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Default AC - Chapter 1 - A First In Everything
This is my first time attempting to write a story. Unfortunately, English is not my first language so I do apologize in advance if there are any mistakes. Special thanks to BlowAndInhale for helping me out with this story. I would be really happy to hear what you guys thinks (positives and negatives) and would love to hear how you guys would like me to proceed with the story. I have a general story arch but would be happy to be guided by the community a little. Do enjoy =)

A First in Everything

Ebony tossed the over inflated orange balloon onto her bed as it floated down near her pillow. It was a long tiring day but she felt good. She gently slid into her chair and closed her eyes.

“I am 19 years old! I survived week one. I can do this.” She repeated several times under her breath.

Ebony was a freshman pursuing a degree in psychology, a long time dream of hers since high school. Ebony was a petite girl. She had a blue fluffy hairband holding her dark and silky ponytail hair. Her dark brown eyes were framed by a slim rectangle navel blue spectacles. She developed a shy and ambivalent personality partially due to her parents raising her in a strong traditional upbringing. Ebony was known to be a kind and helpful child. In her later childhood years, friends and relatives would often comment on her adult-like behavior, always being calm and responsible. However, unbeknownst to many, Ebony grew up supporting her family as her mother struggled with mental health difficulties.

Ebony recalled her family’s farewell wishes at the bus stop before she left for her university life. Ebony remembered the sobbing tears of her mother reminding her to be strong. Ebony wondered if this was her own mother’s projection instead of a well-meaning encouragement.

“Home feels so far away...... I miss them......”

Ebony’s room was a typical dorm room which she was fortunate enough to obtain through her hard work and scholarship. It was dark outside and the only illumination came from her study lamp on her desk. The window beside her bed was shut with the pale green curtains drawn. The pastel yellow bed sheets on her birch framed bed, a set of white laminated desk and chair and an IKEA white wardrobe sat separately in the three corners of her room. A small potted plant on her desk hid the dullness of the room and gave the room a minimalist look.

Ebony could hear the other girls laughing down the hallway in the shared kitchen. Ebony told herself that she should join them but hesitated as she was reminded about how Chloe, her dorm mate, had quizzed her about the course she was studying and her family background the first minute she stepped into the dorm. Ebony sighed and placed her textbooks gently down on her desk while pulling out a pen and a post-it-note under her desk.

“I’ll go out when I am done with this.” She told herself as she started to write down a list of things she needed to do over the weekend.

As she wrote, her thoughts raced through the first week of lectures and tutorials. She found herself surprised that psychology was not merely about understanding people, counselling, and mental health, but about research methods, human biology, and advanced statistics among many other things. Her neat and block hand writing displayed her controlled and determined demeanor. It showed the following:

• Read chapter 1 & 2 of Biopsychology.
• Read chapter 1 and notes on General Psychology.
• Download Brain App for Biopsychology.
• Meet Haley at cafe on Sunday 3pm.....

Ebony found herself floating back to the memory of her first tutorial class just a couple of hours ago. A soft smile came to her face.

“He was kinda cute.” She thought.

She struggled to recall his name and was beginning to feel a little upset about her memory when she felt “the thing” sitting comfortably in her jacket. She looked back at the tightly inflated balloon sitting on her bed with the words “Haley” and a somewhat faded contact number written on it.
Ebony thought back to the moment when everyone was blowing up balloons in her tutorial class and how the cute nameless student was sitting in front of her, twiddling with his uninflated balloon.

The nameless student had somehow noticed Ebony staring at him and turned around to greet her.

“Hi!” He said with a charming smile.

“Hi! Ermmm...... I see you got a balloon…… Ermm...... Why haven’t you blown yours up?” Ebony asked trying to be friendly.

The student without hesitation softly parroted back what the professor said in an absent minded manner, “This is how we are going to pick your tutorial partners...... I want you students who have been given a balloon to write your names and contact number on the balloon...... after that...... I want you to place them here...... When I say go, I want the non-balloon students to walk down and pick a balloon of your choice...... The name on the balloon will be your tutorial partner for the semester.”

He grinned and winked at Ebony and said, “...... so I figured I should just oblige him.”

Ebony responded, “What do you mean?”

“The poor prof did not say that we had to blow up the balloons.” He chuckled.

Ebony was taken aback by his keen observation and could only nod back.

“So you are the quiet type huh?” He questioned while smiling.

“I used to be the same...quiet, shy and all... but working in a party shop had helped me in the public conversation department. We used to blow up helium balloons for customers... like really big ones... my manager would often recommend either Qualatex or Tuftex 17 inch balloons... they kinda makes these 12 inches looks quite puny... most people like balloons but when they see the big one.....” He smiled as his voice tailed off, “You will love it.”

“Errmm...... ermm..... I do like balloons...... Ermm...... What’s a Qualatex and a tuf...... tuf.....” Ebony asked, not being too sure.

“They are just different balloon brands...... I’ll show you if you are interested. Maybe you could drop by the shop one day when I am working...... It’s just down the street, just a couple of shops away from the new café......” He responded with a paused as he quickly ruffled through his bag and pulled something in his clamped hand.

“Here! Quickly! Grab it!” He said as Ebony found her hand automatically stretching outwards to receive whatever was in his hand and pocketing it in her own jacket.

“It was the last 17 inch Tuftex balloon in the bag. So I thought I’ll just grab it.” He beamed.

Ebony appeared a little stunned in her realization that she could be collaborating with a thief.

Sensing this he responded, “Don’t worry about it...... The manager is a nice guy and would often encourage us to take one or two back anyway...... He feels that it is important for staff to know what they are selling. After all they are only balloons.”

As they were talking, Ebony noticed several student walking down with their balloons, some quite tightly inflated, and placing them in the middle of class. The nameless student quickly turned back to the task of writing his details on the balloon. He confidently walked out and dropped his limp balloon in the middle of the class with the lecturer raising his spectacles and several students giggling.

“Ashley! Yes, that is his name!” She recalled, surprised by her own sudden recollection.

Both Ebony and Ashley had limited opportunity to interact after they were introduced to their tutorial partners in which Ebony was introduced to Haley, a 20 year old pretty blonde blue eyed girl.

Just as class finished, Ashley was seen leaving the room in a rush. Ebony felt somewhat abandoned by him after their lively balloon conversation but she was not too sure how she would have approach him if she had the chance. Ebony, however, did quietly notice that Haley was watching him leave early too.

As Ebony was playing the whole scene in her head, she slowly reached into the sides of her jacket. She felt “the thing” and the familiarity of the rubber and its nozzle. Ebony carefully pulled the balloon out of her jacket and started examining it. The balloon appeared somewhat darkish in a blue or purple tone.

“What a dull and strange colour.” She thought as she fumbled with the balloon and gave it a gentle rub between her fingers. She noticed that it was definitely a bigger balloon and the rubber appeared much stronger. Ebony’s dainty fingers pinched the mouth piece of the balloon as she gently stretched it with her other hand. There was a building urge to blow the balloon up as she half bit her lips.

“What sort of Tuftex balloon are you? What sort of colour would you be?”

“More importantly, Mr. Balloon...... Why did Ashley give you to me?”

She hesitated for a moment but placed the balloon on her lips and gave it a good lungful of air.


Ebony felt a small shiver of excitement as the balloon slowly swelled up. She was surprised to find the lack of resistance that you normally get from a balloon. She gave the balloon several more blows and found that the balloon had a blue crystal tone to it.

Ebony looked at the orange balloon with Haley’s name on it sitting on the bed. It was quite huge for a standard 12 inch balloon with a small neck. Ebony grabbed the orange balloon with her free hand as it attempted to bounce away from her. She gave it several gentle strokes with the back of her fingers and gave it a soft hug as she held the blue balloon in her other free hand.

As Ebony was cuddling and blowing into her blue balloon, Ebony unexpectedly found herself quite alone in her room and a sudden pang of loneliness swept her heart as she realized that she was away from home for the first time. There was a creeping fear of being alone in a foreign place that started to grip her. Ebony attempted to reason to herself that she would be okay.

“I know!!” She thought to herself. “These balloons can be like my roommates, they won’t be too rowdy like the girls downstairs and they can keep me company!”

This motivated Ebony to blow several more breaths into her balloon. As she attempted to keep her loneliness at bay, her mind found itself revisiting Ashley’s cute smile. Ebony felt a sense of regret that she had opted for the orange balloon instead of Ashley’s limp balloon. She wondered about her somewhat absent minded choice of picking Hayley’s balloon and wondered if Ashley had minded that she had not picked his balloon up, especially after the conversations they had.




“You are going to be my new friend...... Don’t worry I won’t hurt you...... I just want you to get a little bigger” Ebony said as she continued to blow.

After several more breaths, she pulled out her ruler under her desk with her free hand and started to measure her new friend, being careful that the sharp edges of the ruler did not come into contact with the balloon.

“About 14 inches huh?” She shuddered at the thought of blowing the blue balloon up any bigger.

Ebony thought to herself that at the very least she could blow the blue balloon to 16 inches, considering the strength and toughness of the rubber and the fact that her puny 12 inch balloon was actually larger than 12 inches.

Ebony mustered her courage and blew several more breaths. There was a sudden hiss which startled her as she pulled the balloon away from her lips. She examined the balloon and gave it several gentle strokes as she admired how huge it had gotten. The balloon was now slightly under 16 inches with the crystal tone making the transparent blue shine under the incandescent light.

“You are so huge and beautiful Mr. Balloon...... I love your blue Mr. Balloon.” She said.

As Ebony played and bounced the balloon a little, she toyed with her own curiosity of wanting to see it become just a little bigger. She held the orange balloon close to her chest, half hugging it, while pinching the mouth of the blue balloon in her other hand. She struggled with the devil and angel within her thoughts:

“Blow it up!......”

“No, it will pop!.......”

“It’s only 16 inches, he said 17 inches......”

“It’s a balloon. It will pop when it wants to pop.”

The voices tormented her as it went back and forth.

Ebony looked at the balloon and spoke softly to it. “All my life I had been somewhat of a scaredy-cat...... How am I going to survive university if...... if I do not conquer a simple fear of blowing you up?...... I am not going to pop you...... I am just going to give you several small blows and I promise I will stop...... I’ll pretend your master Ashley is here supporting me.”

She attempted to envision Ashley cheering her on with his cute smile that he gave her in class.

“Just five more breaths and I’ll tie you off... I have never blown up a balloon until it burst before and I have no intentions of making you pop, Mr. Balloon... I just want to be braver and see how much bigger you will get.”

Ebony slowly closed her eyes and cleared her dry throat. She felt her heart race and noticed that there was a minute but certain rebellious glee within her. She held the balloon closed to her pursed lips and started to blow.





She squirmed and stamped her feet a little with her fourth breath but kept her eyes shut. The fear of it popping in front of her face was terrifying for her.

“Just one more breath.” She told herself.

“I can do it!!!”


After the fifth breath, she opened her eyes and realized that the balloon was much bigger than she had anticipated. Ebony noticed a small neck forming from the balloon. She knew by instinct that it meant that it was about to pop. Ebony quickly pulled it as far away as she could from her lips. She was not too sure what to do with it. Her only thoughts were of Ashley as he had worked in a party store and would know what to do. Ebony found herself in a strange situation whereby she was petrified of the huge balloon in front of her while seemingly drawn towards her own created fantasy of Ashley holding her hand. Ebony was confused by the myriad of thoughts in her head but found herself strangely leaning towards the fantasy of Ashley’s warm embrace, almost forgetting the balloon in front of her for a brief moment.

Ebony stared at her balloon and saw her own face reflected by the blue monster. The familiar senses of loneliness, fear and confusion came back. She released the air a little from the balloon and hugged it. She could only think of Ashley and his echo of “You will love it”.

“Mr. Balloon...... I am so scared of you...... but you kinda give me a thrill at the same time......You give such a beautiful blue...... but I...... I...... I can’t stop thinking of Ashley too...... It feels like I am trapped and have been cursed ever since I started blowing you up.”

Ebony paused and wondered if the balloon could understand her feelings. She felt the internal tugging within her, with every pleasure there was a counter-pleasure and with every excitement, a fear lingered beside it.

Ebony stared at the balloon, wondering what to do. She gently stroked the balloon and decided that she did not want to be lonely. After a pause, Ebony sighed and decided to give in to her fantasy and started imagining Ashley cuddling her from behind. She knew consciously that he was not there but felt a sense of warm and comfort by the thought that she was not alone and that she was being loved and encouraged.

“Blow it up. Just one more breath......” She imagined Ashley encouraging her.

As if under the spell, she placed the balloon back to her lips and blew another breath recreating the small neck. She felt tense but strangely good about herself as a smile creeped across her face.

“One more breath!! Come on! The rubber will hold......” The voice in her head encouraged. This time she could not really tell if the voice was a fantasy of Ashley or a hidden rebellious part of her that she never knew.

She gave it a small puff as the neck of the balloon swelled a little more. Ebony felt the excitement and fear at the same time as she blamed her adrenaline glands. She placed her index finger on the balloon and gently pressed it to assess the tightness of it.

As she was enjoying her self-declared conquer of her fear, Ebony suddenly realized an olfactory sense that lingered closed by - the distinct smell of latex. She gently rubbed the blue balloon across her nose as she took in a deep breath. It drove her mad.

“Mr. Balloon...... I...I...I didn’t know you smelled this good.”

Her mind was in two places - the wonders of the smell and the fear of the balloon popping directly in front of her face. She pressed the body of the balloon closely to her lips. There was a sense of fear, joy and sexuality all mixed in. She was scared but wanted to give in to her senses and fantasy.

“Oh Ashley......” She gave the balloon a long and passionate kiss, enjoying the fear and arousal at the same time.

Ebony noticed that she was actually a little more sexually aroused than she realized. She caught herself wishing and hoping that Ashley was actually by her side holding her and kissing her. She placed her hand on the balloon and gently pulled her finger across it as it made a protesting squeak. The fear of it popping somehow turned her on even more.

Ebony felt a sudden urge to want to blow and pop the balloon but her fears held her back. She paused and struggled with her own thoughts of this new experience.

“Mr. Balloon, you were given to me by a complete stranger just a couple of hours ago...... Why am I feeling so horny just blowing you up?”

Ebony had several crushes in the past but this sense of sexual urgency, tension with a balloon and her own imagination was new. She sat in silence for a couple of seconds holding the balloon in her hand. She could feel the tenseness in her body. She placed the balloon on her lips and closed her eyes. She knew what she wanted. She wanted him to be here. She wanted him to encourage her to be strong. She wanted his company. She wanted his embrace and kisses. She wanted him.

Ebony’s hands were trembling as her body shook a little.

“I don’t know what is happening, Mr. Balloon...... I’m scared to death just holding you at the moment...... but...but... but I want Ashley to be here...and as strange as it make me feel all sexed up....... it feels like I need to pop you to make sense of it all”.

There was a sense of impulse racing through her body. Ebony shook as she blew another breath into the balloon. Her senses heightened as she anticipated the bang in which it did not occur. Ebony’s breathing was heavy as her fingers continued to pinch the neck of the balloon. Ebony continued to fantasize about Ashley holding her hips from behind and encouraging her to blow and not be afraid.

She felt her sexual arousal rising as she visualized him saying, “Blow Ebony.....You can do it! Don’t be scared!”

Ebony blew hard hoping that it was the final breath. Nothing happened.

Ebony did a quick visual check that the door was locked as she jumped into bed, pushing the orange balloon to the floor. She laid by her side using the pillow to cover her ears as her other free hand cupped her other ear. She blew hard into the balloon.


Ebony cringed at the tension of the balloon and at her own sexual tension and arousal. She slid her fingers under her jeans and started to rub herself as she allowed some free thoughts of Ashley to occur. She gasped a little from her own self pleasure as she struggled to blow another breath of air into the balloon. The balloon squeaked in protest as she shut her eyes. Ebony squirmed in her bed from both the fear and pleasure. Her ponytail unraveled as her fringe started to cover her eyes a little.

Ebony started to unbuckle her jeans and proceeded to push her jeans and panties down to her ankles.

“Mr. Balloon... I know that I said I didn’t want you to pop...but I am sorry.... I need you to pop.....You are just driving me mad.... I am sorry!! I am sorry!!”

She placed the balloon near her nose as she inhaled the sexually exhilarating scent. The smell drove her wild as she quickly placed the balloon on her private parts and started to rub herself instinctually with it. The sexual elation and fear of it popping overwhelmed her thoughts as it squeaked menacingly.

“Urghhh...... Mr. Balloon. You smell and feel so good..... Urghh......”

Ebony shuddered a little after rubbing the balloon on her as she progressed her fingers back to their familiar position. She tilted her head back as she tried to brush her hair away with her shoulder while holding the blue balloon. Ebony felt the tightness of the balloon between her body and the bed. She closed her eyes and bit at the mouth piece of the balloon.


“Urgghhh!!! Please pop! I don’t care anymore...... Just pop!”

She pulled the balloon close to her chest and gave it a big hug hoping that her roughness would release her torture. She pretended that the balloon was Ashley and started kissing and licking the balloon madly. She wanted him so badly; She wanted him to see a brave and rebellious girl who was attempting to overcome her fear. Ebony knew she had given into her primordial sexual urges and was just enjoying its lust.

“Blow it up until it pops! Go on! You know you want it.” She could hear a part of herself almost shouting and demanding her.

Ebony blew two more breaths into the balloon as she continued to rub herself, enjoying her self-pleasure, almost forgetting that she had a huge balloon in front of her.

She pulled the balloon out from her mouth and made a note to herself that it was at least 20 inches now with a very long neck bulging out. An alarm rang loudly in her head as she had never seen such a huge neck but she ignored it as she was held captive by her sexual pleasure. The balloon went back into her mouth with another breath as she rubbed herself hard. Her body shuddered a little as she bit her lips. Ebony realized for the first time that she was actually enjoying the fear. With one hand holding the mouth piece of the balloon, she closed her eyes and blew hard again as her circular strokes got quicker and harder.

“Please pop!!!” She shouted into the balloon.

The tension grew tighter as her hands trembled in sync with the shivers of the balloon. Her fingers still rubbing herself. She shut her eyes and blew another breath and suddenly it happened.


Shards of latex flew everywhere as Ebony laid stunned with an emptiness in front of her while her hands were still furiously rubbing herself. A millisecond later, she found herself arching backwards with the sigh of relief overwhelming her as she tried to muffle her moan with her pillow.

“Hey Ebony, are you okay?” A voice could be heard from the hall.

“Errrmmmm…… Yeah.... I ermmm…… am fine…… just accidentally dropped some textbooks on the floor.” Ebony answered shamefully and realizing for the first time how wet she was from her play.

“Okay! Do join us for dinner later.”

“I will, later.”
Ebony responded.

Ebony stayed silent on her bed, not daring to move an inch. The experience intoxicating but gone in a flash.

“What just happened?” She thought as she started picking some of the wet balloon pieces up. She knew that things were never going to be the same again- balloons and Ashley.

“How would I ever talk to him again in class?” She wondered as she took the orange balloon and cuddled it closely to her as she laid in bed.
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Default Re: AC - Chapter 1 - A First In Everything
That was really exciting to read! Well written too. Hope we get to see more stories from you in the future
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