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Default .Be carefull what you wish for
I'm in truble big time, but it's my own fould.
I have been in this situation the intire day just becauce i had to make a crazy wish.
I better tell you how i got into this situation
It started last friday.
I got off work early, but somehow i did not feel like going home.
So i drove down town in the city i worked in.
Not really knowing what i was looking for i left my car at a parking house and walked randomly around.
I ended up in the old part of the city.
I passed a strange old store, but was somehow drawn back to it to check it out.
There was a sign over the door marked MAGIC ITEMS.
I entered the store and it had a strange smell.
I was greated by an old woman.
"How can i help you?" she asked
"I'm not really sure" i answered "i just came by your store and tought that i would check it out.
" Well you are welcome. Just look around i am sure you will find something interesting "she said.
I took my time looking at all the counters
It was mostly stuff for magic shows. Not really my thing.
Then i saw it.
It was a really dusty plastic bag laying in the back of a shell behind of some other stuff.
It was like my hand was drawn to it.
Picking it up i could see it was a bag of the kind of balloons you make balloon animals of.
It was really big.
That looks interesting i tought.
Reading on the bag it MAGIC BALLOON ANIMALS.
"Oh I can see you found something. You will have a lot of fun with that" the old woman said.
Not really knowing what she ment i paid the ten dollars and drove home.
It was a holiday weekend so i got till wedensday i tought nice.
Coming home i looked closer on the bag.
That was strange i tought.
Well it could not hurt to inflate a couble of balloons i tought and opened the bag.
As soon as the bag split open a real strong rubber smell hit me.
I started inflating the balloons with my balloon pump.
It was like the smell of the balloons did something to me, becauce i kept inflating balloon after balloon for tree hours.
Totaly exausted i went to bed at one am.
I had a dream about the balloons becoming as a suit that night.
The next morning i was awaked by a strange squeaky sound from my living room.
As I opened the door i was met by a very strong rubber smell.
To my amazement i saw that all the balloons had twisted them self into a human shaped figure.
It had arms, legs and even an open face hood.
It was open from the face down to the stomach with the balloons made ready to be twisted close.
Picking up the balloon figure it was much lighter than i expected. It looked like i could fit inside it.
I got to try to float in this suit on the lake i tought.
I found a huge black bin bag and and carefully putted the balloon suit into it.
Carrying the bag down to my car it felt really light, almost like it was trying to lift me.
I was able to fit it on the back seat of my car and I drove out to the lake.
The walk out to my secred spot felt difriend. It was like i was lighter.
Arriving at the lake i took of all my clothe and unpacked the balloon suit.
It was like it was already inviting me to climb into it.
Sitting on a bench i was able to get my legs into the suit.
It already felt very intence, but I pulled my wetsuit boots on after getting my legs into the suit.
As I stood up with only my legs in the suit it felt wierd, like i was lighter.
It was like the suit was pulling me upward so i tried to sit down on the bench again, but I couldn't.
Well it actualy felt kinda cool so i desided to go all the way.
I got first one arm in the suit and then the other.
Now i only needed i to close the front of the suit.
As I twisted the first balloons together a jolt of energy went trough all the balloons.
It repeated as I twisted the rest of the balloons together.
When i was all sealed in it was like the balloons tightened around my intire body.
The rubber feeling was imence and the smell. Wow.
There was something else. I felt really light.
As I waded into the lake i began to feel the boyancy of the balloons as soon as the water got knee deep.
As the water reached my tighs i was floating, but still in an upright position.
It felt kinda like i was flying.
I could not help my self wishing i was flying for real and then it happenent.
A huge jolt of energy struck the balloons and my intire body.
The rubber feeling of the balloons increased a thousand times and looking down i could see and feel my self rising out of the water.
The balloons got even tighter around my body as they inflated to double size.
It felt so good that i forgot to be scared.
This was what i had fantasized about all the other times i have been floating wearing balloons, but now it really happenent.
I floated higher and higher up to several kilometers up.
I still felt nice and warm inside the balloon suit.
It was beginning to get dark, but I was still high up in the air feeling very good and eventualy i fell asleep.
The next morning i woke up still floating high up between the clouds.
I didn't feel thirsty or hungry, just in a trance of pure enjoyment from the balloons on my body.
I floated in this condition for the intire day just enjoying the veiw.
At sunset i felt that i was beginning to desend.
I touched down exactly at my starting point still feeling very light.
I tried jumping and floated ten meters up in the air before touching down again.
As I walked ashore the suit came apart and one by one the balloons floated away.
I felt a bit sad, but I took my clothe on and walked to my car.
On the way home i got to think of that i still have four hundred balloons left.
As I got home the bag of balloons was lying on my table unopened...

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Default Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter two
I still had four days holiday left so i opened the bag of balloons again and was immidialy grandted with the strong rubber smell.
I could not help my self, i just started inflating the balloons again.
After inflating about hundred balloons i inflated a GL1200 balloon too.
I didn't know why, but I felt i had do it.
Totaly exausted i went to bed.
Again i dreamt of flying in the suit of balloons, but this time sitting on a GL1200 balloon.
When i woke up early the next morning the balloon suit was waiting for me on the floor together with the GL1200 balloon.
This time it had also feets off balloons and the hood was fully closed with a clear balloon to see trough.
It was bouncing sligtly like it invited me into it.
Quickly i tore my boxers off and picked up the balloon suit.
I got my legs into the suit sitting on a chair.
Putting my arms backward into the suit the suit slided in place by it self and the hood slided over my head.
Before i could do anything the balloons in the front opening started to twist close.
The suit tightened up on my body and floated up from the chair, but only so i was stranding upright.
Then i bounced across the living room and landed on the GL1200 balloon between my legs.
By it self the balcony door opened and the balloons carried me outside.
I could see the ground disapear below trough the clear balloon.
I felt totaly safe as I floated higher and higher up over my home town.
I don't know how high up the balloons took me, but the sky turned black over me and I could clearly see the earth curve under me
I was so high up that i should not have been able to survive the lack of oxygen.
Somehow the balloon suit acted like a really rubbery space suit keeping me warm and pressurerised.
All the time i was in a trance of pure enjoyment becauce of the intence rubber feeling from the balloons.
Still we rised higher and was now far over the earths atmophere.
These balloons was definitialy not normal balloons.
They had done something to the GL1200 balloon too becauce it also held up.
All the exitement and the intence rubber feeling eventualy got too much for me and I simply passed out for a while.
The balloon suit supported me, becauce when i woke up again i was still sitting on the GL1200 balloon.
It was like the balloon suit senced that i had enough becauce we where slowly desending again.
Far below i could see my home town and my balcony.
We gently touched down in my living room and I could step off the GL1200 balloon.
I senced the suit would come apart, but I begged it not to.
I was not ready to end this yet.
Allthough i had inflated balloons under my feets they didn't pop when i walked on them.
It just made it really bouncy
I could not resist trying a walk trough my town at night in the suit.
I thought that i would try an alternative to the stairs from my second floor apartment, so i went out to the balcony
Still feeling very light i bounced up on the café table and out over the edge of balcony.
It took almost a minut before i touched down.
I bounced two meters up in the air again and it was so funny that complely forgot the time.
It was beginning to get lighter when i came back to my street.
Suddently i got to think of that my door was locked.
How could i get back into my appartement?
It was like the suit senced it, becauce it floated me up to the balcony and into the living room.
I was totaly exausted and the suit began to come apart.
The balloons deflated and crawled back in the bag.
By it self the bag sealed close and looked like it had never been opened.
Ready for the next time
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Default Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter tree
The next day i was awaked by the door bell.
"Oh shit" i tought.
I had completely forgot that my friend was coming to wisit me today..
I opened the door only wearing my boxers.
"Hi sleepy head had you forgot that i was coming to wisit today?" he asked.
"Totaly. The last days has been really strange" i said.
A squeaky noise and strong rubber odor came from behind the closed living room door.
"What's going on in there?" my friend said and opened the door.
We where met by an even stronger rubber smell and two balloon suits lying on the floor, bouncing sligtly.
One of the suits was my size and the other sligtly smaller like my friend.
"wow. Has you made those last night? No wonder that you over slept" he said.
"Well not really. I bought this bag in the town i work in the other day at a store that sells magic items" i said.
"Are you saying that the balloons are magic? Bullshit" he said
Well i know that we where supposed to go cycling today, but why don't we climb into the suits to see if i'm wrong? "i said.
" Well okay "he said and picked the smaller suit up." Wow it's really light.
Without me saying anything he took off his clothe and sat down on a chair and pulled the suit on his legs, i did the same.
As we stood up he got second thoughts and tried to sit down.
"It feels strange" he said and tried to pull down the suit.
"We come this far why don't you just put your arms in and see what happens?" i said.
"Well ok i got this far" he said and putted his arms in.
I did the same.
"To close the suit just twist the balloons together like this" i said.
The jolt of energy hit us, but that just made my friend close the rest of his balloons faster.
The suits tightened up and all my friend could say was "Wow.
" I feel really light "he said.
" Well you have seen nothing yet. Come out to the balcony with me "i said.
I tried us together with a string.
" Why are you doing that you don't really think that we will float off, do you? "he asked and looked at me like i was crazy.
" There is only one way to find out "i said and wished that we would float up in the air.
A huge bolt of energy hit the suits and they tightened up even more as the balloons inflated even more.
As our feets left the ground all my friend could say was" WHOOOAAAA".
We floated higher and higher up over my home town and could see my balcony far below.
I could see my friend was very exited.
"How are you doing" i asked.
"I can tell you that this is the most exiting experience i have ever tried. And the feeling of wearing the balloons. Wow it's like a huge rubbery hug on the intire body" he said.
"Well now you know what i have been doing for the last couble of days.
" It's amazing that these small balloons can carry us. I guess you are right they are magic balloons and wow they feel good on my body "he said.
We floated up to about two or tree kilometers over the earth and the view was spetacular and the balloons just felt better and better.
" How do we get down again? "he asked.
" Well the balloons normaly sence when we had enough, but it is mostly at sundown.
"Well i don't really feel like going down yet" he said.
"Me eather" i said.
Several hours later the sun began to set and we slowly desended.
We landed on my balcony.
"I still feel very light" he said and jumped.
He floated ten meters up before landing again.
"This is so cool, but I better call it the day and go home" he said.
The balloons began to come apart from our suits and deflate.
Then they all crawl back into the bag and it sealed close..
"Wow they are really magic" he said.
"I would preffer that you keep this a secred between us" i said.
"Of course you secred is safe with me" he said.
As he drove off i got to think of how cool it was that i now had someone to shear my experience with
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Question Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter four:
The winter was begining to get a grib on my town.
Since it was getting colder and i was really busy at work, i almost forgot my balloons.
Friday when i got to bed it was snowing and just huddled to stay warm.
Early saturday morning i was awaked by the feeling of something defriend.
It was still dark, but something was floating over me.
I switched the light on still lying on my bed.
It was what looked like all the my modeling balloons floating over me.
I began to wish that i was up there floating together with the balloons.
The balloons immediately senced that and desended on me.
I was pinned down on the bed and i could feel the balloons crawl around my intire body twisting together like snakes.
My head was the last the balloons enveloped and i felt my self rising from the bed as still more balloons wraped on my body.
Floating in a standing position i could see my self in the mirror wearing a thick suit of balloons.
The rubber feeling was allmost too much and i was unable to move.
As i floated Into the livivng room the balcony door opened and i floated outside.
I did not feel the cold weather at all, i only felt the warm rubbery feeling of the balloons.
The balcony dissapeared below and the balcony door closed.
The only thing i could do was enjoy it.
The snowy weather was becoming a blizzard as the balloons took me higher and higher.
I could hear the snow hitting the balloons, but I still felt nice and warm.
Suddently we was over the clouds in bright sunshine still rising.
The sky began to get black řver me, but the balloons just kept rising.
I was still able to breath and the balloons kept me pressurerised as we left the atmosphere.
The Earth was now only a small blue dot as we neared a small space rock.
On the rock there was what looked like a store.
There was a sign over the door "BALLOONS OF YOUR DREAMS"
The balloons floated me to the store and inside.
A small greay alien with beautiful big eyes greated me.
"Welcome. I can see you have brought your credit card. Just look around, i'm sure we have something you like
And oh boy he did.
The balloons floated me around in the store while i spend.
There was a bag of figure balloons that looked really big.
There was a picture on it with a guy riding on it while floating in the air, needless to say i bought a couble of those.
There was a bag with a human shaped balloon in my size with a picture of a guy floating in the air in it that i bought.
A lot of what looked like normal GL1200 balloons, but marked MAGIC.
Since everything was really cheap i bought a lot and i can't even remember how much.
As it was time to pay i haven't even spend 20$, but I have bought several tousand balloons.
"I have a final offer for you today "the alien said.
"Okay what's that? "I asked
"For 20$ more you can get a YOU DREAM IT WE MAKE IT card "he said.
That sounds interesting. I'll have one of those too 'i said.
I paid and got the balloons and card tied to me and then the balloon suit floated me back to Earth.
As we neared my balcony the door swung open and i floated Into the livivng room and the bag droped on the floor.
My balloon suit came apart and the balloons deflated and crawled back into their bag.
I looked in the bag of the balloons i bought and picked a bag of figure balloons.
I took out a duck shaped balloon, it was twise as big as any duck shaped balloon i had ever seen and the neck was on top of its head.
I could not resist trying to inflate it so i got my electric pump..
As i inflated the duck shaped balloon it somehow worked its way between my legs .
I was now standing in the depression between the body and head of the clear coloured duck shaped balloon while it was growing.
I felt the balloon lifting me and it felt so good that i kept inflating.
Suddently we left the ground and rised up to the ceiling.
I clibed the neck and just sat there enjoying the balloon when it rang on the door.
I have forgot to lock the door and she came in seing me nacked on the duck shaped balloon
It was my new neighbor
"What are you doing? It looks interesting "she said.
I notised that she was really beautiful and looked like Ziva from NCIS.
"Well if you want to try it grab a balloon in the open bag and a clip "i said.
"It looks really temping "she said and took of her clothe revealing her perfect body.
I lowered the electric pump to her and she started inflating the clear coloured balloon duck..
"Wow it's lifting me" she said while she kept inflating.
The balloon lifted off and she said "Whooaa this feels good..
That was when i found out that my duck shaped balloon had and extra feature.
My dick slid Into a condome like area and i felt like pumping.
For each pump i could see a reaction from Lisa.
"Wow what's happenings? Whatever you do don't stop "she said.
I kept pumping and we both had a huge orgasm.
Totaly exausted we both took the clips of our balloons and slowly desended.
"Wow i wanna do this another time "she said as she stepped off her balloon.
She kissed me and said "when ever you feel like it rang on my door "
Really glad i reliced that i just have got a new girlfriend

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Default Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter five:
Well needless to say that Lisa and i have been playing a lot doing the winter.
I haven't even had the time to see how much i actualy bought so one saturday i desided to have another look in the huge bag of balloons.
It was the first real spring day of the year and the sun was shining.
The first thing i grabbed was also the last thing i got to tjeck out that day.
It was the bag with the picture of a guy floating in the air in a body shaped balloon.
Opening the bag i letted the contece fell on my bed..
it was not only one, but two bright red balloons shaped like a human body with atached feets and hands.
The neck of the balloons was where the neck of a human body would be.
The bigger balloon looked like i could fit into it and the smaller looked like a female shape, just about Lisa's size.
Really exited i ran over to Lisa's door and rang on the door bell.
After almost five minutters she finaly opened the door looking like she just stumbled out of her bed.
"What?"she said "it better be important".
"Well i was going trough my balloon stach and i stumbled over something really interesting. I totaly forgot i bought it, you gotta see it".
"It better be worth it "she said as i dragged her over to my appartment.
Coming into my appartment i saw that the body shaped balloons no longer where on my bed.
They where needly layed on my livivng floor side by side with their neck in a position that invited to climb into them.
"What going on? I did not put them there, l left them on the bed" i said .
"Strange "Lisa said "it's like they whant us to climb into them ".
"I'm really tempted "I said.
"Well i have nothing planned for today "Lisa said picking up the female shaped balloon.
I took off my clothe and picked up the balloon and felt on the inside.
"It's luped on the inside "I said looking at Lisa taking her clothe off revealing her perfect body.
It was like the balloon shivered in my fingers while i was holding it, begging me to climb into it..
"Well i think they want us to climb into them "Lisa said and putted her feets Into the neck of her balloon "the rubber smell is driving me crazy "
I stuck my feets Into the neck of my balloon and as i grabed the neck of my balloon to pull it on my body something strange happened.
The balloon began to climb upward on my body with my arms trapped inside it.
I could see Lisa's eyes go big as her balloon did the same.
The balloons simply worked them self upward on our bodys and there was nothing we could do.
With a snap the neck of my balloon balloon snaped in place on my neck and so did Lisa's balloon.
The balloons fitted perfectly on our bodys without any wrinkels at all.
As we stood up i saw Lisa's perfect body in her new latex balloon suit.
"Wow you look good in that "I said tying a string on my trist.
"It doesn't look bad on you eather" Lisa said while i tied the other end of the string to her wrist.
"Well it's just a precausion. The guy on the picture is floating and i don't whant us to drift appart" i said.
"I'm getting a bit warm, can we go out on the balcony to cool down?"Lisa asked.
"Just a minute "I said grapping my credit card.
"Why do you need that? "Lisa asked.
"You never know "I said tucking my credit card between my neck and the balloons neck.
We walked out on my balcony letting the breece cool us.
Suddently a hiss sound began.
I could see Lisa's balloon began to swell and i felt the pressure growing on my body as my balloon began to inflate.
The balloon felt like it was double layered and the pressure grew as the balloon got bigger and bigger.
"Whooaa i feel really light "Lisa said while her balloon kept inflating "What's happening? "
Lisa 's eyes got big as the neck of her balloon suddently began to work its way up over her face.
My balloon did the same and there was nothing we could do.
With a snap the balloon completly coveret our heads, but we where somehow still able to breath and see out
"Are you allright?" I asked.
"Yes " Lisa said "the rubber smell and feeling is allmost unbareble in here, it really turns me on."
Looking down i could see my balcony dissapear below.
"Whooaa we are flying "Lisa shouted.
As we floated higher and higher i could just about see Lisa's beautiful eyes trough her balloon suit.
The sky began to get black over us as we kept rising.
"Are you allright?"I asked.
"Yes it's the most wonderfull exsperience i have ever had "Lisa said.
"I think that i know where the balloon suits are taking us "I said as we left the atmosphere..
The Earth was now only a small blue dot as we neared the small asteroid with the balloon shop.
"Welcome. I can see you have a friend with you "the alien said.
"Well yes and i was forsighted enough to bring my credit card, but it's stuck inside my suit "i said.
That's no problem "the alien said.
""Well Lisa see if you want to buy something it's on me " I said
Lisa bought a lot of balloons, but I only had to pay twenty dollars.
I also found something interesting, but I did not buy as much this time and you will hear about what it is another time.
When it was time to leave the alien said "by the way your suits have a build in feature, but it's Lisa that have to deside weather she wants to use it "
"What is it?"I asked.
You will soon find out "the alien said and smiled as we drifted out.
We where out in space angain when i suddently felt something going on down by my dick.
"I bought something special for us to the trip home "Lisa said with a naughty smile.
I could feel a condome like area forming around my dick and the rubber feeling increased a tousand times.
I could see Lisamoving back and forth like she was on top of me and every move she made i felt on my dick and body.
We both had a huge orgasm as we entered the atmosphere and she kept going untill we where directly over my balcony.
Totaly exausted we landed and stumbled into my livivng room landing on the floor and bouncing up to the ceiling.
We where still trapped inside the balloon suits not quite able to stay on the floor.
Totaly exausted we both fell asleep still floating in the air in our balloons.
The next morning we woke up in my bed nacked with the balloon suits on the floor.
"Danm i'm late "Lisa said "i have to go on a family reunion in one hour"
"See you "i grinned as she ran out of my bed room nacked carrying her clothe and balloon suit.
My balloon suit was lying on the floor looking like it had never been worn
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Default Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter Six
A couble of weeks later i came home from work.
I checked my mailbox and there was a white box in it.
I don't know how it got in there becauce the box was much larger than the slid in the mailbox, it filled the whole inside of the mailbox..
There was no sender on the box ,so i figured that it might be the special thing that i ordered with my special card that i bought at the astoriod balloon store.
I quickly ran up to my appartment and carefully opened the box.
I letted the contece fell on my bed and was imidialy met by a strong smell of rubber.
Folding it out i could see that it was exactly what i ordered.
It was a metallic red balloon with gold lightnins across the front shaped like a human body in exactly my size, completly with feets and gloves and an open face hood atached.
There was a letter with.
Dear Scuba
As rercested we have made you this balloon.
Climb into it and it will transform you to a superhero.
Best wishes.
Astoriod balloons.

Could it be that simple?
Only one way to find out.
I picked up the mettalic red balloon, just touching it with my hands I could feel the energy almost like getting a small electric shock.
It actualy felt really plesant and just got the urge to climb into it even bigger.
Quickly i took off my clothe and and placed my feets into the open face hood of the balloon.
I started to wrickle my self into the balloon, it was very tight getting my legs trough the small face home.
Pulling the balloon higher upward on my body I kept getting small energy shocks
It was really plesant, but it didn't make getting into the balloon easyer.
Finaly my legs got in place and i started working my first arm in and then the other.
It was really really tight, but just as i was about to give up the balloon slided in place around my shoulder with a snap.
I stood up and felt really light.
Looking in the mirror i could see that the balloon looked like it was painted on my body.
I pulled the hood up over my head.
As soon as the hood was in place the neck of the balloon rolled out over my eyes and nose so only my mouth and thins where free.
Looking in the mirror i could see a super hero with mirror clear eyes looking back.
The balloon felt like it was inflated around my body even though it was fitting tightly.
I made a small jump and bumbed my head up in the ceiling.
I went into the livivng room to try out if the balloon suit had made me stronger.
With one hand i grabed my marble sofa table and lifted it all the way up to the ceiling before gently setting it down again. WOW..
The rubber feeling kept getting stronger and i simply couldn't resist trying what else i could do.
I went out on my balcony and looked up in the air thinking about flying.
With great speed i shot up in the air.
Well i might as well try if i could fight crime in this balloon suit i thought.
With great speed i flew to Copenhagen in only five minutters, a distance of about 300 kilometers.
This suit definitaly have potiential i thought.
Below in a park i could see an old lady getting robbed by a gang of tre young men with a gun.
"Suggest you stop doing what you do right now "I shouted.
"Oh yeah how will you make us do that? "One of the gang members said and firedobles his gun at me.
The bullit hit me on the chest, but the balloon just made it bounce off like he had trown a small pepple.
"Oh you should not have done that "I said.
With lightnig speed i gave all tree a weggie and took off carrying them in their under pant.
Oh boy they scemed as i carryed them several hundred meters up in the air and toward a police station.
I neatly hang them in their under pants in a lamppost outside the police station
I placed a sign around one of the gang members neck and a picture of them robbing the old lady.
I wrote.
"You just hang in there "I grinned as i took off.
Oh boy they cursed and screamed and i could see a police officer come out as i flew home.
As i got home i was able to pull the balloon suit off in the shower.
I have not told Lisa about it yet and i'm not sure i will to keep her safe
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Default Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter seven.
I just got out of a bit of a stange situation.
Reasonly i have been experimenting with meditation in my inflatable latex suit.
Since i have all the balloons i bought from the alien and in the magic store it's something defriend but still nice and relaxing.
The inflatable latex suit i preffer to use has an open face hood atached and gloves and feet atached.
I normaly meditate for 1,5 hours and i am able to crawl out of my bed in the inflated suit and deflate it standing up and enjoying the sensation.
Last night was defriend.
It started as usual with me luping up the suit.
I was a bit lazy so i only luped the arms, but it is usualy enough.
As i stood up to pull the arms on i felt like there was a little wrinkle in the right foot.
Well i didn't really feel like taking off the suit again to see what it was since it was only a little wrinkle.
I plugged my earphones in my ears and pulled my molded latex hood from Thailand over my head before finaly pulling the atached hood over my head..
As i inflated the suit it felt like the wrinkle in the right foot was a wrinkle.
There was something in the foot.
Well i got this far so i definitaly didn't bother to investigate what it was since it i had to deflate the suit and take it off to find out.
I lied down on my bed on my back in the fully inflated suit and plugged the earphones to my phone.
I had found some binural beats music on Youtube that i wanted to tjeck out.
After ten minutters i was in a deep trance.
At this state i usualy begin to feel like i'm floating but this time the sensation began to feel stronger and stronger.
It was like the suit was begining to lift me.
It felt so wonderfull that i kept my eyes closed.
I was awaked by the feeling of bumbing Into something and my phone falling off the suit.
With a bumb the phone landed on the bed and that was when i opened my eyes.
It felt defriend in front of me and when i opened my eyes the roof window wasn't where it used to be.
It was below me with and i was stuck between the sloping wall and the roof lamp.
I realised that i was floating in the suit under the ceiling.
I tried to focus on getting my self down, but it didn't Help.
Well it actualy felt quite good.
With my left arm i was able to push my self down a bit and i was able to grab a hold on the sieze list on the roof window.
With some deficulty i was able to push my self to a standing position.
I tried with all my arm strength to push me downward.
I was able to push my self down so my feets was about half a meter over the floor, but I kept floating back up in the air again.
I was begining to get a little hot in the suit, but luckely the door to the livivng room and and hallway was open. With some deficulty i was able to push my self under the top of the doors and into the livivng room.
I hang with my head bumbing against the ceiling wondering what to do.
It felt absolutely wonderfull and i didn't really feel like getting down.
Eventualy i began to feel that i had to pee.
Suddently it struck me.
Maby i should just unplug the valve cab on the suit.
With a hiss the air began to slowly deflatethe latex suit.
At first nothing happened, but eventualy i slowly began to desend.
As i touched down i was still very boyant and walking to the bathroom felt like walking on the Moon.
I squized the last air out of the suit and was finaly able to open the zipper and get out.
As i pulled my right foot out of the foot of the suit something fell out on the floor.
It was one of the modeling balloons i bought in the store that sell magic items.
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Default Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter eight
Just as i thought that balloons couldn't surprice me any more i was in for a big surprice.
It ended up with me having to walk/bounce twenty kilometers home.
It started with me buying a bed sheed duvet.
The duvet packing was marked stretchy and i ended up buying one.
When i got home i found out that the opening in the duvet was far too small to fit my quilt trough.
I thought that it was a factoring mistake, but the shop had just closed..
It was really really hot, far too hot for me to sleep in the bed room.
So I found a wide sleeping pad and placed it on the balcony floor.
I figured that i might just use the duvet as a sleeping bag and looked for it.
The duvet had somehow ended up in between my balloons. I folded the duvet out on my balcony floor and got my pillow.
The entry hole in the blue duvet was only just big enough for me to squeace trough, but I managed to get in.
At first i tried laying with my head outside, but there was simply too many mosquitos so pulled my head inside the duvet.
It was then my foot touched something rubbery.
Well the duvet was so nice that i didn't really tought more about it and i soon fell asleep.
A couble of hours later i was awaked by the feeling of something squeazing me.
I felt something rubbery all around my body.
As i opened my eyes the squeazing got tighter and tighter.
I felt my self being lifted up on soft latex and i was now lying on two balloons.
Two balloons more inflated on top of me.
I got to the conclution that the balloons had to be the GL1200 balloons i bought from the alien.
They had somehow ended up inside the duvet with me.
The four GL1200 balloons inflated bigger and bigger and i was sanwitched between them unable to move at all.
The duvet started squeaking as the pressure grew and the balloons squeazed harder.
Somehow the duvet held up and i was able to see trough the fabric as if i was wearing a morph suit.
As the pressure grew almost unbareble the balloons stopped inflating.
It felt like i was rising.
A gust of wind confirmed it as i was flibed around so i was lying on my stomach looking down.
My balcony was dissapearing below as i began floating upward.
I was still totaly imobaliced by the balloons totaly unable to move.
The balloons had an intense rubber smell and feeling as they took me higher and higher.
Since it was in June the night here is quite light and i was able to see quite well.
A couble of hours later the sun began to rise.
As the sun rised higher it began to warm up the balloons making the pressure even higher on my body.
It wasn't really uncomfortable, but it was begining to get really warm and i was getting sweaty.
The sweat made me just slipery enough to move my arms up to the top of the balloons under me.
With some deficulty i was able to reach the neck of the balloons and felt a clip on each neck.
Thinking it was about time to get down i was able to open both clips and the gas started rusching out.
I felt my self begining to desend so i clibed one of the balloons under me so i was lying on in with my arms and legs out over the side of it.
I wasn't able to reach the clips of the balloons over me, but I slowly desended.
I finaly touched down on a grassy feild next to the freeway.
I tried to reach the balloons over me, but all the movement just made me bounce up in the air again.
It actualy was quite fun
By this time the wind had shifted toward my home town.
With one GL1200 balloon between my legs and two over my head i was just able to see out of the small entry hole in the blue duvet.
I made a small jump and felt my self being lifted thirty meters up in the air before slowly desending again.
As i came to the lake that the freeway crosses i made a powerfull jump .
The balloons carryed me at least a hundred meters up in the air and i landedgently on the other side of the lake.
The sun warmed the balloons up even more and i began floating upward.
I letted the gas out of the balloon between my legs and that made me desend again.
Standing inside the duvet i was just able to reach the neck of one of balloons over me and unclip it.
When that balloon had deflated i was able to reach the neck of the other balloon and finaly deflate it.
I realised that i was only wearing boxers, but since it was quite early nobody saw me walking the last bit home.
When i got home i realised that i locked my self out.
Standing below my balcony at the street i clibed one of the balloons and wished that it would help me.
The balloon inflated between my legs and carryed me up to my balcony and landed.
Totaly exausted i just lied on my bed and fell asleep
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Default Re: .Be carefull what you wish for
Chapter nine
My alien balloon stach keep surpricing me.
I only have to think about a new kind of balloon and it will apear in the bag
It was a nice summer day and Lisa was a bit bored.
"Lets try something new "she said "got any ideas? "
I went to get the bag with the alien balloon stach .
I pulled out a balloon that looked like nothing i have ever seen before.
The balloonwas a lot bigger than any balloon i had ever seen.
It was oval and had four holes in the middle like a donut balloon.
There was no neck on the balloon.
Two of the holes was slightly bigger than the other two.
"What are we suposed to do with that?"Lisa asked.
"I think that i know "I said come with me"
I opened both the doors out to the balcony and took of my pants and boxers. Lisa did the same and said "what now? "
"Just do what i do" i said and placed one feet in each of the biggest holes.
Lisa did the same.
"Now pull the balloon all the way up to your croch "I said.
"Whooaa it's tight "Lisa said while pulling the balloon upward.
She stood directly in front of me looking in my eyes with her beautiful brown eyes.
As soon as i had pulled the balloon all the way up to my croch a hissing sound started.
The clear balloon quickly inflated and got bigger and bigger.
We where not really able to move that much, but I felt the balloon lifting me and Lisa from the ground while it was growing in size.
We saw the balcony dissapear below.
"A good thing that i bought our pants with us" Lisa said and held up a bag.
The balloon felt nice and soft between my legs like a really comfortable chair.
I made another wish and my dick slid Into a condome like area.
"Whooaa what ever you do keep doing it "Lisa said while the balloon pushed up in her vagina.
"Ok "I said and pumped harder.
Floating between the clouds we both had a huge orgasm, but the balloon didn't feel greasy after it at all.
"How are we going to get down again? "Lisa asked.
Don't worry about that "I said.
"I don't wanna come down yet "Lisa said
We floated between the clouds the whole day having several orgasm.
As the sun began to set it got cooler .
"I think it's time to come down "I said.
We began to desend and landed directly on my balcony.
With a hiss the air began to slowly deflate the balloon.
"What an amazing day "Lisa said and kissed me.
"Next time it's my turn to chose the activity "Lisa said while pulling the balloon down.
"I can't wait " i said
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