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Default The Show I'll Never Forget
Been sitting on this for a while, and I decided to finally put it out there. Thanks to everyone who gave me the positive feedback I needed to make this story public, you know who you are.

The Show I'll Never Forget

If it were any other day, I might have deleted that e-mail. I could spot a spam e-mail a mile away, but something was different about yours. The subject simply read "For a special balloon lover. Enjoy the show!", and there was a video file attached. I felt like I was being baited, but whoever you were, you somehow knew my secret. I hovered my mouse over the video file, unsure of myself. I knew I shouldn't be opening files found in strange e-mails, but this was too specific, too personal to be random chance. Someone intentionally sent this to me. This video had to be for me. I slowly started to convince myself to watch it, started to imagine what could be inside this mystery video, and my cock began to stiffen as my imagination ran wild with the possibilities. Finally, my curiosity gave out, and I downloaded the attachment. When it was finished, it automatically began to play.

The video opened on a shot of a living room filled with balloons of all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours strewn across the floor and a couch that the camera was centered on. You were sitting on that couch, in a black bra with matching panties. You had a cute, innocent smile, and red hair tied up in a bun.

"Hi there!" you exclaimed with a smile. "As you can see, I have a lot planned for you. You're probably wondering who I am, but don't worry about that, it's not important. What's important is that I know exactly what you like about balloons, and I'm about to give you a show you'll never forget. Try not to look this gift horse in the mouth, and get something to... stimulate yourself with. Hurry, I can't wait to get started!"

As strange as this was, the sight of you amongst all of those beautiful balloons was far too arousing for me to let rational thought get in the way. I quickly opened my desk drawer and pulled out a red doughnut balloon and some lubricant before looking back to the screen, eager not to miss a moment of the video.

"I hope you've gotten a balloon out by now, slowpoke! While you're blowing that sucker up..." you said, as you reached into your bra and pulled out an orange balloon of your own. "...let's get the show started."

As you raised the balloon to your lips, it finally hit me. This was really happening. This video was for real. The unmistakable sound of your first breath into the flaccid balloon made my cock twitch. I began to blow up my own doughnut balloon as quickly as possible, the air rushing into the latex with each panicked breath, and it quickly reached full size. You weren't timid with your breaths either, and by the time I had tied off my doughnut balloon, you were coaxing a neck out of your own, barely tying it off. I applied some lubricant and slipped the doughnut balloon over my cock. I always enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded like that, but the show playing out before me heightened that feeling even more. Looking back at the screen, you tapped a finger against your balloon, the drum-like sound demonstrating its tightness. I was glued to the screen as I began stroking myself with my balloon and I couldn't wait to see what was in store for me.

"I'll bet the sight of me blowing this beauty up has got you hard as a rock!" you said with enthusiasm, holding the balloon by its neck as you twirled it around playfully. "Before we go any further, though, I have some confessions to make. The first is that I'm not just doing this for your benefit. I enjoy playing with balloons too. Make no mistake, playing with them and knowing that you're going to be watching this video makes me just as aroused as you'll be when you watch this. As for the other confession..." You paused for a moment and suddenly, your demeanour had changed. You had a mischievous look on your face, and before you continued, I already knew what you were going to say. "Well, like I said, I know what you like..." you continued, pulling a sharp-looking pin out of the bun of your hair. "...but I also know what you fear."

I'm not really afraid of balloons popping, but the tease of a balloon being held on the edge of destruction causes an intense feeling inside of me. Intense arousal, but intense fear at the same time. I know the pop will turn me on, but at the same time, I dread it. That mixture of heavy fear and arousal produces a rush of adrenaline that, for me, is unmatched by anything else. Nothing makes me feel the same way as a woman teasing and threatening to pop a balloon. The bigger, tighter, and more precious that balloon is, the harder I get, and the more afraid I am. This is my deepest, darkest secret, something I've never shared with anyone in my whole life.

But somehow, you knew.

You held the orange balloon under one arm, crushing it against the side of your breast, causing it to bulge and squeak while you held the pin against the balloon with your other hand. "I know what you're thinking, but try not to worry about how I know these things..." you said, running the pin across the surface of the balloon. I was held in aroused suspense as I watched the sharp pin push ever so slightly into the latex. The balloon looked like it was ready to burst at any moment. Suddenly, you looked up at the camera with a smile that was much more devious than before.

"Like I said, just enjoy the show!" With that, the balloon exploded with a loud crack as the pin pierced the tightly stretched balloon, leaving it in pieces. I stroked my cock harder with my doughnut balloon, knowing that I had only witnessed the first of many teases to come.

The show that followed was one of the sexiest performances I've ever borne witness to. Every balloon in that house was teased mercilessly until it was destroyed before my eyes. You squeezed a green 17" balloon against your tits, highlighting your cleavage and bulging out the neck of the balloon as it struggled to stay intact until it finally popped. You straddled a purple 24 incher, bulging its neck with each bounce, while you ran your nails across a blue 16", slowly digging your nails into the rubber before ripping it apart, and then using your beautiful ass to bring the purple balloon underneath you to destruction. You tortured a huge mouse balloon with the heel of your foot, bulging out its ears as you stepped on it, the latex creaking until it suddenly disappeared with a violent stomp. You teased a balloon bouquet of multiple colours with a pin before unceremoniously popping them all at once. There were so many moments, I can't even remember them all, but I'll never forget that consuming feeling that every balloon you teased and tortured was going to be popped and that there was nothing I could do about it. I still don't know how I was able to hold back my orgasm through the whole show, especially given how vigorously I was stroking my cock with the doughnut balloon, but somehow, I made it to the last balloon in the room.

You had saved the best for last, a red 36" balloon with a star print. I had noticed it from the very start; it was the biggest balloon in the room, and the only printed one of them all. It was my favourite colour and print, but I was beyond questioning how you could know any of that. I was so turned on, I was just hoping that the balloon would be spared. Even though it was just a video, and its fate had already been sealed one way or the other, I hoped that I could somehow save it.

You picked the balloon up off the floor with both hands, and the moment it was in your grasp, that feeling of fear and arousal had already begun again. My cock ached in arousal as I continued stroking it with the doughnut balloon, and my stomach turned over in fear at what was about to unfold. "The last one already? That was quick! Well, we better make this one count..." you said, as you hugged the red balloon in your arms. It bulged and groaned in protest, and I dared not move a muscle, as if that could somehow cause the balloon to pop.

You placed the beautiful balloon on the ground and kneeled in front of it before leaning over it. The sight of you pushing your breasts into the latex drove me wild, and I started stroking even harder. Even though the balloon wasn't carrying your whole weight, I couldn't help but fear it might pop prematurely. You began running your nails across its surface, digging them ever so slightly into the latex, causing many squeaks and squeals, as if the balloon knew what was coming.

"I really hate to see these big ones go..." you said to me, almost sadly. "...but don't think that means I won't do it."

I was so horny and yet so terrified. I couldn't think anymore. The way you were holding that big, red star-printed balloon on the edge of destruction was so overwhelming that I felt like I was paralyzed in that moment, unable to move, even if my life depended on it. I wanted to beg you not to pop that balloon, to let it live. The last of my hope faded as the squealing of the balloon growing louder from your merciless teasing made it clear that your beautiful balloon wouldn't be spared.

That devious look of yours was back on your face once again, and your nails were poised over the latex, ready to strike. "Say goodbye to this big, tight balloon." you teased, and I knew it was over.

You sank your nails deep into your victim, and that big, tight, precious red balloon was destroyed with an enormous BANG.

"I hope you enjoyed my performance! Oh, and by the way, you should probably know..." you said with a smirk, as you tossed away the remains of the balloon. "'re being watched."

On the edge of orgasm, I barely processed what you said, but with those words, the screen went dark. When it did, only then did I notice something. I wasn't sure exactly when it happened, but the light next to the webcam built into the screen was lit and flashing. As realization dawned on me, the screen suddenly flickered back to life, and I was shocked by what I saw next.

There you were again, on my computer screen, but not in quite the same way. The bra and panties were gone now, and you were sitting at a computer desk, bringing yourself to orgasm with a red balloon of your own. Your breasts were heaving as you fingered yourself right in front of me, and the sight of you put me over the edge. This wasn't a video anymore; it was a live feed, and I couldn't see your screen, but I knew exactly what you were getting off to. I didn't know why you had revealed yourself to me, but I didn't care. I knew I should feel violated, but by that time, I was so aroused that I couldn't feel anything else. My body took over and I furiously stroked myself with the doughnut balloon harder than I thought possible, and dug my nails in until it popped right on my cock. As I came everywhere, your balloon popped with a BANG as well, and you followed suit, moaning in ecstasy as the waves of your orgasm travelled through your body.

I was completely exhausted, letting my body go limp as I rolled back my chair from the desk and laid there, staring at the ceiling. I needed a moment to enjoy this feeling before facing the reality of what had just taken place. You had seduced and tricked me, all for your own enjoyment. I certainly got something out of it too, as evidenced by the nearby mess on my carpet, but I wanted answers. Gaining some strength back, I looked back up to face you.

But you were gone, having left me only with the sight of my computer's desktop.

I bolted upright and dashed over to the computer, trying anything I could to get you back, to get the answers I so desperately wanted. I tried to find the video I had downloaded, but it was gone too. I tried going back to the e-mail to find a clue there, but it was as if the message never existed.

I stared at the webcam above my screen, the light having faded to black. There was nothing more I could do. I sat alone in my room, genuinely wondering if I had imagined the whole thing. I felt powerless, knowing that there was no way I could ever find you. I'm writing this in the hope that you'll find it and reveal yourself to me again, even if only to torture me further.

After all, for all I know, you might still be watching.
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Default Re: The Show I'll Never Forget
That was a neat story. Thanks.
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Default Re: The Show I'll Never Forget
Just checking back in this thread, but not a lot of feedback. If anyone has anything to say, even criticism, I'd love to hear it!
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Default Re: The Show I'll Never Forget
That was so cool!! A different type of story telling. Enjoyed it well. Why don't u try some more?
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Default Re: The Show I'll Never Forget
Really like the story! It's like a looner Black Mirror episode haha
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Exclamation Re: The Show I'll Never Forget
Haha, I'm a pretty big fan of Black Mirror, so I can't say that didn't inspire me, but originally the story was written for someone who wanted to be watching someone else getting off with balloons and then be revealed at the last moment, and the webcam idea was the best way I could come up with to facilitate that. The story wasn't originally going to have a darker angle to it, but it played so well with the webcam idea that I had to do it.
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Default Re: The Show I'll Never Forget
Really nice plot idea, and well worked out! Was a good read.

I like also Black Mirror, or David Lynch who is also well known for his twisting plot twists.
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