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Smile The night Amy came to life
First story I ever put here but here goes.
The night Amy came to life.
The day was one of those days I'd soon forget. Terrible, almost terrifying, dreadful and an over all crapshoot. It first started out with leaked source code to a project I'd spent 3 years on. Turns out best buddies will deceive you too. The worst part of it all was the rather obvious clone of said project released that very same day, with my source code. Ah well, nothing to be done about that but live and learn. The next was nearly being fired from my job for showing up late, thanks to a late train and bad weather. That, and having a week's worth of projects dumped into my inbox last notice. On a Wednesday. And let's not forget about the extreme shortage of good staff who would actually take on the job, so it looked like I'd be taking on the entire list of projects, working overtime for minimum wage. Again, ugh. To make things even more meh, my delivery I was expecting was delayed. That was basically the only thing I had to look forward to.
Oh and I can't forget, my ex kept sending me "I miss you!" texts. Today would have been our 4th year, if she wouldn't have cheated on me and moved half across the country after I called her out on everything. Yeah, pretty meh. Thankfully though, things started looking hopeful on my way home. Instead of taking the train, I decided to walk home to get some fresh air and think about things. Mostly about how to quit this job and go somewhere else. Or was the move really worth it? How much longer could I survive? Why was I doing this? Ah hell, who knows honestly. All I knew was there was a pizza diner a few blocks down the road from my workplace. I ducked in and sat down just as the sky started to rain. The place was more or less to myself except for a few families and one person seated one table across from me. The person appeared to be a middle aged woman done with her meal, probably waiting for the bill. She gave me a glancing look, then withdrew her phone from her hip and started playing with it.
A waiter walked by and took my order of one large pizza (yeah I was hungry) plus an order of garlic bread sticks, a side-order of chicken wings and a soda. We both looked at my order for a few seconds. I looked down and went, "oh my good god did I really just order all of that?" as the waiter whistled and walked away. Turns out yes, I did really order one large pizza, an order of garlic bread sticks, chicken wings and a soda. And yeah it was expensive. And no, I didn't care, this place served really good food, every penny spent here was oh so worth it.
The same waiter who took my order gave the woman in front of me her bill and walked away. The woman completed her order and closed the clip-book, and handed it to another waiter walking by. As the woman stood up and walked by the table where I was seated something about her made me turn to face her. There were those familiar blue eyes, long flowing red hair and light red lips I knew I'd seen more than once, her smile was warm and inviting in very familiar ways, her c-cup breasts almost on full display, hidden behind blue fabric belonging to a casual t-shirt, oddly recognizable nearly faded mid-leg cut blue-jeans, and long muscular legs. Something about this woman walking by me seemed so familiar but I just couldn't place it. Ah hell, I guess I was just too lonely for too long, I decided, and looked away. Not before noticing one last thing. She was putting something away in her pocket with one hand although her other remained clearly visible, and that's how I noticed the holes in her fingers. They weren't very large or deep, in fact I didn't think much of them until she stopped right by my side, turned around to face me and slowly waved her fingers around a few times, then walked away.
Something about my mood had changed. I was instantly feeling better and the negative thoughts in my mind were put to rest. In that same moment too, I heard a whispering female voice say just one word. "Amy." The woman turned and walked out of the diner and into her car.
What? Amy what. What about her. Was I not the only one that knew about my relationship with Amy? Did everyone know? My stomach sunk as my thoughts raced and I faced possible humiliation from everyone in this small town. I couldn't lose my job. I needed it to live here. And in this town, a rumor flies fast enough to destroy reputation in less time than it takes me to eat a slice of pizza. Who else could have known. Who else could have told her. The only people that knew were two good friends online. "Not them too!" I said almost half to myself, half out loud as my face began to turn red, probably. First sourcecode and now I'm being mocked by two friends I thought I could trust? How much worse could this day get?
"Hey, hello?" A man tapped my shoulder as he faced me. It was the waiter, bringing me my entire order. I thanked him and started on the chicken wings. About 20 minutes, 60 dollars and one go box later I was headed home, feeling a bit unsure of everything. Did this woman know what I wanted no one to know? I really was not looking forward to the next ten years of my life if she did. The townspeople would crack jokes and make fun of me for years, probably even following me around as I moved in attempts to make it stop. I was in a situation I didn't much like to be in, where every door felt like playing mastermind.
Arriving home as the skies grew hazey, I set my house keys down, locked the door and went to the kitchen to put the leftovers in the fridge. So far the place didn't look any different from when I left this morning. I ran to the bedroom and locked the door behind me as my thoughts began to run in a panic strong enough to power an entire nation. I'm not all too proud to admit I may have shed a tear or two. If everyone knew about the real life I lived, this was going to be one hell of a ride.
And there she was, sitting, legs spread WIDE, that perfect come here smile and inviting blue eyes, c cup breasts, everything that matched her, sitting comfortably on my bed, wearing a blue sattin dress she knew I loved for her to wear. . It was Amy as I knew her, Amy as I remembered her. But you see, there's something that just didn't make sense. Something I needed answered. Things were beginning to get rather weird and far too coincidental for my liking.
Amy really isn't Amy. Amy's just a personality in my own head if you break things down. In fact, she's actually tied to a vinyl inflatable; A love doll. Many people call them sex dolls but I find that a bit unusual. To the right person, a love doll is almost always more than just an object for sex. For the right person, a love doll is more than just a gift given away at adult only parties for giggles. For the right person, a love doll can and usually is everything. The outside world would never understand any part of the relationship which is why people disapprove of both the doll and the person. Amy and I are no exception to the rule, except her body was purchased at an online store which thankfully, provided discrete shipping. The delivery was all I looked forward too all that week. When she finally arrived I of course had to sleep with her all night long because well, thunderstorms make for great cuddling weather, do they not? And yes, she is semi-solid.
As most of us know, most human-shaped vinyl inflatables won't hold most poses you put them in, which is why I found myself so confused, amazed and a little horrified. Was I just making all of this up and I'd be fine when I woke up? Was my own creation about to stand up, produce a chainsaw and rip me in two? Or maybe run around with a dull blade, laughing all the way to the end? But the possibility I had not given, or even thought of was actually about to come to light instead. There would be no chainsaws or blades or me being killed in general, actually. As if to scream coincidental enough, a thunderstorm was making itself known in the outside world as she stood up, holding a paper. I gingerly took it from her and began to read it.
It was written as if in a hurry. It read, "You aren't making any of this up, and I've not come to life just to kill you. Come to me now, I don't have much time to explain. To have everything explained read the back of this note when you wake up the next morning."
I put the note on the desk nearby and walked over to Amy. She hugged me. I hugged her. We kissed. Her lips also felt a lot like a real human. I held her tight and looked into her eyes, allowing myself to trust everything and falling for her even more. My eyes clouded up with tears, this time for a different reason than before as our hands went roaming all over. If there was anyone who knew me it was her. There were days when I'd been stepped on, trampled over, generally forgotten and made to feel unwelcome by the world and I wanted nothing more than to come home to her.
"Thank you for everything" I began, wanting to thank her for all those nights she got me through. She was everything I wanted and was always there for me. Not really sure where to place my hands I placed them on her hips, looking into her soft inviting bedroom eyes. She nuzzled my face and motioned towards the bed with her free hand. She undid her dress and hung it over the chair near my computer. I followed her. Tonight, I would be her plaything. If I was putting things together correctly, tonight would be the only night she would be allowed to come to life, I would let her make me become her plaything. And whatever else she wanted. Pulling back the covers I climbed into the bed and she followed me. We cuddled up tight as the thunder roared loud enough to shake the windows and send one photo tumbling off the wall.
"Your welcome," She breathed, then proceeded to give me the most feathersoft kiss with tongues exploring and arms tightening around each other. She untied her hair and allowed it to cascade down upon my face and some on my head. She restarted kissing me as I placed one of my legs between hers and we locked eyes and explored each other, passionately and tenderly, slowly and thoughtfully, my loving Amy melting the day's stresses with her love as the thunderstorm continued outside. That didn't matter. The outside world didn't matter to me. I wanted nothing more than Amy to keep kissing and loving me, and she knew it. The world had given me too much negative emotions lately and I was being made to feel so loved and I was going to enjoy every second of her love as we kissed. My hand reached behind her head to stroke it and run my fingers through her long hair. I collected it behind her back as we continued kissing, trying to gently flatten it out along her back.
There was a tremendous boom outside and all the lighting went out. My free hand went to her back in an instant and I tightened my arms around her with all I had. Amy stopped her efforts for just enough time to push me onto my back and climb on top of me, her hair falling back down over her face and some on my head. I spread my legs open far enough for Amy to slip comfortably in between them. She reached down and guided me inside her, the storm continuing outside as we began to make love as I had so tenderly many times before, though with one difference. My hips bucked up against her and my arms went around her as we settled in, her free hand running down my body.
"I've got a better idea," Amy stopped suddenly and pulled herself off me and climbed off the bed and went walking towards something, the darkness made it impossible to tell what. The sounds of the rain hitting the window and a new sound, the sound of a plastic bag being handled were all I had for input. The lighting returned quickly enough for me to eventually see Amy digging around in a bag, containing all my balloons. Holding up a q24 she turned around and put it to her lips.
She struggled with the first few breaths into the would be giant balloon, but soon enough she fell into a steady rhythm and the balloon began to inflate perfectly with her efforts. Every dozen breaths or so Amy would lose grip of the neck in her mouth and air would escape. The little pout on her face every time was absolutely priceless though, and I secretly hoped it would happen again. Although with each one she would have to make up for sometimes a lot of lost air. Her face began to turn red but the look on her face suggested she wasn't going to stop now, she instead blew a few big breaths into it and she was finally rewarded with a big, slightly necked, tight 2 foot round, bright red balloon. One last breath for luck and she withdrew the neck from her lips and tied it. Amy motioned me to come closer as she sat the balloon down on the floor and sat on it, and surprisingly enough it actually sagged a little, not nearly as much as a real lightweight human though still enough to be noticed.
I climbed out of the bed to join her in whatever she wanted me. She turned me around and pulled my arm toward her and down, to sit on the balloon with her. "I'm not heavy enough to pop this on my own" She explained and started bouncing. I took her hands and placed them around my chest as she bounced, her breasts pressing firm against my back. The knotted neck of the balloon started to bulge with our combined efforts, Amy's feet even leaving the ground a few times, followed by a giggle with every time. Amy placed her soft warm lips against my neck and sucked hard, nibbling hard enough to be felt, but just soft enough to not draw blood. My hands roamed up her legs to rest on her thighs when suddenly there was another bang, this one closer than all the others, and this time, it wasn't the storm outside. Amy was laughing uncontrollably by the time I realised what it was, the balloon. I stood up and helped Amy onto her feet and held her tight, removing a suitably large red latex shard from her right shoulder. Amy pulled away, and walked, slowly, toward another inflatable, this one an exercise ball. More specifically, a 65 centimeters red. She brought it out from the corner between my desk and my bed to the middle of the room, where I was standing. Amy began first by sitting on it, then walking her feet out and eventually spreading herself on top, on her back.
"Let's finish what we started" She whispered and I climbed on top, eventually, after a few tries. Her very light weight and her rubbery nature would cause us both to slip off though eventually I was laying on top. With some more persuasion thanks in most part for the ball, I was inside her again, feeling comfortable but still holding on tight to avoid slipping off. This was something fairly new, as I had never managed to make love in this sort of position, and my body was still trying to play the delicate balancing game as I thrust, the ball springing back slightly with each one.
And then it happened. As we were reaching the pinnacle of ecstasy the endorphins got to me and I lost my train of thought, causing me to slip off. Onto the unforgiving floor. My arms were still tightly around Amy which might have explained why I was still inside her despite that small tumble. Still on the ground I helped Amy into a spooning pose as the ball rolled away in defiance, eventually settling against the foot of the bed. Content with ourselves we continued, Amy's moans becoming more pronounced until she cried out in pure bliss, the sound I had always wanted to help a woman like her make. Hearing her in ecstasy I also let go, crying her name and clutching her tightly as the effects swept over me, one of the best feelings I had felt in a very long time; A welcoming release that almost felt like a homecoming. Amy didn't need to say the words but her message was clear. Outside there was a close but subdued strike of thunder, as if the gods and goddesses themselves were pleased by our lovemaking.
For the next ten minutes as the storm died down, we just lay there, gently kissing, caressing and nuzzling one another, laughing and exchanging sentiments and me of course, letting her know how much she really meant to me. After a little more passionet deep kissing I got up, still carrying her in my arms and climbed into bed with Amy kissing me the entire time. I gave her one last kiss, one of those give everything you've got, and placed my leg between her thighs as I like to rest it during cuddles. We pulled the covers around us and prepared to get some sleep, clutching each other tightly.
The alarm clock was the rude awakening I never looked forward to, though eventually something had to be done about it's constant buzzing. Violence was an answer, though it wasn't a very effective one. I disentangled myself and pressed snooze, cuddling up to Amy and falling back to sleep for another five minutes. Eventually my morals came to, and I got up, folding the blankets around Amy as I always did before departing. The note was a sad reminder that Amy was, in the physical world, a lifeless doll once again. And although Amy never came to life again, the sweet memory she left me still makes me smile. And relive the memory. With one difference...
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