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Default Big balloon story (with pictures)
Heya! You might have seen my previous efforts (collected at ), but this time I've written a balloon-only story. I had an interesting suggestion that gave me a chance to answer the old question "what's in a name?" - or more specifically, the story behind a particular name.

It involves the mouth inflation of a six foot balloon to bursting, shown here in a series of illustrations:

I've also uploaded the cover picture without text and in my working resolution, if you want a closer look:

Hope you'll like it!

PS. The times mentioned in the text are fictional numbers chosen for storytelling reasons. I have no idea if they err on either side of plausibility, but at least they serve their narrative purpose - feel free to update me if you know more accurate ones!
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Default Re: Big balloon story (with pictures)
How could I have not seen this stuff! I LOOOVE the pics! That's a BIIIG BALLOOOOON! lol! I couldn't download the pdf but the pics were enough! I love the cover illustration too! But the blow to pop picture sequence of the big red balloon stole the show! You know your stuff, Harley! Amazing!
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