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Default She Knows
Tom Olson had been thinking for months, years even, about telling his wife about his balloon fetish. But every time the opportunity presented itself, he chickened out for one reason or another.
It had all started when Tom was very young. He liked to have balloons around. He liked to blow them up and squeeze them against his naked body. When he was a teenager, he felt his first orgasm rubbing against a balloon. Throughout his young adult life he had had many a steamy balloon session to satisfy his lust. But he stopped buying balloons when he started getting serious with Maddie, which he was now kind of regretting. His balloon life had been nothing more than fantasy for five long years. He wanted that to change. He wanted it so much it almost made him cry in frustration.
Tom rolled over in the moonlight and looked at Maddie’s sleeping face. She looked so beautiful, even when she was sleeping. He decided not to wake her. But suddenly, Maddie opened her hazel eyes and looked at him. She could sense that something was troubling her husband.
“What’s the matter honey?” she asked.
Tom shook his head. “Nothing, just thinking.”
“About what?” Maddie sat up and made herself comfortable.
Tom took a deep breath. It was now or never. “What if I told you I had something to tell you?”
“Like what?”
Again, Tom started to chicken out. “Oh, nothing.”
“Except that it isn’t nothing,” said Maddie. She knew her husband so well, and he knew that.
“I’ve been meaning to tell you, but I’ve been so afraid of what you might think. I have a fetish,” he began.
Then Maddie said something that almost made his heart stop. “Is it balloons?”
How could she possibly know that?
“I’ve seen you looking at them whenever we’re out shopping, or at a party,” Maddie said, as if to read his mind. “I’ve been waiting for you to tell me. I didn’t want to push it, though. Here.” She turned on her bedside lamp and opened her drawer. She looked over at Tom, who was still unable to speak, and smiled. She pulled out a packet of eleven-inch balloons in assorted colors.
“So,” she said, holding them out to him. “What would you like us to do with these?”
Tom’s voice was barely audible. “Blow one up.”
She took out a red balloon and put it to her lips. Her naked tits heaved with every breath. Tom could already feel his cock starting to get hard. Maddie took notice. She suddenly eased herself onto him, the balloon still between her fingers. She rocked him back and forth on the bed. When the balloon was big, but not too tight, she tied it off. She took the balloon and started rubbing it over his torso. It felt divine, and he nearly came there and then. But it was clear she wanted him to wait. She reached back over to her night stand and grabbed another balloon, a blue one, and started to blow it up, all the while rubbing the red one over Tom’s torso. When the blue balloon was full, this time she placed it next to her pussy and rubbed against it gently. The sensation made her come, and Tom could feel her pulsate around him. Soon he came, too.
After moving the balloons to one side, Maddie collapsed on top of him, spent.
“I guess we have some talking to do,” said Tom.
Maddie laughed. “What’s there to talk about? You get off on balloons. I’m cool with that.”
Tom suddenly felt extremely lucky to have Maddie. She was so understanding. He kissed her softly. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” said Maddie, and kissed him back.
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