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Default Pushing the limit
It was the most I had eaten in a while, and I could feel the steak fries rumbling around in my stomach as I pulled into my driveway. My plan was to sleep it off once I got home but to my surprise I saw my girlfreind's car parked in my spot. She had been out of town for quite some time and wasn't supposed to be due back for a couple days. Excited to see her I hopped out of my truck and trotted up the steps to the door. Upon entering, the house was dark and seemed deserted. "Babe?" I called. A faint "up here" replied from the upstairs bedroom. Anticipating some lingerie and candles I flew up the stairs while simultaneously taking off my tie and undoing my button-up shirt. I threw open the door and was not prepared for what I saw.

A little backstory. I had discovered as a child that I had a balloon fetish. However, being that it isn't exactly "normal" I had suppressed it all my life from public view. Nobody knew about it and that’s how I had planned on keeping it. Aside from watching the occasional video online I had never experimented with balloons. However, with how stressful work had become at the office I found myself watching more and more videos online for relief. Watching these big balloons burst under tremendous pressure really did something for me in a way I can't explain. Only problem was that I didn't delete my user history…

So it was much to my surprise when I threw open the door and saw my girlfriend standing there in a room full of balloons. I was speechless. Embarassed. A little angry because I knew she snooped on my internet history. The look on my face must've said everything because she smiled and said "it's okay". "You didn't need to hide this from me" she said while walking up to my motionless body. I began to relax as she took my hands in hers and stared into my eyes with acceptance and love. I slowly came back to reality. "I'm sorry I kept this from you, it's just weird ya know?". She replied by reassuring me with a hug. "I want to be involved in everything that turns you on. Now lets have some fun…together" she whispered into my ear. With that I could feel myself getting a little hard. She backed up and did a flirty 360 spin while I observed just how beautiful she was. Wearing only a thong and a bra, I could see her natural bustiness as her bountiful breasts pulled and tugged at the poor straps of her lacy bra. She smacked her ass and the resulting jiggle had me going crazy. She looked at me intently and said "why are you still dressed?"

While still somewhat in shock at what was happening, I began taking off my clothes. However, I was a bit perplexed on what to do next. I had never played with balloons before, let alone with another person and the room was full of them. "Where did you even get these? They're huge!" I exclaimed as I kicked one laying next to me. "I bought them online a few weeks ago after I found out about your fetish" she responded while grabbing at a big red balloon. "You mean you knew the past few weeks?!" I said in disbelief. "Yep. I was just waiting for the right moment to surprise you" she responded with a sly smile. I finished taking off my socks, and walked over to her wearing only my boxxer briefs. I was unsure of what to do so I started to ask but she interrupted me. "So… you think this balloon can hold me?" she said while bouncing it up in the air. The red balloon she had selected was about 3 feet in diameter and had a big neck protruding from its body. She bounced it over my way and I grabbed it to examine. It looked fully inflated and had little give when I pressed down on it with my hand. My girlfriend is smaller than me but not skinny. She is a voluptuous woman with her weight in all the right places. I didn't know if it would support her but I had another idea in mind. "Why don't I sit on it first and if it survives me we'll know it can hold you?" I said hopefully. In reality I was just excited to try it out myself. I had never seen or held such a massive balloon in person. The smell of the latex, the tight skin of the balloon rubbing against my body, the anticipation of will-it-burst-or-not growing with each second….I was getting really turned on at this point. "Nope, I get to go first!" she exclaimed as she grabbed the balloon back. I tried not to act disappointed and watched as she straddled a leg over the side and slowly lowered herself onto the thin latex. The neck bulged out more than I thought possible, the body of the balloon sinking and widening beneath her butt. "Your leg is still holding some of your weight" I said. "I'm scared!" she exclaimed in child-like glee. Picking her leg off the ground she put all her weight onto the red balloon, which at this point was becoming semi-transparent under the immense pressure. Content that the balloon could hold her she preceded to bounce just a little while rubbing the surface of the tight latex, the squeals of the tortured balloon exciting me as I watched her boobs jiggle up and down with the rhythm of her bouncing. She leaned back a bit, taking both of her feet off the ground and wrapping her arms around the balloon, squishing her breasts up against the neck. The shifted posture put more pressure on the neck and with one more bounce the balloon disintegrated into tiny shards with a BAM. She went to the ground with a quick scream followed by laughter.

I was somewhat disappointed because I thought about joining her on that balloon. Seeing that it initially held her weight I thought it'd be exciting to see if it could hold both of us. Looking around the room I noticed all the other balloons were unfortunately smaller. "Well I guess the big one is gone" I said with a touch of sadness. "Oh so you like the bigger balloons huh?" she asked while getting off the floor. "They seem like a bit more fun" I replied. She walked across the room and started fishing around in her bag. "Watcha looking for?" I asked. "Well….I didn't exactly have time to blow them all up before you got here" she replied while pulling out a new one. "This one is all you babe" she said as she threw the uninflated balloon across the room at me. I snatched it midair and tested the elasticity by stretching it with my hands. "Oh wow this one is huge" I said in eager anticipation. It was oblong in shape, at least twice as big as the red balloon, and completely transparent. "It's going to take a while to blow-" but just then my girlfriend pulled out an electric pump. "I just have strong lungs" she said sarcastically while plugging the pump in the wall. "Now give me that balloon so I can get started….and you should take your boxxers off." I tossed her the balloon and dropped my boxxers which gave view to my current level of excitement. My girlfriend clipped the balloon onto the pump, turned it on and turned around to see me in all my pride and glory. "Well hello there…" she said with a bite of her lip. She then preceded to grab my hard shaft and pull me closer to the inflating balloon. "Sit down on it" she ordered. "While it's inflating?" I asked. "That might pop it". She looked at me and shrugged. "Guess we'll see who pops first" she said with a devious look in her eye. When she said that I swear I could've came right there.

So eagerly and somewhat hesitant I slowly lowered myself down on the balloon. The latex stretched around me as I sunk deep into the balloon. The sound of the pump intensified as it fought the backpressure and I could feel the cold air filling the hollow cavity of space beneath and around me. The balloon was at least 4 feet long at this point and supported my entire body as I gently tested it out, bouncing up and down and swaying back and forth. "Okay" she said suddenly while turning off the pump and clipping up the balloon. "Okay what?" I said with a little frustration. Before I could ask anything else she knelt down before me, resting her chest on the front of the balloon and stuck my erect shaft into her mouth. The warmness of her mouth around my dick along with latex clinging everywhere else on my body drove me crazy. "oh my god" I uttered. Instead of bobbing her head she pushed the balloon and let it rebound back into her mouth. As quick as she started she stopped. "Okay now I get to enjoy myself too" she said as she stood up and slipped her thong down her legs. "yes please…" I said as I watched her panties hit the ground. "But do you think this can hold both of us?" I said as she straddled me. "oh stop with that already" she replied. She then preceded to lower herself slowly on top of me. We both moaned as my throbbing dick entered her awaiting pussy. The deeper I slid up inside her wet vagina the more I could feel the additional weight being added to the stress of the balloon. It squealed and bulged out in every direction as our combined weight pushed us deeper into the thin latex. Finally we were both supported with both our bodies off the ground. She was sitting cowgirl and stabilizing herself on the wobbly balloon by putting her arms on my chest. She then every so slightly started rocking her booty back and forth, the balloon echoing her movements as I slid in and out of her. I reached up and unclasped her bra, the straps almost thanking me as they gave up and spilled out her generous breasts into my face. I grabbed them firmly as I always do, and she let out the returning moan I was expecting. She then started bouncing up and down at which time I noticed my butt was hitting the floor. "uhh babe, not to be a turn-off here but I'm hitting the ground. I think we could probably blow it up some more".

She stopped bouncing and looked at me in disappointment, as if to say "why can't you just enjoy this". "Alright, hold on" she said while getting off me. She unclipped the balloon and fumbled to put the pump back on, a rush of air escaping in the process. The balloon had stretched out a bit through our torture and the release of air led to most of my body resting on the ground with the balloon still encasing me. After turning the pump on I assumed she was going to turn it off again when we got to the proper volume. As I felt the rush of cold air flowing back into the balloon she turned around and hopped back on top of me. "I'll turn it off again in a bit, but I need this cock right now" she said aggressively as she shoved herself back down on top of me. She began bouncing on top of me again as the balloon started to fill up with air. Soon my back lifted off the floor, then my butt as the balloon expanded past what we had originally done. We began to slowly elevate off the floor as my girlfriend became more intense in her state of ectsacy. She began pushing herself all the way off me and slamming back down, the balloon squeaking in desperate response. I was on the edge of orgasm the whole time, my cock pulsing with its own heartbeat as it slid in and out of that tight little pussy. Suddenly I snapped out of my current state of pleasure when I noticed we were well over a foot off the ground and should probably turn the pump off. "Babe!" I shouted in a slight panic. But it was no use, I could tell she was close and not going to stop for anything. I tried to roll off but she just pushed me back down and lowered herself on top of me missionary style, her boobs squished against my chest as she began to twerk her ass up and down, in and out of me. "Cum for me baby" she whispered into my ear. That seemed to take away all my nerves about bursting the balloon as I then grabbed her ass and helped guide it up and down my hard dick. Apparently that was all she needed to go over the edge and she grinded herself against me while moaning in pure ecstasy for the finish. All the while the balloon was taking its full shape, the thin, squishy layer of latex stretching and bulging out around us beyond what I thought was capable. While my girlfriend had stopped bouncing her ass in post-orgasm trance state, I continued to thrust in and out of her when suddenly she decided to play a cruel trick on me. She suddenly lifted herself off of me and held her ass in the air so I was unable to enter her. Her knees dug into the tight latex expanding from either side of me, the balloon emitting squeaks from the immense stress we were exerting on it. "BABE! Let me finish!" I exclaimed. I was already so close and this balloon was going to burst any second. "how bad do you want it?" she said with a smile as she gently bounced on her knees. I could hear the pump increasing in pitch due to the increasing pressure inside the balloon. She ran her nails across the latex that was so clear it looked like thin glass. I looked up at my girlfriend and noticed the neck of the balloon rising up and reaching its limit behind her. The anticipation of the balloon bursting along with my girlfriend looming her beautiful body above me took me right to the edge. Realizing I only had seconds left I grabbed her ass with one hand, her back with the other and forced her back down on top of me. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. Her knees collapsed and her full weight landed on top of me, her boobs slamming in my face. We sank into the ever-tight surface of the balloon as I shoved my pulsating member deep inside her, my desperate cock finally erupting into an explosion of warm cum that filled her. Everything went quiet as I felt relief and ecstasy instantly course through my body, completely forgetting about the dangerously over-inflated balloon beneath us. We laid there for a second in a state of contentment, our bodies letting out a collective sigh as we relaxed from the intense experience. I felt the balloon vibrate ever so slightly, the sweat and cum rolling down the bulging side as the prolonged pressure from our combined weight had pushed the tight and weakening latex to its breaking point. BAAAAMMMM.
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Default Re: Pushing the limit
Awesome story mate!! I loved it!!
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