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Default Re: Late delivery frustration
As for buying stuff of Amazon, what the vendor actually ship out is not their problem. I’ve had alsorts of issues buying inflatables n pool toys from Amazon in the past. Like being sent out an Bestway Orca whale when the item I’d bought was the Intex one. Okay an inflatable whale’s an inflatable whale n all that- those Bestway ones are ugly bloody things. Though just occasionally you come up trumps like when I got sent an old 2010 year of manufacture pre warning ladled Intex Whale and the guy knocked a few quid off it aswell as it was in his words old stock lol!
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Default Re: Late delivery frustration
Courier delivery companies are the bane of my life! I hate them! They never deliver correctly, or on-time, and seem to enjoy making their customer's lives a misery.

I've had parcels from them all: DHL, Fed Ex, UPS, TNT, Royal Mail, USPS, Parcelforce, Yodel, DHL, etc, etc, and none are great. The fact that most actively seem to do everything in their power to deter customer's from calling them, to complain or get stuff sorted, doesn't help matters. And they wonder why we get pissy with them, when we (customers) have to resort to underhand methods of looking for unlisted phone numbers online, that will get us through to these companies.

Thankfully, I've now got an arrangement set-up, where any parcels that need signatures or are too big to be put through my letterbox, can be safely left at a local shop just across the road from me, and I can then collect them from them.

But all courier firms seem to enjoy (sadistically?) being a pain towards their customers!

Most of the time, it's stuff coming from Amazon, and customers have no control over which courier company the delivery comes from, yet the couriers blame the senders of the parcels, for the courier's failure-to-deliver! Utter madness!
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Default Re: Late delivery frustration
In my experience, delivery dates are an estimate, unless you pay for express delivery or something, especially if you order from outside your country. Here we only have to deal with three(?) different couriers, one of which is DHL, which usually only delivers high-value parcels and are, as far as I know, the only ones who will deliver to your door. Most parcels either goes to your mailbox, or to the local post office. I made sure to get a quite big mailbox, so that most parcels will fit inside. Always felt a bit awkward having to go pick up balloon shipments, especially when you know people who work there
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