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Default New Story I'm Working On
Kayleigh was figuratively bouncing off the walls with excitement, she had just finished talking to her roommate about that evening's plans and her roommate, Addison, had just told her that she was going to see a movie with her friends and that could only mean one thing; balloon time!

Kayleigh was finding it hard to adjust to living with a roommate again, it was nice paying cheaper rent and Addison was a good friend but when Kayleigh lived by herself she had lots and lots of time to spend with her balloons. She would blow them up as big as she could, scatter them throughout the 3rd floor apartment and generally always have balloons of all sizes around. She had been a closet looner for years and years, she relished in finally being able to enjoy time alone with balloons. A friend of hers, Addison, approached her and said that she needed a roommate and that the rent would be about half of what Kayleigh was currently paying. Kayleigh didn't make the decision right away, she wanted to weigh her options and really how much balloon play she'd be missing out on. She arrived at the decision that it was ridiculous that she'd put balloons before friends, and accepted Addison's offer.

The first couple of months was a lesson in patience for Kayleigh, she had been used to having her own space and operating by her own schedule for over a year so there was plenty of conflict between her and Addison right off the bat. However, the friends would frequently talk about their expectations and would try to make a peaceful living situation as much as a possible and relations had been much better as of late. Addison was a movie buff, and wanted to see "The Imitation Game" with her friends and thus freed up Kayleigh to spend a playful night at the apartment.

Addison and her friends had invited Kayleigh and even insisted that she join them for the movie, but Kayleigh passed saying that she wanted to relax and had a few things she wanted to accomplish that night. With that, the group of girls said their goodbyes and as soon as the door clicked shut Kayleigh was running up the stairs to her room for some personal balloon time.

She closed her bedroom door and immediately stripped of her clothes and started to dig through her balloon collection, selected a few large balloons and one or two 17" balloons too. Her job was demanding and definitely cut into her free time on occasion, but it provided her with more than enough money to pay bills, put some money away, and it allowed her to have a "balloon stipend" too. She looked at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror adjacent to her bed, appreciating her active lifestyle and the benefits that it carried when it came to her athletic figure. Her disproportionately large breasts looked massive on her small frame, and she frequently drew comparisons to Ariana Grande with the obvious exception being in the chest department. She didn't mind the attention her breasts provided, but she wasn't terribly happy with how large her breasts were and how flat her butt was. Sighing in reluctant acceptance, she turned her attention to the balloons resting on her bed and how she would enjoy them that evening.

Kayleigh had long been a looner, a slang for someone with a balloon fetish, and even had her first orgasm aided by balloons. She hadn't the slightest idea of how much of an affect that event would have on her life at the time, she just knew that the balloon in her underwear felt really good when she rocked back and forth on it. As she grew up, she began to realize her fear of balloons was mixed with the pleasure she felt from balloons; this relationship of fear and pleasure was a constant tension that Kayleigh felt throughout high school and into college. While in college, she had practically given up on her fetish for balloons because she was always so busy with her studies, that balloons had taken about as high of a priority as playing Halo 2 on the school's LAN network.

After Kayleigh graduated college and had secured her well paying job, she found herself with more free time than she expected. Living by herself, at the time, had been a big adjustment as well. Her unexpected freedom had spurred thoughts of her latex toys as well, and before long she found herself ordering balloons online. Another facet of her freedom was her finances, she was paying off student loans rather rapidly after getting her job at a organic test kitchen. She worked as a organic food tester in the capacity to test the properties of the food to ensure that would meet FDA standards to be labeled "organic". Her company worked with several medium to large food producers on everything from packaging, to caloric content, to molecular engineering of natural food preservatives. It was rewarding work and it paid really well. Her social life wasn't the most active outside of work, so this left Kayleigh with a large amount of free time. One night she was sitting at home on a Friday night and balloons consumed her thoughts, she finally caved and placed a large order of different sized balloons.

After that initial order, Kayleigh had balloons around constantly. Whether confined to her room when she had guests over, or strewn throughout the apartment she loved seeing balloons wherever she went. Over the 14 months, Kayleigh got so adjusted to having balloons always around her apartment that she sometimes forgot to stash them elsewhere when guests came over. However, she was able to easily explain the balloons away because when she had guests over it was usually for a special event. Everybody's curiosity about the presence of balloons were immediately quelled with that explanation and nobody ever questioned further.

After moving in with Addison, balloon time was cut from abundant to scarce almost immediately. Addison was one of those roommates that loved being involved with your life. She had grown up in a large family and privacy was a luxury, so it was a further adjustment for Kayleigh when Addison would just walk into her large room wearing pajamas and plop down on Kayleigh's bed ready for "girl talk". Kayleigh remembered to never store uninflated balloons underneath her bedding because Addison would frequently wrap herself up in the blankets just so they could talk. She liked living with Addison though and accepted this trait of hers and knew that how just how Addison bonded with her roommates. However, tonight Kayleigh was thankful that Addison had her own social circle and that left her alone for at least two hours.

Kayleigh drew a large 24" ruby red balloon from her stash and began to blow it up, admiring the growing orb as it filled with her air. When the balloon was about to grew a big neck, Kayleigh tied a half-knot in the mouthpiece and placed it on her bed. Kayleigh stripped from her clothes down to her underwear then walked across the room to her dresser. In one of the bottom drawers, she found her favorite pair of shorts. They were super stretchy and Kayleigh used them to help her along when playing with balloons. She put on the shorts and walked back over to the balloon, pulling down her shorts and placing the balloon between her legs she then pulled the stretchy shorts back over the balloon and up to her waist. Kayleigh tied the waistband of her gym shorts as tight as she could to increase the pressure of the latex pressing up against her sex. The balloon bulged out from the shorts and partially filled the leg openings, though it didn't seem like Kayleigh had gone too far with her inflation of the balloon, it was just the right size.

Kayleigh's strong but thin legs had been forced out around the balloon and she could feel her crotch warming at the touch of the latex balloon trapped in her gym shorts. She got on top of her bed and straddled the captive balloon as she went down to her knees, giving the balloon a good bounce or two before coming to a rest. Kayleigh reached into a ziplock bag and pulled out an even larger balloon, a red 36" tuftex, and prepared herself for her favorite "game". Kayleigh could feel her inner thighs warm as she drew the large balloon to her lips, breathing in the pungent smell of latex through her nostrils. She rocked her hips against the balloon a few times then exhaled mightily into the balloon. This was Kayleigh's favorite balloon game, grind on a large balloon in her shorts and inflate a 36" balloon seeing which popped first; her or one of the balloons.

The lithe blond's hand searched out across her bed, trying to find the last element of her erotic dance that was ever so necessary. Her hand came across the large plastic item and her finger found the button she was looking for; the play button. Jason Darulo's "Talk Dirty" immediately started playing on Kayleigh's stereo, and now she could really get into the mood with her favorite mix playing. Kayleigh picked up on her pace, continuing to exhale into the balloon with every bounce and grind, her tongue in the balloon's mouth so she could inflate the balloon hands free. The trapped balloon was squeaking in protest every time Kayleigh's thighs clamped down on its fragile latex skin, letting out a shrill squeak with each compressive bounce. The balloon being inflated was soon about half-inflated when she freed her large breasts from her bra, she was becoming more vocal about the pleasure that was coursing through her nubile body. Kayleigh moaned loudly into the inflating balloon a few times, bringing her dainty hands to her breasts and teasing her nipple as she continued to grind away at the 24" balloon in her shorts. She pinched the mouthpiece closed and took the big balloon out of her mouth for a minute, surveying its impressive size.
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Default Re: New Story I'm Working On
(10,000 character limit)

"Oooohhhhhh yessssssssss" moaned Kayleigh, her nipples becoming painfully hard in the warm air inside the apartment. The sight of the large balloon in her hands, the balloon squeaking loudly in her gym shorts, and how wet she was all gave indication that this would be an explosive end. Kayleigh resumed inflating the 36" balloon with gusto, driven by the passion she was feeling to blow the balloon up as large as she could. She closed her eyes and settled into the rhythm of her dance, moaning lightly into the balloon as she continued to exhale sharp breaths into the growing latex sphere. Kayleigh hugged the growing balloon and held it close to her body, taking note of how firm the balloon was becoming. She knew it wouldn't be long, something had to give and she became more aggressive in her bounces with the balloon in her mouth trying to free itself from her grip. Kayleigh could feel the balloon press against her upper body and thighs, producing another round of squeaking as the balloon skins become to rub against one another.

Kayleigh felt her breath catch and sped up her exhaling, anticipating her body was about the take over from the pleasurable sensations her pussy was currently experiencing. She widened her knees and pressed her crotch harder into the balloon, smothering it in her sex and hearing it groan in protest. She briefly opened her eyes and saw the balloon in front of her face had become gigantic and released her grip on the tightening balloon. The balloon in her mouth was bouncing wildly, coming into contact with her breasts and stomach then trying to escape from the prison of her mouth. Kayleigh let out a moan and threw her head back, her orgasm was drawing very near and redoubled her efforts to pop one (or both) of the balloons. Her latex toys were both protesting loudly and seemed to sense that the end of approaching rapidly. Kayleigh was breathing heavily from the pleasure she felt, her pussy sliding across the balloon's latex surface almost without friction. Her breathing was having a very noticeable affect on the balloon in her mouth too, it was clearly much larger than its rated size. The sight was intoxicating, her left hand groping her right breast and the right hand had now traveled south to help the girl along. Kayleigh exhaled big breaths into the balloon for a brief moment, she swore she could hear the latex begin to crack which resulted into a deafening pop. With her mouth unmuffled, Kayleigh howled as her orgasm took over her body. She closed her eyes tightly, shouting for the balloon she was grinding to pop.

"Pop you balloon! I….said…..p-p-p-pop!" The balloon in her shorts had survived this assault but it was not meant to be, its skin exploding from the combined pressure of Kayleigh's weight, it's own size, and her restrictive gym shorts. With no balloon under her anymore, Kayleigh fell a few inches to the bed below and collapsed as her orgasm began to subside. She moaned a her more throaty moans and laid in her bed in quiet reflection, thinking about how everything seemed to pop at the same time. She grinned and fished out the remnants of her balloon in her shorts, looking over the burst balloon in appreciation. The gym shorts hung very loosely to Kayleigh's hips as she stirred from her bed, walking across the halfway to the shared bathroom. Sighing with exasperation, she entered the bathroom and caught her reflection in the mirror. Her dark copper hair was a tangled mess, sweat clung to her face, her shorts wet with her juices and her hips somewhat ached from straddling the balloon but Kayleigh smiled as she looked herself over in the mirror.

Kayleigh sighed contently as she exited the bathroom and went back to her room, shutting off her light and curled up in her bed. She could feel that sleep was not far away, she pulled up her covers and smiled again.

"Ahhh tonight was gooood!" Kayleigh said as she felt just how heavy her eyes were. Hopefully Addison would have more social outings coming up so she could continue her favorite game.
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Default Re: New Story I'm Working On
That was fantastic! Glad to hear one of your stories again!
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Default Re: New Story I'm Working On
Excellent story! Parts of it felt very familiar to me. =D
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