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Default Series 2 pilot episode
Finished the first chapter in my new series. Let me know what you think. I need to come up with a name and sort any mistakes or grammar issues before uploading to my site. Hope you all enjoy.

Cara sits staring at the balloon on the table of front of her. She had taken it on the way out after getting her food. She had eaten on one of the tables outside the restaurant on her own. Cara doesn’t often go out alone. She’s usually with at least a few friends, but today she had needed some time alone to think. She had almost finished a book she had been working on and needed to come up with a good ending. Her last book had got published and the people wanted more. Cara had the whole book planned out, but changed her mind last minute. The ending she had initially wanted, wouldn’t work. It was too predictable. No, she needed something bigger, something that would have the fans desperate for more.

Cara sighs, today wasn’t the day. She needed to be in the right mood. I can’t bring that balloon back to the apartment. She thinks. My roommates will ask questions. Since moving into the apartment, Cara had barely any time alone to play. Her favourite thing in the world was popping balloons. It was exciting and turned her on more than anything else. She had discovered her kink in her teens. Now, although being twenty three, she still loved blowing, riding and popping balloons as much as she did back then.

It’s been so long since I popped one. Cara thinks. She looks around. There’s no one but a young girl, sitting a few benches away. From the looks of it, she’s around Cara’s age. The girl is hunched over her food, eating quickly. Hopefully she won’t mind too much. Cara thinks. She grabs the balloon and rips it off the stick it was attached to. She brings it to her lips, heart racing. Suddenly the girl looks up. Upon meeting Cara’s eyes, she quickly looks away, going back to her food.

Cara pays her no notice, and takes a deep breath. She blows softly into the balloon, feeling it tighten. It had been inflated pretty big already. Cara had chosen this one out of all the balloons for this reason. Her next breath makes the neck fill a little. Cara notices the girl looking up again. She blows once more. The girl’s gaze was putting her off a little.

Cara thinks about stopping. The girl had seemingly forgotten about her food and was watching intently. Oh, just get it over with. Cara tells herself. She starts blowing faster, trying to keep her feelings under control. The neck was right at her lips now. The girl’s eyes widen, she must realise what Cara is about to do.

Cara’s gone beyond the point of no return. She just has to see how big this balloon will go. It starts getting harder to blow. Cara begins to feel a little anxious. It’s been awhile since she last tried this. Cara remembers the first time she ever did it. She was on the verge of tears when it finally popped. Popping had scared her back then. She was determined to do it though.

Suddenly there’s a loud bang. Cara gasps a little. She’d forgotten how violently they pop. The girl jumps to her feet in fright, quickly sitting down again. Feeling a little embarrassed all of a sudden, Cara quickly clears the table and walks to the bin. When she turns around, the girl’s running toward her with a balloon in her hands.

“I saw you popped your balloon. Here, I got another one for you.” The girl hands her the balloon. Cara hesitantly takes it.

“Umm, thanks.”

The girl does a little jump and steps back a little. It looks as if she’s waiting for Cara to pop that one too. Cara turns and quickly heads back to her car. She was feeling self conscious. The blow to pop had made her a little more horny than she’d like to admit. She places the balloon on her seat and sits on it. It squeaks loudly, the neck bulging. She bounces hard, making it burst. If she had kept it, she would only have to hide it from her roommates. Plus the temptation to pop it at home would’ve been too much.

One week later...

Cara’s in her local book shop, looking for something to inspire her. She still hasn’t finished her book and it’s beginning to frustrate her. As she’s browsing, someone suddenly puts a hand on her shoulder. Cara turns, expecting one of her friends.

“Hey, you’re that balloon girl!” At first, Cara doesn’t recognise her. Then she realises it’s the girl that watched her do the blow to pop.

“Umm, hi.” Says Cara, not knowing what to say.

“I liked watching you blow that balloon. The bang was really loud, wasn’t it?” The girl stands uncomfortably close to her.

“Yeah, it was...”

“I tried it before but got too scared. I’m Lucy by the way.” Says the girl.


“Hi Cara!” Lucy looks deep into Cara’s eyes, making her feel uncomfortable. Her piercing blue eyes were pretty, but there was a slightly wild look to them.

“Look.” Says Lucy, pointing to something outside the shop. “There’s some balloons out there. Meet me outside in a minute.” She giggles and darts away.

Cara doesn’t know what to think. Lucy is very pretty, hot even, with her pale skin and long ginger hair. But she seems a little eccentric. Cara watches her pay for a book, then half walk, half skip outside to wait for her.

Cara finds a couple of books and goes to the checkout. Lucy is waiting outside for her. She looks as if she’s about to burst with excitement. Cara can’t help but laugh.
“What’s got you so excited?” She asks.

“You!” Lucy grabs Cara’s arm. “Can you pop one of those balloons?”

Cara looks at the bunch of shiny balloons outside a nearby shop. “We shouldn’t really. There’s too many people around. We wouldn’t want to upset anyone.”

“Then let’s take one outside.” Lucy pulls at Cara’s arm, dragging her to the balloons.

“Why do you want me to pop one so bad?” Cara asks. Surely this Lucy wasn’t a looner too?

“It’s fun!” Lucy grabs one of the balloons. She uses her teeth to cut the string. Then she gives the balloon to Cara. “Pop it!”

“Why can’t you?” Cara asks.

“I’m too scared.” Lucy can’t keep still, see keeps pacing back and forth.

Cara starts to dig her nails in.

“No, pop it like you did before.” Says Lucy.

“Okay, fine. Come on, we’ll do it outside.” Cara doesn’t feel comfortable popping balloons around people in case anyone noticed how much she enjoyed it. But she didn’t have much choice.

“Yes!” Lucy does another little jump and follows behind.

When they’re outside the shopping centre, Cara begins to untie the knot. She can feel her excitement growing and tries to control it. She starts to blow. Lucy puts her fingers in her ears and watches.

A moment later, she takes them out again and shakes herself. “Will it be loud?” She asks.

“Yes. Very.” Cara blows harder, making the neck grow.

“Does it make you scared?” Lucy asks.

“A little.” Cara replies, forcing more air in. Lucy covers her ears again. She doesn’t stop moving, pacing back and forth the whole time. She suddenly reaches a hand out and touches the balloon. She makes a little squeak when she feels how tight it is.

“You’re scaring me Cara.” Says Lucy.

Cara stops blowing. “Should I stop?”

Lucy hesitates. “No, make it go bang!” She says suddenly. When Cara resumes her blowing, Lucy squeaks again. She covers one ear and places the other hand on the balloon.
Almost immediately, the balloon explodes with a bang. Lucy jumps back with a squeal.

“You okay?” Cara asks.

“Do another one!” Lucy replies, her eyes wide with excitement.

“Not right now. We’ll get in trouble.” Cara wants to do another too, but she’s getting way too aroused. She decides to change the subject.

“Hey, what did you get from the bookshop?” Cara asks.

“An astronomy book.” Lucy hurries to get the book out. “I bought a really nice telescope. I’m hoping to see the moons of Jupiter tonight if it’s clear. Did you know it has 79 moons? I’ll only be able to see four though. The forecast is good for tonight, no cloud, and the jet stream isn’t too turbulent.”

Lucy was smarter than Cara initially thought. “That sounds fun. I’ve got to go now though. Maybe we’ll see each other again.” Says Cara.

“Wait. Let me give you my number. We can we friends!”

“Okay.” Cara replies. She wasn’t sure how well they’d get on, but she’s willing to try.”

“Yay. I don’t have any friends. People think I’m mad.”

“You’re not mad. I think you’re cute.” Says Cara, feeling sorry for the girl.

“No, I am mad. Even I can see that. I’m not like other people.”

“Everybody’s different. I like different though. It would be boring if everyone was the same. Come on, let’s have your number. I’ll be friends with you.” Cara found she was growing on her already.

Lucy suddenly hugs her tightly. Cara awkwardly pats her on the back, then steps back, getting her phone out. She trades numbers, then makes an excuse to leave.

That evening Cara receives a message on her phone. It’s a photo of Lucy blowing a balloon. It’s got a full neck and looks like it could pop at any moment. Underneath is the caption “Look how big I made it Cara!!!”

The photo turns her on a little. Cara isn’t sure if Lucy likes balloons in the same way she does, but she certainly is hot. She replies asking Lucy to blow it bigger.

A couple of minutes later, Lucy says she’s too scared and needs Cara to do it for her. Another photo is sent. This time Lucy is sitting on the balloon. The caption reads “Waiting for my telescope to cool down.”

Cara can’t take her eyes off the photo. She wants to send her own photo back, but she hasn’t got any balloons on her. Besides, her roommates would hear her. She tells Lucy to have a fun evening and locks her phone. She wasn’t comfortable with how easily Lucy could turn her on.

The next morning, Cara woke to find another message from Lucy. She was asking if Cara would like to meet. Cara lay in bed thinking. Did she want to see Lucy again? One side of her desperately wanted to. The other half was uncomfortable at the thought of getting turned on again.

She decides to meet her and see how it goes. She wouldn’t mention balloons. Maybe Lucy would’ve moved onto something else by now.

Lucy asks if she could come to Cara’s place. It’s Sunday and her roommates were either out, or sleeping. Cara sends her address and says Lucy can come round for a bit.

A car pulls up outside Cara’s house. A door opens and Lucy jumps out. Cara opens her door and greets her. A woman waves at her from inside the car and drives off.

“Hey Cara!” Says Lucy enthusiastically.

“Hi. Come in. One of my roommates is home, but he’s sleeping. He won’t bother us.”

“Who lives here with you? I didn’t know you had your own house. That’s so cool.” Says Lucy.

“It’s not really my house. Me and a few others rent the place. It’s nice, but can be annoying sometimes. Especially when people are noisy when I’m trying to write.”

“Do you have to cook and wash up and stuff?” Lucy asks curiously.

“Yeah. The others usually order takeaways or have microwave meals, but I occasionally cook for everyone.” Cara replies.

Lucy walks through the hallway, looking all around.

When they get to the living room, Lucy turns around and leans in close. For a moment, Cara thinks Lucy is going to kiss her.

“Cara?” Lucy asks.


“Can you...?” Lucy begins in barely a whisper.

“Go on.” Cara encourages, wondering what Lucy wants.

“Blow a balloon until it goes bang!” Lucy exclaims excitedly, her eyes wide.

Cara nervously looks toward the door where her roommate is sleeping, hoping they didn’t hear.

“Shh. Not so loud.”

“But can you? I tried it last night but couldn’t do it.”

“I don’t have any balloons.” Says Cara.

Lucy looks at her, eyes sparkling. “But I do! I bought some for you.” She takes a backpack off, and opens it up. She pulls out a bag of mixed colour balloons and throws it at Cara. She waits expectantly.

“Lucy, I can’t. There’s someone sleeping next door.” Cara explains.

“Aww. I was really looking forward to it.” Lucy looks crestfallen.

“Come here.” Cara sits down and pats the sofa next to her. Lucy sits so close that she’s touching.

“Tell me, why do you want me to do it so badly?” Cara asks.

“It’s really fun and exciting.”

“How does it make you feel when I do it?” Cara has to know if Lucy felt the same way. If she didn’t, she needed to stop this now before it went too far.

“Scared. But also excited.” Lucy replies.

“Anything else?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know... Does it make you feel... Good?” Says Cara awkwardly. Not knowing how to find the answer she needs without giving herself away.


That neither confirmed or denied it. Perhaps she just enjoyed the excitement and anticipation. Even if it turned Lucy on too, was it okay to do this with her? She looks old enough but Cara wasn’t sure about her mental state. Was she just hyperactive, or was there something else?

“Do you play with balloons often?” Cara asks.

“Sometimes. I like it when they pop but it’s so scary, so I don’t usually do it.”

“What do you do with them?”

“Blow them up, sit on them, lie on them, lick them, I even bit one once. That was really scary! I can show you if you want.” Lucy looks eager to demonstrate.

“Okay, just quickly. You have to be really quiet though. No popping or noisy squeaking.” Says Cara. She wants to see how Lucy interacts with balloons. That might tell her what she needed to know.

“I can be quiet!” Lucy rips open the pack and grabs a balloon. She starts puffing into it.
Cara cringes. She hopes her roommate is asleep. Otherwise they’d definitely hear Lucy’s breaths.

Lucy seems to be getting more and more excited as the balloon gets bigger. It’s only a party sized balloon, and is soon full. She keeps puffing away, making the neck bulge.

Cara desperately wants her to keep going. She almost encourages her to pop it. She doesn’t want to be discovered by her roommate though. “That’s big enough Lucy. You’re going to pop it.” She tells her.

“Do you want me to? I’ll try and do it for you if you want.” Lucy says.

“Yes!” Exclaims Cara, losing control for a second. Lucy eagerly puts the balloon back to her lips.

“But we can’t though.” Cara quickly stops her before it’s too late.

“Look how big I made it!” Lucy says, staring at the balloon in amazement. “I think I might of been able to pop it. I’m not as scared with you.” Lucy begins rubbing her face across the tight latex.

“Maybe one day you can show me how brave you are.” Says Cara.

“We need to find somewhere we can do it. Hold this, I need to think.” Lucy hands Cara the balloon and begins to pace the room.

“Where do you pop them?” Cara asks.

“In my bedroom when everyone’s out. It doesn’t happen often though. Hold on, I think I’ve thought of an idea that might work.”

“We don’t need to think of a place right now. Let’s chat here for a bit.” Says Cara. She lets the air out of the balloon, not wanting any distractions. She wants to learn more about Lucy.

“Okay. What should we talk about?” Lucy asks, sitting back down.

“What did you do last night? You mentioned something about your telescope.”

“Oh yes, I’ll show you!” Lucy gets her phone out and shows Cara a picture. It’s a slightly blurry brown disc with bands across it.

“What am I looking at?” Cara asks.

“Jupiter. Those bands are clouds. You can see the moons too. Those points of light on the right.”

“That’s cool. It looks so small.”

“It isn’t. It’s just really far away. It’s much much bigger than the earth.”

“I wonder what it would look like to stand on Jupiter and see the earth.” Cara wonders out loud.

“You can’t stand on Jupiter, silly. It’s made of gas. Well actually the core might be made of solid hydrogen, but that’s just a theory.” Lucy explains.

“If it’s made of gas, why doesn’t it just float away?” Cara asks.

“Because of gravity. All that gas weighs a lot. If you could stand on Jupiter, you’d weigh more than twice as much as you do on Earth. It would be really hot though. Hot enough to melt any metal. It might also rain diamonds. Imagine that!”

Cara is impressed by her knowledge. They begin talking about exo-planets, aliens, black holes and the fate of the universe. Cara didn’t fully understand it all, but it was fascinating nonetheless. Suddenly Lucy jumps up.

“I know the perfect place!” She exclaims.

“The perfect place for what?”

“Popping balloons! Have you got a car?” Lucy asks.

“Yes, why?”

“Come on.” Lucy pulls Cara off the sofa and runs to the door.

“Where are we going?” Cara asks.

“You’ll see. I’ll give you directions.”

Cara follows Lucy’s directions, curious as to where they’re going. After twenty minutes, they arrive at a forest. Lucy takes the lead, going off the track. She obviously knows where she’s going. Cara was lost already.

They arrive at the base of a small hill. There’s an entrance to an abandoned mine.

“Here!” Announces Lucy.

“You wanted to come all this way just to pop balloons in the middle of some forest?”

“Not out here. In there.” Says Lucy, pointing to the mine.

“In there? It looks dangerous.”

“I’ve been in before. All the supports are still fine. It’s a little scary deep down, but there’s a little storage room a little way inside. We could do it in there. Come on, I’ll show you.” Lucy disappears into the entrance. Cara nervously follows, not knowing what to expect.

A little way in, there’s a broken doorway leading to a small room. It’s dark and the only light comes from Lucy’s phone.

“It’s perfect.” Says Lucy. “No one will bother us here. It can be our secret little place.”

“I don’t know... It doesn’t feel safe. And there’s bugs and stuff in here.” Says Cara.

“I can fix that. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I’ve got a really cool plan. I’ll need a few days and some money.”

“What for?”

“You’ll see. You’re going to love this. I can do most of it myself. But I need some money to buy supplies. I’ve got enough saved for the basics but could do with a small loan...”

“I don’t even know what you’re doing. I don’t have a whole lot of money myself and I’ve just met you. How much did you need?”

“I could do it for one hundred pounds. But if I had three hundred, it would be really good.” Says Lucy.

“I can’t afford that, I’m sorry Lucy. Tell me what you had in mind.”

“I could start it by myself. Then if you like it, we could improve it.” Lucy starts pacing, lost in thought. “Meet me here in three days. I think I can have it done by then. My brother will help me get everything here.”

“Umm, okay. Can we go now? I don’t like it in here.”

“Yes. Can you do a blow to pop outside?” Lucy asks excitedly.

“I suppose so...” Cara does want to, but she still isn’t sure if she’s comfortable with Lucy watching.

“Come on then!” Lucy grabs Cara’s hand and drags her out of the mine. She offers Cara the bag of balloons.

“You choose one.” Says Cara. Lucy takes out a clear balloon and places it in Cara’s hand.

“Keep making it bigger until it pops!” Says Lucy, eyes bright.

Cara stretches the balloon, feeling excited. She puts her first breath in, trying to keep her feelings in check. She watches Lucy closely, looking for any signs that would tell her if she’s excited too.

Lucy is definitely breathing faster. She can’t keep still either, but that was nothing new. Cara keeps blowing it bigger. Lucy doesn’t take her eyes off the balloon.

As it grows tighter, Lucy shows the slightest bit of fear.

She’s scared but wants to see it pop. Just like how I used to be. Cara thinks. She pulls on the neck with her teeth, making it expand suddenly. Lucy takes a small step back. Cara blows hard and steps closer to Lucy. She lets the balloon bump into her face. Lucy gasps and quickly backs away again.

Cara is turned on now. She’s desperate to know if Lucy is too.

“Hold the balloon still for me.” Cara says. She wants to know how brave Lucy really is.

Lucy places her hands on the balloon. She’s shaking. Cara bites on the mouthpiece and places her hands on top of Lucy’s. Now she couldn’t move or cover her ears.

It’s a bit cruel. Cara thinks. But she wants to see how Lucy reacts. She starts blowing again.

“It’s so scary!” Lucy cries suddenly.

Cara exhales hard, a little nervous herself.

“Stop it! I’ve changed my mind!” Says Lucy suddenly.

Cara knows it’s so close to popping. Lucy doesn’t make any attempt to move away. She decides to just pop it quickly. She blows as fast as she can.

“Cara!” Lucy’s eyes were wide in fear.”

Cara just keeps on blowing. Suddenly the balloon bursts. Lucy gives a cry of fear and jumps back.

For a moment Cara feels really bad. Then Lucy runs at her, throwing her arms around Cara’s waist.

“Do it again!” She says, looking up at Cara. She looks more excited than Cara has seen her yet.

“I thought you wanted me to stop.” Says Cara.

“I got a bit scared, that’s all. Please do it again!”

“I don’t know...” Cara is scared of losing control. What if she got really horny and started making Lucy do things. She was so hot, but much too innocent. If Lucy started doing blow to pops too... No, we can’t do this.

“Please Cara, just one more.” Lucy grabs her hand and starts jumping up and down.

“Lucy... You don’t understand. Blowing balloons... it makes me...” What could she say?

“Makes you what? Scared? Excited?” Lucy steps closer and looks right into Cara’s eyes. “Horny?” She whispers, eyes twinkling.

Cara’s completely taken aback. Was it that obvious? Did Lucy know? Does she feel the same way?

“What?” Cara asks in barely a whisper. She feels herself turning red with embarrassment. No one in the world knew about this side of her. She did her best to keep it that way. Now this girl she’d only just met, discovered her deepest secret.

“Does blowing balloons until they pop turn you on?” Lucy suddenly looks all serious. Was her cute, innocent personality and eccentric traits just a ruse to make Cara let her guard down?

Cara saw no point in lying. Lucy knew. That was certain. She nods her head.

Lucy starts giggling. “Me too!” She announces, giving a little jump. “Can you do it now? Blow another till it pops?”

“I...” Cara starts. This whole thing doesn’t feel right.

“Have I made you all nervous? Don’t be afraid of me!” Lucy gives Cara another hug. You don’t have to do it now if you don’t want to. We’ll meet here in three days. I’ll have it done by then.” Lucy spins around, looking all pleased with herself. “Take me home. I need to work on my plans.”

On the way home, Lucy started talking about all sorts of things. She didn’t mention any more about balloons. Cara was grateful for that. She was still coming to terms with the fact that her secret was out after all these years of secrecy.

When they arrive at Lucy’s house, she jumps out. “See you in a few days. You’re going to love what I have planned.”
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Default Re: Series 2 pilot episode
Oh, this is great! Super glad to see the new characters, and I can't wait to see what Lucy has in store.
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Default Re: Series 2 pilot episode
Wow this story is really good.
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Default Re: Series 2 pilot episode
Lucy certainly seems like an interesting character
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Default Re: Series 2 pilot episode
Thanks for the nice responses. Going to continue with this series. Don’t know how long it’ll be yet. I think I’ll do it in chapters rather than separate stories like the first series.
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Default Re: Series 2 pilot episode
Great job on the story! Sounds like it could be the start of another great series
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Default Re: Series 2 pilot episode
Nice story Where does this end?
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Default Re: Series 2 pilot episode
Chapter two is ready. It can be read here.

I made some art for the cover photo too. I want to do the same for all the other other stories too at some point. I’m also hoping to proofread all my old stories on there and correct spelling and grammar mistakes. I noticed a few the other day. If anyone wants to help, let me know. I’ll probably add my game I made as well.
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Default Re: Series 2 pilot episode
Chapter three is up. I’ll probably do a couple more.
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Default Re: Series 2 pilot episode
Chapters 4&5 are up. After this series I’m going to do a short story involving Holly from the original series. Unlike the others, it’ll be written as a diary, from Holly’s point of view. Should be a little different.
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