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Default Balloon story part 2
After a long time I decided to create my story’s second part. I may even turn it into a series.

It had now been eight months since Jim outed his secret balloon fetish to Daisy and in that time the two had gotten more and more intimate together until one day it happened. "That had to have been our best session ever! We got through like 20 balloons if not more!" Jim said. Daisy was still laying on a soaking wet balloon panting but had the strength to say "24 but who's counting" with a mild smile on her face. At that point Jim had a nervous look on his face that was more obvious than an overinflated balloon about to pop. Daisy asked if he was alright as Jim started to search fore something in his pants. He pulled out a small box and said "Daisy, you are the only person who understands me in a special way, We have been friends and friends with benefits and I can't take being apart from you... Daisy, will you marry me?"

Daisy, still on the balloon was stunned as it was so unexpected but she knew she felt the exact same. What else could she say besides yes. "You know Jim there is room on this balloon for two and I hate to leave balloons alive." Jim quickly got on and started to bounce as Daisy leant back, breasts in the air with her lips begging for a kiss. As their lips touch the balloon pops, a kind of way to make sparks fly. "Ready to go again? Jim asks. Daisy nods in response and says "at this rate we won't have any energy for the honeymoon!"

Jim quickly hands Daisy a 18 inch and starts to masturbate to warm up. As Daisy starts to blow she decides to take it slow as she knew Jim wouldn't want to cum until at least one balloon popped. Every breath Daisy blew was extacy for Jim with the balloon starting to reach its limit. "What are you waiting for? Pop it already!" Said Jim. This time Daisy wanted to finish first but she didn't say anything, she wanted Jim to figure it out. Jim looks at her and raises an eyebrow "Ah, I get it, you want to go first this time. I can help with that. He quickly inflated another balloon and began to blow. When it reached full size Jim tied it and began to run his fingers down it causing a screeching sound. Daisy loved balloon torture and she started to grind the balloon she was on into her pussy, she was pretty close to climaxing so Jim needed to hurry up. He started to run his fingers harder with each run making the screech louder and louder. Jim then came up with an idea, he put the balloon under him with its neck facing Daisy's pussy. As he sat down the neck grew out and touched Daisy and as he sat up it retracted. Jim continued to bounce until the balloon burst with a giant bang. This finally pushed Daisy over the edge and she climaxed with fluids going all over the balloon pieces. Dan still needed to finish so he quickly blew up a balloon and started to masturbate, the balloon explodes as he managed to cum.

As the wedding day finally came and went Jim and Daisy retired to a cabin in the woods rented for the weekend. Daisy had a little surprise for Jim as she knew she had ordered 100 heart balloons of different sizes to decorate the room. Little did Jim know that that weekend he’d be breaking more hearts than just rubber.

Alas that is a story for another time dear readers...

In the next episode a dark secret comes into the open in the most...awkward of ways.

Editors note: I want to thank Wildheart for their stories which have inspired me to create this second part.
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