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Default Jenny's story part 1
Set a few years before we first meet Jenny.

The party was just about over. It was one of Jenny's friends eighteenth birthday. All the guests had just finished leaving, only Jenny and two others remained. The living room was in a mess from the party. There had been balloons decorating the walls but most of them were laying on the floor now.
The three of them sat on the sofa chatting. Amber had just picked up one of the larger balloons and was causally playing with it. Jenny eyed her cautiously. She hated it when balloons popped. She would always jump more than anyone else.
Amber suddenly tosses her the balloon and picks up another. Jenny catches it carefully. It felt a lot stronger than most balloons she'd encountered. Not a single one had burst during the party.
Amber had lowered herself onto her balloon and was bouncing on it softly. It didn't look like she was about to pop it so Jenny relaxes a little.
After a while she even sits on her own balloon.
"I suppose we should start clearing up. It'd be a shame to pop all these balloons though, they're so pretty." Says Amber.
"I like the colours. They're so bright and shiny. Where'd you get them?"Asks Winter; a girl from Iceland. Everyone had difficulty pronouncing her real name so they called her Winter. She's lively and usually gets into mischief.
"Some party shop. The small ones are eleven inch I think. They were on sale so I got more than I needed. The big ones are sixteen inch. Never seen any that big before and thought they would be fun." Amber replies.

Winter starts telling Amber about that time she got lost in a ice cave back home. Jenny had already heard the story so wasn't really listening. Jenny's balloon was under her skirt, firm but smooth against her skin. It actually felt pretty good. Suddenly Jenny realises she's grinding against it. What am I doing? It must be the drink. The others weren't paying attention. Jenny leans forward a little and holds the neck against her body. She was getting rougher and rougher with it. Jenny starts becoming a little aroused. Had she discovered a new sex toy by accident? I should really stop though, this is silly. She doesn't though.
Without warning the balloon suddenly bursts underneath her. It was very loud and Jenny screams. The others let out a little yelp and start giggling. Winter grabs her own balloon and starts squeezing.
"Oh don't. I know what you're like once you get started, you'll pop them all." Says Amber.
"Jenny popped hers. Come on it's fun."
"Oh go on then. Just don't destroy them all. They weren't cheap."
Before Jenny has time to put her fingers in her ears, Winter has dug her nails in. She barely flinches at the pop but Jenny visibly jumps. Winter grabs another and sits on it.
Oh no she's going to pop more isn't she? Jenny thinks. This time she has time to block her ears as Winter starts bouncing. It only takes her two bounces to pop it. "Come on Amber pop yours."
Amber sighs. "Alright." Her balloon doesn't pop so easily though.
Jenny waits nervously, hoping it would just pop already. Eventually to Jenny's relief, Winter digs her nails into it, ending it quickly.
No more, please. Jenny wants to beg but doesn't want to seem scared in front of her friends. Especially Winter. She'd tease her for weeks.
Suddenly Winter turns to look at her. "Your turn."
"I'm okay, thanks." Replies Jenny.
'Why are you so boring? Come on." Winter hands her a tight 11 inch. Jenny takes it hesitantly. At least I can make it quick. She thinks, quickly digging her nails into the balloon before she can worry too much about it. She expected the bang but still flinched. Winter seems to notice. "That's the easiest way to pop it. How about we try to pop one without our hands?" Without waiting for an answer, she grabs another balloon and throws it to Jenny. She takes it and sits on it gently, pretending she's trying to pop it.
"You need to be harder than that!" Winter complains.
Jenny lowers more weight onto it but looses her nerve when the neck suddenly shoots out. Winter must've picked up on her fear, she wouldn't leave her alone now. "Let me help you with that." Winter pulls the balloon out from under Jenny and places it against her breasts. She then hugs her tightly, squeezing the balloon against them.
Jenny wants to tell her to stop but decides it would be best to pretend she wasn't afraid. Winter would lose interest then.
It takes ages before it finally pops. Jenny manages to keep herself from screaming this time. Winter doesn't seem satisfied. She wants me to admit I'm scared.
"Hey Amber did you say you had some balloons left over?" Asks Winter.
"Yeah there's a whole packet here."
Winter grabs a fresh balloon from the packet and stretches it. "How big do you think it would go if you just kept blowing?" She asks Amber.
"Don't know I've never tried." Amber replies.
"What about you, Jenny? Want to find out?"
Oh no she wasn't going to blow it until it popped was she? Jenny wouldn't be able to stand the anticipation.
"Not scared are you Jenny?" Winter asks.
"No. Jenny lies.
"Good. Perhaps you'd like to show us how big you can blow one?"
"Me?" Says Jenny shocked. She'd never manage that.
"Why not. I'd do it myself but I couldn't see how big it got then. Unless Amber would rather do it."
"I think I'd be too scared to be honest. I'll leave it to you two." Says Amber.
Winter shoves the balloon into Jenny's mouth. "I'm rather excited. Do you think it'll be loud? Bet you're too scared to do it."
Left with little choice, Jenny starts to blow.
Once it's starts getting tight, her fear starts to grow. The neck starts to fill with air and Jenny stops, worried it's about to pop.
"Knew you'd be too scared. Guess I'll have to do it first. Unless you'd like to prove me wrong?" Challenges Winter.
If I can do it, it'd show Winter I'm not scared. Just one more pop then it'll be over. Surely she'd grow tired of it after that. If I don't do it, I'll get teased all night and it would be worse than just one bang. Jenny decides to get it over with. She closes her eyes and starts blowing as hard as she can.
Why's it not popping? She thinks after a while. She opens her eyes and almost lets go of the balloon in shock. It's huge! Winter and Amber have their fingers in their ears and Winter even looks a little nervous.
Who's scared now? Jenny thinks and starts blowing hard again. Winter backs away a little. If I scare her, she'll definitely stop making me pop them. Jenny moves closer. Winter backs into the sofa and Jenny soon as her trapped. She leans forward and pushes the balloon into Winter's face. I hope she screams. Jenny realises her own fear was making her angry at Winter. Go on, beg me to stop. Jenny blows harder. Suddenly it explodes in her face. It was far louder than Jenny expected. She falls back, it looked like it scared Winter but not as much as Jenny. She's almost in tears. It's all over now. She thinks.

But it wasn't. Winter grabs another balloon from the pack and thrusts it in Jenny's face. "Again!"
Jenny panics. I thought it was over. I can't do it again!
"Why don't you give it a go, Winter?" Says Amber.
"I want to see if Jenny can do it again."
Amber must have noticed Jenny's fear and tries to help. "How about you race me? See who can pop one first. Amber grabs her own balloon.
This is even worse! Jenny couldn't take it anymore. "Be right back I need the toilet." She says, rushing off as the girls begin to blow.

She waits in the bathroom with her fingers in her ears. After a few minutes there's a bang. Jenny waits for the second bang but it doesn't come. Maybe one of the girls couldn't do it or got scared.
Surely it would've popped by now if they were still blowing. Jenny couldn't wait in the bathroom all night and decides to see what's going on. She hesitantly opens the door and walks out.
Her heart almost stops when she sees Amber with a massive balloon in her mouth. Winter is watching from a distance, fingers in her ears. The neck was even longer than the balloon she had and was all distorted. They haven't seen her and Jenny is about to go back to the bathroom when it suddenly explodes in Amber's face. She's stunned for a moment and then starts laughing. Winter goes back over to the sofa and sits with her.
Jenny realises how much she's shaking.
They look like they've finished so Jenny goes back over to them.
"Jenny you missed it." Says Amber. "Winter's balloon popped first but mine just kept getting bigger. Winter even asked me to stop but I didn't want to be the only one who couldn't do it so I carried on. It was so scary."
Jenny relaxes on the sofa with them. It looks like they're finished with balloons now.
Jenny tenses up as Winter pulls down a helium balloon but fortunately she unties it and begins sucking the helium out.
Amber soon grabs her own balloon and does the same. They start giggling together but Jenny isn't really in the mood to join in.

Everything is fine until Amber suddenly blows a breath into her balloon when it's at half size. She continues blowing while chatting with Winter. She's not really paying attention to the balloon and soon it's bigger than Jenny would like. Amber doesn't seem to notice though and puts another breath in every so often. It's about to pop any second.
Winter eventually notices. "Umm carful Amber you're about to pop it." She says.
"Sorry I wasn't paying attention. Oh well, we need to get rid of them anyway." Says Amber putting in a larger breath this time.
Jenny tries thinking of an excuse to get away but can't think of anything. She's just about to beg Amber to stop when it suddenly bursts with a loud bang.
Amber must have seen the fear in Jenny's eyes because she says "Sorry, I won't do anymore if it scares you so much. You should of told me to stop if you don't like it. I think Winter's a bit scared too."
"No I'm not. I'll prove it." Winter puts her half inflated balloon to her lips and starts blowing.
No, why'd you have to say that? You know how competitive she gets. Jenny thinks. She waits to see if Amber will stop her.

Amber watches for a minute until the neck begins inflating then says "Okay we get your point, you can stop now."
Of course Winter pays her no attention. She does however look a little nervous. She's fidgety and after a few moments stands up. She flinches a little with each breath, expecting the bang.
"Well there's no stopping her now."
Says Amber. Jenny covers her ears and Amber pulls her close to comfort her.
When the balloon finally explodes, Winter jumps then quickly sits back down trying to hide the fact that it scared her.
"See? I'm not scared at all. They're just balloons." Suddenly she grabs another balloon from the floor and digs her nails in. After it pops she goes for another. After she's destroyed all the balloons near the sofa she pulls down a cluster tied to the wall. She violently sits on them. One pops but the others just bulge out. Winter rides and grinds on them roughly.
It would almost look hot if Jenny wasn't so scared.
When Winter is finished all that remains are colourful shards all up the walls and over the floor. Suddenly she spots a helium balloon on the ceiling. Winter pulls it down and starts to untie it. She watches Jenny the whole time.
She must be enjoying this. Is she trying to prove a point or scare me on purpose?
Winter puts it in her mouth and blows hard.
To Jenny's relief, Amber stands up. "That's enough now. Jenny's terrified, bless her."
Winter starts blowing faster. The balloon was already tight and a few more breaths would surely pop it.
"Stop it now or you can go home." Says Amber firmly.
Winter puts in one more cheeky breath, the neck up against her lips then lowers the balloon. "Fine." But instead of letting the air out, she uses some string to tie it off. She then hands it to Jenny.
Jenny is almost too terrified to touch it but rather her handling it then Winter.
"You may as well pop it. It's going to burst on its own soon anyway." Says Winter.
Jenny tries to undo the string but it's too tight and Jenny is worried it'll pop.
The balloon is so hard. Winter was right, If she didn't do something soon it would pop anyway. She could just leave it but the anticipation of the pop would be too much.
Jenny presses her nails into it but can't make herself pop it. "You do it." She says, giving it to Amber.
"You sure? Okay then. It's gonna be loud." Instead of using her nails, Amber sits on it. After two bounces it goes off. Despite having her fingers in her ears it was still deafening. Jenny relaxes a little afterward though. There were no more balloons left to pop.

Not long after they get ready for bed. Jenny and Winter had sleeping bags on the floor. Jenny goes into the bathroom, Amber is already in bed.

This wasn't the best time or place but Jenny was feeling a little horny for some reason and needed relief. It must of been the party, the drink and then all the fear and emotions of this evening.
She undoes her dressing gown and slips her hand down between her legs. She's surprised at how wet she is. Jenny sighs softly and lowers herself to the floor.

She's just beginning to get into it when the door suddenly opens. Jenny quickly takes out her hand and tries to get up.
It's Winter.
What's she doing here?
Winter gives her a quick glance, then closes the door. She locks it behind her and moves closer to Jenny. Then she puts a hand into her pocket and places a pile of balloons on the toilet seat. Jenny immediately backs away into the corner of the room. "W-what are you doing?" Says Jenny in a panicky voice.
Winter doesn't reply. She silently reaches for a balloon and begins to stretch it.
"Please don't." Jenny begs to no avail.
Winter moves so close she's almost touching her. She puts the balloon to her lips and starts blowing.
Jenny's never been so scared in her life. Winter had her pinned to the wall so she couldn't escape. The balloon gets bigger and bigger and starts to brush against Jenny's face.

It's obvious she's not going to stop and Jenny is unable to do anything but put her fingers in her ears and wait for the inevitable pop.
Winter is shaking as well but there's determination in her eyes.
Jenny suddenly realises how long the neck has got and closes her eyes. She waits for Winter's next breath but it doesn't come.
Jenny opens her eyes. Winter seems to be hesitating for some reason.
When she catches Jenny's eyes though, she starts blowing hard again. It pops almost immediately.
Jenny almost falls over, too stunned to scream. She slides down onto the floor almost in tears.

Winter soon recovers from her own shock and grabs another balloon. She puts it to her lips but hesitates once more.
I don't think she's enjoying this herself, so why's she doing it? Jenny thinks. "Winter please, no more."
Winter starts blowing again, making Jenny wish she didn't say anything. She stands over her and blows fast, maintaining eye contact. The balloon is getting tight and Jenny thinks about making a break for the door. Winter suddenly lowers the balloon though, looking nervous as ever.
"Look, you're obviously scared as well. Just let the air out and lets go to bed." Jenny pleads.
"No I'm not." Winter takes a few deep breaths and blows a huge breath in. Jenny cringes away but Winter has lowered it again.
"You've proved you can do it, there's no need to do it again." Says Jenny, hoping Winter will give up.
She refuses to stop and blows hard again. The balloon is going to pop any minute and Winter knows it. She stops again and for a moment Jenny thinks she's about to let the air out. Until Winter suddenly raises it back to her lips and puts another breath in. "Do you want me to stop?" Winter asks suddenly.
She wants an excuse to stop blowing but doesn't want to look scared. Jenny reckons. "Yes."
"Okay but you have to finish it yourself."
"I can't. Just let the air out, please."
"No. One of us is gonna pop it. If you won't I will." Winter blows hard then lowers the balloon again.
Suddenly it explodes making Winter scream.
Jenny thinks it's finally over but Winter snatches another balloon.
"Surely that's enough. You've popped two, what more have you got to prove?"
"I didn't pop that last one, it burst by itself." Winter sits opposite Jenny, so close she's practically on her lap. "I'm going to blow this until it explodes. And another, until you aren't scared anymore. Once we've run out of balloons, I've got one more in my pocket for you. You're going to blow it up in my face until it goes bang."
"Why? Just let me go."
"Because I want to see the fear in your eyes. It's kind of a turn on for me. Don't worry, you can do the same to me after. I'm just as scared."
No your not. Jenny wants to say but is too nervous.
Winter is blowing as fast as she can. She climbs onto Jenny's lap and pushes the balloon into her face. As it gets tight, Winter pulls Jenny's hand from her ears. She holds onto it so Jenny can't cover her ears.
"Are you getting scared Jenny?" Says Winter between breaths.
"Yes." Jenny replies practically in tears.
"I bet it's going to be really loud. I think it's about to pop. I'm gonna slow down so it'll last longer." Winter starts blowing slowly, drawing out every breath.
Jenny tries to wriggle free but Winter is too strong. She lets out a little giggle and holds her down firmly, putting in the smallest breath possible.
Without warning, Winter puts the balloon aside and kisses Jenny full on the lips. Surprised, Jenny tries to back away.
Winter just giggles and goes in for another wet kiss. Then she puts one more breath into her balloon before leaning down again. This time Winter forces her tongue into Jenny's mouth. Jenny starts to resist but has an idea. If she can detract her, Winter might forget about the balloon.
Suddenly Jenny starts kissing back, she even puts a hand around Winter's neck and pulls her in. She desperately kisses harder but Winter pulls away laughing.
"You're not supposed to be enjoying this."
She's about to go back to her balloon but Jenny launches herself at her and finds her lips again. She can't blow if I'm kissing her. Jenny thinks.
Winter lets her do what she wants for a few moments before gently pushing her off. Jenny goes right back though.
This time Winter's firmer. "That's enough Jenny." And starts blowing again.
Jenny is desperate to do anything to stop her popping it and puts a hand down the front of Winter's night dress.
"What are you doing? Get off." Says Winter but doesn't resist. This might just work. Thinks Jenny and starts fingering her.
Winter begins to sigh but doesn't let go of the balloon. She's just starting to get into it when Winter pushes her off hard.
"I know what you're doing. It's not going to work though, I'm popping this balloon and you can't stop me." Winter sits on Jenny's chest and resumes blowing.
Jenny has nothing left in her. She lies helplessly on the floor and waits anxiously, trying not to cry.
Suddenly there's a knock on the door.
"What're you doing in there? Open up." It's Amber.
Winter suddenly starts blowing faster.
Jenny sees the lock turning. Please hurry. Amber would save her, Jenny was sure.
The door bursts open. Winter doesn't seem to notice and blows faster and faster. The balloon was impossibly big. Way bigger than the others had got.
"Winter what're you doing? Get off her!" Says Amber.
Winter takes no notice. Somehow she manages to get another three breaths in before it explodes in their faces, covering them in shards.
Winter finally gets off her and Jenny runs to Amber. She takes her in her arms as tears start to fall from Jenny's eyes.
"How could you do that to her? Come on Jenny, you can share my bed." Amber begins to leave, then turns to Winter. "You can sleep on the floor."
"I'm gonna pop all these balloons first." Winter replies.
"Not anywhere near Jenny you're not."
"I'll stay here then. See you in the morning. Then me and Jenny can continue where we left off" Winter winks at her and grabs another balloon, not waiting until they're gone to inflate it.

Jenny hurries to the bedroom with Amber. Suddenly there's a bang from the bathroom. Jenny jumps a little and Amber hugs her tightly. Then she pulls back looking at Jenny's nightdress. Jenny looks down herself and realises there's a wet patch between her legs. She feels herself going red with embarrassment. Amber wordlessly takes off Jenny's dressing gown and pulls her onto the bed. She locks eyes with Jenny and begins to undress her. Then she sits staring at her for a moment. "You sure you want this?"
Jenny nods shyly.
Amber gives her a quick kiss then spreads her legs open. Jenny lies back as Amber gets to work. She closes her eyes and feels something wet enter her. Amber's tongue.
Jenny begins to moan softly. She's never had this done to her before. There's a bang from the bathroom but Jenny barely notices it.
She's not sure how much time has passed but she knows she's not going to last much longer. She's never felt this good in her life.
Suddenly she notices Winter standing by the door with a huge transparent balloon in her mouth. One of the 16 inch by the look of it. It's about to burst but Jenny doesn't care, her pleasure is too great.
Winter is watching intently as Jenny suddenly cries out.
There's a loud bang as Jenny orgasms. Her scream is from pleasure rather then fear this time.
Amber sits up suddenly. "Winter, what are you doing?"
"I umm, I came to show you how big that balloon had got, but I saw you were a but occupied."
"Why'd you pop it then?"
"Guess I was distracted by you two. Didn't know you had a thing going."
"We don't. It won't happen again. I just saw how horny Jenny was and decided to give her some relief after all she's been through today." Says Amber.
"That would've been my fault. How horny was she?" Winter asks like Jenny wasn't there.
"Well she was pretty wet to say the least. What did you do to her?"
"Umm, I may have snogged her a bit while I was teasing her."
"A bit?" Asks Amber, grinning.
"She came on to me actually. I think she was trying to distract me from the balloons to be honest. Almost worked as well. We can continue where we left off if you like Jenny." Says Winter.
"No thanks. Jenny replies.
"Shame. You really started to get into it as well. Oh well, I'm going to bed. Talk in the morning."

Jenny lies awake next to Amber, thinking about the day's events. Although most of the evening was ruined by fear, there's was a few moments Jenny would like to relive.
She realises that the whole thing in the bathroom had turned her on somehow. She had been terrified of Winter blowing the balloons till they burst but there was something exciting about the way she had teased her that really got her going. And the way Winter had kissed her between breaths... Jenny suddenly realises she's touching herself.
She even toys with the idea of dragging Winter back to the bathroom and handing her a balloon. The idea terrifies her but she is close to waking Winter and actually doing it.
She imagines the balloon tight against her face while she begs Winter to stop. Winter would kiss her briefly before blowing the balloon until BANG. Jenny finds herself orgasming again.
What was wrong with her? She thought.

Tomorrow I will go somewhere quiet with Winter and hand her a bag of balloons. She'll do the rest. Perhaps I'll even ask her to pop them. No doubt I'll get scared and try to stop her but that's what made it exciting right?

To be continued...
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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Default Re: Jenny's story part 1
between all your hot stories wildheart, this one HAS to be THE best one so far. omg i sprayed the bathroom. thank you!!
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Default Re: Jenny's story part 1
Glad you enjoyed. This one was a bit different, good to know people are liking this style. Part 2 will come either next or the one after.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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Default Re: Jenny's story part 1
Yeah I loved it too, can't wait for part 2.
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Default Re: Jenny's story part 1
Wow this is great! Looking forward to the next part. Are we going to see Amber and Winter get character profiles on your site?
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Default Re: Jenny's story part 1
That was a great story, wildheart. I'm looking forward to part 2.
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Default Re: Jenny's story part 1
Originally Posted by Bobywan View Post
Wow this is great! Looking forward to the next part. Are we going to see Amber and Winter get character profiles on your site?
Perhaps, although they don't actually have the fetish themselves and will only appear in these two stories.
Working on the next part already.
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Default Re: Jenny's story part 1
Ah fair enough, I'd just be interested to know height/weight/physical characteristics so I can picture them a little better, that's all.
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Default Re: Jenny's story part 1
Originally Posted by Bobywan View Post
Ah fair enough, I'd just be interested to know height/weight/physical characteristics so I can picture them a little better, that's all.
True, my bad, should've been more descriptive at the beginning. Will have to use your imagination for the time being unless I decide to make them more permanent characters.
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Default Re: Jenny's story part 1
I've decided I will add the new characters; Winter and Amber to the character sheet. Not only that but they'll have artwork to go with them. Holly and Sophie are done, others coming soon.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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