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Default Asking for old display balloons....
So, there’s a thread about stealing display balloons, to which I posted my story. Here, I wanted to post another story, and question about display balloons.

About 20+ years ago, I was able to get the courage up to ask a very pretty real estate agent for all the balloons from her open house. That netted me 50+ balloons! Again, that was 20+ years ago!! I also a few times, able to get some display balloons from stores at the end of the business day. While few in number, it was always a ‘pleasure’ to ‘save the balloons’ from destruction, only to have that pleasure later.
It’s been a very long time since I’ve done any ‘stealing’ of, or asking for, display balloons, until recently.
Late in 2017, I did get the courage, again, to ask another real estate agent for her old balloons. Over the course of a few weekends, I was able to get around 30+ balloons from her.
I have been in contact with a local party store about their display balloons, but have not had any success. I have also tried a couple of PARTY CITY stores, and have been politely told ‘No.’, because they cannot ‘resell’ the balloons.
The only recent success that I have had, has been with a couple of local JEWEL FOOD STORES, in their floral department. One success story was at a store that had 1/2-dozen 16” balloons that were being sold for $6.99 each. Every time that I went into the store, the balloons just sat there, being moved around. Finally I went to the lady in the department, and asked her what she was planning to do with the old balloons if they were not sold. She mentioned that they would be popped, but she was ‘confident’ that they would be sold. I said asked if they were not sold, could I get them at a discounted price. Three weeks later, went back to the store and there they sat. I asked again (different lady), and got them for $2.00 each, with the stick and all! The only other ‘success story’ at a JEWEL STORE, was getting old mylar balloons from holidays. I have been able to get many from the store for as little as 49 cents apiece! I am getting ready now to go and get the unsold MOTHER’S DAY balloons! While I am not a big fan of mylars, a balloon is a balloon....
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