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Default The inflatable dragon
I just got back and i'm totaly exausted, but I have to tell you my story.
It all started a couble of weeks ago doing the start of my holiday.
I had not really planned anything, just a couble of weeks relaxing at home..
Well i was into a surprice.
I got a private mail on this site, it was from a suit maker i knew used to make really cool inflatable latex suits.
"Hi Scuba
Are you interested in getting one of my inflatable suits?
I have to get rid of it and start making inflatable suits again.
I don't have the time to having this suit any more and reading your stories on this site i know you will be the right owner.
I wrote fill this guy with helium and you will fly in the describtion of the suit and i'm not kidding.
Only you don't even need helium, just use air.
If you are interested send me your adress and 40 $ to cover the shipping charge .
Best wishes..............

There was an atached pictureof an inflatable dragon with huge wings in the bottom of the mail and his banking account number nothing else.
Well i was a little in doubt,but the the temptation was simply too big and it was only 40$.
I wired the money to him.
The next tree weeks up to my holiday i didn't hear anything from him and i began to fear that i had been scammed for 40$.
The friday when i got home having two weeks of holiday in front of me there was a box in front of my door.
I was really tired so i placed the box in the livivng room and got a couble of hours of sleep on my bed.
When i woke up i got something to eat while looking at the box..
Well i better see what it was.
There was no sender on the box only a:CAREFULL WHEN YOU OPEN THE BOX.
I carefully opened the box.
Inside there was a transparent bag with something green inside.
I opened the bag and was met by a strong smell of rubber when i letted the contece fell on my bed.
Folding it out on my bed it was the green dragon from the mail.
Its body was green with a yellow stomach and it had tree pink lightnins going up its side.
It had a cute head atached, gloves and feet atached and two huge wings on the back.
Looking closer on the dragon suit it had one valve on the head and a zipper running from one leg to the other.
I was begining to get really exited by the really nice rubber smell and went to get my electric pump.
It was getting dark and i heard a strange noise from my bedroom.
I saw the wings mowing on the suit, strange.
I simply couldn't resist trying it on, it was like the dragon begged me to climb into it.
Opening the zipper i could see the inner layer was made from transparent natural latex.
The inside was already luped up so i started working my self in.
It wasn't easy, but I managed to get my arms in the arms of the suit and my head in the head whits had two eye holes and two breathing holes.
I finaly got my feets in the feets of the suit and i was able to close the zipper.
The rubber feeling was like when i meditate in my blue inflatable latex suit and it's most intense.
I could see that i was going to need space so i connected my pump to an extends cord and went out on my balcony.
"Here goes" i thought and started inflating.
As the pressure grew so did the rubber feeling and smell.
I couldn't get my self to stop inflating and i was getting huge.
There was something else.
It was like the dragon suit took the control more and more the bigger it got.
Eventualy i stopped inflating and closed the valve.
As i putted the pump on the floor i notised a strange sound, "WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH "it said..
In my reflection in the window i could see the wings mowing.
I tried to walk foreward and i was able to grab the door handle, but not for long.
The WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH was getting stronger and felt my self getting pulled backward and upward.
I simply couldn't hold on since the dragon suit was a lot stronger and i had to let go of the door handle.
With a WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH i could see my balcony dissapear below.
I was totaly imobaliced and feeling like i was lying on a cloud of soft latex.
I simply had to go on for the ride as the dragon suit took me higher and higher with each WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH.
The rubber feeling got so intense that i feel Into a trance like condition and eventualy passed out.
When i came too i was far from home over a see still in a trance of pure enjoyment from the rubber feeling.
There was something else.
It was like the dragon suit had fitted it self to a perfect size on my body.
I haven't notised it when i climbed into the suit, but even my dick was inside a condome like area that massaged it each time the wings flabede.
With a growing boner i could see i flew over a rougged coast line.
I was over Norway with its deep fjords.
In the distance i could see what looked like another dragon suit flying.
As i got closer i could hear a female voise shouting in norwegian.
"Are you also trapped inside the suit "she afsked." I has been here for two days now flying around and the rubber feeling has made me soo horny. "
Well i must admid that i have a boner inside the condome in my suit "i answered.
Without notis both the suits bumbed together and clinged together.
There was nothing we could do, but it felt so good that i didn't mind.
I could hear that she didn't mind eather.
Separated by our suit we was in an orgasmic state for two hours before the dragon suits had enough.
The two dragon suits separated with us almost passed out from exaustion.
My dragon suit headed south and i fell asleep in a total rubber trance.
When i woke up i was directly over m balcony in the dark. With a WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH we landed gently.
For the first time the dragon suit letted me reach its valve and unplug it.
I opened the door to the livivng room and and letted my self fell forward.
Bouncing up and down the suit slowly deflated.
As the suit was almost deflated i could feel something hard and round under my stomach.
I was able to reach the zipper and opened it.
For the first time in tree days i got my feets out of the dragon suit and was with some deficulty able to wrickle my self out of the dragon suit.
Looking inside the suit it was totaly clean like it had never been worn, so i hang it in my closet with my other latex Stuff.
Coming back into my livivng room i saw it.
It was a green egg the size of an ostrich egg and it was vibrating and begining to crack.
Inside there was a little green inflatable dragon.
When i inflated it it became alive and i was able to inflate it to about the size of a saint bernard dog.
It was like a pubby and really glad flaping its wings.
Still nacked i watched the baby dragon run around in the livivng room and trying its wings while it was growing.
It had grown to double its size when it stuck its head between my legs wagging its tail.
I petted its head and without warning the baby dragon lifted me up so i was riding on it.
It felt like sitting nacked on a really rubbery balloon.
The baby dragon folded its wings and walked out on my balcony.
While this happened a latex suit in the same green colour was forming around my legs and torso.
There was no was that i could get off the baby dragon now.
With a WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH it tried to take off still growing in size.
Suddently we left the ground and flew off.
I could tell that the dragon baby was a pubby becauce it was really exited about flying.
It looped, made barrol rolls and all kind of areal stunts.
It was like a really wild roller coaster ride sitting on a balloon.
The latex suit kept me firmly on the baby dragon.
Eventualy i had enough and the baby dragon senced that, becauce it returned me to my balcony and letted me pull the plug of its valve.
While the baby dragon slowly deflated the latex suit retracted back into it and i was able to step off it.
Fully deflated the baby dragon was about the same size as an uninflatted GL1200 balloon and asleep
I gently placed the baby dragon with my other latex stuff.
Looking closer on the other latex stuff i could see that it all looked like it was brand new without the repears i had made on some of the suits.
It was like the dragon suit had done something to it.
I wonder how?
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Default Re: The inflatable dragon
Chapter two
Looking at all my latex gear i saw that it was like brand new.
How could this had happened?
There was definitaly something strange going on.
It was like all my latex gear had somehow become alive, becauce they moved around on their hangers each begging to be worn.
Well i thought that i would try going for a ride on my mountainbike so i picked my helmet, gloves and got the mountainbike ready.
When i got back into my bedroom i saw that my latex addidas catsuit was laying on the bed together with my molded latex hood and five toe latex socks.
I had been cycling in this suit before, but how the heck did i end on my bed..
Well i had already planned to use this suit for my cycling trip so i picked it up.
There was something defriend about it.
Well i got my legs in the suit and putted the five toe socks on and then pulled the suit on.
As closed the zipper i could definitaly feel that it felt much more rubber like than usual.
I took my bike shoes on, but as i was going to put my bike gloves on i somehow felt like putting on latex gloves on too, so i did that.
For some reason i took my molded latex hood on before my helmet.
I was ready.
Picking up my mountainbike to carry it down the stairs it felt like it didn't weigh anything.
I pedalt out on the street really fast.
Wow what's going on. This was really cool. I was able to cylce a lot faster than ever..
I got to try the new trail i thought.
Cycling trough the town with at least a hundred kilometers per hour i reached the trail in no time as all the light signals turned green as i passed them.
It was like the suit did all the work.
I raced around the trail and up the hardest inclimb without using any energy..
I ended up on top of the highest hill that once was used for ski jumping.
Looking down on my mountainbike i could see two GL1200 balloons had somehow atached them self on the side of my mountainbike.
With my legs between the uninflated balloons and the bike frame i could not get off the mountainbike and the latex gloves wouldn't let me release the handlebar.
I hurdled down the ski jump hill holding on for dear life.
As reached the jump i was doing at least a hundred and thirty kilometers per hour.
I was launched at least twenty meters up in the air by the jump, but instead of falling back to the ground something else happened.
The two GL1200 balloons started to inflate.
The balloons inflated to twise their normal biggest size so instead of falling down i floated all the way over lakes and touched down right on my balcony with the balloons deflating..
Still wearing latex i rinced my muddy mountainbike and carryed it to the hallway..
"I got to meet the maker of the dragon suit "i tought.
So I quickly showered and hang the latex bike suit to dry.
I picked the dragon suit from the closet.
As i did the baby dragon started moving and whining.
"STAY" i said and the baby dragon calmed.
"You are going to take me to your maker "I said while laying the dragon suit on my bed and getting the pump.
I climbed into the already luped suit and walked out to my balcony with the pump.
Even before I started inflating i was already overwelmed by the imence rubber feeling and the wings was already moving a bit
As the air rushed in the pressure grew and the wings flabed harder.
"Wait untill i'm done "i said and it was like the dragon suit relaxed a bit.
As soon as i plugged the valve cab on the wings flabed harder and i was propeled up in the air in the sunset..
We flew westward toward the sunset.
I simply passed out in a total rubber trance the intire night.
The next morning we where over the ocean in bright sunshine, but not for long.
A dark cloud wall was looming in front of us.
The dragon suit reacted by flying higher and higher so we now where over the clouds in bright sunshine.
I was still able to breath and see out.
We flew the whole day over the ocean and i fell asleep when the sun setted.
The next morning we where over land.
We where over a suberb area when the dragon suit started desending.
With a WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH we landed in front of a huge garage building.
A guy at my age and size came out of the garage.
"What are you doing here "he said looking at me in the dragon suit.
"Well i better let whoever is inside you out "he said while unplugging the valve cab.
.For the first time in tree days i was able to undo the zipper and he helped me out of the dragon suit.
I now realised i was nacked.
"Come inside i think i have something you can wear. Don't touch anything "he said.
"Are you the guy i sold the dragon suit to?"he asked.
"Yes i'm Scuba "i said (i told him my real name and he told me his, but i'm not gonna reweal it for obvius reasons).
"Why have you come all the way over here? "He asked giving me a bag with a paint overall.
I putted the overall on and said.
"Well since i got the dragon suit all my latex gear has got a mind of its own. Just before coming over i had a memerable mountainbike trip wearing one of my other latex suits and i was able to do stuff i haven't ever imagined while cycling wearing the latex suit.
I thought that you would know why so here i am".
"Well first of all don't come near the latex stuff i'm making.
Second i will tell you why."
He took a deep breath.
"It started with me going to a clearance sale in an old shop in China Town.
They used to sell magic items and i thought that i might find something to my shop.
I found a roll of bright green latex in a corner, it was really dusty. I bought it for a reasomely price
I used that latex to make two dragon suits.
The first dragon suit i made for a female costumer in Norway "
I met that costumer over Norway the last time i was in the dragon suit.
The dragon suits made a baby dragon. I have it at home. It's about the size of a shetland pony when inflated and really cute."I said
"That's interesting "he said
"Well let me go on.
I shipped the dragon suit to the Norwegian customer and finished my wich is now your suit.
When i tried your on for the first time i was in for a big surprice.
I was up in the air for two whole days before I was able to control the suit and get down and out of the dragon suit.
By this time the Norwegian customer had already reseaved her suit and had dissapeared for two weeks.
And when she came back she was really secretive about it.
I could see that the dragon suit began to control the other latex stuff i made so i had to get rid of it all and start over ".
"That's quite a story" i said "i better get back so i don't conterminate your new latex work.
I took the coverall off and walked out to the street and tossed in a trash can.
I then climbed into the dragon suit and inflated it with a pump he gave me.
With a WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH we took off and flew east.
After tree days in a total rubber trance i was over my balcony and landed.
The dragon suit letted me reach its valve and unplug it and i was able to get out.
The dragon suit still looked totaly clean so i hanged it in my closet and was greated by the baby dragon giving a little whein.
Well i was exausted so no more edventures for me this weekend

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Default Re: The inflatable dragon
Chapter tree
I just got this mail from the maker of the dragon suit.
Hi Scuba.
Fortunaly none of my new latex work got affected by the dragon suit.
We didn't really had time to talk and your exsperience with the dragon suit laying an egg.
I would really like to hear more about that.
Don't worry your secret is safe with me.
I have been writing a bit with the Norwegian customer and aparently she got a dragon baby too from your meet.
Best wishes...............
I answered him with this mail.
My life has gotten really interesting since i got the dragon suit.
I have grown to be really fond of the dragon baby.
In a lot of ways it's like my sisters pubby, always glad when i am comming home.
It's easyer in some ways, becauce i can just let the air out of it if it gets too wild..
Since the dragon baby is as light as a balloon it haven't knocked anything down from my livivng room counters yet.
The dragon baby has become a good friend like a dog and most of the times when i am home i have it fully inflated.
Most weekend nights it sleep on the livivng room floor rolled in a position like a cat.
It loves when i sleep on it when it is in that position.
It then cover my body with one of its wings keeping me warm.
Laying on it feels like laying on a really rubbery balloon and my body always is in the most comfortable position.
Both the dragon suit and the baby dragon has the most wonderfull rubber smell.
I always have to remember to air out to not give away that i have the baby dragon before I get visiteres.
If i open my balcony door the baby gets really exited and if i stand in the door it reacts instantly. Espesialy if i a nacked.
The baby dragon force its head between my legs and before I know it i'm sitting on its back in front of its wings..
It feels great like sitting on a really rubbery balloon.
To keep me from falling off the baby dragon has a really cool act.
It grows a rubber suit over my body so that i am securely connected to it.
Although the baby dragon is only about the size of a small shetland pony it can easyly carry me high up in the air.
We do this every day and it never gets old.
It makes me feel like i'm one of the caracters in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON.
Lastly i have to thank you.
Not only for letting me buy your dragon suit, but also giving me the opportunaty to get a friend like the dragon baby.
Best wishes Scuba.
After writing this i went into the livivng room and.
The dragon baby was sleeping on the floor.
I took my clothe off and opened the balcony door.
Before I knew it i was sitting on its back in its rubber suit.
I am now writing this up between the clouds sitting on the back of the baby dragon
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Default Re: The inflatable dragon
Chapter Four
My baby dragon keep getting bigger each time i inflate it.
It's not really a baby any more.
Last time i inflated the baby dragon it got to the size of a normal size horse and its wingspan is now about six meters.
Only its legs are really short, so the dragon is only about 1,5 meter high, but six meters from head to tail
It's still behaves like a pubby and gets really exited when i inflate it.
It has grown small horns on its head and back, but they are made from the same soft rubber and it's from the horns on the back of the baby dragon that it seclude the rubber suit.
Last saturday was my secret dragon was finaly revealed, but only to my best friend.
It wasn't really my intention that he should know about my inflatable dragon, but I had forgotten to lock my door and totaly forgotten that he was going to wisit me..
I was just about ready to go on a flying trip on the dragon when he opened the door to the livivng from my hallway.
Since i was already sitting on the dragons back wearing the latex suit that the dragon had secluded we where totaly taken by surprice.
Very startled he went backward out in my hallway.
"What the hell is that? "He said.
"It's my new pet "I said "don't be affraid, come in and say hi to my pubby dragon "
A bit nervous he came back into the livivng room and it was like the dragon senced he was nervous becauce it cautious came closer to him with its wings folded.
He stroaked the dragon on its head.
"Wow it feels like a balloon "he said. "How does it feel to sit on it?"
Well we where just going on a flying trip when you walked in. Five minutters later and you would have come to an empty appartment " .
The dragon pulled his shorts down and gave him a push.
"I think that it wants you to come along, but you need to take off all your clothe "I said.
"Well okay. I guess that there is no going back "he said while he took off his clothe.
The dragon moved around his back really fast and forced its head between his legs.
Before he knew it he was sitting on in front of me on the back of the dragon.
"Whoah what's going on? "he said while the dragon secluded the latex suit up over his body.
"Don't worry it's just from keeping you from falling off "I said.
The dragon walked out on my balcony and spreaded its huge wings.
With a WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH WOUSH we took off and flew high up in the air over my town.
At first my friend was totaly silent and awstruck, but he finaly asked
"How the hell did you get a hold on this really cool dragon.
While we flew high over my town i told him how i have always love balloons and wearing latex and writing about it and the whole story about how i got the dragon suit and dragon baby.
"So you are telling me that the dragon suit has given all your latex and balloos special powers ?"he asked.
"Pretty much "I said.
"Well i must say that flying on the dragon in this suit feels really good "he said.
The dragon looked back on us.
"Well i hope that you are ready for some areal stunts becauce i think that the dragon is about to show you what it is capable of.
We got the whole package with loops barrol rolls and pulling g's.
After about two hours we aproached my balcony and landed and the dragon walked Into my livivng room.
"Wow that was really cool, thanks for the ride my friend "he said while stroaking the dragons head.
"You better show me your latex stash "he said.
I showed him all my latex gear hanging in the closet moving around begging to be worn.
"Wow i wish i had a suit like that to go mountainbiking in "he said while we went back into the livivng room to get his clothe.
The dragon had heard what he said becauce it had a surprice for him.
As he entered the livivng room it opened its mouth and blew a green cloud over him so only his head was visible.
As the cloud subsided he was wearing a shiny emeral green latex suit with gold lightnins and a front zipper.
"Wow this feels good "he said" now i understand why you love wearing latex"
He gave the dragon a stroake on its head.
"Don't worry i am not telling anyone about you "he said.
I pulled my latex bike suit on and said
"I can see you have brought your mountainbike with on your car why don't we give your new suit a try? "
We did and he had the ride of his life

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Default Re: The inflatable dragon
Chapter five
It rang on the door bell.
It was my friend.
"Hi i was just passing by, how are you doing? " he said
"Just fine, do you want Coffee?"I asked.
We sat down for coffee and he looked around.
I could see that there was something on his mind.
"Where is your pet? "He asked zipping to his coffee.
Oh it's sleeping deflated in the closet "I said.
He looked at me with red eyes .
"My dog died last sunday. I know he was almost 15, but it's so empty without him." He said.
He moved around like he was sitting on needless.
"Sorry to hear, he was a good dog "I said laying a hand on his shoulder.
He kept looking toward the bedroom moving around on the chair like he had a question, but couldn't get him self to ask.
I looked ak him.
"You have something on your mind don't you? "i asked.
"Well yes "he said " ever since i saw your dragon suit i have been dying to try it. Since i lost my dog it's pretty much been stuck on my mind, both that and your puppy dragon.
I know it's a lot to ask for, but can i try it?"
"Well it's a powerfull exsperience, do you think you're up to it "I asked.
"I don't know, but I can't get it out of my head. I have to do it" he said.
"Well i'm usualy quite private about my latex stuff, but you kept the secret about the dragon and are my oldest friend, so i will make an exeption. "I said.
We went to the bedroom and found both the puppy dragon and the dragon suit laying on the bed.
"Oookay, it seems like the dragons have heard us. I think we will get you suited up first, then i inflate the puppy dragon and lastely you "i said.
He took off his clothe and i helped him into the dragon suit.
It was a bit of a strugle, but I managed to get his arms and head in place and lastely his feet before closing the zipper.
Looking at him in the uninflated dragon suit i asked " how are you doing in there? "
"Wow the rubber feeling is much more intense in this suit "he said.
"You haven't seen nothing yet just wait till i inflate you. Are you sure you are up to it?"I asked.
He nodded.
"Okey i will inflate the puppy dragon now just wait there "I said.
He nodded again standing in the uninflated dragon suit.
As i inflated the puppy dragon i could see that the wings on the dragon suit already moving a bit.
The puppy dragon was really exited when i inflated it, but I said "wait" .
It understood and calmed down so i could inflate the dragon suit with my friend in it.
"Last chance "I said placing the pump on the valve " are you sure you are up to it? "
I could see that the intense rubber feeling in his eyes was driving him crazy, but he nodded and said "YES"
"Okay "I said and turned on the pump.
As the dragon suit grew bigger and bigger the wings flabed harder and i was almost blown backward, but I kept going.
As i plugged the valve cap in i could see in the eyes of my friend that he was scared.
"I don't think i can take it, the feeling of the rubber and smell is too much " he shouted.
"It's too late now" i shouted back as the wings on the dragon suit flapped harder and he was pulled backward and upward.
The puppy dragon forced its head between my legs and secluded the latex suit out of the spikes and onto my body.
It jumped out of the balcony door and took off carrying me up in the air after my friend.
We where high over my town when i caught up with him.
"Are you allright? I asked
"Y y yes "he studdered "It's so wonderfull to fly, but the rubber feeling is driving me crazy ".
"Well you better get use to it becauce i think i know where we are going and it will be a couble of days" i said.
I envyed my friend that he was in the inflated suit, but my puppy dragon senced it.
My latex suit it had secluded began to inflate so i now was sitting on the balloon puppy dragon in an inflatable suit filled with helium still atached to the dragon.
We flew over the rugged coast line of southren Norway.
"Where are we" he asked.
"Norway "I said "i think that i know where we are going to.
We where over the deep fjord and started cirkling when the norwegian dragon suit aproached us from below.
"Whooaa what's happening to the suit "he said while the two suits clinged together.
"I hope you are in for a good time "I said.
The puppy dragon dived away with me and i didn't see what they where doing for the next couble of hours, but I didn't really care.
The puppy dragon wanted to.
As we started pulling g's the pressure in the suit grew bigger, but the biggest surprice was when we where on the top of the climb.
The puppy dragon released me in in mid air.
Instead of falling down i gently floated down in the inflatable latex suit.
When i was about a hundred meters from the ground the puppy dragon came in below and i landed gently on its back again.
We did this a couble of times when something caught my attention.
There was a beach below with a ten meter diving board.
There was a skinny boy that looked like he was ten to ellewen years old and he was scared.
The other boys shouted "jump you cry baby, "but that just made him freeze and cry.
The puppy dragon senced that the boy was scared and desided to help him.
It dived down and blew a green cloud over him so only his head was visible.
When the cloud subsided he was wearing a latex suit.
From the back of the puppy dragon i could see his eyes grew bigger in surprice as the latex suit started inflating.
I could see that he was getting lighter and that made him more confident.
He jumped on the diving board and it launched him ten meters up in the air from the ten meter diving board.
He gently floated down and landed directly on the beach.
Seing that the other boys greated him and waved up to us.
"We wanna do it too we wanna do it too" they shouted.
The puppy dragon dived again and blew a green cloud over all the boys so that all was wearing inflatable latex suits.
Needless to say that they had the time of their lives.
I jumped off the puppy dragon and hit the diving board and it launched me high up in the air again.
The puppy dragon catched me and i was sitting on its back again.
After a couble of hours a car aproached the beach.
The boys inflatable latex suits all took them to the shore and wanished from their bodys.
My puppy dragon took me higher and higher out of sight of the car.
As we neared my friend in the dragon suit he was alone in the air.
He was totaly exausted.
I think that he was asleep in a total rubber trance in the dragon suit all the way home becauce i couldn't reach him.
As we aproached my balcony and landed he came too.
I landed first and the puppy dragon walked Into my livivng room and i deflated it.
My friend landed behind me on the balcony and i unpluged the valve cab so that the dragon suit slowly deflated.
Totaly exausted he collapsed on the floor.
I unzipped the dragon suit and helped him out.
He got dressed without a word and went for the door.
I picked up the dragon suit and it was like it was never been worn.
Something landed with a bumb on the floor.
Another green egg.
Quickly i got dressed and ran down the stairs.
My friend was backing out of the parking spot, but I managed to get his attention.
He rolled down his window.
"I think this is yours" i said handing him the new green egg.
"Oh thanks "he said as i placed the egg in his hand.
The egg began to crack and the cutest uninflated baby dragon was in his hand.
He gently placed the baby dragon on the passenger seat.
"I think that i will wait untill i get home before i inflate it " he said.
I waved and he drove home.

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