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Default The girl next door
Fancied something a little different. This is just a short story separate from my others. Enjoy.

Anya suspected her new neighbour was a looner. The sweet young girl had moved in a few weeks ago. Her suspicion began at the party she started when moving in. There had been balloons everywhere; and not just the ordinary ones. There was a few columns of 16 inch balloons, tight and transparent.
When Anya had gone round, the three smaller balloons on the door knocker had been inflated so big that one popped when she knocked.
Inside, there was balloons tied to every wall, all blown with long, fat necks.
A few uninflated ones were left around but to Anya's disappointment, no one blew them up.
Her first thought when she walked in was 'Is this girl a looner?' But she convinced herself otherwise, thinking there could be many other reasons why the balloons were so big. Perhaps she was just careless, or wanted to get her money's worth. Most likely she just preferred them that way. Normal people can like a fully inflated balloon right? Doesn't mean there's anything more to it.

Since that day, Anya watched out for any other signs and sure enough she found them, but perhaps that was just because she was looking so hard.

The first sign was the fact that all the balloons at the party had been popped. Some were very loud so suggested that they were popped in other ways than just a pin.

The second was that one evening there was a bang that sounded suspiciously like a balloon. Afterward Anya thought she heard a gasp or moan but couldn't be sure.

The third was the other day when she saw a large beachball in the girl's lounge when she walked past. She also noticed a packet of opened balloons on a table but didn't have a proper look as she didn't want to be nosey.

Now every time Anya hears the slightest squeak or muffled bang from next door she wonders if her suspicion was true after all. If only there was a way to know for sure...

One morning Anya was out of coffee. She decided to go to the local coffee shop for a drink before work. Her shift started at midday so she'd have plenty of time.

When she arrives, the first thing Anya notices is the balloons by the door. They weren't as big as she'd make them herself but they looked fresh and tight. Anya always finds herself examining balloons she finds in public. Suddenly she spots her neighbour sitting by the window. Right by the balloons. She wonders weather to say something. What was her name? Cindy. That was it. But she wasn't looking.
Anya orders a coffee and sits a few seats behind Cindy. She was gazing out the window, perhaps looking at those balloons.
Don't be silly. She tells herself. Just because you're obsessed with balloons doesn't mean everyone is.
After a few minutes, Cindy gets up and leaves. On her way out, she brushes against the balloons.
Did she do that on purpose? Surely not.
Anya watches her leave. Cindy crosses the road and goes into a small party shop.
I wonder what she's buying.

When Anya's finished her coffee, she crosses the road and almost bumps into Cindy as she's coming out the shop.
"Oh, Hi. Anya isn't it? You'll never guess what, I've come out without my credit card. Had enough change for a coffee but I've just gone to buy something and realised I must've forgot my card. Talk about embarrassing."
"I can lend you some cash if you'd like." Says Anya.
Cindy hesitates for a moment. "No don't worry, it wasn't important, thanks though. See you around." She continues off down the road.

The next day, Anya finds herself at the coffee shop again. Cindy is sitting in the same place as yesterday. This time she notices Anya.
"Hey, fancy seeing you here. Come sit with me if you want."
"I'll be right with you." Anya orders herself a coffee and sits with Cindy.
"Nice little place this, isn't it?" Says Cindy. "Come here every morning before work. You here often? Be nice to have a morning chat, get to know each other."
"That would be great. I work nearby so come here from time to time." Anya replies.
"I've got to go to work in a minute. Want to go for a drink tomorrow night? I'm new to the area so don't know anybody."
"Yeah that sounds good. There's a quiet place near here that would be nice. Unless you fancied somewhere more lively?"
"No that's fine. We'll talk more later, I've really got to get going now." Cindy finishes her drink and gets up. As she leaves, she brushes against the balloons once more.

I've got to find out if she's a looner. Anya starts forming a plan. She rushes home and finds an unused balloon. She puts it in an envelope and writes. 'Blow me until I burst' Then she posts it through Cindy's door while she's out. After that she walks back into the village to go to work.

That evening, she eagerly awaits Cindy's return. What will she do when she finds the balloon?
Anya hears her come home. She waits in silence, listening for a bang. A few minutes later she hears what she's been waiting for. The bang is muffled by the walls but is surprisingly loud.
Anya gets excited for a moment before realising it doesn't prove anything. She told her what to do with it. Anyone could follow her instructions, it doesn't mean she's a looner. She has to know what Cindy would do on her own. Suddenly an idea comes to her.

The next morning Anya gets up early. She goes back to the coffee shop before Cindy has arrived. She places a limp balloon on the table where she usually sits and orders a drink for herself. Anya sits near the back. She has a good view of Cindy's table but shouldn't be seen.
Suddenly Cindy appears at the door. Anya puts her head down, hoping she wasn't spotted. Cindy orders a coffee and sits at her usual spot.
At first she doesn't seem to spot the balloon. She's halfway through her coffee when she slowly lowers it and hesitantly takes the balloon. She has a quick glance round then puts it to her lips. Anya is surprised at how fast she blows.
Anya notices Cindy has an unusual way of holding the balloon. She makes an O with her finger and thumb with her palm facing outward. The neck soon starts filling, pushing into her hand. She holds it firmly against her lips, blowing it bigger and bigger until... She takes a big breath but hesitates. Cindy seems to remember where she is and doesn't finish it off. Instead she lets the air out and puts it in her pocket. She quickly finishes her coffee and leaves.

I wish I could see what she does with it now. I would find somewhere quiet and keep blowing it until it pops.
Lets find out how she reacts if someone else blows a balloon.

That evening, Anya meets Cindy at the pub. It's especially quiet tonight, perfect for what she has planned. While Cindy orders the drinks, Anya quickly hides a balloon in between the menus at their table. She chose a spot in the corner where there was no one around. They start chatting. Anya waits patiently for the right time.
After a few drinks, she decides to go for it. Cindy is talking about her last holiday when Anya pulls the balloon out. When she sees it, Cindy suddenly goes quiet.
"Funny place to find a balloon." Says Anya as casually as she can. Cindy keeps a close eye on it as she stretches it. "Shall we see how big it'll go?" Anya asks.
Cindy opens her mouth but closes it again. She seems nervous.
Let's see how she reacts when I blow it a little too big.
Anya blows fast at first but slows down as it nears its end. It's about to pop. I wonder if she'll say anything.
Eventually Cindy clears her throat. "Umm, I don't think you should pop it here. Might get in trouble."
Anya reluctantly takes it away from her lips. "True. You weren't scared were you?"
"Not at all. I've done it loads of times. There was this one balloon..." Cindy trails off suddenly.
"Go on." Anya encourages.
"Umm, it just got really big is all."
Cindy is definitely acting weird. Maybe I was right all along.
"I like it when they're blown up tight. Hate it when people don't put enough air in." Says Anya. The drink was loosening her tongue, she's never talked about balloons with anyone else before.
"Umm, yeah." Cindy suddenly changes the subject. Anya deflates the balloon and puts it in her pocket.

A while later they walk home together. Anya decides to give it one more go. She takes out the balloon and starts blowing again. They both stop when the neck is full. Cindy watches intently. Anya pauses and glances at her.
"Go on." Says Cindy in barely a whisper.
She wants me to pop it! Anya excitedly starts blowing again and before long it pops. Cindy is looking right in her eye.
Anya realises how horny she is. She takes another balloon out her pocket. She's about to blow herself but gives it to Cindy at the last second. Lets see what she does.
She takes it hesitantly but as soon as it touches her lips, Cindy starts blowing hard. She doesn't slow down at all. Anya can't resist holding the balloon as Cindy makes it bigger and bigger. Much too soon it explodes. Anya wanted that moment to last forever. It was the first time she'd seen someone do a blow to pop.
Anya starts walking again before things get out of hand. Cindy blowing that balloon had turned her on far more than she'd expected.

When they arrive home, Cindy comes to her door and says a quick good bye. Then she hesitantly leans closer like she's about to kiss her but pulls back at the last second, looking nervous.
Anya suddenly loses her self control. Lets just do it and see what happens. She grabs Cindy's hand and pulls her inside. She kicks off her shoes and leads Cindy to her bedroom. The bed is covered with balloons. Cindy gives her a shy glance.
She has no idea what to do. I hope she's ready for this. Anya can't hold herself back any longer, and launches herself at Cindy. She gasps as they fall onto the bed.
"Anya what are you...?" Anya silences her with her lips. At first Cindy just lies there stunned, but after a few seconds she starts kissing back.
Anya places a balloon between their legs and starts humping it against her. She's much too rough and it soon pops.
Anya detaches herself from Cindy's lips and begins to undress her.
Cindy stares at her, wide eyed.
She looks so innocent, she's never done this before. Anya thinks as she rips Cindy's clothes off.
She starts furiously kissing her again. This time she slips a finger inside her. Cindy gasps. She wasn't expecting that. Lets see how long she'll last. Anya gets even rougher. Perhaps a little too rough but she can't help herself.
Cindy begins to cry out, making Anya go at her even harder. It's not long before she lets out an even louder cry and arches her back in ecstasy. Anya puts another balloon between them and squeezes it against Cindy until it pops.
She then lets Cindy get up. "That was amazing. What now? Do I do the same thing to you?" She asks.
"If you're up to it."
"Umm what do I do? Haven't done this before." Cindy asks awkwardly.
"I could tell. Just do what comes naturally. You can't really go wrong."
Cindy slowly comes over and places a hand between her legs. "Like this?"
"You'll want to take my clothes off first."

Eventually, Cindy gets the hang of it. She's so gentle though.
"You can be rougher than that. You won't hurt me."
As Anya feels like she's about to orgasm, she pulls Cindy closer to her and starts kissing. They roll off the bed and onto the balloons that were stuck between the bed and the wall. There's a bang as one pops beneath them. Cindy is so gentle that Anya has to hump and grind against her hand to get enough pressure. Luckily she only has short nails.
Poor Cindy is stuck on the floor unable to move as Anya grinds against her until she finally orgasms.
She helps Cindy up. "Sorry, I didn't hurt you did I?"
"No I'm fine. Umm, how did you know about the balloon thing? Was it that obvious?" Cindy asks.
"I recognised the signs. Wasn't sure at first but I took a risk and it payed off."
"I thought I was the only one. Is it that common?"
"Not really. There's a whole community online but you're the first I've seen in person. We can talk more tomorrow if you like but I need a lie down after that."
"Okay, I better be going then." Says Cindy.
"No, stay. Could have some more fun in the morning then. If you're up to it anyway."
"Yes, okay. Can't believe we did that."
"Nor can I." Says Anya. "Didn't plan it, it just happened."
"You won't tell anyone will you?"
"Of course not. This is our little secret." Anya pulls Cindy into her bed and they fall asleep amongst the balloons.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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Default Re: The girl next door
Wow great story tanks for sharing
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Default Re: The girl next door
That was a nice story. Thanks for sharing it.
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