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Default Phobia to Fetish and lots of excitement.
Henry was the name. Not my name, the name I gave to my balloon pal. I was about seven years old and slept on the bottom bunk. My elder brother still had a few 'accidents' in bed so the mattress above me was rancid in odour.

Henry kept me company, usually safely stored under my pillow and blow up to talk to then, with no warning, pop. There were bits of him everywhere. I panicked, for one thing I was not meant to be awake and another, I had never ever been so frightened. I never expected the balloon to explode or burst.

Actually, I hated the term 'pop' as it was too friendly for the noise it made or the way it made me feel.

For years afterwards, probably about eight years, social events were awful. I dodged party invites and dreaded being at school as classrooms got balloons up to celebrate Christmas. Worse was the end of term when some of my five siblings would bring the classroom balloons home with them. In a way, I was hoping they would just burst there and then and get it out the way. Instead, it would be a long day and eventually I would have to experience the bursting and the looks to see if I would cry or jump. I would just wish I would die.

Then two rather special girls moved in across the road from me. They were not related to each other and they were in foster care. I never knew their names but their skin was just perfect, they had cleavage like I had never experienced before and they loved showing it just as much as I loved looking at it.

A rather short lived craze, which I hated, was that kids could buy a balloon in a balloon on a stick. Like a figure blown up and an 11" balloon around it. Both girls had one each.

I watched from my bed and I watch them blow kisses at each other. Hot in any situation. It was summer, their shorts were really short and I could make out the shapes of their butt cheeks and see the gap the cloth encountered going over their bottoms. Satin style cloth was the kind you could run your hands over and feel them glide over the perfect bottoms. I think the girls were about 16, it was a sort of half way house fostering they were in so 16 or 17 years old.

With the sort of summer vest top on where very detail was noticeable, they had obviously just been to the shop down the road that sold these balloons.

It was when one girl bounced the balloon of the other girl's tits that I started to really watch. I saw the balloon make her vest top wobble and she retaliated by specifically rubbing her balloon on the cleavage and made the boobs separate as they made way for the balloon. The girl with the balloon in her boobs kissed the balloon and pushed it further down into her bra. I was turned on by this point.

They laughed together and bounced the balloons of each other then off each other's asses. The latex balloon on the silky satin smooth material made me just stare. I was glad we had met curtains and no-one could see me.

The first girl now got her balloon down between her boobs but then the second girl squashed the boobs together and popped the outer balloon. It was so hot to watch and then, as an apology for the pop on the skin, she kissed her boobs. In public, across the road from my bedroom. I was touching myself by this point dreaming for having the 17 year olds pressed against me so I could feel their tits and joining their games.

The remaining 11" balloon was put in between the two girls and they squeezed it together until their tits were forcing the neck out huge, they had long gotten rid of the sticks, and their boobs almost escaped from their vests. They play kissed each other over the balloon. Lots of little kisses and constantly changed head from side to side. They grabbed each other's buts and pulled together tight.

When it popped, they had a proper kiss. I couldn't believe what I had just seen but I always remembered it. It probably doesn't sound much to the reader but that was the start of my fetish.

So few girls want to play, that I am not fussy anymore. Balloons turn me on, people playing with balloons turn me on, especially if they are tight and fully blown up ones.
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Default Re: Phobia to Fetish and lots of excitement.
Wow! That is one hell of a memory!
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Default Re: Phobia to Fetish and lots of excitement.
It started for me as a youngster watching my freinds Mom riding a balloom ,I was sat on the floor ,I could see up her skirt too , When the balloon Burst I could clearly see her Panties ,but also her Mound sticking out the side of her panties ,I being as young as I was didnt realise what i saw was her Moms Piece . I remember going home to Visit my babies plastic Pants which was my first fetish ,ever since those days Ive never forgotton My fist Balloon Burst Hard-on
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