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Default 30 years as a looner
For me it started very late, my senior year at college (1989-1990). The reason I mentioned the year is to help you understand that this was pre-internet. Besides the college library there were two public libraries in town. I didn't try to find any books on fetishes in general or balloon fetishes in particular. I didn't think of it as a fetish until much later. I hadn't even heard the term "looner" until about ten years ago.
I had known for a long time that my interest in balloons went beyond what was considered normal for somebody my age. My mother was the first person to comment on it. She died four years ago and I'm pretty sure she never knew I was a looner. In high school I attended an after-school activity. I was interested in what the instructor was saying until they brought a box of balloons into the room. I can't remember whether they were inflated or not or why they were there in the first place. It might make more sense if I could remember what the activity was. The instructor noticed how distracted I was by the balloons and mentioned it to my mother later. My mom said "Oh yes he's very interested in balloons". I didn't give too much thought to what she had said at the time.
I always dreaded when my mother took me shopping with her. It didn't matter what kind of store we went into I would always covertly check it out to see if they sold balloons there. I usually didn't have money with me when Mom took me shopping so I couldn't have bought any balloons even if they did sell them at that store. Also during senior year of high school I began to fantasize about balloons. However, I still didn't realize that I had a fetish for them. I didn't have any balloons with me so I couldn't act out my fantasies and the fantasies themselves were very vague. I didn't even try to visualize a balloon during these fantasies.
During my first three years of college I had a roommate which limited my opportunities to explore my interest in balloons. My roommates already thought I was weird enough (for reasons that have nothing to do with balloons). Sometimes when somebody in the dorm was having a birthday the other kids would tape a bouquet of balloons to their dorm room door. Why they never did that for me I don't know.
Senior year I roomed by myself for the first time. Also during senior year I had a car for the first time. I soon discovered that there was a party supply store right up the street from my dorm which sold balloons but the first bag of balloons I bought for myself was from a Meijer store quite a distance from campus. I took the bag back to my dorm room. I took out one balloon and inflated it (it took me a while longer to figure out how to knot a balloon). Then I started humping the balloon which I had never done to a balloon before. Even before I knew I was aroused by balloons my favorite popping method was laying on the balloon. I can't remember if that alone had aroused me before that day. Anyway I came hard while humping the balloon. After that I was hooked on looning.
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Default Re: 30 years as a looner
U Mich grad? My fetish really took off there.
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