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Default Nina's surprise
Hey guys, this is my first try at writing a story. It might be a bit too long but i got carried away, lol.

Tell me what you think and what i can improve in the future. Took me a while to write though, so don't expect a new story every few days haha.


__________________________________________________ ____________

Nina‘s surprise:
It was Saturday afternoon when i came back from my business trip. I was tired and really looking foreward to watching a movie and talking on the couch with my girlfriend Nina. I parked my car in the garage, grabbed my bags and headed for the door. When i rang the doorbell i could not wait for Nina to get downstairs and open the door, but i definitely did not expect her to stand in front of me wearing the hottest piece of lingery you can imagine and on top of that having tied 3 super tight 14“ helium balloons to her wrist. The balloons were my favorites. Belbal 14“ in purple and red crystal colors. The way the sunlight shone through them onto her face and the sound they made when she moved was just perfect.
And her outfit, oh boy. She wore panties and a bra that were connected with all sorts of strings and stuff and which were matching the balloons. She also wore stockings with lace on the top part which i absolutely love.
„Do you like what you see?“ she asked, with a big grin on her face.
I was just standing there kind of shocked from that surprise. She took my hand, took my bags out of my hand and put them down. She pulled me inside the house and started to kiss me while pressing me against the wall.
„Let’s go upstairs, there is a lot more waiting for you“, she said and pulled me upstairs with her.
We went into the bedroom and it was full of balloons of all colors and sizes. There were a lot more helium balloons, mostly 14“ but also some TufTex 17“ balloons. And the floor and bed was full of 14“ and 17“ balloons as well. There were some smaller balloons laying around and also one big 36“ on the bed. She went to the bed and sat down while i took in the sight of that balloon room.
Nina started to play around with the balloons around her wrist, making that nice squeaking sound and sitting on one afterwards. She started bouncing while i still stood there and watched. She was smiling and bouncing harder and harder until the balloon popped with a loud bang!
„Come on babe, join me and have some fun popping all these balloons with me“, she said.
I did not wait any longer and stomped on one of the balloons popping it with a bang. After that i went over to her and sat beside her.
„Babe that’s fucking amazing what you did. I love it“, i said.
„Good, only took me all morning to do, so i hoped you would like it. Now take off your shirt and your pants and let’s get started. Sit down on the bed and enjoy the show. But don’t you dare playing around with yourself, that’s my job!“, she said with a wicked grin on her face.
I did as i was told, got undressed down to my boxers and sat on the bed holding a tight 14“ balloon. Nina stood back up and walked through the balloons kicking them up in the air and playing around with them. She turned around and looked at me. Then she jumped onto a balloon bursting it. She giggled and you could see that she had a lot of fun doing it. She continued to pop a couple more balloons using her feet, nails or sitting on them enjoying herself more and more. The room was already a mess of balloon shards and she wasn’t even halfway through them.
She then took the 36” balloon and moved it closer to where I was sitting on the bed. She sat down on it and grabbed an uninflated balloon. It looked like a 17” balloon to me. She started blowing into it and the bright blue latex orb inflated a little bit. She was bouncing lightly on the big balloon beneath her, legs spread wide apart. All I wanted to do was to get my hard dick between those legs, but I knew that if I did not wait until she allowed me to move I would have to wait even longer to finally fuck her. Even though the view wasn’t that bad either and the balloon started to get a neck already. She took the balloon out of her mouth and held the nozzle shut. “Get ready, those are super loud when you blow to pop them”, she said while stretching the neck. She continued to blow until the balloon popped with a deafening bang! We both flinched and she let out a cute little scream and laughed.
“Wow that was really loud. But I’m having so much fun blowing them up until they pop. Let’s do another one, but this time I’m coming closer to you, babe”.
“I can’t wait to have you on top of me”, I said while popping the balloon I was still holding on top of my lap.
She walked over to me while grabbing a few uninflated balloons and then got on top of me. She was grinding on my dick a little bit to tease me even more. I don’t know how I could even hold it in anymore, but somehow I managed to contain myself.
“How about a b2p race? If I win you’ll have to wait a little longer for your relief and you’ll go down on me until I cum. If you win you can fuck me right away on top of that 36” balloon. Deal?”.
She knew that I still got a bit anxious blowing a balloon until it popped in my face, even though I loved watching her do it. And by the looks of it she practiced a lot. But what choice did she really give me?
“Alright, but can we do it with 14” inch balloons? I can’t wait to finally fuck you.” I asked.
“Well, doesn’t really matter with which size I beat you, right? Here you go.”
We stretched our balloons and she counted down.
“3…. 2…. 1…. GO!”
We both started blowing into our balloons as fast as we could and they started to grow incredibly fast. I was in front, because I had stronger lungs of course. But as soon as the neck started forming I got nervous and my blows began to get a bit slower and she could catch up. Both our balloons were close to bursting now and I took all my courage and blew as hard as I could. Suddenly there was a huge bang and I opened my eyes to see that my balloon popped first!
“Aww man, I thought I could beat you..”, she said with a playful sad tone.
“Go on, finish yours and maybe you’ll get a consolation prize”.
That cheered her up and she immediately blew into her balloon again. It was huge for a 14” and we both prepared for the bang. But it really put up a fight and the neck just kept growing until Nina almost couldn’t hold it anymore. But in the end she won and the balloon popped with a huge bang!
“Yeah you did it! Alright, grab another 14” and get on your back. You blow this one until it pops and I will go down on you until it pops.”
She got off of me and laid down on her back. She stretched the balloon and started blowing slowly while I took off her panties. I kissed her legs and worked my way up to her wet pussy. I could hear her already moaning while steadily blowing the balloon. When my tongue touched her pussy she arched her back and gasped, almost losing the balloon.
“Oh my god this is so good”, she said “Keep going please!”
“I will, if you keep blowing”
She waited a little, just enjoying my tongue and then continued blowing up the balloon. Of course this time she blew really slowly and wanted delay the pop as much as she could. But nonetheless the balloon grew and grew and soon had a big neck. She moaned into the balloon and it popped with one final breath, causing her to orgasm.
“Oh god that was great”, she said.
“And we’re not even finished yet. Come on, get up and lay down on that big balloon babe.”
She did not hesitate for one second and sat down on the 36” balloon. She pulled me close to her, took my shorts off and took my dick deep into her mouth.
“Do you think the balloon will hold us both?” she asked after blowing me.
“I don’t know, never did this before. But let’s give it a try.” I said laughing.
She laid back, spread her legs and I entered her pussy. We both let out a moan as I started fucking her hard.
“Hand me those helium balloons behind you, I want to pop them between us”.
I turned around and gave her the strings to about 10 tight helium balloons. She put one on her boobs.
“Push it against me, I want to feel it pop between us!”
I pressed down hard on her but the balloon did not pop. I pushed harder and harder until I felt like I might choke her with the balloon but she loved it. I landed on top of her and started kissing her. She pushed me away and took the next balloon, wanting to repeat it. I began to feel like she was the one with the fetish not me. But I won’t complain, the more balloons the better.
We popped another balloon like that and she orgasmd again and I followed short after.
We rolled off the balloon, laying on the floor between all the shards and all the leftover balloons.
“That was fucking amazing”, I said out of breath.
She kissed me, grinned at me and said: “And look how many balloons we still have. Prepare for another round later”.
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Default Re: Nina's surprise
awesome! i hope it's based on a true story.
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