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Default Balloon fetish with Padma Aunty..
Here's another one..Please let me know your thoughts about it.

There I lay, alone in the darkness of my drawing room, naked with hand tied to the legs of my sofa. Trying to get my hands free, the adrenaline kick was now subsiding but the thoughts of the last 1 hour would still try to bring my penis to an upright position. But it would pain as it would try to get erect. Perhaps a fully inflated 18inch balloon tied to a penis is painful at times. I was still deciding whether my effort to get Padma aunty to blow balloons for me was worth or was I suppose to feel sorry for whatever happened as things took an ugly turn.

Balloons.. ohhh these shiny tight latex orbs attract me a lot. I really prefer it if it has been blown by a lady. Till then, I would only rely on buying balloons from lady balloon sellers. My balloon fetish was my secret and no one knew about it.

Padma aunty, a lady in her early 40s was my next door neighbor. But lets not underestimate her. Even though in her 40s she was voluptuous enough with her huge build complemented by her amazing bosoms. The favorite touch for me that she would always be in a saree being from North Indian state of Rajasthan. As a homemaker, she would mostly be at home alone with the husband out 20 days in a month traveling to expand his tech startup. She was quite a friendly lady unexpectedly as often she would bring specialities cooked by her and i would happily relish on them.

Somehow when I saw her for the first time after moving in, I imagined her blowing a 12 inch balloon. My imagination got better of me many a times and gave quite a few pleasurable moments. But now I wanted more. I actually wanted to see her blow a balloon or watch it blow to pop or rather keep a balloon blown by her as a memento. So my mind raced into a plotting out a plan to achieve the above.

First I decided on what pretext to invite her to my home. Turned out to be easy - I would ask her this time if she can prepare some traditional kheer (a sweetened rice porridge). The next thing for me to select was which balloons to use for the plan. I decided to use the Indian version of 12 inch balloons which have beautiful bulb shape in various colors. I also decided to up the game and put in a 18incher Happy Birthday Balloon.
The final stop was to place these balloons such that her attention falls on it. From there all I needed was to strike a conversation about the balloons and see if she decides to blow some of them or rather even 1. But what if she doesn’t actually know how to blow up balloons or doesn’t show any interest to it ? I had to take the risk. This was my only shot.

I decided to execute this plan on a Friday evening as I have weekends off. As I was leaving for work, I knocked on her door. I was aware that her husband was still not around and her mother in law too was not in town.

“Hey hi..” surprised to see me.

“Good morning mam..sorry to disturb you. I actually had a small request if its not too much to ask”, I said.

“Yeah tell me”, she asked inquisitively.

“I really have a craving for some kheer since a last couple of days ? Can you prepare some for me ?” I asked innocently.

“Awww..that's it ? Sure no problem. Tonight you will not only get kheer but dinner is on me. Call me once you are back.“ She agreed happily.

Ok..Game on..

Honestly the whole day I could not concentrate much on work. Luckily it was a Friday and things were looking cool.

The next step was to get some balloons.
As I left office, I dropped by a party store to buy a packet of the 12 inchers. I asked the lady behind the counter if she has some huge balloons. She obliged and showed me some wonderful looking 18 inchers. I bought 3 of these. What if one has a hole ? So its good to have a backup and its backup too.

It was around 8pm that I came home and placed the packet of balloons on top of the drawer next to the dining table. I was sure they would attract attention from there. All things in place, I decided to place the call her around 8.30PM. I was already feeling the excitement. Today if things work out, I am going to sleep with a balloon blown up by Padma aunty. I had kept the door ajar purposely. Padma aunty came in with a big plate of delicious curries and kheer. She was wearing a speckled black saree with her hair tied up in a neat bun.

“Thank you so much mam.. You made this Friday evening very special.” I reciprocated her generosity.

She placed the plate on the table and I excused myself to wash my hands. I wondered if by then she had seen the balloons.

As I came back to the table I saw her sitting at the table.

I joined her and quickly and rather coolly started having my the delicious dinner. But my whole attention was whether she saw the balloons and then..

“Having a party huhhh??” she inquired.

“Sorry ??” I said.

“So many balloons ?” pointing at the packets.

“Yeah a friend’s party tomorrow. I was in charge of decorations.” I said.

“Awesome..look pretty.” She said.

“They look even prettier when tightly blown up.” I said trying to steer the conversation.

She simply smiled.

“Do you know how to blow them ?” I asked as I got a boner in my pants. Truth was about to be revealed.

She casually said, “Yeah..who doesn’t ?”

“Wow…I don’t know many ladies who actually can blow balloons”.

She smiled.

“When was the last time you blew up balloons ?“ I asked.

“Can’t recollect. Maybe for my nephew on his birthday a few years ago.” She said.

“Why don’t you try blowing one ?” I went all in.

She looked at me with a questioning look.
I just gave a shrug with a smile.

“Yeah..why not ?” she agreed.


Finally Its happening. I am going to see her blowing a balloon and will also get to keep it. But what if she decides to burst it or rather deflate it ?? Lets see,

As I was thinking the above, she went over to the drawer and bought the packet of balloons to the table. She opened the packet and took out a blue one, My luck was in my favor with my favorite color too.

Now I had to see how she blows up the balloon. But I also had to be cool about it and concentrate on finishing my dinner. But down south, things were getting wet too with excitement and the boner was desperate to erect.

She stretched and released the balloon making that fantastic sound when the latex contracts. She repeated the process 3 times and then started the blowing process. But something was new. Though she was blowing straight she held on the main body of the balloon to ensure that only the neck blows first.


The neck responded and swelled beautifully. Now with both her hands she held the mouth of the balloon and blew big blows into it.

In the silence of my home, one could only hear her Woooosshhhhh as she started the process of giving birth to a beautiful blue balloon. The thing about blowing balloons this way was that I never understood about when people would stop blowing into it because the neck is already blown and only the main bulb of the balloon is the final part to expand. One extra blow and it can end up in shreds.

“Wow…you do know how to blow balloons.” I exclaimed.

She stopped blowing and said “I told you na ? What should I do with this one ?” she looked at it and asked.

“Ahhh…” But before I could complete the sentence, she started blowing again, with greater speed.

Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooo sh..

I was now getting scared that a fresh balloon may just get blown into bits with a sharp bang.
“Mam, I think it will burst now..” I said.

“So ?? you scared ?? ” she said, placing the balloon back to her lips and starting the inflation again.

“You want me to stop ?? I can go ahead and tie it if you want.” she asked with a smile.

“Yeah the balloon looks great. Its better to tie it” I said as I felt my boner still trying to break through and feeling wetter.

At this thought I decided to get from the table and take the plate to the sink.Then I decided to proceed to the rest room to wash my hands and also carry out an inspection of my pants.

In the restroom, I inspected and saw that my underpants had rather become wetter and bit longer the pants would have shown the signs of wetness too. So I decided to change my underpants and put on a jeans. All this took some time and I was so engrossed in this activity that I didn’t know what might be happening in my drawing room.

“Hello ma..”, I failed to complete my sentence as I entered my drawing room.

I could see 5 12 inch balloons fully inflated arranged neatly on the sofa with the 6th one in Padma aunty’s mouth taking birth.

As I looked confused, aroused and mesmerized, aunty came slowly towards me while woooossssshing into the orange orb and grabbed my expanding penis. I was caught surprised.

“So you like balloons huhhhh ???” said aunty with menacing look holding the nearly inflated orange balloon in her left hand and my penis in her right hand with a tight grip.


“You want a balloon babbyyy??? ” asked aunty.

“Mam ??”

“Baby has a Balloon fetish ?? huhhh ??” asked aunty and tightened her grip.

“Whatt ??? ” i squealed.

“It doesn’t take a genius baby..Our walls arent that thick baby. I have heard the popping sounds from your restroom.”

My secret was out. Horror was flowing in my veins.

“And moreover I saw you purchasing balloons from that balloon seller near the park quite a few times.” releasing the grip and tightening it again.

“You want me to blow this balloon for you baby ?? ” she asked.

My body was frozen to react.

“You want me to blow or want me to blow it up ??” she asked with a domineering look. Rather it was more of a statement.

But without waiting for an answer she started blowing into the orange balloon in her left hand. 2 big blows and a bang.

“Ahhhhh…Mam…” I said.

“Shut up..”

“Lie down quietly here and spread your hands.” she ordered.

I don’t know why but I was actually following the orders without knowing what was to come next. Quite swiftly she tied my hands to the legs of my sofa and then looked at me.

“Awww baby…Baby wants a balloon huhh ??” she says in a childish mocking tone.

“I will give you lots of balloons today, but first..” with a wry smile she started undoing my jeans and pulled them down.

“Awww..look at the little baby.” saying this she touched my penis and it too sort of enjoyed the touch without the knowledge what was happening with the remaining body.

“Lets get it out..” and she pulled down my underpants too..

My penis stood erect with attention like a soldier.

She picked up a beautifully blown tight white balloon and started rubbing it over my penis whilst she enjoyed my pitiable situation.

“Baby has a balloon fetish huh ???” and without warning she squeezed it with one hand and burst it.

The rubber struck my penis on the way and i shouted.

“Awww…no no no baby…” stroking my penis slowly.

“I will blow another balloon for you. Big and nice”

She picked up a red 12 incher stretched it and came up to my face and started blowing it.

“Mam. I am sorry.. please no”.. I begged.

But as she blew she also started stroking my penis in a co-ordinated fashion.

“Mam..pls” I begged again.

But the speed of the blowing just increased along with the stroking.

The bulb of the balloon was touching my face. It was huge.

“Oh baby likes it ?? Ok I will keep blowing it.” she said with a menacing smile.

My body was in a state of strange mix of emotions.


On any day I would have loved to have the red balloon she was blowing but not today in this state.


And down south, my penis burst out too.

As I shouted, she laughed, she mocked and cleaned her hands on my t-shirt.

“One more ?? Big one this time ?”

“Mam please no…please let me go.“ I begged.

“Let you go ?? ” she laughed. “Not yet baby” and kissed me on my forehead.

She took out the 18incher dark green balloon from the packet and started stretching it whilst showing me.

“Baby wants a balloon na ??” she asked childishly again.

“No mam, please please no more..I am sorry.” I begged helplessly.

“ more for you.” she agreed.

But then she started blowing the 18 incher.

“Mam ??” I asked.

“Not for you baby, for the little baby here” and stroked my penis.

“What do you mean ??” I asked in horror.

She didn’t reply and kept blowing. She gave fast deep blows into it..It became quite huge.
I didn’t know what she intended to do.

Once its neck started expanding too, she stopped and looked at the balloon.

“ were right..they do look pretty.” as she stretched the neck more.

“But you know what would look pretty ??” asking me in a mocking fashion.


In a swift move she grabbed my erect penis in a hard grip and tied the huge green balloon to my penis.

“Awwww…so so pretty.. my little baby has such a big balloon” and bent down to kiss my penis.

She got up and then placed all the remaining 12 inchers beside me.

“It was fun actually..” she said.

As she was leaving, she said “we should do this again some day..”

But before leaving she came back and picked up 5 12 inchers from the packet and said “Don’t mind if I take a souvenir.”

“Enjoy the night baby.”

She switched off the lights and left closing the door behind her.

There I lay, alone in the darkness of my drawing room, naked with hand tied to the legs of my sofa. Trying to get my hands free, the adrenaline kick was now subsiding but the thoughts of the last 1 hour would still try to bring my penis to an upright position. But it would pain as it would try to get erect. Perhaps a fully inflated 18inch balloon tied to a penis is painful at times. I was still deciding whether my effort to get Padma aunty to blow balloons for me was worth or was I suppose to feel sorry for whatever happened as things took an ugly turn.
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Default Re: Balloon fetish with Padma Aunty..
It was a good story. I liked it.
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Thumbs up Re: Balloon fetish with Padma Aunty..
Brilliant story.
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Default Re: Balloon fetish with Padma Aunty..
Very great story
I want to live surrounded of big and colorful balloons
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Default Re: Balloon fetish with Padma Aunty..
great story! that gave me a hard boner
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Default Re: Balloon fetish with Padma Aunty..
I liked this one, a little out of the ordinary :-)
Well done :-)
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