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Default Trying out a new concept
Hey all, long time to talk eh? I took several months off from writing to focus on other things and I'm getting back into the swing of things.

I've started a new concept on my deviantart page and it begins with the story that I've posted below. I'm trying to weave comments that I get on the story into my fictional character's social media and those comments will be what she does next. So, if there is a request that you'd like to see read the story below and leave a comment. I'll try to work it in there. Thank you!


Felicity eagerly watched the clock while her friend Katie continued to talk about her latest boyfriend and their upcoming camping trip. While Felicity was normally an attentive listener her mind was adrift with possibilities and the promise of adventure but first, Katie needed to leave. What was she talking about again?

"so I told him that we have to have two tents because boys smell in the morn..."

Felicity threw back her head pantomiming the biggest yawn ever and cut Katie off mid-sentence "Hey Katie I'm getting really tired but I'm excited to hear all about your camping trip"

"Oh, well yeah I guess it is getting late. Are you sure you don't want to come?" Katie inquired for the 8th time that night.

"No I'll pass on this one Katie, my weekend is just...stuffed with activities. Maybe next time ok?" Felicity said getting up from the couch and walking toward the front door. Katie got up from the couch and put on her flip flops then gave Felicity a big hug before saying goodbye.

"Have a great weekend Flick, what were your plans anyway? You never said what exactly you were doing? Katie asked opening the front door to the townhome. "Do you have plans with Brad again?"

"NO! I mean no, I don't have plans with Brad. I'm going to be busy with all sorts of things, hopefully expanding my horizons." Felicity replied with a sly grin.

"Well don't have too much fun without me, wish me luck with the camping" Katie said walking down the sidewalk toward her blue Kia Soul.

"Bye Katie!" Felicity yelled from the door then slammed it shut and immediately locking the door. "Finally, I thought she'd never leave!" the young brunette exclaimed as she filled up her glass with water. While Felicity did have lots of plans for the weekend, most of them she wanted to keep under wraps. Her roommates were gone for the weekend as were most of her friends, the perfect weekend to spend all to herself. Felicity finished her water and put her glass in the dishwasher, then made her way upstair toward her room. She pulled out her phone and looked at the time, it was 10:57pm and she had only a limited amount of time to make her preparations for the weekend.

Felicity opened the door to her room and was greeted by a sight that made her grin from ear to ear; balloons. After she had arrived home from work, she had been busy blowing up balloons until Katie came over. Weekends like this were rare for the short brunette and she wanted to savor every minute of it. Felicity closed her door and started stripping her clothes until she stood naked in her room looking at herself in the mirror.

Standing at 5'1", Felicity was on the short side of the height spectrum but she loved her body, her brown hair touched her shoulder blades and her generous breasts stood proudly on her chest. Further down, her slim waist and decently full hips made sure she never bought drinks when at the bar. Felicity grabbed her leopard print spandex suit and put it on, the spandex clinging and accentuating her lovely curves. She loved her cat suits and regularly put on one of her suits when she was by herself or spending an evening alone, she loved the feeling of the spandex gliding across her skin. She picked up her phone and posed for a selfie, making sure to get the balloons in the background of the photo.

Then Felicity grabbed two 24" crystal blue balloons and put the lips of one to her lips as she sat down on her bed. She tucked the balloon inside her spandex suit and then started to blow. The balloon responded and quickly formed a small bulb, she quickly breathed deeply into the balloon and began inflating it very quickly. While the balloon grew under her suit, she felt that familiar warmth begin to radiate down lower. Relishing the feeling of tight latex spreading against her skin and continued to exhale quickly into the balloon until she deemed it a good size. With an expert's efficiency, she tied off the balloon and grabbed its twin to repeat the process. With the already inflated balloon taking up a considerable amount of space on the left side of her chest, she inflated the second balloon on the other side. Felicity studied her reflection to make sure that the balloons were evenly inflated, if they were the fantasy would be ruined.

The suit creaked a little under the strain of the balloons but there was a reason that this suit was Felicity's favorite, she had found this very stretchy suit that hugged her curves yet allowed for significant expansion. Felicity gazed at her reflection as she inflated the second balloon, half of her chest bulging well over a foot away from her curvy body. She finished inflating the other balloon and tied it off, she adjusted her balloons to make sure that they sat directly over her already ample breasts. The balloons squashed together by the tight confines of the suit and bulged upward and out of the neck quite a bit, a look that drove Felicity wild!

She got up from her bed and grabbed her phone once again, then posed in a similar pose as earlier and took a photo of her balloon enhanced curves. Felicity saw that the time was now almost midnight and she'd have to hurry and upload the photos to her kinky Instagram account. She opened the layout app and arranged the photos to be side by side then quickly typed up the following caption:

"For the next 24 hours, I will have these beautiful balloons giving me amazing #balloonboobs. Leave a comment on what to do next and I might just do it. I will honor one request per hour beginning at 8am. After all, this balloon kitty needs her sleep."

With that, she uploaded the photo for her 500 followers to see and wondered what stuff they might think of her to do. Felicity grabbed a nearby balloon and hugged it as best she could. The balloon squeaked loudly when it compressed against her balloon boobs and she laughed "this is going to be an interesting day". She reached to her nightstand and turned off the light, she loved the feeling of latex against her skin and felt her body warm up some more at the thought of what she might do with the balloons before falling asleep...
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Default Re: Trying out a new concept
Anyone want to help out with this series by giving comments/suggestions on where to take the stories?

Hey everyone, I'm posting a series on deviantart and wanted to get some feedback. But first, background. I have been wanting to do a series of shorter (500-1000 words) stories for a while and I was thinking about a concept for setting up the story. I was pretty happy with myself for crafting the format but I don't exactly get a lot of traffic on dA, so I'm coming here for help.

Premise: a girl with a balloon fetish and an instagram account posts that she'll spend the whole day with balloons stuffed in her leopard print catsuit. Every hour, she'll post a new photo based on the comments she receives. Obvious inflation set up is obvious right? Initially there were quite a few comments and then work got busy, the holidays were upon me, and my writing waned. I know it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I want to extend the series.

The series is called "A Day Stuffed" and I would appreciate any help.
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