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Default From nothing to everything
Here is a story I have written that shows that your best friend can have a lot more in common than you think and that balloons can bring people together. This story came from the heart and I am proud to have written it as it tugs at my heart and gives me hope.

Jim was never a fan of balloons as a kid, he saw them as a pointless object that had no reason to exist. Come his 13th birthday his opinion changed. His parents threw him a party and decorated the house with gigantic Qualatex and belbal balloons of many colours and sizes. He only really had one friend, a girl named Daisy who had been friends with him since childhood. After the party was over there were about 20 balloons left with prints saying happy birthday on them. Jim's parents where scared of balloons popping but Jim wasn't bothered so he took the balloons upstairs to his bedroom.

Once in his room Jim closed his door and got ready to pop the balloons. He decided to get undressed down to his underwear as it was nearly time for bed. He had enough time to pop 2 balloons so he decided to lay on them. After about five mins of laying on the balloon he noticed that his penis was going rock hard and at that point the balloon underneath his dick popped. This released a feeling of shock and hyperventilating. After a minute or two Jim noticed that his underwear was wet and his leg was sticky. He rushed to the bathroom to get a look at the situation. Once he took a look down there he was sure he knew what the problem was, it was his first orgasm, he had learned about puberty and sex in a sex education class some weeks back. He quickly grabbed some toilet role and wiped himself down then did his teach and went to bed.

All night Jim dreamed of red, blue and yellow balloons raining down from the heavens and when he woke his pyjama pants were wet and sticky like his underwear the night before. That day was a school day and Jim spent the entire day wondering what was happening and why he was only thinking of balloons. Usually they mean nothing to him but something has changed. When he got home and ate tea his mom wanted him to get rid of some more balloons to which Jim acted as if he was not bothered but secretly was looking forward to trying to recreate that nice feeling he got when had his orgasm.

Jim got undressed and locked his door. He picked out a 16 inch red balloon and put it under his penis as he started to grind against it. He then decided to try masturbating to enhance his pleasure but at that second the balloon popped with a deafening BANG. Jim was not yet done so he picked a slightly smaller 12 inch yellow balloon that had been tossed up in the explosion and began to ride it with hopes of finishing. The balloon squeaked under the strain until finally it gave in and a stream of white goo hits the yellow remains. He quickly goes to the bathroom and has a shower. In the following weeks the remaining balloons meet the same fate.

By the age of 14 Jim had a paper round which allowed him to buy his own balloons which allowed him to fully endulge in this mystery attraction to balloons. To hide this from his parents he got a little lockbox for under his bed hand he had the key with him always on a chain around his neck. He had to save his play times for when he was home alone and then immediately put any bits into the outside bins as his folks never take out the trash, that's Jim's job.

By age 18 Jim was as horny for balloons as ever but he started to worry about how his little secret would effect his love life. He decided to talk to somebody about it. He couldn't talk to his parents because they thought he'd outgrown balloons ages ago. There was only one person he knew he could talk to, his oldest friend, Daisy.

Jim went over to Daisy's house a few blocks away and he saw that her parents where out, great. He nocked on the door and Daisy answered. "Jim? What are you doing here." She said. Jim replied "Daisy you are my oldest friend so I knew you where the one to talk to, can I come in?" They both went inside and sat on the couch, Jim was now sweating as he began to speak. "I'm worried about my life Daisy, I have this thing, a secret that I have never told anybody and I'm worried it will effect any relationship I have!" Daisy naturally asked what this secret was so Jim told her everything.

By the end of Jim's explanation Daisy was smiling and asked if Jim had told this to anybody else. He replied no. She quickly grabbed his hand leading him upstairs to her room. Daisy sat Jim on her bed and went over to her closet to grab something. When she returned she said "Jim what you have is a balloon fetish, it's a natural desire that allows you to see balloons in a different light to others, there is no need to feel ashamed about it." Jim replied "how do you know about this?"

Daisy didn't answer but instead pulled out a small box and opened it. The contents of the box said it all, balloons. "I thought I was the only one" said Daisy. "As did I" came Jim's reply. It turns out that all those years ago at Jims 13th birthday party Daisy took home a balloon and experienced her first sexual experience as well. The next words uttered where "you know my folks are away for the weekend, we have the house to ourselves and I think it's about time we had some fun."

Daisy suggested that Jim gets into something a bit more comfy whilst she goes and gets her special supply. When she came back into the room Jim was completely naked and his penis shot up like a rocket at the sight of Daisy naked holding a 18inch red balloon in one hand and a giant bag of uninflated balloons in the other. Jim wondered what she was going to do and he quickly got an answer. Daisy started to blow up the 18 inch right under Jim's penis which every breath adding to the pleasure.

The balloon quickly reached the recommended size but both Daisy and Jim knew it could go bigger. She put a few more breaths into the balloon which was now completely transparent, surely it couldn't hold out much longer. Jim so desperately wanted to ride it but Daisy knew that he would cum too early if he did. She wanted to force him to hold out for as long as possible, she was usually a good girl but not when balloons are involved. Finally the balloon gave in with a loud bang as shards of red latex littered the room like confetti. Daisy quickly dipped into her bag of balloon goodies and pulled out a 12 inch blue balloon and started to inflate it. When it was its recommended size she gave it to Jim to do with as he pleased. He quickly began to get on top of it and grind. He was just about to cum when the balloon popped much to his annoyance. Daisy knew he was close to climaxing and quickly inflated another balloon but this time tried something different. This time she put the inflated balloon next to Jim and grabbed his throbbing penis then inserted it into the balloon. This was something entirely new to him but he loved it. When he finally came it was a gigantic stream of cum that filled a quarter of the balloon! He wanted to leave it like that but Daisy had other plans

It was now Daisy's turn to climax so she pushed her vagina against the cum filled balloon. It gave out a muffled pop and bits of cum and wet latex went everywhere. Daisy was getting to the climax and she wanted a good one. She quickly pointed to the corner of the room where a bundle of balloons where and asked Jim to give them to her. She quickly got on top of the bundle and ground against them going faster and faster with the balloons squeezing in agony just waiting to give. One balloon after another went pop and finally Daisy screamed as the climax washed over her and the balloons where now soaking wet.

It was the best fun any of them had ever had. When they both had cooled off they looked at the mess. Daisy's pink bedsheets where now multicoloured, mostly white. Daisy then offered to clean up the mess whilst Jim got washed and found his pants. After breakfast Jim went to go home but Daisy stopped him at the door and spoke to him.

She said "Jim, you came to me last night worrying that your fetish was wrong and would ruin your love life. Now you see that your fetish is what defines you, never be ashamed to be who you are and never, ever change."

Jim never had to worry about relationships again as he had found his true soulmate, somebody that shares his interests and encourages him to be himself and in the end proved that nothing is shameful about a balloon fetish. There is alway somebody out there willing to join in and it could be the person you least suspect.

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Default Re: From nothing to everything
Really good story!
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Default Re: From nothing to everything
Oh my god, that was the greatest story I've ever read! Please do a part two! Do they end up together?

I wish this was my reality. I wish something like this would happen to me.
You never know when it's gonna pop!
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Default Re: From nothing to everything
Love that story.
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