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Bubble Boy :-P
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Default Re: Introducing Myself
Welcome Pink! Pink balloons are definitely some of my favorite
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Default Re: Introducing Myself
My relation whit balloons is a bit special.
I realy like to be boyant whit them in water.
One of the things I do is to bring about 30 modeling balloons whit me out to a lake, wrap them around my thighs and torso and wade into the water and feeling them make me boyant. I also do this whit a GL 1200 that I inflate to half itīs size and sit on the almost deflated middle part.
I realy like to lie on realy big balloons and hate when they pop.
It started when I was a teenager, having dreams of floating on latex balloons and has evolved into both a love of balloons and wearing rubber close whitch I usually combine.
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introduction, sissy

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