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Cool The Depression Cure
He was feeling depressed for 2 weeks. He barely did anything, and it was summer. All he did was sit at home, sleep, and occasionally, he'd read a book or listen to The Beatles on his turntable. I don't really know why he was depressed, but I think it had to do something with The Beatles (he's a Beatlemaniac, I'm a Stones fan), or something with his friends. I knew I had to do something to help him, but I didn't know how.

Later, I decided to clean the bedroom while he was asleep on the sofa in the living room. While I was arranging his clothes on his cabinet, I found a small box. I was curious, so I looked inside, and I saw about 25 balloons, and a small piece of paper with a name of a website.

I started to tear up. I realized that he had a balloon fetish. And I finally found a looner husband. I decide to grab a balloon from his stash, it was a Turquoise U14. I blow it up tightly and tie it off. I put it on my side of the bed, and sit on it, bouncing on it slightly. Suddenly, a thought came into my mind - maybe he won't be depressed anymore if he found out I'm a looner too! So I call him to go to the bedroom, and two minutes later, he's at the door, about to open.

The balloon under my ass is just about to pop, so I sit firmly on it, while looking at him. He slowly walks towards me, gets me off the balloon, then sits on it. He quickly grabs a Blue U14, blows it up, and ties it off. I see him clearly having a boner, and he grabs the balloon, places it on his thighs, near the crotch, and makes me sit on the balloon on him. I immediately bounce as hard as I can, and after seven bounces, BANG! It explodes under my ass, and I fall on him. I look at him, and he kisses me passionately, while bouncing.


The balloon under us explodes, and we laugh.

He asks me- "How did you know?"

I reply by saying- "A reallooner knows if his partner is a looner too. I found your stash."

He hugs me tightly, then asks- "Wanna pop some of these?"

"Of course!!!", I reply.

He hands me three balloons, a red U14, a magenta Belbal 14", and a yellow Q16. I look at him, and he has a red Tuftex 17", a light blue Belbal 14", and a huge green Cattex balloon.

"Ready?", he asks.

"Always!", I reply

"Sitpops for all these, please? And we'll B2P that huge Cattex!", I ask.

"Sure! I'd love that!", he replies.

I grab one of the balloons, and inflate it seductively in front of him. When I finished tying and was riding it, I noticed he came in his pants. I continued the ride and once it burst, I immediately got wet. I looked at him, and he was just about to finish inflating, and he looked at me while tying it off. He then tells me to take off my clothes and he'd take off his. After we were naked, he told me to lie down. I then placed the balloon he inflated on my vagina, and he lies on top of me, with his dick poking the balloon between us. He humps it repeatedly while I enjoy myself and feel the balloon on my body.


He falls on me, and it lands perfectly. We have some really great sex, and after that we clean up, and finish the balloons.

By the time we only had the Cattex, I grabbed two more Q16's, one pink and one blue. I handed him the blue and I had the pink. I told him to inflate it to full size and tie it off, making it as tight as possible. Once both balloons were tied off, we sat on it.

I discussed with him how the version of B2P we were doing worked, I told him that we would alternate blowing 5 times into the balloon, until it pops, and whoever pops it wins.

We do it, and he seemed very excited.

By the time it started to resist, anxiety was building up, and our breaths became shallower, and it took us a few minutes until....


It popped while I passed it to him.

We both laughed and had a great time, and spent the rest of the day doing giant blow to pops while sitpopping giant balloons as well.

At the end of the day, I asked him-

"Why were you depressed?"

"I thought I'd never find a looner like you, and now I did, and I'm so lucky to have you."

I smiled, grabbed a clear 12" that didn't pop even if it was sat on by both of us, and placed it between us, and hugged tightly, popping it after a few seconds.

"Now you're cured.", I whisper to him.

"Thank you...", he replies.


What do you think of this story? Should I do more?
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Old 11-04-2016, 08:01 AM
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Default Re: The Depression Cure
Excellent read. Im new to this site and find myself reading thru much of these stories. Is great to have a couple that has the same kink and can enjoy it together!
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Default Re: The Depression Cure
Great story! Loved it.
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