed me the balloon.
"okay jump p hard out with the balloon under your stomach" she said.
I jumped hard out from the lift and almost a meter higher up with the balloon under me.
It was amazing. I fell slower than usual and bounced five or six meters up in the air again a couble of times.
"Let go of the balloon" she said. As I touched down the third time.
I did and watched it float up under the seiling.
"The next we shall test is how the balloon reacts when it's in direct contacted with your skin". She poined at a paint suit.. "Go and take your clothe off and put this on. You can change in there" she said and pointed at a door.
I quikly changed since it now got really interesting..
I came out wearing only the paint suit.
She took a new tank and handed it to me.
"Put this under your suit and close the zipper all the way up also the hood " she said
I did while i was trying to hide that i was getting a boner from the exitement of what was about to happent.
"Open the valve" she said.
I did and could feel the balloon begining to pres on my stomach.
"Keep going" she said "how does it feel?"
"Very rubbery, but nice" i said
"OK" she said "i think that we should se how it reacts with a little more pressure so keep inflating."
I did and the pressure grew a bit, but it felt good.
"I think that is enough" she said "close the valve"
I tried to close the valve, but it was stuck.
"I can't it's stuck" i said.
"Let me try" she said "you are right it's stuck i got to get some help wait here"
She ran out.
Meanwhile the balloon filled the paint suit out more and more.
It began to go out in the arms and legs and round to the back inside the suit.
As the balloon met on my back and in the arms and legs of the suit something strange happent.
With a bluup pop sound they conected on my back. The sides of the balloon simply melted together, making the balloon inflate on my back too.
The balloon was now sorounding my body completely and it kept expanding. Only my face was free.
With a huge riiiip the paint suit ruptured while the balloon kept expanding.
The balloon had become my suit.
I began to feel lighter and lighter and all the sudden my feet left the ground and I floated up to the seiling.
The rubbery feeling of the balloon suit was imence and almost unbareble.
The leader came in with a techniqtian and looked around.
"Hey where are you" she shouted
"I am up here" i shouted back.
"Wait there we are going to get a lift" she said.
"I am not going anywhere" i grinned.
She came back and hoisted her and her helper up to me
"How do you feel" she asked.
"Well to be honest the balloon feels veeeery good to wear. I love the rubbery feeling of it on my body." i Said
"Oh you like wearing rubber too" she said and blinked to me"let us get you down from here".
She tied a rope around my ankle and to the lift.
"Omg. This has actualy been a life long dream for me" i said
As we reached the ground she and her helper pulled me down
Some more spectators came and helped.
She climbed up on my shoulders with a knife and tried to puncture the balloon, but She could not.
The spectators let go of the balloon and we floated upward
They quickly pulled us down again.
"Well i can not get you out right now. The balloon deflates by it self in about four days, so we just have to wait" she said.
Well at that point i did not really care since the balloon had me in a state of a constant dry orgasm.
The next four days i only remember as pure plesure, but on the fourth day the balloon deflated and I was tanken to the shower.
I was able to get water between the balloon and my body and the leader helped me out.
"I hope that you are not angy" she said.
"Oh no i am not" i said.
"I have feelings for you lets go out on a date" she said.
"Sounds like a plan" i said. "i better get home here is my number.
Well to looking back on this it was a real win win situation, becauce i both got a once in a life time experience and a girl friend
Well not quite a once in a lifetime experience becauce we have been using the BALLOON N' A BOTLE a lot.
The best idea she got was last weekend.
She brought home a xxl paint suit and a tank.
"let us climb into the suit together" she said.
It was a suit without a hood.
We took the suit on with our stomach to stomach.
Standing close together sharing the suit she took the tank and zipped it inside the suit behind my back
She then zipped the suit all the way up.
"let us try something new" she said and opened the valve.
I could feel the balloon starting to pres against my back at first. And tried to reach the valve.
"Are you sure that this is a good idea?" i asked.
"Don't worry i had wanted to do this since i saw you the first time.
The balloon began to make its way around us and with a plob it melted together behind her.
The pressure grew and we where pressed together hard untill the paint suit ripped apart.
Then the balloon just pressed us together in a real nice way while it kept expanding.
We got lighter and lighter untill we floated up under the seiling..
The intence rubbery feeling and her body close to mine gave me a boner.
She moved a bit around and it slid up in her.
"Uuhh that feels good" she said.
For the next four days we was floating and maked love in the balloon.
Their was not much else we could do,since we where trapped in the balloon floating under the seiling.
Eventualy the balloon deflated and we could get out of it in the shower.
I can't wait to she what new ideas she get in the future

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Default Re: The BALLOON N' A BOTLE incident
I got the inspiration for this story from reading an old Donald Duck comic.
In this story Donald gets a tank from Gyro Gearloose that inflates balloons just by opening the valve.
These balloons are indestruktable.
You see one of his nefiews bounce along on one of the balloons.
When Donald gets home he open the valve on the tank and forgets it.
The balloon fils out the whole of his house and he can't pop it even with a knife.
The last picture is of Donald 's house floating in the air tethered to the ground by roabs..
I tought that i could make a story with the balloon being stuffed under some clothe instead.
Hope you like it
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