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Default Most durable beach ball??
Im looking to add a few more inflatables to my collection and would like to maybe grab a nice big beachball or 2 and was curious? What brands and size beach balls are very strong and take alot of abuse when inflated nice and tight? Ive heard intex and bestway both make great beach balls but wasnt sure if there are any other brands out there that can hold up.
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Default Re: Most durable beach ball??
I'd say probably the Intex ones are strongest. I've never had one pop on me anyway. The inflatable world 51 balls are strong too. It depends how you plan to ride them, if like me you lay down and spread your weight (that and I don't like them over inflated I prefer them soft and squishy) they there is less chance of them popping to say someone who over inflates and sits upright etc.
I would personally ignore Amazon or other reviews where people say a product has popped within 5 mins, I've got a 56" emoji beachball which has bad reviews and I've ridden that hard many times no issue it's one of my faves. That and the Metallica balls, they are thin and stretchy!

Best thing is if you're unsure, watch some vids on YouTube of people trying to pop a certain beachball, it's really surprising how hard it is to pop some. There's a vid somewhere of 2 lads jumping on an Intex watermelon beachball at same time and it doesn't pop. Infact come to think of it there's a gay couple on YouTube who do pop videos and I'm sure they pop some Intex beachballs and it takes both of them jumping on it at same time several times before it pops they are both adults.

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Default Re: Most durable beach ball??
I tried to blow to pop an intex 24” beachball earlier. It got way tighter than I thought it would and I had difficulty blowing any more air in. I reckon I’ll have to modify the valve to be able to blow to pop it. They’re really strong.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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