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Default 10 pops & an orgasm


SCENARIO: CUSTOM SCENE: (PLEASE NOTE THE ZEPPELIN, THE 2-36" BALLOONS & ONE 24" DID NOT POP) 10 OUT OF 14 POPS - SCENARIO: You will start off wearing tight black yoga pants no panties or bra. All the balloons will be pre inflated except the one small one that's for the inflation, that one you'll put in your pants and blow it up with an electric pump. After that balloon pops in your pants then you will strip them off and move on to the 15" and 24" balloons, theirs 5 of each and they should be pretty tightly inflated, I don't want them to pop instantly the moment you sit on them but you shouldn't have to struggle with them to much. After all of the 15" and 24" balloons are gone you'll move on to the big boys, I ordered 2-36" rounds for you to play with, and a 33" by 46" zeppelin. It's in this part of the video that you'll bring out the magic wand for your masturbation scene, I'd like to see you lie back on top of the zeppelin witch should be a little under inflated for this part. You can pop these 4 balloons in the order that you wish as long as you save the zeppelin until after you cum on it, 2 of the balloons a clear and if it's possible I'd like to get some close up shots of your pussy through the balloon while your riding it. Just remember you can not use any objects to help you pop the balloons just your very fine ass.
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