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Default Christmas inflatables
Today's my birthday, and since there'll be no calendar I thought I'd treat you to an excerpt from an upcoming story - it sort of fits the time of year, what with Christmas preparations coming up an all.
It DOES have a rather long lead-up for context and setting the stage, but you can skip right to the long line of dashes for the inflatable part. If you've read my previous works you should know it's only to be expected.
Anyway, here we go!

And so, in early September, the troupe reconvened for a second season. Everyone looked fairly expectant and eager to provide more of their particular brand of entertainment. The direction had even announced dinner would be provided later as a welcome back-celebration to get the production off to a good start.
After the prerequisite greetings and catching-up they sat down around the table. Cheryl greeted them all and began talking about the general plan.
“We thought we’d try a Christmas themed show”, she explained and was met by happy gasps and general approval. There was so much that could be done with that, and limiting the subject would make thinking up acts far easier.
“And even if it’s a bit early I think getting in the proper mood would be helpful.”
“It usually is”, Kim remarked as the stage manager went over to a large box on the floor. She opened it and displayed a sample of the contents.
“So I want you all to put these on right away!”
There were several packages of “Santa’s Sexy Helper” outfits, and each girl received one in an appropriate size before merrily skipping off to the dressing room.
Jo skipped the skipping. She didn’t feel particularly merry either, but she liked the idea of suiting up for the occasion. It would be great for the team spirit - and hopefully for the holiday spirit later on.
There was another surprise waiting for them in the changing area. Ten pairs of red boots with a fluffy white lining were waiting, each marked by name. While shoe sizes were a tricky business at best these were fitted with soft inner socks that would make for at least an adequate fit.
The actual outfits weren’t bad either - red one-piece bodies with a miniskirt type bottom and white feathery edges at both sides. Mandy’s in particular was a tight fit and certainly made her live up to the stage name ‘May Explode’. Her boobs were pushed up in a pleasantly suggestive manner. Alex’ height had scored her a larger size which was just as well, because she would have bust it.
Then there were black belts with gold buckles and separate underarm sleeves matching the dress.
“I know about fingerless gloves”, Sam said, “but handless? That’s new.”
And naturally, Santa hats was a must. Jo pulled her hair back and put the edge of the hat behind her ears. It made them stick out far too much in her opinion. Nita drew a surprised breath.
“You have pointy ones for real!”
It was an anatomical detail Jo didn’t really mind. She had worn prosthetics for the fantasy shoot, but there was a definite if slight taper to her own. She hadn’t counted on having attention drawn to them though and grew uncomfortable.
“Maybe”, she reluctantly admitted.
“Cool!” Carrie said. “Can you wiggle ‘em too?”
Everyone came for a closer inspection and Jo regretted her unthinking adjustment. But most seemed to like it.
“You really look the part”, Riko said.
Several others agreed.
“Thanks. But it does hurt a bit.” It didn’t, but gave her an excuse to pull the hat down.
“Aww, too bad!” Mandy said. “I’ve met cosplayers who’d kill for that, you know.”
Ears or not, their collective reappearance pleased Cherry something fierce.
“Well, whaddya know. You look great! I have a good feeling about this.”
It was evident those weren’t just empty words and she’d even thrown on a hat herself as a show of solidarity. Digging deeper into the box she started to unpack the contents - mostly folded brown vinyl wrapped in clear plastic. There was a bright splash of red too.
“Whatcha got there, boss?” Kim asked. It wasn’t too hard to guess though.
Cherry held up the included flyer with product pictures. “A ‘Santa’s sleigh set’ - I suppose it’s intended as a garden decoration.”
“Where’s Santa’s lay, then?” Betty wondered.
“I’d say right there except he only does nice girls”, Carrie said.
“Sleigh not included”, Cherry cited from the leaflet, “but we’ve rented one for the production. Should be here any minute.”
Mandy looked up from the ad. “Real reindeers don’t have spots.”
Cheryl gave her an indulgent smile. “Real reindeers aren’t ‘flatable either. Except under really weird and unpleasant circumstances.”
She set out the packages in front of her.
“Nine reindeers and one Santa Claus, all in need of some tender loving air. And ten of you - what a lovely symmetry!” As if she hadn’t planned that. “Afraid you’re going to have to fight over who gets to blow santa, though.”
“I’ll pass”, Kim said. “Already done it for real.”
“The real santa?” Carrie asked. “Did his jizz taste like eggnog?”
“I wish. That would’ve been good for a sackful of presents. Just an old boyfriend, fooling around on Christmas Eve.”
“And just a sackful of non-eggnog”, Betty guessed.
“Okay, if you’ve done it to a guy in a santa suit you’re excused” Cherry said, curious to see if anyone else would own up. Only Sam raised a hand.
Really? Jo wondered at the story behind that.
“Neither Christmas past, present or future”, Riko said. “I could do this one to compensate for all the guys I won’t blow.”
“You’re missing out”, Betty advised.
“Oh, I give plenty head. I just don’t suck cock.”
Cheryl had turned to look straight at Joanne, who grew apprehensive at being focused.
“Jo”, she said, “you could use learning to get out of the background. You’re pretty and talented and shouldn’t hold back. So you get the lead for this.”
She handed over the folded but clearly red-nosed quadruped.
Jo began a meek protest. “I shouldn’t…”
“You should. Bashful’s a dwarf, not a reindeer. And speaking of names - trivia time! Can anyone name the rest of the reindeers?”
Mandy’s hand shot up so no one else bothered.
“Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen” she recited in a sing-song voice.
“That’s right”, Cheryl confirmed. “We’re gonna do a little team building exercise - you’re gonna match yourselves to one of those names and see if the others agree. Be creative. I’m gonna be real disappointed if you all pick Vixen or Dancer. You’ll have one minute, starting now.”
While the troupe pondered their assignment she made an addition.
“We’re gonna make sure you choose different ones so we get the full set. And then you’ll inflate your namesakes. We need to know which one’s which later.”
As the timer ran out, furtive glances were cast in all directions while silent guesses and opinions were formed. Cheryl blew her whistle.
“Hope you’re ready, because the leader of the pack’s gonna pick who goes first.”
Jo felt a surge of panic as Cherry’s gaze fell on her. She didn’t wanna single anyone out, but if she had to… Someone she trusted. She sucked in her lips in fake determination.
Her ginger friend didn’t appear the least offended or surprised.
“Dad told me Donner used to be spelled Donder like in dutch. My family used to be dutch too so I think that fits.”
There were nods and thoughtful expressions.
“I didn’t know that”, Mandy said, “only that it’s german for ‘thunder’. I would have said Blitzen ‘cause you get everything done so quick.”
“‘Lightning’, so pretty close!” Sam smiled.
“Any other thoughts? And more importantly, anyone else pick that?” Cheryl asked but had no replies. “Donner it is, then!”
She was both happy and surprised to have gotten one of the unlikely ones out of the way and asked Sam to choose who’d go next.
“Carrie?” she asked the other redhead.
“Well, first I thought ‘Cupid’ ‘cause I’m so lovable, right?”
“Riiight”, Betty echoed.
“But then I thought ‘Dasher’ ‘cause I’m pretty dashing too, ain’t I?”
“You sure bounce around a lot”, Betty said. “And Dasher means you’re fast, I guess. Spot on then.”
“Heh. In that case, you should be ‘Comet’! And you’re next, by the way.”
“I can live with Comet. Makes me the star of the show.”
“Waiiit a second - comets have hearts of ice, don’t they? Double spot on!”
Cherry’s whistle sounded again. She knew it was all in good fun but some order was in order.
“Okay, any other Dashers or Comets?”
“I would have picked Comet if I hadn’t had Rudolph”, Jo said with a sudden show of initiative. “Because of this.” She held up an impressive length of her almost absurdly long mane.
“See?”, Cheryl said. “You can if you want! Good call.”
Betty told her best friend to go on and Mandy shuffled a bit in her seat.
“I sure am no dancer or prancer or vixen” - the last bit might have been disputed by her fans - “but since I have this I thought Cupid might work.” She indicated the gold heart she always wore around her neck.
“It does”, Nita agreed. “And you do have a heart-shaped face too. I’m a bit envious”, she added with a warm smile.
“Aw, thanks. You can go next if you like! Unless someone else wants to be cupid.”
No one did so Nita spoke up.
“You all know I come from London. So forgive me...but I couldn’t help but think ‘Blitzen’.”
Laughter broke out and as much as she would have liked to Cherry couldn’t quite keep a straight face.
“No one else takes that, comprende?” Tessa said. “It’s too good. In a bad way.”
“I said sorry”, Nita chuckled, “but thanks for not being shocked.”
“Would take a helluva lot more to do that”, Alex said.
One would think that should be evident by now, but the indian girl at least tried to maintain a facade of political correctness - while being extremely incorrect as often as she could get away with it.
“Let’s keep playing pass it on”, she said. “Let’s hear yours, Tess.”
“‘Dancer’.” Tessa stated “Obvio, no?”
“That’s me, obviously”, Kim challenged. “You can be Prancer, ya hoofer.”
“I was thinking the opposite”, the latina replied.
Both were excellent dancers and Cherry had seen this coming a mile away - waving a banner and tooting a very loud horn. A vote would have to decide.
Riko had been sitting quietly with Santa on her lap but now put in her two cents.
“I think ‘Vixen’ would fit you even better. You know how to make guys drool and it’s not just because of your moves. You show up, jaws drop.”
Tessa was suitably flattered. “You might have a point. It was my second choice anyway.”
“No hard feelings, I hope?” Cheryl said. As they shook their heads she went on. “Kiss and make up just in case.”
Kim went up and put her arms around Tessa’s neck, pressing her lips against her cheek and getting the same in return. She would have gone for the lips - playfully, of course - if Tess hadn’t a quirk of not mouth-kissing anyone she wasn’t serious about. Since she did so many other things so often and indiscriminately it was a kind of compensation.
“One day I’ll get you”, Teresa smirked without malice.
“Could be tonight if you buy me dinner”, Kim teased back.
“Hate to spoil things but it’s on the house tonight, remember?” their boss said. “And I’m sorry, Lex, seems you’re stuck with ‘Prancer’.” (Anyone who’d watched the handsome black girl stride across the stage would call it close enough.) “But tell us your pick anyway.”
“When we did that animal skit Mandy said I was a regular Vixen. Comic character, apparently. Thought I could use it now though.”
“But that’s a great fit! Can I swap with you? This hoofer can out-prance anything.”
The latina rose and gave a demonstration, a sensual strut that backed up her claims. And one of those glimpses that kept reminding Cheryl the pride was just an act and that Tessa wouldn’t put on any real airs. She put out plenty, though. And not just by exhaling.


“Well done”, Cherry said. “You did a real good job there. Nice variety, I had expected more squabbles. Go ahead and blow up your deers. And Santa, of course.”
The girls wasted no time getting started. The more ambitious ones had already located the valves and the rest only had to copy them to see where to look - under the bellies of the animals. Santa had a nozzle on his left buttock and Riko put her lips against his limp and flat behind to inflate him.
Soon the air was filled with the sounds of vigorous inflation - and conversely, soon the inflatables would be filled with air.
“Remember to puff out your cheeks, ladies. We don’t wanna get out of practice.”
Carrie had a struggle with Dasher. Even though her cheeks bulged immensely, no air seemed to go in and the only thing she managed to inflate was her face. She was turning slightly red with the effort.
“You sure you’re pinching the valve?” Cheryl asked.
“I’m biting it the way I’m supposed to!”
“Biting while blowing isn’t a good idea”, Betty jeered. “Ask your next date if you get one.” She went back to work without waiting for a retort, her reindeer already puffing out and starting to take shape.
“Let me see?” Sam asked. “Ah, here’s the problem. The tab’s fused to the valve.”
A sharp piece of wire removed the blockage altogether which meant Carrie could blow up the critter really fast. Not that she caught up with those close to finishing, but she beat Sam who’d lost as much time from the operation.
“Don’t know why they even put those in! The stopper should be enough.”
“Ta be sure, ta be sure” Mandy said with a bad irish accent.
“Never heard anyone actually say that.” Carrie replied.

The reindeers were in an enviable position, each being thoroughly and playfully inflated by a gorgeous girl. Cherry looked over the team of sleigh pullers, then indicated Dancer and Vixen.
“Better let some out, those two look fit to explode.”
They did look dangerously close to bursting, wrinkle-free and bulging in every direction. Kim and Alex reluctantly complied, glancing at each other to make sure they didn’t end up with the floppier deer.
“Jo, blow in some more. Rudolph can take it.”
“Wasn’t sure how much you wanted”, the dusky girl said but knelt down and reapplied her mouth to deliver a few firm breaths.
“And Ree, make sure Santa’s blown up as much as possible. I want him real fat and jolly.”
Riko reopened the valve with her teeth and blew hard into it. Saint Nick was made from sturdier material than the reindeer, probably to allow for lap-sitting. Her breath made him expand just a little but she kept going until her own face looked as ruddy and shiny as the one printed on the inflatable effigy. It began to creak a bit, a cue for her to stop. She plugged him up and placed him astride the closest reindeer.
“Excellent! I think we’ve deserved some refreshments, don’t you?”
She went over to a pot simmering on the stove. It wasn’t really the season for mulled wine but the nights were growing chilly and the coziness factor was high. So was the mood after they’d consumed a glass apiece.
Charlie the doorman - always on duty at official hours - announced the sleigh had been delivered and was asked to join in. Sam offered to help him assemble the ride and soon it occupied a sizeable part of the stage in all its suitably tacky glory. At least it was made from real wood, but the golden fixtures were merely painted on.
The male company left after getting a look at Santa behind the reins. His chuckle wasn’t too far from the traditional ho-ho-ho.
In his absence Betty couldn’t resist taking the inflatable driver down for an impromptu and suggestive performance of ‘Santa baby’.
Starting out with merely a teasing finger, she rubbed up closer and closer and eventually began crouching and crawling over the prone fatso with a slow, alluring ass wiggle. The sight was almost hypnotic and would make for a fine act, Cherry mentally noted.
Then the brunette just had to ruin it all by trying a playful hump. One would have thought she’d learned by now, but that was evidently not the case. On the fourth forceful thrust there was a discreet pop and a loud hiss as a seam split and Santa began to go limp under her.
“Aw hell.”
Getting up didn’t undo the damage and Saint Nick kept deflating with a sad wheeze. The sight was definitely not very jolly.
“That happen to you a lot?” Carrie asked.
“Only with inflatables.”
“Guess you’ve gone through a few blow-up boyfriends!”
“So you noticed they were gone.”
While the pair worked on their bickering Cherry brought out the industrial-sized repair kit that had become a necessary part of the establishment.
“So who wants to practice their patching?”
Mandy volunteered. It was after all her best friend who’d caused the rift and she felt responsible for not stopping her in time. After one false start she managed to apply an almost invisible piece of transparent, adhesive plastic.
“Good as new! Which it still is, technically speaking.” She handed the collapsed heap to the culprit.
“House rules, Liz - you break it, you blow it.”
Betty took the inflatable without a word and began to refill it. Her nonchalant pose while sitting down on the front seat for the job told Cherry they now had a promising opening for the show.
Santa slowly unfolded and ballooned out as Betty’s breath rushed into him, her strong lungs as good as any pump and having a much more attractive casing. She blew him up with a carefree attitude and fully puffed cheeks, a perfect visual to set the tone for the acts to follow.
After taking the overblown shape from her mouth she closed the valve and licked her lips before holding them against the edges of the patch.
“Good job, Ames. Seems nice and tight.”
“Just like him”, her blonde friend confirmed.
Carrie was shaking her head.
“I can’t believe this is the first time you’ve blown Santa.”
Betty surrendered her seat to the air-filled doll. “I have to remedy that come Christmas.”

“All right”, Cherry said. “Time to work on his team.”
Everyone fetched their respective deer and awaited further instructions.
“We’re gonna decorate them to set them apart. See if you can think of something that’ll let people guess who they are.” She indicated a set of acrylic paint and brushes.
Rudolph of course had his nose and needed nothing more. Mandy painted over Cupid’s spots with bright red hearts, Betty added a shooting star to hers and Nita put a lightning flash on Blitzen’s rump.
“Regular My Little Ponies”, Sam sighed. How should I illustrate ‘Donner’?”
Jo shrugged. “Try a wagon train” she suggested, and Tessa laughed so hard there was no way getting out of doing that. Sam gleefully added a stylized blizzard as well, turning the white dots into snowflakes.
Everyone was impressed with the paintjob and commissions were made.
“Can you do some speed lines?” Carrie asked. “And maybe trainers?”
“Dancer could use ballet flats.”
“I can help with a regular flat”, Tessa offered. She was stuck on ‘Prancer’.
In the end she just posed it standing on its hind legs, a piece of fishing line holding a raised front hoof and the entire animal in place. Vixen got a faux fox tail hung from her stump and painted-on eyelashes.
Their leader was pleased. “Great! Now they won’t get mixed up. And from now on you’re in charge of their well-being! You know where the repair kit is.”


That implement was thankfully not needed though Cheryl made sure to pull the occasional plug on the sly to test their vigilance, never letting out a too obvious amount of air.
But the girls proved excellent reindeer keepers. Now and then there were cries of “Oh no - poor Cupid!”, “Ay! Prancer! I’ll save you!”, “Shit! Hang on, Vixen!” and so on, always followed by frantic puffing.
They never showed anything but concern, often hugging and kissing their wards after reinflating them, lovingly asking if they felt better.
No doubt they did. Even Saint Nick was found doubled over the reins, looking like he’d fallen asleep at the wheel. An exaggerated gasp of “Santa-san!” preceded a rescue operation leading to the victim getting blown up like the world’s most colorful airbag.
The game backfired only once when Cherry thoughtlessly uncorked Dasher while speaking on the phone, forgetting he was missing the airbrake. He collapsed almost entirely behind her back and she had to blow him back up herself to prevent a fruitless search for a non-existent leak. She did leave him sagging a bit, but that was soon enough remedied.


The exercise kept them amused throughout the entire production and at the wrap party they were each gifted their respective reindeer to take home. Riko was offered one of the spares kept in reserve, but she was perfectly happy with Santa-san.
“My nieces and nephews will love him.”
“That’s one accounted for. Anyone else planning on blowing Santa?” Betty asked oh-so-very-not-innocently.
As several of them had brought boyfriends, and all were wearing appropriate hats, the question brought on both hopeful grins and suggestive laughs that were half-promises in themselves. If anyone had bothered to look at Cherry they’d noticed her smile was more of an affirmative reply.

Jo unpacked Rudolph and blew him up on general principle, standing him in a corner after finishing. He looked pretty much out of place but at least added a touch of seasonal spirit, and would be much easier to put away than most decorations. She was not sorry to be alone for Christmas.
A regular grinch, that’s me.
She made herself tea and ham sandwiches before getting ready for the night, wondering if she should treat herself to something nice for the holidays. Maybe one of those big, seasonal chocolate boxes. That would keep her in snacks for the rest of the year.
Looking out the window she could see festive decorations in the apartments across the street. Between a pair of red curtains an older couple were hanging a string of colorful lamps and admiring the results with their arms around each other’s waists.
Admitting to herself she would prefer not being alone, Jo took Rudy to bed and fell asleep hugging him close.
Does this count as a blowup boyfriend?
She decided it only would if she humped him and she wasn’t that desperate. Yet.

Donner stayed in the bag overnight as Sam spent it at Greg’s. As soon as she got home she inflated the plump animal and put him by the tree, but Fred tried sharpening his claws on a hind leg and claimed his first prey ever.
“Bad kitty!” Sam scolded as she took out her personal repair kit. “You should be ashamed but I bet you feel pretty smug - not every cat has brought down a deer.”
Some citrus spray made sure the feline kept his distance after that and his owner wondered how the rest of the team was faring.
She hadn’t been much surprised if she’d known the respective sequels:

“I know a pretty cool trick”, Alex told her beau. As he doggy-styled her she began blowing up Vixen and her exertions provided some very nice pressure around his shaft. The trick was in fact so neat he finished before her and in a surprise twist became the giver of head.

Kim got it from behind as well, but she had preinflated Dancer during foreplay and lay on top of her, thrusting against the smooth and tight vinyl while getting thoroughly fucked both ways, coming twice from each.
Once for the boy, once for the toy, she thought in one of the lucid moments between mindless ecstasy.

Betty’s Comet was all but forgotten for the night. She had other things on her mind - and inside her - until it was time to to sleep. But after her date left she added a freshly-inflated reindeer to the furnishings… and even indulged in a bit of playful plastic bestiality, though taking care not to play too rough.

Mandy stripped off everything but her hat and blew up Cupid as suggestively as she could for Nick. And then she got to administer a real emergency blowjob.

Carrie did it the other way around, starting with blowing her boyfriend all the way to pop and then doing her best reindeer inflation. She was smart enough to realize that would net her seconds.

Nita got home, undressed, brushed her teeth and spent some time deciding on what toy to use. Selecting a thick glass dildo she placed it on the bed and primly inflated Blitzen as an audience.

Tessa kept her holy days date-free. Not that she had many of those, but Christmas was for family. And just like Riko, she had several younger relatives delighted at what Tia Tere blew up for them to play with.
The real Christmas miracle was that Prancer survived the holidays. So did Santa-san, although he was subjected to considerably less roughhousing. There was much laughter at watching their aunt inflate him through the ass, though.

Cheryl, without any inflatable to play with, had to make do with what she had.
“Why don’t you sit down, Santa? There’s a club I want to join…”
Five minutes later Stu’s eyes rolled back into his head. Cherry smiled to herself.
Even better than eggnog. Never could stand the stuff.

And miles and miles away, a successful and noveau-rich divorcee opened the gifts she’d bought for herself and raised a glass to the empty room.
“Merry Christmas, baby. Wherever you are.”
She picked up a saxophone and all through the house the only sound that could be heard was an expert rendition of a Mariah Carey seasonal standard.

(This will be a part of Sam's and Jo's story - "Pair of Hearts". Also upcoming some time in the future. Watch this space later this December for the release of "What a Corker!" to see how Carrie's happy-ever-after came about!)
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Default Re: Christmas inflatables
Funny and sexy, as always. ^^
The idea of each one having their personal deer is really cute too.

Just two questions:
When exactly in the to us known time line plays this excerpt?
And, can you explain the Blitzen joke Nita made to me? I didn't get it xD

This makes me so wanna fast forward in time so much, because I want to read Sam's and Jo's story as well as Carrie's.

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Default Re: Christmas inflatables
Timeline-wise that excerpt is 2 years before the latest calendars.
And the London Blitz, or simply the Blitz, is a common name for Germany's bombings of the city during World War 2.
Considering the number of casualties it's probably not in the best taste...:P
(Same with "how to illustrate Donner" - the Donner Party was an infamous pioneer expedition popularly believed to have practiced cannibalism to survive the winter.)

Glad you liked the personal reindeer angle! They will reappear in another story. (I'm writing concurrently now so I can crossreference interesting scenes and maybe show them from different viewpoints. This is the fullest version, though!)
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Default Re: Christmas inflatables
Thanks for explaining.

Yeah, it's interesting to see how each one interacts differently with balloons and inflatables outside of their work, where it's expected of them to handle them in a certain way. ^^

Also first time they got to keep an inflatable if I remember correctly. I know they could take balloons but I don't think one of them ever got to keep an inflatable or any other bigger prop.
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