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Default She covered my ears
She gave it a lungfull, filling the entire neck, which was now touching her lips.

“stop, it’s gonna pop!” I said.

“what’s the matter? Scared?” she said with a slight giggle.

“it can get bigger, it’s just now very hard to blow” she added.

She placed what remained of the neck back between her lips, and I put my fingers in my ears almost instantly. She giggled and gave it a soft slow and long breath.


The 16 inch clear monster detonated and shattered everywhere. She giggled while I jumped out of my skin.

“I didn’t expect it to pop yet” she said.

“well I told you it was going to pop!”

“so? Did it scare you? It’s just a balloon, we have plenty left!”

“didn’t the pop scare you too? It was so loud!”

“but you had your fingers in your ears! I didn’t! you’re such a chicken.” She said laughingly.

“here, try it. it’s a 16 inch balloon, blow it until it goes bang” she prompted.

“what? Hell no! that bang already made me jump, I’m not gonna do it, why should I do it anyway? Can we just continue to blow up balloons normally like we were doing earlier? We’re gonna run out of balloons for the party if you…”

She cut me off sentence with a devilish grin that could send Lucifer himself back to seventh hell if he dared look at her “I think someone is trying to hide their fear… right?”

“balloon popping is not something people do enjoy do they?” I asked with a stern look, confident at first, but then immediately regretted that stupid question, remembering that other people are, well, other people.

She laughed then handed me the balloon “blow it till it bursts in your mouth, at least try, it’s fun trust me”

“I don’t want to, cmon, it was so loud last time” I said

“the sound scares you? It’s not gonna hurt you! tis just a balloon! It won’t eat you cmon!”

“it’s rather the sting” I said, half lying. The truth is, I’m afraid of both.

“sting? What sting? It’s a fucking rubber toy man, I can’t believe a girl like me is trying to convince you to pop a balloon, you’re a man loonerfun00! Just do it!” she said laughingly, almost humiliating me.

I felt anger and fear, nervousness and arousal. I wanted to beat her to death, and fuck her till dawn. I was lost in the pool of emotions. I said nothing.

“So? You gonna hurry up and explode that balloon or you want me to show you how it’s done?” she said with a smile.

“I’m afraid to do it” I said looking down, embarrassed.

She took the balloon from me and gave me a smaller one.

“this one is a 12 inch balloon, they pop louder but are harder to burst by mouth. So what you’re going to do is just blow till the neck fills entirely, just like I did before you told me to stop last time.”

“but you didn’t stop last time” I said with a trembling voice.

She smiled, then said “I didn’t know about your fear back then, now that I do, I will try to help you get through it okay? Just blow this balloon up until it completely fills and trust me, it will not burst in your mouth, and if it does, I’m gonna have to blow something else tonight” and then she winked at me.

Oh god, what a dilemma! I thought, getting her to suck me was hard enough alone, now she’s proposing it for me? How can I turn down this offer? Oh of course! By refusing to face my fears. Of course I was going to turn down this offer, or was I? I thought for longer than I should have and blurted out the most inconvenient, out of place, literally the stupidest response someone could say after being offered a blowjob “And what will you gain from all of this?” I said. At this point I was just wasting time, cause I couldn’t really choose what to do.

She took the 16 inch balloon from earlier and said “if you don’t want my lips to blow you until you pop, there are other things that would love just that” and then she raised the balloon to her mouth and greeted it with her loving wet tongue. She was doing it ever so sensually, trying to purposefully entice me into doing it. we both knew what was happening, but she knew better, she knew way better because she caught me off guard by adding “remember, your balloon has to go BANG if you want me to blow you, and if you don’t blow your balloon until the neck fills and kisses your lips, you can kiss this monster good bye because I’m not stopping until you start blowing”

Now I just realized, that I’m supposed to burst the damn thing to get her lips around my nozzle, which went completely over my head. I’m not ready for this.

She was already half way there blowing the 16 inch monster. I was still lost in my thoughts until...

“BANG!” she said, trying to scare me.

And scare me she did, because I shook and trembled almost fainting. I regained my posture and came to the realization that the monstrosity that laid in front of me was going to burst.

She started blowing hard and fast, with a wicked smile. She wanted to scare me, she wanted to force me to blow my balloon, she cornered me.

I blew my balloon, which prompted her to stop blowing hers. She took a nice look at her balloon then said “I wouldn’t stop blowing if I were you, that thing’s gonna shatter my ear drums”

These words weren’t encouraging, not the slightest. She must have felt my nervousness because she went and knelt behind me while I sat crossed legged on the bed, and placed her balloon back between her lips, her balloon bopping my head several times in the process.

“what are you doing” I asked sheepishly and nervously.

Suddenly, I felt her warm hands on both my ears. Her balloon was still resting on my head.

“beffer?” she asked with the balloon still in her mouth.

I didn’t answer, instead, I continued to blow my balloon with my eyes closed.

Breath after breath after breath… I suddenly felt her grip on my ears tighten, like, A LOT, which startled me and made me open my eyes. I inspected my balloon, which was slightly overinflated, but not quite full yet, the neck was short and it was obvious that my balloon could easily take a lot m….


“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH” she SCREAMED. I jumped so hard, I shook all over, my heart was beating so fast. Even with her hands on my ears, the sound was like a shotgun going off on top of my head. I didn’t hear her blow! I was focused on my balloon so much. I was shaking nonstop. She, on the other hand, was on the bed laughing, with tears in her eyes and both hands on her ears.

“WH…WH...WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!?!?!?!” I shouted at her, with a little bit of nervousness.

“I was wrong! I was so wrong when I told you these 12 inchers were louder, because I don’t think anything is quite as loud as this balloon” she said while wiping her tears.
She grabbed the balloon I was still holding with one hand and grabbed my hand with the other.

“you’re shacking so much, oh I’m so sorry loonerfun00, I couldn’t resist.” She said while giggling like a little school girl.

“look, I’m really sorry, to compensate, I’m changing the rules, I’m going to continue where you left off till it burst between my lips and then I’ll give you your nice reward how about that?” she said with a more serious tone.
I look away, showing signs of disbelief and betrayal, then I looked at her with puppy eyes that said “just get me out of this”

She leaned closer and sat just in front of me, our legs touching and placed the balloon I was blowing in her mouth and then she leaned further. The balloon was now pressed against my crotch, and as I was thinking of making a run for it, she placed both her hands on my ears and tightened her grip just like before, and looked at me dead in the eyes.

I was stunned, that was the best moment I have ever experienced in my entire life, nothing could beat it. I sat there, my mouth half opened.

She puffed her cheeks and blew, then blew, then blew and then the neck touched her lips. She smiled, giggling with the balloon still in her mouth.

“awe you weafy?” she said, but I heard nothing, her hands muffled everything.

Her cheeks puffed again, for like 3 seconds before I started to feel the balloon trembling and vibrating my shorts, I cringed just in time before..


It wasn’t quite as loud thanks to her gentle warm hands, but I knew that it was in reality quite loud, because she put a finger in her ear and moved her jaw a little bit.

She looked at me, my eyes were starting to form tears. Suddenly she jumped at me and pulled down my shorts, she laid on me and gave my member the wettest slowest and messiest lick a female could ever offer….

“I’m blowing you until you go BANG” she emphasized the last word, making me jump, but just then I moaned, as she had my cock deep in her throat….
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Default Re: She covered my ears
I love stories that teases with fear like this
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Default Re: She covered my ears
Well done!
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