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Post Morning routine



Ethan jumped out of his bed frightened, only to be welcomed by a smiling michelle still biting a blue balloon nozzle, her blond hair was covered in blue latex shards. Michelle was standing beside the dresser which held a noticeable pile of uninflated large crystal balloons on top. Michelle wasted no time reaching for a new fresh balloon using her left hand while simultaneously throwing the blue balloon nozzle with her right hand at ethan which landed next to him.

Ethan looked at the wet nozzle for a few seconds, it was covered in lipstick and saliva. She placed the new green balloon between her ruby red lips and blew. A grin grew wider on michelle's face as ethan was clearly adjusting his morning wood. After a few minutes of blatant staring, Ethan walked up next to michelle who had her eyes closed, she was enjoying every sensual slow breath she was delivering into the now big balloon. Ethan gently and slowly removed the now massive green balloon from michelle's lips. The nozzle had a distinct and clear red lipstick print from michelle's lips and as he pulled the nozzle away, a bridge of saliva between the balloon and michelle's delicious mouth formed. That sight was enough for ethan to eat michelle's mouth out. Their tongues danced wildly in the ocean of oral liquids. Michelle slowly pushed ethan away from her and took the massive green balloon from ethan's hand to place it where ethan's mouth once was.

Hooooooooooh went in a lungfull. Michelle was smiling and staring at ethan with glistening eyes.


Ethan headed to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. Michelle headed to the living room to prepare her papers and laptop for work. As she walked through the hallway, michelle was wooshing into the green balloon which was swaying left and right, the lip print on the nozzle was replaced with messy lipstick all over the neck.


Michelle closed her laptop and moved the tight balloon still in her mouth to the left in order to grab a stack of papers.

Woooosh at this point, michelle was doing next to no effort to blow the time bomb, she was simply breathing automaticaly, inhaling through her nose and exhaling into the balloon with no effort at all.

Michelle walked to the other side of the table to reach her bag when she felt the neck touch her lips, but it didn't matter, she kept inhaling, exhaling. If not for the Tsar bomb in her mouth, one would have thought michelle was just breathing. The neck was now kissing michelle's lipstick covered lips which were now spreading their colors into the neck.

She placed the laptop and papers inside the bag and headed toward the kitchen. There was a cup of water waiting for her. As she reached for the cup, the balloon detonated with a SHARP BANNNNG that echoed through the house, resonating through the walls and windows. Ethan nearly jumped out of his skin, but michelle was unfazed, she opened her mouth slightly to let what remained of the nozzle to drop on the floor, the water in her cup was vibrating and shaking before getting gulped down by michelle. As she placed the now empty cup back, michelle reached for a big yellow balloon this time from the counter and held it in her mouth.

She blew into the yellow balloon using no hands, as usual, while zipping her bag close. She cleaned the living room table and moved the dirty dish to the kitchen all the while blowing into the balloon.

Ethan got out of the bathroom and then headed to the bedroom in order to get dressed.

The balloon in michelle's mouth was huge. As she grabbed her stuff and opened the door, she turned around to face the house, her body was half outside half inside, and the balloon in her mouth was big enough to hold the door open on the inside. Michelle gently reached the neck using her left hand and turned her head sideways a little as she was trying to grab as much of the neck as possible and removed the almighty balloon to free her lips.

"Good bye honey, need anything before i leave?"

"No thanks, have a nice day sweetheart" came muffled from the bedroom.

Michelle placed the now clear balloon back between her lips and blew ever so slowly.

Ww.....wooo...o.oo..ooooooshhh h hh sh

Went in a shaky breath before BANNNNNG the balloon exploded violently with a defeaning sudden loud bang along with a shockwave which blasted the door on the wall and made michelle's hair dance around her head. Green, blue and yellow balloon shreds covered michelle's hair, but she didn't care, she closed the front door, smiling. Ethan emerged shaking from the bedroom, only to find the floor covered in latex shards.

Ethan eyed the vacuum cleaner next to the broom and sighed audibly:

"Morning routine..."

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Default Re: Morning routine
What a nice short story, loved it.
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