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Default The balloon friend
Looking on the internet i came across a new site.
It was one of thoes sites that sell novelty items you don't really need.
But something caught my eyes.
That looks interesting i though, so i had a look.
There was a lot of very expensive items like sportscars and other really expensive items, but they where still a lot cheaper than elsewhere, but sill over my price tag.
Just as I was about to leave the site something got my interest.
THE BALLOON Friend 10$.
That i got to tjeck out.
On the site there was a small and really bad picture of what looked like a human shaped balloon. It was bright red.
A bit annoyed i clicked on the picture. Now it got interesting.
That was a strange request i though, but I wrote 180cm 85kg.
I didn't know what the HE1000 converter was, but it was not that expensive so i clicked YES.
I paid the twenty dollars with my credit card, but as soon as I got the recept my computer crashed.
I got the computer started up again, but it was like the site had never existed.
A bit disapointed i went to bed since it was getting late.
Early next morning i was awaked by the door bell.
I quickly took my clothe on and opened the door.
It was a delivery man, but he looked a bit strange.
His eyes was bright black and he was bald.
His skin also looked strange like it was made of latex.
With a strange accent he said "i have a packege for you please sign here"
I signed and the delivery man left.
He was almost bouncing down the startes like a balloon.
Strange i tought as took the packege into my living room
What could it bee? maby the thing i ordered yesterday.
I opened the box.
Inside there was a white plastic bag, but I could not see what was inside it.
I simply had to see what it was so i opened the bag and went into the bed room and just letting the contents fell out on the bed.
It was bright red and looked like it was made of latex. It definitialy had a strong rubber odor.
I folded it out and there it was, a human shaped balloon.
Only the head was missing.
The neck of the balloon was where the neck of the a human body would be and the balloon had hands and feet atached to it.
It looked like it was the same size as my body and the neck of the balloon was the same size as my neck.
It had a switch on the cheast marked up/down.
Lifting on the switch i notised that the balloon seemed like it was double layered.
It also felt like it was luped inside. It was like it invited me to climb into it
At this point i got really exited.
Quickly i took of all my clothe and picked up the balloon.
I pulled my legs into the legs of the balloon, it was tight going trough the neck of the balloon, but I managed to work it up to my chest.
There was still room left so i started to work my left arm in. It fitted perfecly.
The right arm and my neck got unconfortable from the tightness of the balloons neck so i started to work it into the right arm of the balloon
It slided right in and with a snap the balloon slided in place around my shoulders.
I looked in the clochet mirror.
The balloon looked like it was painted on my body and the up/down switch was clearly wissible on my chest.
And oh boy it felt a hundred times more rubber like than my other latex suits.
I was getting a bit warm so i went out to my balcony to cool down a bit since it was still Early morning.
Standing on my balcony i looked a the switch on the balloon.
Up/down what could it mean?
Without thinking i clicked the switch in up position.
A hiss started and I could feel the balloon getting tighter on my body and the outer layer began to expand.
I clicked the switch in off position and the hissing stopped. The outer layer was still expanded a bit.
I went inside and took on my shoes, just as a precaution.
I went out on the balcony again.
The balloon was feeling better and better on my body, i could simply not resist clicking the switch in up position again.
This time i kept it on.
The balloon expanded more and more and the pressure on my body grew. It felt sooo good.
Suddently i felt a new and vierd sensation.
It was like i was getting lighter and it felt goooood so i kept going since the rubber feeling got more intence too.
Suddently my feets left the ground and I floated off the balcony and up over the roof.
It still felt so good that i forgot to be scared.
I just enjoyed it while i was floating higher and higher up over my home town, feeling totaly secure inside the balloon.
Since i was floating upward i clicked the switch to off position and I stopped rising about one kilometer up in the air.
The wind was totaly calm so i floated right over my house for several hours just enjoying my self and the view.
The wind picked up a bit and I started to drift away.
Since i did not want to get to far from home i clicked the switch in down position and with a silent hiss the balloon started to desend.
I landed in a park a kilometer from my home glad that i had remembered my shoes.
Since i was only wearing the balloon i got some strange looks from passing people.
A couble of boys afsked me what it was i was wearing.
"Let me demonstrate i said" and clicked the switch in up position.
I floated up in the air in front of them and clicking the switch in down position i gently landed in front of them.
"Whooooaaa" they said with big eyes.
"Where can we get one?" they asked.
I explained it to them and they quickly ordered one each on their smart phones since they where so cheap.
"Well i really got to pee so i better go home" i said.
"Good luck getting out of the balloon" one of the boys grinned.
As I walked up the stairs i got to think.
"How the hell was i going to get out of the balloon?"
Then i though of the face entry latex suit i had once.
I was able to get out of that suit by using my shower to fill water into the suit. Maby it would work on the balloon too.
I went into the shower and filled water into the arms of the balloon trough the neck.
With a little defficulty i was able to work one arm at the time out in the balloon and out of the neck of the balloon.
Without damagin the switch i turned the balloon inside out and left it on a hanger to dry.
Since i really got to smell of rubber i took a shower too.
The balloon is now hanging to dry and it makes my whole appartement smell of rubber.
It's like it's begging me to climb into it and click the switch in up position.
I don't know how long i can resist it.

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Unhappy Re: The balloon friend
Chapter two
I really had to dissaplin my self to not wear the balloon all the time.
Somehow i managed to go tough a whole week with the balloon on a hanger in the closet.
Friday at the lunch break i got a mail.
We forgot to send the hood for your balloon, sorry. Nothing more
When i got off work the mail was in my mind all the way home
When i got home i looked in my mailbox. There was a thick envelope with no sender on it.
That is strange i tought.
I opened it and was met by a strong rubber smell.
It was a red latex mask made of the same latex as my balloon friend.
I got really exited and ran up the stairs to my appartement.
I took my clothe off and took the balloon friend out of the closet.
Could the mask be an item for the balloon?
Only one way to find out.
I got my legs into the balloon and worked it up to my chest. It was just as tight as last time
My arms got in and the balloon snaped in place around my shoulders. Oh boy it felt good.
I looked at the red hood. It looks like any other hoods i tought.
Well i got my shoes on and went out on the balcony with the hood in my hand.
I looked at the hood again. It had eye, nose and mouth holes, but no zipper.
Well i might as well try i tought and pulled it over my head
Oh boy it smelled of rubber, it was almost unbareble.
The bottom of the hood fitted perfecly on the balloon..
I clicked the switch in up position and something strange happent.
The hood and balloon melted together.
I clicked the switch in off position and the balloon and hood had become one. I could not pull them appart.
Oh boy it felt good and the rubber smell and feeling was diving me crazy.
I went inside and looked in my mirror, a red balloon man looked back.
I took my credit cart and tucked in my shoe and went out on the balcony again.
I clicked the switch in up position and kept it on.
I felt lighter and lighter untill i floated up over the roof..
I kept the switch in up position and just floated ever higher..
It was windy, but I did not care i just wanted to see how high i could go.
As I got to the same hight a passenger planes fly i could somehow still breahe normaly, although the air smelled really strong of rubber.
It just made me want to go even higher.
The sky was tuning black over me and I could see the earth curve below and that was as high the balloon could take me.
I clicked the switch in down position and started the long desend.
As I got lower the wind shifted and I was driftig towards my home town, but not quite in the direction of my home
I landed gently on a grassy field.
As the balloon was totaly empty the hood separated and I was able to take it off
I was able to hail a cap.
"What the hell is it you are wearing? " the cap driver asked looking at me in my red balloon.
"Take me to my home ardess and I will show you.
I sat on the passenger seat.
" Is it your suit made of a balloon? It sure smell that way" the cap driver said.
"Yes" i said.
"Oookeey" the cap driver said and looked up and down at me.
" Stop right here"i said and the cap driver stoped right below my balcony.
I paid him with my credit card i had in my shoe and said "look.
I clicked the switch in up position and floated up to my balcony on second floor.
I graped the rail and pulled me in on the balcony while clicking the switch in down position so i landed perfecly.
" Where can i get a balloon like that? "the cap driver shouted.
I shouted the adress and he imidially ordered one on his smartphone and drove off
As I write this I'm still wearing the balloon
It feels so good that i can't get my self to take it off
I'm just lying on my bed
Eeh not any more. I just hit the switch with my smartphone and now I'm floating up to the ceiling, but it doesn't matter...............

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Default Re: The balloon friend
Last saturday morning it rang on my door.
Quickly dressed and opened.
It was the taxi driver and the two boys.
They each carried a small box, like the one i got THE BALLOON FRIEND in.
The taxi driver said "Well the boys saw me dropping you of and me ordering THE BALLOON FRIEND, but how do you get it on?"
"We have not really had the courage to try them on too, since they looks really hard to get out of.
" Well come inside and I will show you and if you want we can go on a floating tour together "i said
" That is why we are here "one of the boys said.
" Do you want to go really high up or just on a short trip.? "
" We wanna go all the way "the other boy said.
" OK "i said" have you all got the hood too you need that if we shall float really high"
"Yes we have" the taxi driver said.
I go my BALLOON FRIEND and hood from the closets and took my shoes with me to my living room.
"Well to start with take off all your clothe, but bring your shoes" i said
"Is that really necessary" the taxi driver said a bit uncomfortable.
"Yes it is or you won't be able to get into the BALLOON FRIEND" i said.
We where stranding nacked in the living room and it felt a bit akward to say the least.
"Well take out your BALLOON FRIEND and let us get dressed. Just do what i do i said.
" Put your legs though the neck of the BALLOON FRIEND and slowly wrickle you i up to the chest"i said.
We did that.
The boys did not have any problems, but the taxi driver strugled a bit. But he finaly magaged to get his BALLOON FRIEND up to his chest.
" Oh boy the neck of is really tight i don't think that i can get my arms in" the taxi driver said
"Let me help you" i said and pulled the neck of THE BALLOON FRIEND out more. "Put your arms in the arms of THE BALLOON FRIEND now.
He finaly magaged to get his arms in and I let go of the neck and it snaped in place around his neck.
I turned around to see if the boys needed help, but they where already dressed up.
" Wait for me and don't touch the swich yet" i said and quikly putted my arms into the arms of my BALLOON FRIEND. How does it feel to wear? "
" Very tight but supricingly good "the taxi driver said
" It's feels like nothing i have ever worn before, but veeery good" both of the boys said.
"Well if you are up to it put your shoes on and bring your mask and come with me out to the balcony.
I looked at us and THE BALLOON FRIENDS looked like that they where painted on us.
We all stuud on my balcony and I said
" I will tie us together with this string so we don't drift apart. I hope that none of you are claustrophobic Don't touch the swich yet, becauce once you do you will not be able to get it off untill THE BALLOON FRIEND is compleatly deflated again"
I made sure that all the hoods where sitting corectly and asked "Are you all alright?"
The boys nodded and the taxi driver said "Oh boy it smell like rubber in here, it almost drive me crazy. Let's go to fly.
" Okay on the e count to tree put the swich in up positio"i said "one, two, tree"
Simultaneously we all clicked our swiches in up position and with a hiss i could feel my BALLOON FRIEND starting to inflate.
"It's getting tighter in here, but it feels good" the taxi driver said.
"Whooaa i can feel my self getting lighter" one of the boys said.
Our feets left the ground simultaneously and all of us just said "Whooaa".
One of the boys got so exited he almost didn't know how to control him self. "it's the coolest thing i have ever tried, i wanna go higher" he shouted..
The taxi driver just looked like he was in a trance of total enjoyment.
"Okay let us see how high our BALLOON FRIENDS can take us" i said.
We floated ever higher and the sky was tuning black over us. We could easyly see the Earth curve far below us.
I don't know how long we floated this way, but it was for several hours when one of the boys suddently said. "What is that?"
A flying saucer was apearing just beside us and a door opened at the site of it.
We where sucked into a cargo bay inside the flying saucer and the door closed behind us.
A being that looked like it was a living balloon female came and greated us.
We where still floating in our BALLOON FRIENDS when she said
"Welcome. We are the markers of THE BALLOON FRIEND. We come from the planet Balloonya whits have an atmophere of mostly the HE1000 that is in your BALLOON FRIENDS."
If you whish we can take you there so you can see it. It only take one earth day. "she said
We all said" "" yes "
Balloonya was totaly defriend from anything I've ever seen.
Everything was made of balloons in any colour and the inhabitants just floated around.
The taxi driver said to me that he wanted to stay since the balloon being and him where getting really fond of each other and since he was really lonely back on earth he had nothing to come back to.
We where tanken to another room with a chamber and the the balloon being said
"Once you go though this there is no going back, you will be transformed into one of us for life time. Wil you still do it?"
"Yes" the taxi driver said and went into the chamber
A big flash of light came and he came out looking like a green balloon being.
"I feel great it's what i always wanted" he said
"It's time for you tree others to go home" the being said
We where tanken to the flying saucer still floating and in no time we reached Earth
We hovered fifty meters over the park in the dark.
"Just click the swich on your BALLOON FRIEND in down position and jump out" the being said
We gently desended and landed on the grass field.
The hood came loose and we where able to take it off
Well one of the boys simply would not take his hood off. "It feels too good" he said
So we sneaked home to my place
As we got home i said "It's time to take our BALLOON FRIENDS off"
"I don't want to" the boy with the hood still on cried.
I helped the other boy out of his BALLOON FRIEND and took my BALLOON FRIEND off too
As we got our clothe on the other boy was still in his BALLOON FRIEND. He simply reused to take it off
"You can't go home in that" i said
The boy stood up and clickes the swich in up position.
As I got to him he floated up to the seiling,but I was able to jump up and grab him and click the swich in down position again and we floated down
"Listen, i know how good THE BALLOON FRIEND feel to wear, but you got to take it off now.
The other boy and I had to drack him out to my shower and pull THE BALLOON FRIEND off him
It was hard since he really cried, but we got it of him without danmaging it
When i handed him a towel he was still crying and we dried his BALLOON FRIEND
While he got his clothe on i said to him
"Listen you can't go home wearing THE BALLOON FRIEND, but any time you want to fly with me and your friend just come here. Just promage me that you don't cry when it's over"
"I will" he said and dried his eyes.
At eight PM the boys walked home.
I did not hear anything from the parrents.
Every weekend the boys come to my place with their BALLOON FRIENDS and beg me to go fly with them.
Most of the times i go with them, but some times i have to decline.
It's really hard to see their sad faces then.
The boy that would not take his BALLOON FRIEND off still have a bit deficulty getting to take it off, but he at least do when we ask him to now.
Alltough with a very sad face.
I must say that it's really nice to have someone the shear the experience with
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Default Re: The balloon friend
It was really very interesting to read.
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Default Re: The balloon friend
nice story!!
A dream comes true ;-).
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Default Re: The balloon friend
Glad you like it 😊
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