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Default Mouth inflating 3 Cattex ducks & Extreme Squirting on a GL 500
Yea, that's right. This is very hot. Oh, and over 27 min. long...

gl500 squirt short gif.gif

Cattex Ducks and GL-500 Squirt Fest!

Bianca Baker had just gotten her shipment of 3 yellow Cattex ducks and one yellow GL-500, but she just didn't have the lung power to inflate them. Bianca thought about who might be big and strong enough to inflate the big beautiful balloons, and the first girl that came to her mind was Layla Moore. Bianca called her up and Layla came right over to help her friend. Layla began mouth inflating cattex ducks as soon as she sat down on Bianca's bed. Bianca marveled at how powerful Layla's lungs were and at how quickly Layla was able to inflate the first duck. Layla began on the second, as Bianca began to bounce on the first. Bianca started getting totally turned on by Layla's crazy powerful lungs. Layla tied off the second duck, began to bounce on it. Bianca's duck popped with a loud bang, so Layla gave hers over. The girls stripped naked, then Layla began to inflate the third duck. Layla finished as Bianca's ducky popped on her bare pussy, so when Layla began to ride the final duck and inflate the GL-500, Bianca pulled out a hitachi and began to use it on Layla's clit and to make the balloon vibrate. After Layla had fully inflated the GL-500, she had Bianca help her pop the duck on her pussy. Both girls proceeded to climb onto the GL-500. Thy each used their hitachis on their clits and Bianca started squirting all over the airship... and Layla! In fact, Bianca squirted SO hard that it completely soaked and shorted out Layla's vibrator! Layla then kissed Bianca passionately and leaned back so Bianca could squirt all over her. It was super, super hot!

Starring: Bianca Baker and Layla Moore

Includes: big balloons, shaped balloons, mouth inflation, looners, lesbians, yellow balloons, airship, zeppelin, strong lungs, amazon, bbw, skinny, tits, nudity, squirting, cum, cumming, female ejaculation, balloons, balloon fetish, nipples, pussy, balloon ride, balloon bouncing, popping, bare pussy popping, real orgasms, bisexual, hot
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Post Re: Mouth inflating 3 Cattex ducks & Extreme Squirting on a GL 500
I really love to read stories like this. I feel so big excitement that sometimes i imagine myself in some kind of story like this one. I have a lot of movies with girls and balloons,milfs and balloons and often watch this content because i feel such a great pleasure of it. Applause for the author of this story!!!
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airship, gl500, squirting

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