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Post Pinned part 2 world's biggest jack o lantern balloon
It's been a while since the last time you had the apartment to your self after popping the 72 in the shower and it bending the door.

You see them leave to go out drinking leaving you to take care of the place.

You go over to your bed and check under it and pull out a cardboard box inside the cattex 72's still in their packaging grabing a red one this time you ask yourself what to do?

Maybe try the shower again but decide against that fearing the shower door might completely break off after some time debating you start digging through your wardrobe and find your morphsuit you wore last halloween it's orange with a black face on it like the sort you would see on a jack o lantern.

A big smile widens across your face you strip down to nothing then slipping into the suit and zipped it up stretching the collar out and stuffing the balloon inside just leaving the neck out.

You attached a hose to the pump and the balloon though you enjoyed being squished by a
giant balloon you rather not have to buy more balloons so invested in a remote control for the pump so now you don't have to worry about the pump slipping out reach ever again.

You lay down onto the bed your privates tingling with anticipation,you press the button that familiar sound of the pump whirrs to life as the balloon inside the suit becomes erect then quickly stretches out quickly filling out the suit.

You lay there watching the suit stretch outwards the smiling face on the suit becoming almost as big as yours as the pressure builds on you and inside you,your erection reaching it's peak,grasping your giant balloon belly hearing the balloon creak and groan as it inflates ever bigger .

You decide to turn off the pump you go to hit the switch on the remote but you relies it's not in your hand anymore,when you started to grope and play with your balloon belly you dropped the remote on the floor relising this you try to reach for it.

You're unable to grab it due to your ever expanding belly growing larger by the second the suit reached its limit you can hear faint rips coming from the suit,the balloon creaks with every small movement and the creaks get higher and higher in pitch with each passing moment almost as if it was crying out for you to turn off the pump.

You lay there watching it tower above you hearing the suit's seams begin to rip the balloon has reached it's limit watching it get tighter and tighter just waiting for the pop,with one last high pitched screech the balloon dentonates with a ear splitting bang.

You lay there once again with your ears ringing covered with shreds of latex and jizz you feeling a mild sting not sure if it was the balloon popping or the suit snapping back caused it but you think was it worth it?


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Default Re: Pinned part 2 world's biggest jack o lantern balloon
Wow sounds like you had an amazing exsperience
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