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Default Non-popper becomes semi-popper when drinking
So, I'm a pretty phobic non-popper when sober. But when I drink, while I don't intentionally blow to pop balloons, I do get a lot bolder about pushing them to the max... and, well, things happen.

Thought I'd share with you the results of last night. Nothing huge, just various 9" and 12" balloons, but I can't recall having popped this many at one time before... at least 13, and I'm missing quite a few pieces from some of these, so maybe more.
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Default Re: Non-popper becomes semi-popper when drinking
Nice! Iím finding myself getting bolder, too. Itís just when Iím playing rough, just roughly enough that Iíve popped three cheaper or older balloons accidentally, but itís starting to bother me less and less.

I donít want to pop my Tuftex 24Ē I have inflated...well, maybe I wouldnít mind seeing the old, red one go, if Iím just a little too rough with it one day...
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