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Old 17-05-2019, 08:34 PM
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Default Did You convert?
Has anyone from you converted from nonpopper to popper or reverse?

By myself- I started more than 30 years ago, when balloons in my country were rare...Buying them was almost impossible. They had came to grocerries in 100 packs as B30- 12" pear and B70- 14" teardrop shaped in one color. Red, yellow and blue only.
I was a nonpopper these days. They were precious and blowing them perfectly was the aim... Every unexpected and unplaned pop was a trauma for me. After 1990, when imported mexican balloons (mainly12" but properly treated reaching 16") made a revolution I started to be a semi popper. After 2000, when I got internet access and buying balloons of all shapes and sizes became as easy as today I started to be a popper...
I still blow them perfectly- to the max size and best shape, sometimes I inflate/deflate them 5 times until they are perfect, but all of them are to be popped...Sometimes 100 in 5 minutes, sometimes 1 after 30 min play...
Am I still a nonpopper although I or my wife pop them?
What about you?
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Old 17-05-2019, 11:05 PM
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Default Re: Did You convert?
I started out as a non-popper, mostly because I was afraid of the bang. Popping always seemed fun to me though, so with the help of earplugs, I slowly started popping balloons. While I can go on some big popping sprees these days, I still enjoy some non-popping fun sometimes. I'm still afraid of balloons popping in normal settings, but earplugs and adrenaline helps a lot when I'm on my own
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Old 18-05-2019, 03:42 AM
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Default Re: Did You convert?
I used to like popping, but as I started to prefer larger, stronger and more expensive balloons, I came to prefer to make the fun from each individual balloon last longer.
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Old 18-05-2019, 04:54 AM
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Default Re: Did You convert?
started out as 100% nonpopper, recently the 1% side of me converted to be a popper. It just depends on the mood, time and urge. I only do this to smaller size balloons, the medium to bigger size will not be popped at all.
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