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Default Andy & Janet-Ch 6-The Balloon Whisperer
Chapter 6-The Balloon Whisperer

*Note: This story will make a lot more sense if you have read at least chapters 4 and 5 first.*

“Mmm,” Andy moaned, as Janet’s lips ran up his neck, one hand entwined in his mop of chestnut hair, her other hand rubbing across the front of his ever tightening pants.

“So, you didn’t answer me earlier. What would you like?”

Andy paused, having a hard time gathering his thoughts as Janet’s hands roamed across his body. “A week ago, I think my answer would have been different. I don’t know if I have a balloon fetish like you, but I have to admit that seeing you with them, playing and inflating is really sexy. The popping still makes me nervous, though. How did you get over that?”

Janet ran her tongue along his earlobe, whispering in a low voice, “I’m not over it. That’s part of the excitement for me...the nervous waiting, not knowing. It wasn’t always like that, though. We have Julie to thank for that.”

Andy furrowed his brow. “Julie? I didn’t know she was into girls.”

Janet laughed, “No, not like that. She was more balloon whisperer.”

At Andy’s quizzical look, Janet proceeded to explain her first encounter with Julie at the lacrosse meeting.

“She was very apologetic at dinner. She didn’t realized I was afraid of popping balloons. She told me she had noticed the way I had looked at the balloons, and then the way I tied the half knot on the balloon before I sat on it. I didn’t realize that people who are into balloons tend to tie them in a way that allows them to be untied easily later. So, yeah, I kind of gave myself away. But at that point in my life, I hadn’t combined them with sex or ‘me time’”.

Andy gave a twitch at her mention of “me time,” and Janet laughed. “You like hearing about this?” She punctuated her question with a squeeze and made him moan again.

“I told you I wanted to know more about you. Hearing you talk about it is pretty erotic. Is balloon fetish dirty talk a thing?”

She gave him a long kiss, before breaking away. “Well, who am I to refuse you? We can certainly attempt to make it a thing!” she said, grinning, before continuing. As she did, she slipped her hand inside his pants, grasping his rock hard dick, her warm hand squeezing and stroking him.

“We talked a long time at dinner. Apparently, when Bill had gotten Julie into balloons, she took to it like a duck to water, especially the popping. Once she understood more about how I felt, she decided to take me under her wing. She explained all about balloon fetishes, and told me that if I were to...use...balloons, it might really heighten my pleasure. She even gave me homework!”

At that, Andy had to chuckle. “That does sound like Julie! What did she have you do?”

“I went back to my dorm room. Luckily I didn’t have a roommate then, or it could have gotten awkward. I took my favorite vibrator, and a pink balloon from my nightstand. I still remember that balloon like it was yesterday. I got naked, took the vibrator and...well, positioned it...and then began blowing up the balloon.”

Janet paused looking a little embarrassed. “Are you sure you want to hear all this?”

Andy kissed her again, nuzzling against her face. “I think you can feel how much I’m enjoying your story. I’m hoping I can make it to the end.”

“Well,” Julie continued, “I got more and more excited as I used the vibrator and blew up the balloon. I hadn’t ever done something like this, and the tension and nervousness of blowing the balloon added to the effects of the vibrator. I blew the balloon more and more, until finally the neck started to inflate. The other thing I did as I inflated was I counted each breath. I still remember, that first time I got to sixteen. Then I let it all out. I hadn’t orgasmed yet, though, and what Julie had told me to do was to inflate the balloon over and over until either I orgasmed, or the balloon popped. But each time I blew up the balloon, I had to add one more breath to the previous inflation. Balloons get much bigger when they are inflated multiple times.”

Without realizing it, Janet had picked up the pace of her stroking of Andy, the memory of the excitement bubbling through into the present.

“So did you do it? Did you make it pop?”

“The second inflation got even bigger. I remember when I got to sixteen again, I was so nervous and excited. I put in the seventeenth breath, expecting it to pop. The neck swelled more than I had ever made it expand before, but it didn’t burst. But I sure did. I had no idea someone could orgasm that hard. All that nervous energy just exploded out of me.

“I tried to study after that, but I kept looking back at the wrinkled pink balloon on my nightstand. I kept picturing how big it had gotten, how tight. In my mind I could see the pink skin of the balloon getting thinner and thinner, tighter and tighter.

“Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed the vibrator, turned it on, and started blowing up the balloon again. Even though I had orgasmed once, you wouldn’t have known. It was like my pussy was on fire! I was even more nervous now, knowing the extra breath was coming. I got to sixteen and saw the neck start to stretch. The balloon was bigger around than before. I realized I was putting in bigger breaths because I was so excited. I knew this could be it.”

WIth that, Janet kissed Andy, and and ran her fingers up and down his dick. The tension of her story was affecting him as much as her. He was almost gasping as he listened and enjoyed the work of her hands. “I guess you want to hear how it ended?”

Andy nodded numbly, not trusting his mouth to put words together. Janet kissed him. Then, with her free hand, she picked up a shard of the blue balloon that they had burst between them earlier. Taking it between her thin fingers, she slowly caressed his cheek with it. “I’ll give you a ended up in pieces like this.”

Knowing he was close, she continued, “I was practically plunging the vibrator in and out as I sucked in another breath, and blew it into the balloon. The neck swelled and stretched until it was just touching my lips. That was seventeen, which was what I had put in before, but I knew I had added more air with each breath this time.

“When balloons are close to popping, sometimes they don’t even seem to get bigger. This one just seemed to vibrate in my mouth. I was afraid to touch it, but I was bound and determined to put in that eighteenth breath.” Janet looked directly into Andy’s eyes as she breathlessly approached the climax of her story, stroking him quickly.

“I pulled air into my chest, and as I started to breath out, the balloon exploded into a million pieces. That was all it took for me, too. I came so hard I thought I might break the vibrator! I’ll never forget that feeling of the orgasm crashing over me as shards of balloon rained down.”

With that, Janet clamped her lips onto Andy’s, and gave him one last stroke. That was all it took to cause him to explode as well, his moans pushing into Janet’s mouth like she were a balloon he was trying desperately to inflate. Finally, he leaned back into the couch, and exhaled slowly.


Janet laughed. “Enjoyed my story, did you?”

Andy nodded, a slightly dazed look still on his face.

“So...does that make you my balloon whisperer?”

“Only if you’re willing to come back tomorrow for your first lesson.”
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Thumbs up Re: Andy & Janet-Ch 6-The Balloon Whisperer
Great work as always.
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Default Re: Andy & Janet-Ch 6-The Balloon Whisperer
I am really enjoying your stories. Keep up the excellent job. It is inspiring me to write too. Caught myself returning to the forum twice in a day just to check if you had the new part ready.
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Default Re: Andy & Janet-Ch 6-The Balloon Whisperer
Thanks Blowandinhale and Albertcerruti. I'm glad you are enjoying the stories. It's funny because I REALLY appreciate the comments, and I check back frequently to see how many people have read the stories and what comments people have left.
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Default Re: Andy & Janet-Ch 6-The Balloon Whisperer
Will you be writing more? I enjoy your writing style very much! Your stories interest me!
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Default Re: Andy & Janet-Ch 6-The Balloon Whisperer
Liked the chapters so far, your writing style is nice to read, keep the chapters coming in!
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