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Default Looner story
Thoughts while blowing up a balloon

Here's a blow-by-blow account of a recent looner experience I had that I though you might enjoy.

It's a lonely Sunday afternoon. *I'm lying in bed, waiting for John to get home. *He's out at a bar watching football with some friends. I've recently woken up from a nap and I'm feeling a little bit horny. *I turn over and reach into the nightstand drawer where we keep a bag of balloons for sexy time play. *I both curse and love the fact that John has pretty much converted me into a looner. *I don't know if it's the balloons specifically that turn me on, or the memories of how he reacts to them, but either way, they are now a sexual icon for me. *I can often get aroused simply by inflating one, even if there's nothing overtly sexual about it.

I pull a latex toy at random from a bag stashed deep inside the nightstand drawer. *This one happens to be an 11" baby blue that is fresh and has not been previously inflated. *Because John and I are both "poppers" that isn't too unusual, but we do have a few larger ones that have been inflated multiple times and saved for "later". *These are the ones he usually likes to have me bent over when he takes me from behind.

The memory of it already stirs my loins and convinces me to go ahead with the balloon play. *I bring the balloon to my lips and blow into it. *I am happy it has not been pre inflated. *I do not yet have a plan for this ballon, but in case I decide to over inflate it, I prefer that it be as virgin as possible. *I know that pre inflated balloons get bigger, but I don't care so much about the eventual size as I do the sharp crisp bang they make when they explode. *I find myself let down if balloons pop with a whimper or a thump, rather than a bang or a boom!

My right hand holds the nozzle and my left hand gently cups the rapidly expanding balloon. I quickly insert two or three full breaths, feeling the orb expand in my hand. *It is still soft and roughly the size of a small basketball. *I think briefly about the comment John made one time about how he likes to watch me blow balloons, how my stomach tightens and my chest expands and heaves as I first exhale into the balloon. I take another breath and exhale hard into the balloon. *It grows bigger in my hand. *I repeat again and again. *The color shifts slightly. It is still a light blue but becoming more transparent with every breath.

Another deep breath goes into the balloon and I feel the latex expanding under my hand. *It is not yet tight, but it is becoming a substantial size. *It reminds me of the girth of Johns penis and I become more aroused. *My left hand leaves the balloon and I feel the smooth silkiness of my freshly shaven leg as I stroke my thigh. *I dig my finger nails into my thigh as I blow another breath into the balloon. And then another. I typically count my breaths as I go. I don't know why. Maybe I have OCD. I have a general "rule" that a ballon is good enough after 10 breaths. *Anything below that I think is under inflated, as in I rarely get a neck; but if I put in more than 10 breaths I assume I'm usually going to take it all the way to popping. *Balloons are too variable to actually know when they'll burst - that's what makes popping them exciting - so I usually count to ten and then stop counting. *After that, *I just try to keep blowing and forget the rest. *Anyway, I hadn't been counting this time. I had no idea how many breaths I'd put into the balloon.*

I pulled it from my lips and examined it. It had become somewhat transparent in color and was "full round" but did not have a neck yet. I expected it could take many more breaths before it became fully or over inflated (technically there's a difference, but to me they're the same thing). *I wasn't sure yet what I wanted to do with this ballon. I asked myself if I should pop it, fill it to the max and save it for John, or whether this would be one of the times where I blew it up only to ultimately deflate it and put it back in the stash. I put the balloon back to my lips and blew again, waiting for inspiration to strike. *This time, I felt the neck begin to expand. *Just barely, but it's my favorite part of blowing up balloons. *It's that moment when you are in complete control. It is no longer just a party decoration, but something over which you have complete control. *I own you. I can choose to destroy you if I continue on this path. By now I was highly aroused.

I pinched the nozzle tight and removed my tee shirt. *I was in bed with a nearly fully inflated balloon wearing nothing but a pair of black panties. *I placed the balloon between my legs sliding it gently over my body feeling the hardness of the latex against my crotch. I placed the ballon between my legs again, this time stopping to squeeze it with my knees, forcing the neck to bulge even more slightly. *Holding the balloon between my knees I tugged the neck towards me with both hands, creating an awesome amount of cleavage between my arms.

I brought the balloon back to my lips and continued to blow. *This time, I could only use one hand though as my right hand was now preoccupied with pleasuring myself. *One deep breath followed by another. *Now the balloon was quite big, beyond the rated size, and the neck was starting to fill and the body tighten. I paused to consider my options as I stroked myself even more vigorously. My head filled with images of past balloon play with John.

Ok, let's do this I thought to myself. Let's btp this sucker.

One more breath

Ok, it's getting pretty big. I wonder how many more until it goes. *I'll bet 5. I can pop this thing within 5 more breaths. Here we go.

Another breath

One down, four to go.

Another deep breath.

Wow, this thing is really getting tight! * It might go sooner than I think.

One more breath.
Holy crap! I don't have anything to hold on to any more.

Tugs at nozzle and pulls body away from face while blowing another breath into the balloon.

Wow! This thing is transparent. *You can hardly tell it used to be blue. *I wish John were here to see me right now....he would fuck me so hard. *I'll bet his dick would be huge. *Ok, here we go. This is it. One more breath.

Close eyes tightly and blow one more breath with all my might. *The balloon hardly wants to accept my air. *The neck is so swollen it touches my lips with nothing to hold onto.

Shit! Nothing. Really? Why didn't you pop? *That's ok. I will make you mine. *You can't hold out forever.

Another deep breath. *Lots of air, but hardly any goes in. *The balloon is rock hard in my hands, but it still does not pop.

Ok, one more. *This is it!

One more breath, but still nothing.

Damn. I thought for sure you'd pop by now. *John would be so turned on right now seeing how long this neck is. He loves this shit. *I'm out of breath. *I need a second. *I don't know why it won't take any more air. *Why don't you pop already!

Changing strategy, I let some of the air out. *The cool air blows against my naked chest and makes my nipples rock hard. *It once again gets my juices flowing. I rub the now huge balloon against my crotch. It feels so good.

I pinch the neck tight and shift positions in bed, sitting upright. *I observe the balloon. It is much larger than the rated size with a very long neck. *I twist the mouthpiece rapidly, sealing in the air and climb atop it. *It is so bulbous it is hard get my legs around it. I am not sure it will support me, but it does. *I hold onto the twisted mouthpiece with my right hand while my left hand caresses my naked breasts. *I have every intention to finish this balloon off by mouth, but as I rock on it, it feels so good. I continue to grind against the balloon, harder and harder, pressing it into the soft mattress of the bed and forcing the neck to bulge and contract.

I lean forward, holding the balloon between two hands. It fully supports my weight as I grind harder and harder. It feels so good.

Oh my god, oh my god! I feel the orgasm wash over me, my body spasming on the tightly inflated latex orb. * It lasts but a minute but the sensation is intense. As I finish my self satisfaction, I grind deeper into the bed and rock harder on the balloon. *I bounce hard against it watching the neck bulge outward dangerously with each thrust.

Suddenly the ballon pops below me with a sharp crack. *I am excited again like a little girl watching a 4th of July fireworks show. *The latex snaps sharply against my ass and other sensitive areas, but I do not care. *I am spent and least until the Patriots game is over and John returns home.
** * * * * * * * **
I love to hear the BOOM!
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Default Re: Looner story
Wow, loved it. You're really good at writing, looking forward to more.
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Old 18-11-2015, 10:36 PM
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Default Re: Looner story
Wow! Amazing.
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Old 19-11-2015, 03:39 AM
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Default Re: Looner story
This is really good! You have a real talent!
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Old 19-11-2015, 01:11 PM
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Default Re: Looner story
Thank you all! I like to write and I appreciate your encouragement.
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Old 22-11-2015, 09:25 PM
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Default Re: Looner story
Wow Katielynn, that was awesome!
Love your writing, please keep the stories coming. I would love to read more.
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Old 23-11-2015, 12:10 AM
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Default Re: Looner story
That was a great read! Thank you for sharing your experience with us, hopefully we will get to hear about more!
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Default Re: Looner story
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Default Re: Looner story
Great story Katielynn!! I really enjoyed that one! Can't wait to hear more
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