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Default My first big ball, What I think started all
I am sure it was a 22” marble playball, it had a grey metallic color together blue and red spots all around it. I have tried to find a ball with the same colors at least but it has proven to be difficult. This ball was bough for me as a way of medical treatment, I am not sure whether the constant rubbing of the ball with my genitals during the exercises developed the fetish, or it came years later. I enjoyed the ball for a couple of years, I was sure it would take my weight without problem, it did the first years, it seems tit gave up when I got heavier. Actually I do not remember whether the ball popped under the sink or it popped in any other way. After an attempt to fix it, I planned to save my popped ball, I just do not get why I decided to cut my ball in squares to store it, I finished up doing confetti with my ball. The next morning I did not find it because it was already trashed.

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