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Default The party
Holly woke. Sophie was already up and getting dressed in a rush. "Hey Holly, just remembered I said I would help a friend set up a party. Got to be there in an hour. You can come and help if you've got nothing better to do."
Holly gets up and stretches. "Sure, sounds fun."
"Great. It's a street party, we've got to set it up, ready for this afternoon. Might even be balloons." She says with a wink.
"I didn't bring any spare clothes, mind if I borrow some of yours?"
"No not at all. Go find something to wear, I'll be back in a bit, Alice wants me to buy a few bits for the party."

By the time Sophie gets back Holly is ready to go.
"I bought some balloons, unfortunately couldn't find anything bigger then 11 inch. The last of mine are inflated in the bedroom, can't use them."
"That'll be fine, people aren't used to large balloons. Don't want anyone asking us awkward questions, do we?"
"Suppose not. You ready?"
"Yeah, let's go."

When they arrive there's a few people setting up stools and getting some music ready. Sophie goes and speaks to her friend Alice, then walks back to Holly. "Right we've got to put a banner up over there, then decorate the place with balloons." Sophie finds the banner and gives one end to Holly. "Take this end and tie it to that tree." She goes to the other side of the road and starts tying her end. Holly dose the same on her side. After the banner is done Sophie walks over to Holly. "Now for the balloons." She goes to one of the tables where she left them, Holly follows her nervously. What if someone notices that I'm getting turned on? She thinks.
"Hey Holly, relax. No one will find about our secret, they'll be too busy setting up the party." She takes her hand and Holly follows. Sophie takes one of the balloons and begins to stretch it. Holly feels nervous excitement as Sophie brings it to her lips and starts blowing. She just stands there staring while Sophie continues to blow hard, no one seems to notice how excited she looks and soon the neck begins to inflate. "Sophie!" Holly whispers, looking around to see if anyone is watching.
"What?" She replies in a innocent voice.
"Not so big."
Sophie locks eyes with her and blows hard again, the neck touching her lips now. A young woman approaches the table. Sophie quickly ties the balloon and throws it on the table.
"Hi, want some help?" The woman asks. She takes a yellow balloon from the packet and starts to inflate it. Sophie gives a red one to Holly before taking one herself. Sophie blows fast and has soon caught up with the other women. Holly puts a few breaths into hers, but gets distracted by the two girls. Their balloons are full now. The woman stops when the neck begins to grow and ties it, but Sophie doesn't show any sign of slowing down. Another deep breath and the necks bulging against her lips. Holly had forgotten all about her balloon as she watches Sophie struggle to put any more air in hers. The girl next to her realises what she's doing and puts her fingers in her ears. Sophie is desperately forcing in more air in. Holly wonders if anyone had noticed how turned on she is. Sophie blow hard again then the balloon finally pops, making the girl scream. "Whoops." Sophie laughs and grabs another. "Hey Alice, why don't you try? It's fun." She hands the balloon to her.
"Okay..." She replies looking nervous. Sophie takes the balloon from Holly's mouth. "Let me help you with that." She blows, quickly filling the balloon. Alice starts to inflate hers but stops when Sophie's is about to pop. She stares nervously at her as she forces more air in. BANG! It explodes in Sophie's face. She lets out a gasp then smiles. "Your turn Alice, keep going." Alice begins to blow again, Sophie watches her, standing close to Holly. She doesn't stop until the neck is completely full.
"Come on Alice, just a few more." Sophie encourages her. Holly can she her hands are shaking but she blows in another breath, struggling to keep it in her mouth. It still doesn't pop. Alice takes another deep breath and blows as hard as she can. Bang! The balloon shreds in her face, making her scream.
"Well done!" Sophie pats her on the back.
"That was awesome." She replies.
"Want to try another?"
"No, one was bad enough. I'm still shaking, I've never done that before." She then takes another balloon, a green one. "Guess we better keep going, the party starts in a few hours." She starts inflating. Holly whispers into Sophie's ear. "Sophie I'm about to orgasm!"
"Yeah I know, hold on." She whispers back. "Hey Alice!" She calls. "Mind if we use your bathroom?"
"No that fine." She replies, then goes back to inflating. Sophie quickly grabs two balloons from the packet. Alice doesn't seem to notice. She takes Holly's hand. "Come on, let's go." Holly feels nervous excitement as Sophie leads them to Alice's house. She finds the bathroom, pulls Holly in and quickly locks the door. She then grabs Holly's shirt and pulls her in, kissing her hard. After a few seconds she pulls away and puts a balloon to her mouth. She blows fast and after six breaths it's full, she ties it and throws it on the floor. Sophie gives the other balloon to Holly. "Blow. Don't stop till it pops. Not too fast though, we have to make it last." Holly takes it and blows softly. Sophie takes off Holly's shirt, then her own. Holly puts in another deep breath. Next Sophie starts pulling down her jeans. Excited Holly breathes hard into the balloon.
"Slow down, it's only 11 inch. Not ready yet." Sophie then strips off the rest off her and Holly's clothes and Holly blows again. She gently strokes Holly's pussy and another slow breath goes into the balloon. Sophie then grabs the other balloon and asks Holly to lie on her back. She then places it in between Holly's legs and slowly lowers herself onto it. Another slow but firm breath goes in. The balloon is full now and Sophie starts grinding hard against the balloon. Holly moans softly and blows again, making the neck inflate. Sophie is lying on top on her, the balloon getting bigger next to her face as Holly blows hard. The neck is pushing against her mouth but she puts in one more breath.
"Stop blowing, it's gonna pop. Keep it in your mouth though." Sophie is about to orgasm so she slows down. Holly can't help herself and puts in a small breath. The balloon is incredibly tight and almost completely transparent. Suddenly Sophie starts grinding hard again, the neck shooting out with every bounce. Holly loses self control and forces in a lungful of air. The neck seems to bulge around her lips then explodes loudly. Holly cries out and thrusts up against Sophie. The balloon between them can't take the pressure and pops. Sophie collapses on top of Holly. They lie panting for a few minutes before Holly pushes Sophie off. "I can't believe we just did that! Do you think anyone heard?"
"I hope not." She replies. "We'd better clean up then return to the party before we're missed."

After they had cleaned up, they both return to the tables to help set up the rest of the decorations. Alice soon finds them. "There you are! Could you help set up some party food? It's in my kitchen, just put it into some bowls and place them on the tables over there." When she goes Holly whispers to Sophie. "I don't think she knows. Imagine if she needed the bathroom. We could of been caught!"
"That was part of the fun." She giggles.

Soon the party is set up. Someone had tied up all the balloons and all the food was ready. Some music starts playing as people start arriving.

It is starting to get dark and most the people have already left. Holly and Sophie are about to leave when Holly hears something. The squeaking of a balloon. She turns around, there's three girls bouncing on balloons. One of them pops suddenly. The girls laugh. "Hey you two! We're popping the rest of the balloons. Want to join in?" Holly doesn't know what to do. She wants to join in but is scared someone will realise it's turning her on. Sophie makes up her mind for her. "Yeah okay, come on Holly." Sophie puts one of the balloons on a chair and slowly lowers herself on it. The neck comes out. "Come on Holly." She takes her own balloon and places it on another chair. She sits on it a little too hard and it pops right away. Sophie starts bouncing harder and soon her balloon bursts. She giggles and takes another balloon. This time she places it on Holly's lap and sits on it. The other girls pop theirs, Sophie has the last one. She bounces softly so the balloon doesn't pop. One of the girls takes a deflated balloon from the pack. "Let's see how big this'll go." She starts to inflate it. Sophie starts bouncing harder. The balloon is halfway full when the balloon under Sophie pops. She falls onto Holly but doesn't get up. The girl's balloon is full, the neck growing longer, when her phone rings."Damn." She lets the air out the balloon and answers her phone. "Sorry, I got to go." She says. The other girls leave. Sophie gives Holly and quick kiss and gets up. She picks up the deflated balloon that the girl left. "Come on." She says. They walk back to the car together. When they're in Sophie shows Holly the balloon. It's a blue 11 inch, Holly can see it's wet with the girls saliva. Sophie puts the balloon against her lips. "I'm gonna finish what she started." She blows in a breath. "Mmm, I can still taste her breath in it." She blows in another. Holly sees spit inside the balloon, it is going to be messy when it pops. She starts touching herself through her jeans. Sophie starts blowing faster. The neck is inflating rapidly, she doesn't slow down. The neck is pushing against her. She keeps going. BANG! Spit flys in Holly's face. She giggles and wipes it off. "Don't suppose you have any more do you?"
"No I don't think I do. I'll order some more when we get home. Want to stay the night again or should I take you home?"
"I think I'll stay the night, Dan won't know."
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Default Re: The party
They arrive home and enter the bedroom. The balloons are still all over the floor. Sophie's eyes light up. She grabs one of the 16inch balloons and pushes Holly onto the bed. Then she jumps on her, holding her down. Sophie puts the balloon between them and starts bouncing on it. The neck expands and touches Holly's face, she licks it. Another hard bounce and it pops.
"Get another." Holly pants. Sophie chooses a pink one. It's overinflated so isn't going to last long. She passes it to Holly and she puts it above her pussy as Sophie lowers herself so she's lying down on top of her. She kisses Holly hard and grinds against the tight balloon. It's a messy kiss but Holly is too excited to care. Their tongues touch as the balloon bursts. "Again!" Holly shouts in excitement. "Take you clothes off, It'll feel better."
"Okay." Sophie pants heavily, and rips her clothes off as fast as she can. Holly dose the same. Sophie takes a red balloon from the floor.
"Let a bit of air out so it'll last longer." Says Holly. Sophie struggles to untie the knot, her hands shaking. When she gets it open, the balloon slips from her hands and flys across the room. She runs and grabs it. Holly sighs. "Blow it up, quickly! I won't be able to last much longer."
Sophie starts to blow as fast as she can. It's just over halfway inflated when Holly stops her. "That'll do, come on!" Sophie ties it and jumps back onto Holly, grinding and kissing her ferociously. She's just about to orgasm when it pops. Holly pushes Sophie off and picks up a light blue balloon. "My turn on top." She pushes her against the wall, a little too roughly and puts the balloon on her lap. Holly sits down hard and rubs her wet pussy against the balloon. It's soon soaked and squeaking loudly. Sophie moans softly. Holly starts thrusting against the balloon with her whole weight and Sophie's moans increase in volume. Holly grinds faster and faster, pushing the balloon into Sophie as hard as can can. She doesn't slow down until Sophie cries out in pleasure. It's what she's been waiting for. Holly lets out her own cry and thrusts as hard as she possibly can against the balloon, orgasming as it pops. She collapses into Sophie's lap and kisses her softly.
"Thanks Holly. That was amazing. I bet Dan would get jealous if he know."
"I'm sure he would be fine with it. When he gets back I'll invite you round and we can play together. In fact we could record a video and send it to him. He would love that."
"Sounds fun, we'll do it tomorrow."

They both have showers, then eat together before going to bed.

Holly can't sleep. She lies there for a while when she suddenly hears the sound of air rushing into a balloon. Holly slowly opens one eye, Sophie is inflating a 14 inch balloon softly under the covers. She takes another slow breath and blows.
She must think I'm asleep. Holly thinks. She slowly moves her head under the duvet, so she can see the balloon. It's dark but she can just make it out, it looks halfway inflated. Sophie blows again, harder this time obviously getting excited. The balloon touches Holly's leg but Sophie doesn't seem to notice. She blows faster and adjusts position slightly. The balloon rubs against Holly's pussy and she lets out a little gasp. Sophie stops inflating, she must have heard. Holly doesn't move and pretends to be asleep. Sophie soon starts blowing again, the balloon swelling against Holly. Then Sophie starts letting out air.
No, keep going. She thinks. Holly wants it to pop. Then she hears air going back in. The balloon gets tight again and Holly rubs gently against it. Sophie seems to excited to notice and keeps going until the neck touches her lips. Then she lets the air back out. Obviously she doesn't want it to pop, thinking it'll wake Holly. She dose it again, stopping when the neck is full. Holly can't take it anymore. "Don't stop!" She gasps. "Pop it!" Sophie jumps but quickly goes back to inflating, making the balloon much tighter this time. Holly puts her hands on the side of the balloon and holds it against her. The balloon is wet from her cum. Sophie forces in a hard breath and the balloon explodes with a bang. Sophie screams with delight.
"I thought you ran out of balloons. I love 14 inches." Pants Holly.
"Found it under the bed, must of been from a session I had a while ago. There's another 16 inch here as well. Got any ideas on what to do with it?"
"How about we get into a dressing gown together and have it inflate between us?"
"Okay, I have an extra large one I use for stuffing balloons in. I'll go and get it."
"We could have that inflating on a pump while we inflate a smaller balloon by mouth."
"Good idea, I'll see what I can find."

They get into the dressing gown together, placing the 16 inch in between their pussys. The hose from the pump runs down one of the legs. Sophie pulls out a piece of pink rubber. "Found this in the bathroom. It's been inflated before so won't pop so loud but it's better than nothing. Let's take it in turns blowing. I'll go first, you get to pop it. Turn on the pump when you're ready." Sophie puts the balloon between their tits and gets ready to blow. Holly takes a deep breath and turns on the pump. The balloon starts to grow in size, Sophie starts blowing. The 16 inch feels nice and soft against Holly and she sighs softly. The 12 inch is expanding fast and pushes into Holly's nipples making them get hard. The 16 inch is no longer soft. It's only halfway inflated but there's barely any room. It is pushing hard against Holly's wet pussy, making her moan. Sophie stops and hands her balloon to her. It's about as full as it can get in the confined space. Holly bites the wet latex and blows hard, the tightness increases and the neck grows in size. Three more breaths and its completely full, the neck trying to force its way to Holly's mouth. The 16 inch is incredibly tight now, Holly thinks the dressing gown is about to rip from the pressure.
"Keep blowing Holly! Quickly!" Sophie cries out. Holly manages to get another small breath into the balloon. She can't believe the 16 inch hasn't popped yet. It's so tight! Just when she thinks she can't take the pressure anymore there's an incredibly loud bang. The pressure on her pussy is gone in a fraction of a second and she has the most intense orgasm of her life. This causes her to gasp into the 12 inch. It can't take anymore and pops. They fall on the the bed together and Holly kisses Sophie as her orgasm begins to subside.
"That was incredible." Sophie pants heavily. "If only you didn't have a boyfriend..."
"I don't see why I can't have you both. Dan my boyfriend and you, my best friend in the whole world that I play dirty games with."
Sophie laughs. "It's more than just that though. I don't think Dan knows how close we are."
"I'll talk to him when he gets back. I'm sure he won't mind if he gets to join in once in awhile."
"Just make sure you visit more often when he's back. I missed you when you were with him."
"I will, I promise. We could have a sleepover every weekend or something." She laughs.
"I would love that. It's getting late." She yawns.
"Sweet dreams."
"They will be if you're in them."
Holly giggles then gets out the dressing gown, and falls asleep.
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