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Default What comes next?
I am writing a story that parallels some events in my life. No, I'm not Robby and I don't have a 2004 truck, but I wish I did! The characters go to a secluded area, get high, do some "couple" things. Fuck formatting; the paragraphs are screwed up on here.

What should they do with the balloons? Y'all be the judge.

It was the 22rd of December, the year was 2016. Robby Tompkins, a junior at the local high school, was spending the winter evening with his girlfriend. Nicole Ashland, also a junior at the same school, had been dating Robby for the past 6 months and was his “dream girl.” At 5’5”, she was well built, sporting a set of D-cup breasts and an ass that perfectly completed her curvaceous figure. With flowing, long blonde hair to top it all, Robby found her to be quite sexually attractive. Everything truly was bigger in Texas.
While this may sound like a typical high-school romance, Robby and Nicole weren’t just any ordinary couple. Robby was unlike any other guy he knew in his age group; he ran a small landscaping business, drove a nice pickup truck, enjoyed country music, and was known to savor some fine cannabis from time to time. Nicole, on the other hand, was “one of the boys.” Despite her womanly curves and sweet personality, she also enjoyed the outdoors, working, country music, and taking tokes off the joint with her companion.
But there was one more thing that was unique to them both. Robby had a special interest that is quite uncommon for the average guy. He was a “looner,” a person that has a sexual fetish for balloons. On an average Friday night, it was not unusual for Robby to surround himself with a few medium-to-large balloons and spend the evening pleasuring himself with the tight, lush orbs of latex. His favorite activity, by far, was known as performing a “blow-to-pop” with the balloons, simply referring to destroying them by means of overinflation.
Nicole was in on it too; Robby had been honest about his fetish with her from day one. While she initially knew nothing about balloons apart from many an early childhood birthday celebration, she remained open-minded to Robby’s kink and allowed him to show her the ropes. After learning the basics, Nicole would often join in on the fun with him; they both enjoyed having sex atop a large latex balloon, as it would greatly intensify the experience for both of them. Nobody else knew of his interest or her participation, and it didn’t help that they both lived with older family members who disapproved of premarital sex. Their activities mostly took place in the back of Robby’s 2004 Ford F-150 pickup truck or at one of their homes when nobody else was there.
On this cold night, Robby and Nicole were driving around the rural section of their county after a meal at the local steakhouse. Robby had to leave town three days later to see his family, so he spent the few days surrounding Christmas by her side at every possible moment. With his highly modified truck cutting through the dark roadway, Robby piloted it gracefully through the cotton fields as they listened to his esteemed playlist of country music. Knowing that they weren’t needed anywhere for several more hours, the lovers continued their journey deeper into “the sticks.”
Eventually, the two horny teenagers grew bored with simply driving the straight highway through farmland, and decided to do something a bit more exciting. They looked for a safe spot to park the truck, one where there was no danger of being caught by police, passing motorists, or even nearby landowners. Nicole spotted a patch of trees just off an adjacent county road; Robby flicked on his light bar to further examine the space just wide enough to fit his truck into. He parked it without incident and turned off the engine.
After checking the area for any people walking nearby, Robby and Nicole exited the vehicle and grabbed everything he thought they would need from his toolbox in the cab. He turned on the cargo light for the truck bed; it would allow them to see without giving away their location. Before Robby could even finish pulling down the tailgate, Nicole jumped into the back of the truck and he followed suit.
Being the resourceful one that he was, Robby quickly produced a small joint and one of his prized turquoise BIC lighters. He figured that they could smoke it, get just a little stoned, and then finish the night off right with some illicit sexual activity in the back of the truck.
Robby lit the paper end of the joint, deeply inhaling the smoke and noticing effects almost immediately. He passed it to Nicole, who was arguably the “better” of the two when it came to smoking pot. When she was done with her hit, there were only three-quarters of it left. They continued for several minutes until the joint was nothing but ash. By the time they were done, Robby felt sufficiently high; not so much that he would crash the truck, just high enough to experience that intense physical sensation that they both loved. It “felt like you were being hugged by the entire universe, just this warm heaviness all around.”
While Robby’s personality typically remained unaffected, Nicole was known to become much more “hands-on” and horny when she was stoned. In addition, she could stay high for hours on end, while the average person would need a few more tokes after just an hour or two. Robby was lying down in the 8’ truck bed next to his spare tools, so she positioned herself directly in front of him. This is called “spooning,” where one person lies directly in front of the other, usually the woman in front. The result, clearly intentional, was Nicole grinding her voluptuous ass onto him. He found immense pleasure in this, although it took great effort to avoid “pitching the tent” too soon and ruining the moment. Nicole could feel his racing heartbeat and knew it was time to step things up a notch.
She turned around to face Robby; they both quickly began making out. Holding each other in their arms, they locked lips and kissed quite passionately for what seemed like an eternity. As they came even closer together, both Robby and Nicole knew that this was going to be a great night. Coupled with the THC from the joint and the beautiful unlit landscape around them, this session was more intense than any before it. Nicole stopped momentarily to catch her breath; when she came back over to the truck, she whispered to Robby, telling him that she was ready to “take things one step further.”
They settled on first breaking out some of the balloons that Robby kept in his truck, then ending things by fucking in the cab after using up all of them. Robby opened the door and unclipped the trim panel behind the seats. His dad often borrowed the truck to haul car parts, and Robby didn’t want anyone to ever find the balloons, especially since he always kept some inside for moments like this one. Since there wasn’t enough space inside the cab to inflate and play with the balloons, and because fucking Nicole outside the truck would be much more likely to get them in trouble, Robby said that they should do “balloon foreplay” first, then screw inside the truck. It was approaching 55F outside, so choosing to mate in the cab was clearly a much smarter and more comfortable choice. Before then, though, Nicole and Robby had to have their looner fun first!
He opened the small Zip-Loc bag, which contained exactly 22 balloons. Varying in size from 12 to 24 inches, these were Robby’s favorites. They mostly consisted of three brands, Qualatex, Rifco, and Tuf-Tex, although the smaller 12” ones were from the local dollar store that sourced them from Unique, located in Mexico. In total, there were 15 12” balloons, all white, 6 Tuf-Tex 17” balloons in lime green and yellow, and 1 Qualatex 24” in transparent blue color, which had just recently went out of production. The TT17s were Robby’s favorite, as he had fond memories of them from his first days as a looner; Nicole liked the now-rare Q24 because of it’s tenacity for overinflation and the thundering boom it made when it finally popped. They were both designed to take a pounding, in more ways than one.
First on scene was Nicole, who poured the contents of the bag onto the truck bed.

The story ends so far with the balloons lying in front of them. What shall they do?
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