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Default Inflation initiation
Here's a part from the next long story - one you might find interesting as it recounts the girls' first workplace interaction with balloons. (If you've missed it, my tales are set around a theatre specializing in acts with balloons and inflatables.)

“Speaking of that”, Cheryl said, “You’ve all proved you’re not nervous around balloons. We’re gonna have some fun to get into the spirit of the thing!”
She tipped a box of multicolored latex pouches onto the table.
“Let’s see what you can do with these! Just make sure to inflate them first.”
They’d all had to blow an 18-incher to pop as part of their audition - but now there was some hesitation as no one was quite sure what was expected.
Then Tessa reached out and picked up a long, pink one. She confidently stretched it a few times and blew it up to full size with just a couple of powerful breaths. The phallic shape extending from her lips was indeed suggestive, confirmed by the guarded cheers.
“All right”, Kim exclaimed and tried duplicating the feat. The shiny cylinder grew rigid, swelling up and out before violently exploding about three-quarters of the way through. But by then enough inflations had begun to set the ball rolling. A couple of the girls filled up twin balloons to stuff into their shirts, faking their measurements in a way that hadn’t seemed funny since puberty hit. Now Riko rediscovered how hilarious it could look and blew herself a pair of D-cups just for show.
Sam stood up, looking a bit apologetic. She waited until everyone else had reached or passed the tying-off phase before speaking.
“Just so you know - I am actually a bit nervous around balloons but this job will be a good opportunity to work that away. Please don’t make fun of me if I jump though.”
“Goes for me too”, Alex said. Least likely suspect. “I mean, I have no problems with popping balloons, but if you burst one behind my back I might react.”
“If it happens on stage it will only make people laugh more”, Cherry said. “But let’s hope it won’t.”
“I’ll start out safe”, Sam concluded and picked up a balloon that looked enormously big - and thick. She blew it up into an impressive sphere which was still soft to the touch.
“Whoa!” Carrie gasped. “How big can those get?”
“Why don’t you find out?” Cheryl suggested sweetly. Her smirk was more of a challenge, though.

The redhead didn’t have to be asked twice. She grabbed a similar one in green and began to puff like crazy in her eagerness to discover the breaking point. Her neighbors pushed their chairs back to give her room - and distance themselves in case of an accident.
It grew and grew as everybody watched with mounting curiosity. Carrie had their full attention but didn’t seem to notice, focusing on filling up the giant shape in front of her. Before long it had begun to look like an enormous pear, dwarfing her extremely overinflated bust. The t-shirt was riding high enough to bare her midriff in its attempt to hold two big balloons in place.
“Wait a sec”, Cheryl commanded. She pointed out the part tapering from Carrie’s fingers.
“See that neck? Nine times out of ten that will fill up before it pops. So as long as your loon doesn’t get one you’re probably safe. Probably.” She stepped back with a “Go on.”
Sam covered her ears as the girl with the puffy pigtails resumed puffing. Riko had to admire her eagerness - and stamina. She didn’t look winded in the least.
The balloon, however, seemed fit to give up, and everyone was privately wondering how loud it would be. There was some scraping of chairs being pushed even further back.
The noise was surprisingly mellow and not at all deafening, even if it took them by surprise and caused a few shrieks and gasps.
“That was fun!” Carrie grinned. “Got anything bigger?”
“That was a 24-incher”, Cherry said. “There are bigger ones but none on the premises… for now.”

Across the table Mandy was pulling on a ring-shaped blue balloon, tilting her head at it and giving every angle a good look. Then she drew a deep breath and blew into it. Her eyes crossed with the effort and eventually the latex gave a little and swelled out like a bubble with a thick attachment. The next breath made the inflated part grow significantly but the protruding bit still resembled some sort of handle. Soon it too had been blown up and the blonde regarded the results with a face radiating pure joy.
“Looks like a donut!”
Cheryl nodded. “That’s what they’re usually called too.”
“Better than the alternative”, Kim said.
Betty had grabbed a long, skinny strip of rubber and was leisurely stretching it. Then she put it to her lips and blew it up with a single, powerful breath. She tied it off and stuck it through the hole in Mandy’s balloon, causing some giggles. Those turned into outright laughter as she quickly shaped the end into an approximation of testicles.
“I wanna make one of those”, Carrie stated and blew into a fresh twister. It slipped from her fingers and flew across the table.
“Sure, laugh all ye want.” However, a second attempt only resulted in her face turning a deep red with the effort and she gave up in amazement.
“I think there’s something wrong with this one.”
“Let me try?” Amanda asked.
The balloon was handed over and the buxom blonde inflated it without hesitation.
“Now I think there’s something wrong with me”, Carrie sulked.
“Why don’t the rest of you see if she’s right?” Cheryl suggested.
The entire troupe tried their hands and lungs at the thin tubes and it turned out Carrie was among the vast majority. Apart from the previously proven ones only Tessa managed to blow hers up.
“How the heck do you do that?” Alex asked.
The latina gave her a wry smile. “My primito got some for his birthday and asked me to help. Took me all evening learning.”
“Can you twist them too?”
“By that time I was tired of studying.”

For the first time Riko personally realized the appeal of balloon blowing. Not the act or sight in itself, but watching someone succeed where others failed was mildly and oddly arousing. She selected a thicker airship and blew it up instead - much thicker, as it turned out. It swelled up like a fat white cigar and when she finished she noticed Jo was snickering.
“That’s the biggest joint I’ve seen.”
Even if she didn’t smoke them herself Ree had seen enough to agree on the shape. Cherry took the opportunity to remind them it was to be a drug-free environment.
“Don’t worry”, Jo said. “Menthols are my only poison.”
That was ok, of course - outside.
They kept inflating more balloons and were taught what the makes and models were called as a matter of form. The cast wasn’t expected to know - just blow.
Nita was trying out something that looked like a dark pink Mickey Mouse - or would, once the ears had inflated. At the moment she’d only blown up the silly-looking face. She tried another breath and her cheeks took on the shape of the parts she wanted to fill - and damn near their expected size too.
They never got that far. The balloon exploded in her face and she recoiled with a surprised “Whoo!”
She wasn’t the only one to jump at the pop, but most recovered quickly. Riko had hardly batted an eye and wondered if her experience with sudden musical blasts would prove useful.
Cheryl gathered up the shattered rubber rodent and pulled at an ear that had never reached its potential. “Shapes are tricky. Might need a bit of squeezing to fill evenly.”
“Can you show how?” Sam wondered.
Cherry shrugged and picked up a yellow, similar one.
“You’ll have to remember I’m no blo-pro, though.”
She blew and squeezed, blew and squeezed, stopping to check her progress between every breath. One ear suddenly filled up all the way and cheers erupted. Then the very next puff burst the balloon and Cheryl herself deflated.
“As I said, tricky.”
It was interpreted as a challenge and the remaining mice were quickly snatched up. They must have come in a dozen bag as there was precisely one each left.
A chorus of inhales and exhales and explosions accompanied the exercise and Riko stumbled at the finish line. She’d inflated both ears but they looked wonky and trying to blow them better made it worse. Catastrophically worse.
Several pops from all sides had shown hers wasn’t the only failure - only Sam, Betty and Tessa were holding fully formed figures. Betty’s even had a semblance of a neck at the knot.
Most had made it pretty far though, except Alex who’d broken hers with the first big breath and thrown away the remains in frustration.
“Not bad”, Cheryl said. “You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.”

She looked the group over. “So who’s brave enough for a blindfolded blow to pop?”
“Am I out if I say no?” Sam wondered.
“Of course not”, Cherry reassured her. “Just wanted a show of hands to see how we stand.”
A few palms went up. Riko had raised hers and saw Tessa, Betty, Carrie and Jo do the same. After some hesitation Nita joined them.
“More than half!” She held up a stretchy piece of fabric. “Who wants to start?”
As no one else was in a hurry, Riko volunteered. The world went dark as Cherry covered her eyes and slipped a balloon into her hand. It was hard to say how big it was and naturally impossible to tell the color.
“Whenever you’re ready.”
Ree brought the limp rubber to her lips and blew it up. The loss of sight seemed to have sharpened her hearing and the rush of air sounded louder than usual. The smell of latex was more potent too and reminded her of bedroom games, spreading a nice warm feeling through her body.
She kept going and felt the sphere grow tighter between her fingers and stretch out and away. In the space of a few breaths it had grown rock hard and it became a little harder to push the air in. Soon it downright resisted her efforts. Not knowing how far it had to go was thrilling - and just a bit scary. In an exciting way. She reminded herself of the purpose.
You just want it to go bang. So make it!
She drew in a big lungful through her nose and blew it out as hard as she could. A sudden explosion made her heart jump and the corners of her mouth went up in triumph and relief. She raised the blindfold to applause and cheers and put the ruined neck on the table with the other pieces.
So it was red.
“A stellar performance!” Cheryl said. “And more than I could do. Yes, I’m saying it right now. If you dare you’re better than me.”
“My turn?!” Carrie asked eagerly and the scene repeated, except the redhead actually fell off the chair when her balloon burst. She had unthinkingly been leaning backwards more and more.
When the laughter subsided Betty and Jo did theirs without hesitation, and Teresa closed her eyes before getting blindfolded. She didn’t much care for the sensation. But she was certain she was up to the job and accepted the balloon thrust between her fingers. She could both hear and feel it spring to life and the breaths she blew into it reaffirmed her control.
She actually felt really good about it. This, she could do. The fate of the balloon was already decided and entirely in her hands.
You’re mine, globito.
Her chest expanded with every inhale and made her big and powerful in her own mind. Each strong puff put into the loon increased her self-importance and the vain and weak fight it still put up was no obstacle at all. There was both triumph and disappointment in the loud pop that ended the all-too-brief struggle.
She broke into laughter when she saw the results. The balloon was completely shredded, twisted remains scattered all over the table and spiraling from her fingers.
Better than Cherita. Some bragging rights, at least.
To see Nita chicken out and remove the opaque veil two-thirds of the way through strengthened the sensation of superiority.
“No… No”, the englishwoman primly decided. “I like doing this but I want to watch it happen.”
“Up to you”, Cherry said without any hints of disappointment.
Vanita drew another breath and kept blowing up the balloon until it flew to pieces, not taking her eyes off it for a moment. The demise of the dark red orb brought an end to that segment and Cheryl turned away for a moment to grab something.

She set a small cardboard box with odds and ends on the table, including needles, safety pins and thumbtacks. The implication was obvious.
“Pretty good blowing - now let’s try popping. Everyone with balloon boobs can start with getting ‘em out of the way.”
Carrie took a pin in each hand and burst hers at the same time, slumping forward over the table as they exploded. You almost got the impression she’d popped for real and there were a few giggles all around.
Kim rose and puffed out her chest, posing as if to show off the currently gigantic pair. Suddenly her left tit vanished with a bang and she dropped her jaw in exaggerated surprise, covering the now-empty spot with her right hand as the other breast popped as well for a mirrored reaction. With her crossed arms and shocked expression she looked like the victim of a bra-pulling prank from some old bawdy comedy and Cherry clapped her hands. “That’s the spirit!”
“Nice misdirection”, Mandy said. “What did you pop’em with?”
“A girl’s gotta have her secrets”, Kim winked.
“Pretty sure I saw though. Just wanted to know if I was right!”
“As you might recall, Miss Rivers is pretty good at sleight of hand. Good opportunity to show off! Why don’t you make something vanish?” Cheryl suggested.
Without hesitation Mandy rammed a tack into her best friend’s nearest knocker. As it was presently a balloon there was a bang instead of a yell.
“Ta-daa!” the blonde grinned.
“Sure, Ames, let’s make it a freakshow. I can be the lopsided lady.”
“Betty Boob!” Carrie laughed.
“And you can be Carrot Top.”
“Carrot POP!” the redhead exclaimed and leaned in to burst the remaining balloon under Betty’s shirt. The wearer’s look of good-natured exasperation told everyone they needn’t look far for a straight man. Woman.
For entertainment value it would be hard to compete with the previous trio.
“Well”, Riko said, “I’ll try something I’ve been wondering about.”
She took out the balloons and put one on the floor. Her boot dug in all the way but the underinflated rubber just expanded to the sides and she had to grind but good to finish the loon. The sharp snap left a strip of blue latex wrapped tightly around the heel and she removed it without much thought. Then she bit into the other half of the pair and as her teeth met the pink globe exploded in her face. She spat a small fragment into her palm and put it with the other debris.
“Seems both ways work.”
“Why don’t you see how many others you can find?” Cheryl said, passing a death sentence over the remaining balloons.
Apart from the sharp implements in the box they met their ends by fingernails or from squeezing, sitting, stomping or being outright torn apart. Alex closed her thighs like a nutcracker and the unlucky penis sculpture caught between them performed as expected.
“You bust its nuts!” Carrie exclaimed.
“That’s what happens”, Betty shrugged. “You blow’em hard and then they pop.”
She put a metallic balloon under her arm and pushed down, making it fly off across the table. Jo brought her fist down which only propelled it away in another direction. Mandy caught it before pressing her lips against the taut surface and soft as they seemed it was enough to break the silvery sphere.
“Kiss of death, eh?” Kim said. “I’ll tell if you do.”
Sam held a long needle between her teeth and struck it with balloon after balloon. Riko could imagine worse ways to practice btp’s.
Before long a mess of latex was all that was left on the table.
“Ok, didn’t think this through”, Cherry confessed. “Let’s see if we can sort out the unused ones.”
It wasn’t too hard to find the salvageable specimens and collecting them in a bag which got a prominent placement on the counter.
“Feel free to blow one up whenever - except maybe while I’m talking.”

The rest of the day was fairly mundane in comparison, except for one incident - out of the corner of her eye Riko noticed Carrie sneak up on Lexi with a fully inflated balloon. She took it between both hands and quickly dug her nails in, making the latex explode with a loud, sudden bang. The taller girl gave a yelp and spun around with a murderous look in her eyes.
The redhead stepped backwards in fright.
“Sorry! I just had to check! You look so strong and tough I couldna believe it!”
Alex relaxed at the apology. “Well, it’s true. Suppose I have to get used.”
Carrie scraped her feet, coincidentally sweeping a latex shred out of sight.
“Sorry”, she repeated. “I didn’t mean to make fun of you.”
“It’s ok”, Alex assured.
Carrie smiled sheepishly before kissing her cheek and after a surprised moment the bigger girl returned the favor. Cheryl went up and put her arms around them both.
“I’m so proud of you both. That’s the way we're gonna handle conflicts on my watch. Talk it out, then kiss and make up.”
She hugged them individually in turn. “We’re gonna keep it friendly backstage - even if we’re not family-friendly on stage!”
Ree could hardly believe it. In all her years in the biz she’d mostly noticed tensions behind the scenes. She’d seen her bandmates rip into each other over petty squabbles, for crying out loud!
She went up to her old acquaintance. “Ever heard anything like this, Lex?”
“Never. Stage managers usually let the performers settle themselves. Saves them the trouble.”
“I think I prefer this way.”
“Me too - if it keeps up.”
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Default Re: Inflation initiation
It seems I managed to jumble up who of the girls is a popper or non-popper again.
I thought Riko was a non-popper but I guess I was wrong ^^"

Maybe I should start some kind of list noting down which girl is into which aspect of the kink. xD

Do you know that your stories are like drugs? I just want to keep reading more about your girls after each part. ^^

Also, I'm kinda feeling like a stalker for always being among the first people to comment on your stories. I hope I'm not off putting...
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Default Re: Inflation initiation
Thanks for the praise! And it's not off-putting - you might be the one to post the most in the open forum, but other people seem to prefer e-mail or PM's. Something I've noticed since I first opened my site WAY back - very few public responses but plenty on the side. If the topic is "favorite scene in movies" you can get a discussion started, but reporting sightings on general principle almost always happens in personal communication. Maybe talking about creative efforts are a bit similar - I'm guilty myself of failing to comment on nice stories I read here or in other places.
Sorry 'bout that, fellow writers - your efforts are much appreciated!

As for who's into what, I can give you a rundown if you PM me. Few actually pop for the sake of popping, but even I - a non-popper - can appreciate the satisfaction of a good bang now and then!
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