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Default Chapter I - from phobia to philia
this is the first chapter of a big story i had in mind. after planning and writing scenarios for some weeks, I finally started writing. I hope you enjoy!
excuse grammatical mistakes, English is my third language.
any criticism or feedback is greatly appreciated.

Deviant art link :


Chloe was a smart beautiful brunette who lived next door. We went to the same school as kids, and now we’re both attending the same college. I had received a call a week earlier from her friend Michelle, who I was friends with thanks to Chloe. She informed me about Chloe’s birthday coming the following week. Being her closest friends, we decided to make her birthday a surprise. Michelle told me that this Saturday, Chloe’s family would be out of town, and Chloe was supposed to attend an important event this afternoon. The plan was straightforward: we get to her house Saturday morning, we prepare everything and wait for her arrival in the late afternoon. Chloe was supposed to be leaving early in the morning, which was perfect.

Fast forward and Saturday arrived. I quickly dressed up in loose shorts and a regular T-shirt and then headed out for Chloe’s house, which required a 2 min walk. I rang the doorbell and Cathy, one of Chloe’s best friends opens the door and greets me.

“Hi, you must be Tomas, Michelle told me you were coming.” Said Cathy while we shook hands.

Cathy was a blue eyed red head. She was a bit on the shorter side, but her body was gorgeous. She had nice big breasts and a nice round ass. I felt myself wanting to get her attention, but she seemed out of my league. Her beauty was just something else. Wow!

Chloe’s brother was in the house too. He was minding his own business in his room and was supposed to leave a few minutes later.

I entered the spare room where everything should take place. It was lacking in terms of decoration and furniture. It was a rather big room though, so naturally, there was a nice small echo that amplified any sound you made. As I entered, I noticed Michelle sitting on a large sofa.

“Oh hello Tomas, we were waiting for you, let’s get started”

Michelle grabbed one of many bags that were on the table and emptied its content on the same table. As Michelle was handling the nylon bag, I couldn’t help but notice how loud the sound of the wrinkling plastic was.

“why so many balloons, Michelle? I don’t think we’re going to inflate all of them” said Cathy

“No no no we must inflate all of them, Chloe will definitely like it, and this room is pretty boring as it is already, we must decorate it as much as possible, this is going to be a surprise Chloe will never forget.” Said Michelle

Michelle opened one of the balloon bags and poured its content on the table, there were balloons of all colors, all of them were 16 inches, but there was something strange about them, they were extra thick. I have never seen balloons of that thickness.

“we have a lot of time before Chloe returns home, I say we prepare the food in the last 30 min. Now let’s blow up all of these balloons.” Said Michelle

“wow, these balloons are pretty big! How did you get them?” asks Cathy, placing a red one that matched her hair color in her mouth.

“My aunt owns a party supplies shop. She lets me get some stuff for free and I obviously took advantage of that. These balloons come from a new company, my aunt told me that they may be a bit thicker than your average balloon.” Said Michelle

Cathy was clearly struggling to blow up her balloon; She was making all sort of noises and sounds before giving up, it was tougher than her elegant feminine puffs and just wasn’t growing any bigger.

Cathy was panting, her face red.

“A bit thicker you say huh?” said Cathy looking at Michelle.

“let me help you out.” I said offering my hand.

She passed me the balloon. I placed it gently between my lips. The balloon was so wet with her saliva I couldn’t help but taste it. Since I had a ton of experience blowing up balloons, I effortlessly blew it up until it became easier to blow, then I stopped and removed it out of my mouth. I wanted to wipe the mouthpiece but decided against it, I’ll see what Cathy will do. I gave her the balloon and she grabbed its neck, and, without hesitation, placed it in her mouth.

“thank you Tomas, it’s way easier to blow now.”

“You’re welcome. Next time, try stretching the neck a couple times, see if that helps.”

Cathy took a huge breath, raising her beautiful breasts in the process before delivering a powerful lungful into the balloon, puffing her cheeks. The balloon grew visibly larger in volume. She noticed me watching her and smiled, the balloon still in her mouth.

I took a green balloon and started blowing it up. Michelle was already tying her slightly underinflated balloon but I stopped her just in time.

“hey, your balloon could take much more than that Michelle. These ones could be easily overinflated, they’re thicker for a reason.” And with that, Chloe’s younger brother, Martin, entered the room.

He must have overheard the conversation because he was laughing and then said

“do not bother with Michelle, she’ll blow them as big as her brain is." Cathy burst out laughing.

Michelle wasn’t pleased by that at all. Knowing her, if Cathy and I weren’t here, Martin would have gotten a nice ass whooping. Michelle suddenly stood up, Martin bolted out of the room with some books.

“yeah, run like the bitch you are.” Said an angry, slightly laughing Michelle. Then we heard the main door close; Martin left.

When I used to visit Chloe and Michelle was there, Martin would always tease her and get her to go mad. Michelle was the tough kind of girl and martin was the provocative kind. He just loved to play with her nerves.

Michelle looked Cathy dead in the eyes and placed the balloon back in her mouth. She inflated it until the neck kissed and pushed against her lips. She then inflated it further, the neck wasn’t growing, instead the entire balloon was getting tighter and tighter, it was a time bomb waiting to explode. Michelle stopped and tied the balloon and batted it my way.

I grabbed the balloon and tried squeezing it, testing how much give it had. Well, it had NO give at all. That balloon was made up of fricking glass! It got me a bit nervous.

Cathy looked unpleased by all of that.

“Uhm, overinflating balloons will make them nicer I agree, but this is just too much, its neck is huge, can’t you blow them a bit smaller Michelle?”

“Shut up Cathy, a second ago you were laughing at me for blowing it too small, now you’re suddenly complaining?” said a serious Michelle.

Michelle grabbed a yellow one and then looked back at Cathy

“Oh I just remembered something. My aunt used to tell me that balloons that were supposed to be left on the floor should be overinflated, and very tight. If someone accidently steps on a balloon, it should quickly burst or else they might slip and fall. So you better not stop until the neck inflates all the way, Cathy.”

Cathy’s red balloon was starting to form a neck. She seemed to get a bit nervous, so I thought about some words of encouragement.

“That’s it Cathy, keep blowing, don’t stop, these balloons are very durable.”

Cathy’s red balloon had a nice neck, it was overinflated but not as much as Michelle’s. Cathy tied her balloon with a huge smile on her face, as if she accomplished something great. I took the big red balloon, gently squeezing it, it still had room to grow, which was reassuring.

As we were continuing to inflate balloon after balloon, thanks to the size Michelle was blowing them up to, one of her glass-like balloon went BANG randomly, going off with a tremendous explosion that was almost deafening. The sound was not only amplified by the almost empty room, but was also amplified by the fact that these balloons were thick, so fucking thick that the pressure that was in each of Michelle’s balloons was immense. The thickness of these balloons allowed them to be so tight that the balloon that went off showered the floor and walls with tiny microscopic latex shards. A million of these shards were all over the place. Cathy screamed in sheer terror, cringing hard. I jumped out of pure fright.

There was only silence in the room, well, not exactly. Michelle was still overinflating her balloon. She didn’t flinch, didn’t give a slight fuck about the Tsar bomb that went off. She was just adding more tons of TNT to the bomb in her mouth. The balloon that Michelle was inflating was huge, overly tight, glass like and transparent. The color used to be a deep dark blue, but now was a mere light transparent-ish blue. Michelle was inflating her balloons hands free, while on her phone. She tied her balloon which would burst if a single micro Pascal of pressure was added to the straining rubber. You would look at uninflated thick latex and think how the colors are all dark and how the rubber was pressure free. Then you would look at Michelle’s balloon, and I bet looking at it was enough to set it off, the rubber was straining, it clearly couldn’t take any more pressure, the rubber was no longer elastic, it was glass-like.

I found myself and Cathy eyeing Michelle the entire time, we were waiting for a balloon to explode while she was blowing it up. It was doomed to happen. But it never did. The size she was making them was just the right size; the size where a slight breeze of air would set them off, a size where a pin wasn’t necessary to burst them, a size where little friction from your skin would be enough to detonate them, a size where simple static could tear the rubber apart, a size where the rubber doesn’t just snap as the balloon explodes but rather disintegrates.

BANG went another balloon randomly, like a shotgun going off. These balloons would burst as if someone literally shot at your ear directly, with the barrel making contact with your ear drum. Cathy screamed again, and jumped noticeably. I jumped too. These bangs were guaranteed to leave some permanent ear damage I thought. Another BANG followed, Cathy jumped very hard. She looked like she was really not enjoying those bangs at all. Was she scared? Nervous? Cathy went full panic mode, she stood up, while overinflating a balloon to the safer size. I could see her shaking so badly, good thing Michelle was busy with her phone. She walked towards me while having both hands on the blue latex and delivering gentle puffs to it.

“you can continue from here, I’m gonna prepare the cake and the food.” Said Cathy as she removed the necked blue rubber from her mouth.

I finished tying my balloon and grabbed hers. Her balloon was supposedly the right size to tie, and she was expecting me to tie it right away, but me being the pervert that I am grabbed the blue overinflated balloon and blew some more into it. I tasted her breath and saliva through the balloon.

Cathy hurried out of the room.

The cake was already made, so by “preparing the cake” she must have meant literally taking it out of the fridge and putting the candles on it. Maybe open a bag of chips or two. It shouldn’t take her more than 3 minutes.

As I predicted, Cathy went missing for 15 minutes when Michelle brought it up

“where is Cathy? Where’s the cake? CATHY!” Michelle called out to her.

“I’m going to check on her, she might have taken a trip to the bathroom” I said, standing up.

“It has been 15 minutes. No trip to the bathroom would take 15 minutes.” Said Michelle, tying a bomb.

Knowing the childhood I went through and the fears I have, I knew better. Cathy was obviously hiding. She didn’t want to hear any more bangs.

I went to the kitchen and found her nervously on her phone, the cake was set up and ready.

“what are you doing? We missed you back there” I said softly

“oh its fine, its fine, I’m just checking up some messages I received. Go, I’ll join you later.” She said with a shaky-ish voice. She then put on a fake smile. Her eyes were tearing.

I moved closer to her

“you are so brave, you can easily overinflate them, I jump too when they burst you know”

Cathy seemed to be taken by surprise, she wasn’t expecting me to say that.

“uh, I mean they are so loud and they just pop randomly without any warning. It makes me anxious and very nervous, I couldn’t take it anymore.” She looked down, embarrassed.

“I feel the same Cathy.”

“You don’t understand. Their loud explosions scare me a lot. Just don’t tell Michelle, please.” Cathy wiped her tears.

Suddenly, Michelle entered the kitchen with a yellow balloon she had been inflating that was completely transparent. It just had a slight yellow tint to it.

“what are you both doing here? We’re wasting time. Chloe is gonna be here any minute now.”

“Cathy are you crying? What’s the matter?” said Michelle with a serious tone to her voice.

Michelle walked and sat right next to Cathy, her balloon literally brushing Cathy’s face.

“what is it Cathy? Tell me.”

Cathy wiped her tears, then leaned away from Michelle.

Michelle drew the balloon closer to Cathy, unintentionally. It was so big it really needed more room to fit between the 2 girls.

Cathy leaned even further away, then sat up completely

“Stop it Michelle!” said a sobbing Cathy

“stop what? I didn’t do any...” Michelle stopped mid sentence. Was it the balloon? She followed Cathy’s eyes, and finally understood what was happening.

“So you’re scared of those, huh?” back then you were laughing though.” Said a mischievous Michelle.

Michelle took the balloon to her mouth again and blew a small puff, Cathy quickly made a 180 degree turn and went the opposite direction, colliding with me.

I hugged her and closed her ears tightly with both my hands.

“Michelle, stop that!” I said, trying to sound as manly as possible.

Needless to say, Michelle was a fucking monster, she had us both. I’m not gonna lie, I was terrified. Cathy hugged me tightly with her eyes closed, her head resting on my chest.

The room shook as the balloon successfully covered every inch of the walls and floor with latex. The balloon was now replaced with a thick white steam, Michelle’s breath.

Michelle removed the octopus like balloon nozzle from her mouth and dropped it in the trash can.

“teaches you right not to laugh at me, now stop being such a pussy, they’re just balloons, come help me out.”

Michelle took the cake and went to the balloon filled room.

"I don't want to go back to the room. I'm scared." Said Cathy, looking at me with puppy eyes.

"I promise I won't pop a single balloon. You can always close your ears if anything bad happens." I tried reassuring her.

A car has been heard parking, must be Chloe. Michelle rushed to the living room and checked through the window.

“It’s Chloe, quick, turn off the lights, we’ll surprise her as she’s passing by the room.”

Everyone got in the room, even Cathy, who stood in the corner, carefully placing her steps as to not step on any balloon.

There were so many balloons, they formed 2 layers, kinda like 2 “floors” on top of each other.

“what if a balloon burst? It’ll ruin the surprise.” Asked a worried Cathy.

“do not think about it, worst case scenario Chloe hears a bang and jumps out of her skin.” I said laughing a bit.

Michelle got in the room and kicks a few balloon out of her way. She places a hand on the light switch and waits for Chloe. Cathy cringed as 6 balloons went up in the air. 2 of which were blown up by Michelle.

Michelle’s balloons stayed in the air for the longest time and as they started to fall, one suddenly decided it wanted to die, so BANG it went. Chloe was heard screaming. She rushed to the room and Michelle turned on the lights, chanting happy birthday.

Chloe was stunned, as I was, because she looked stunning. She was wearing a beautiful dress with nice makeup on her face, red glossy lipstick and some sexy high heels.

“oh my god I can’t believe you did all of this for me, thank you so much I love you guys.” Said Chloe with a huge smile on her face.

She started kicking balloons in the air and we continued to chant happy birthday. Cathy was frowning and cringing, knowing exactly what was going to happen next.

As predicted, BANG POWWW POP went 3 balloons. Chloe was so happy, she went and gave Michelle a nice hug, then walked towards me, kicking a few balloons out of the way. She gave me a nice hug and a kiss on the cheek. Cathy was on the other side of the room, covering her ears. Chloe looked down on the balloons and raised her high heels on one of Michelle’s balloons, as soon as it made contact, the balloon disappeared with a sharp crack that resonated through the walls. She then raised her pointy sharp heel on a balloon that was inflated by Cathy. As her sharp heel contacted the latex, it made a nice impression on the rubber, but as Chloe lowered and lowered her sharp heel, it couldn’t take it any longer and went BANG. Every single balloon in this room was overinflated, but only Michelle’s balloons were ticking time bombs and exploded randomly.

Chloe then walked towards Cathy and gave her a nice hug. Cathy did her best to hide the fact that she was terrified.

“Those balloons are so loud, it’s so fun to burst them” said Chloe, as she saw Cathy covering her ears with a fake smile.

Michelle and I were waiting for Chloe on the couch, the candles were all lit up.

Chloe started walking toward us, kicking a lot of balloons in the process. I looked at Cathy, trying to see what she was going to do. Meanwhile, Michelle was batting the balloons away from the candles but failed as one balloon made contact with the flame and burst violently and loudly. I jumped in fright and looked at the damage. The candles were no longer burning, and there was a huge chunk of latex stuck to the cake.

“oh fuck” said Michelle.

She removed the latex chunk from the cake and reignited the candles. Chloe sat between us. I looked back at where Cathy was, she disappeared.

Chloe looked around probably searching for Cathy.

“where’s Cathy, she was here a second ago.” Asked Chloe.

“most probably hiding, she’s afraid of balloons popping, can you believe that?” said Michelle with a demonic smile.

“and you didn’t help her with her fear? I hope you didn’t torture her.” Said Chloe.

Michelle stood up, grabbed 3 balloons by their knots and then looked at Chloe

“well, you want me to help her overcome her fear?” said Michelle with one of the meanest and most devilish smiles one could ever show.

“hey, not like that! You’re so mean Michelle. I’ll show you how.” Said Chloe, standing up.

Chloe grabbed a blue balloon and all three of us went to the other side of the house. Cathy was found in the bathroom, brushing her hair.

Chloe took the initiative while me and Michelle stood back.

“hey Cathy, what’re you doing?” asked Chloe while intentionally moving the overinflated blue rubber near Cathy

“oh nothing, just fixing my hair a little. Is it okay if I use your brush?”

Cathy then feels something brush her side, she takes a look and finds a blue balloon squeezed into her left side by Chloe’s dangerous hands.

“Is this scaring you Cathy?”

Cathy doesn’t seem to be bothered by that. Chloe started scratching the surface of the balloon with her manicured sharp nails, SQUEAK went the bulging rubber. Chloe was scratching so hard, her nails were making very apparent dimples on the latex and were moving slowly, before sliding a few centimeters, then moving slowly and so on, producing the most annoying, most threatening SQUEAK with several skips, making the SQEAKS go SQEA EA EAAAAAA EAAAAK instead, very nerve wracking. Cathy cringed at the horrifying sound of a balloon trying to keep its integrity, she quickly drops the brush and use her hands to cover her delicate gentle ears that were being tortured. Cathy would have rather listened to a thousand nails scratching a billion chalkboards, and would have most probably went and gave those nails a hand. At least it was more bearable than having to listen to this atrocity.

“You know, I can help you overcome your fear, I promise I won’t pop any balloons, in fact, you’ll be the one doing it.” said Chloe, continuing to scratch the straining latex which showed very noticeable light white lines tracing Chloe’s scratching.

“stop it Chloe! you just said you weren’t going to pop any!”

“Oh, so that actually terrifies you huh? Do not worry, it won’t pop. Wait for me, I’ll be back in just a minute.” Said Chloe as she exited the large bathroom.

Cathy tried to run away but went face to face with Michelle, who really did want have some naughty fun. The poor girl noticed that Michelle held 3 balloons by their knots, which got Cathy to start breathing nervously. Michelle slowly walked towards Cathy and Cathy simultaneously backed away, backed away, until she got cornered and trapped inside the bathroom. Michelle let 2 of her balloons drop to the floor to get a nice grip on the third one and started torturing the poor green balloon with her nails. Cathy was on the floor, covering her ears tightly.

A drawer has been heard open, Chloe was fumbling with her stuff in the bedroom until

“I found it! coming” said Chloe

Chloe rushes back holding her blue balloon and what seemed like a super long and sharp needle.

Chloe enters the bathroom and quickly grabs Michelle by the shoulders and pushes her out of the room.

“Chloe really needs to look up what fun is!” said Michelle looking at me with a face of disappointment

“And I really do think you should too” I said with a small laugh.

“Oh come on Tom, you should have seen the look she gave me as I scratched my nails on this poor balloon, she was terrorized. I should have burst it before boring Chloe arrived.”

The bathroom door closed and got locked suddenly by Chloe, she obviously didn’t like Michelle’s intentions. Chloe went and sat cross legged in front of Cathy.

“You’re safe with me here, Cathy. It’s just me, you, the blue balloon and this long sharp pointy needle.”

“I really don’t want to do this. Can’t we just leave”?

“well, I can open the door and let you out, but you’ll have to face Michelle, and I don’t really think Michelle is gonna let you pass without having her fair share of fun. Oh and don’t count on me stopping her, because if you give up, I’m just gonna stand back and watch. I’m going to give you 2 options to pick from, you either hold the balloon, or the needle. Your choice.”

“the needle.” Said Cathy without hesitation. She wasn’t comfortable seeing Chloe with that thing.

“here you go, take your time. When you feel ready, just place the pointy end gently on the surface of the balloon, no need for anything else.”

“Please Chloe, j…just don’t move the balloon towards the needle. Hold it still, don’t pop it, please.”

“hey hey relax Cathy. Remember, I am here to help, you chose the needle which means you chose to pop the balloon by yourself. I promise, that balloon isn’t going to move, not an inch.” Chloe found Cathy really cute all scared like that.

Cathy held the needle with her left hand and, using her right hand’s thumb and index finger, followed and traced the sharp dangerous metal from the base to tip, taking a nice feel of her weapon. MISTAKE! Cathy realized the pointy sharp end did NOT end where you would presume it would; that needle was so long and sharp, so sharp that the pointy tip ended a good ~3-4 millimeters further than where you could see it end. The fuck? How sharp was that thing?! Chloe was right, literally just resting that thing on the surface of the balloon would get the job done.

Between the intimidating needle, Chloe’s smile, the weak lines on the poor blue balloon, and Michelle waiting outside, Cathy was ready to break down. She felt time freeze; her mind carefully studying the circumstances, which, to say the least, stacked up against her rather hard. Does she keep fighting further? Or give up and breakdown? Does she burst out crying? Or burst the balloon? As Cathy regained a hold of reality, she looked at Chloe with tears starting to form.

“Chloe, I beg you, sto…” that was all Cathy could muster before exploding into tears.

Cathy cried her eyes out, sobbing, gasping for air.

Chloe felt really bad about this, but did not want to let Cathy out of the bathroom without exploding the blue balloon. She knew that making that balloon pop will never hurt her, so she thought about taking a different approach. She was determined to make Cathy overcome her fear. It’s for her good, she thought. Plus, Michelle wouldn’t have mercy on this poor little girl.

“Cathy my dear, stop crying. You’re a brave girl. You’re actually the bravest girl I know! Remember who couldn’t stop stuttering while giving their public speech? Yup, Michelle herself. Remember who took her place and saved the day? It was YOU! What about the time where you killed that gigantic spider huh? No one dared to get anywhere near that thing but you! You are fearless, you can do this Cathy, do not let your fears get the better of you.” Chloe was holding her in a tight hug, caressing her ruby red hair.


A balloon exploded right outside the bathroom. It was Michelle’s balloon. Chloe tightened her hug on Cathy. She was starting to find this situation a bit arousing. Cathy really looked cute crying like that over something so innocent.

“Cathy look at me, look at me!” said Chloe as she held Cathy by the shoulders and tried setting her straight.

“you can’t continue to live your life like that, afraid of popping balloons. You’re most probably going to find yourself in a much worse situation in the future, and without your friends to help you. I’m giving you a moment, when you feel relaxed and build up enough courage, you’re gonna grab that needle and stab that fucking balloon you hear me?”

“y……………………y.. yeah im go..a try” Cathy could barely speak any words.

“these 2 are most probably fucking each other by now. What do you say Tom?” said Michelle, dropping the broken nozzle to the floor.

“uh I say we go back and have something to eat, I’m kinda hungry.” Truth be told, I wanted to go back to the balloon room. I just wished Cathy could come too.

"I just don't understand how one can overcome his fears without facing them. Just force Cathy to sit among all of those balloons and we all burst them right next to her. She'll realize that there is nothing scary about them. Chloe and her mind games won't get her anywhere." Said Michelle, rolling her eyes. We went back to the previous room and I grab an opened bag of chips, Michelle grabs a balloon and adds

"Anyway when they're both done we're going to see of Chloe's methods work. I sure as hell do not believe in all of her psychological bullshit and we can easily test them out, if you see what I mean."

She digs her nails in the balloon but not deep enough to explode it. She then decided to spare this balloon's life, possibly postponing its death until Cathy returned. As Michelle removed her nails from deep within the balloon's surface, it made some weird sticking noise, her sharp nails must have caught some part of the latex. I, to say the least, cringed a bit at that. How can Michelle be so confident and not show any signs of nervousness around bulging balloons ready to pop at any random moment? It had quite an intimidating effect on me, to be honest.

Cathy had a good 20 seconds for herself. Once she calmed down, she looked at Chloe with shining eyes and said

“Chloe, I cannot bring myself to do it. I’ll hold the needle and you’ll just get it over with once I close my eyes.” She really wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, but she wanted to get through it as fast as possible.

“want me to cover your ears sweetie?” Asked a worried Chloe. Cathy was staring at the balloon with fear in her eyes. Chloe noticed how nervous Cathy was and suddenly gave the red head a long, wet and sloppy kiss on the lips.

“That will help you calm down.” Said Chloe, feeling herself becoming a bit horny.

Cathy didn’t expect that, not at all, she was stunned and shocked, with her face turning red. Ironically, that didn’t calm Cathy, not the slightest. In fact, it had the complete opposite effect. Cathy’s heartbeat quickened, she felt herself becoming excited and braver.

Adrenaline was flowing through Cathy’s veins and she seems to be in the rush. She gently opened her watery mouth, and rested the needle on her tongue and teeth before closing her mouth on it, holding it firmly with her lips and teeth. With her hands free now, she placed them tightly in her ears. She eyed Chloe nervously before nodding and closing her eyes tightly. Cathy looked like a scared puppy, and dangerously cute, with the needle protruding from her mouth and her hands covering her ears. Chloe really loved being in control, and felt really attracted to Cathy for some reason. The dark haired girl was getting really excited, and found that moment very erotic. As a result, her juices started leaking into her panties.

Chloe moved the balloon ever so slowly towards Cathy’s mouth. She made sure the middle of the balloon, as in, the part where the balloon was the most transparent was against the needle. Chloe's excitement was growing exponentially, the room was too silent and she was about to burst an enormous, overinflated balloon. As soon as the balloon and the needle made contact, the blue rubber disappeared and was suddenly replaced with red and black hair dancing wildly around both girls. Both faces were almost completely hidden behind their now messy hair.

BANNNNNNNNNNNNNNG the explosion had an immense echo and a beautiful shockwave, thanks to the hard walls of the isolated bathroom. The sound kept bouncing and ringing for almost 5 seconds.

“that… was THE LOUDEST balloon I have ever heard… WOW!” said Chloe while pushing her hair back.

Cathy had one of the cutest smile and seemed too worried. The bang was muffled thanks to her tightly shut ears. She somehow found that bang a bit satisfying, letting all of her stress out with it. Chloe was dangerously getting horny. Cathy seemed too cute, too innocent and too sexy.

I DID IT! Cathy thought to herself. She was suddenly happy, the tears in her eyes were now tears of joy, she looked at Chloe with shining and glistening eyes. The contrast of her crying face now full of joy was getting Chloe hornier and hornier. Chloe was biting her lower lip, and was staring at Cathy with sheer hunger. She suddenly removed the needle from Cathy’s mouth and went in for another wet kiss.

“thank...” Cathy’s sentence was cut short by Chloe’s lips. She didn’t know how to react, so she did nothing. This time, Chloe was naughtier, giving very wet kisses, trying to get her tongue inside Cathy's mouth. Cathy accepted Chloe’s tongue and reciprocated. Their kisses made tons of sexy squelches which got Chloe really desperate. She started breathing heavily and moaned gently between kisses. It took all of her self control to push herself away from Cathy, realizing she shouldn’t go further than that. Chloe took notice of 2 more tightly inflated balloons resting on the carpeted floor, she gave Cathy a questioning look then gently asked:

“want to go again?”

YES! YES!! Cathy felt like going to the balloon room and bursting every last balloon to shreds with that needle. She felt too confident and super excited. That adrenaline rush surely did its job, but truth be told, Cathy was too shy and shocked to say anything, so a small gentle nod was all she could manage.

The brunette went and grabbed the yellow transparent-ish glass like balloon. As she grabbed it using both her hands, the balloon gave squeaks in complaint to the straining, ready to explode rubber. Chloe rested the balloon on her crossed legs and grabbed the needle. She raised her hand toward Cathy's mouth, which Cathy gently opened, accepting the needle.

"Ready to kiss this beautiful balloon good bye?" Asked a playful Chloe. She then grabbed the balloon with both her hands and pressed her lips hard against it. It left a nice sexy imprint of her wet lips.

Cathy put her fingers in her ears but kept her eyes opened. As Chloe drew the balloon closer and closer, Cathy started to cringe noticeably. That yellow balloon was too transparent and had a gigantic neck. It was too intimidating and Cathy suddenly gave up. She removed the needle from her mouth.

"Chloe I'm too scared, I.."

"Shhhh. Don't say anything." Chloe leaned in and kissed Cathy again, full on the lips, giving wet and sloppy kisses. After Cathy's breath became noticeably heavier, Chloe pushed her back.

"Give this balloon a nice wet kiss Cathy. Kiss me through that balloon."

Cathy took the balloon with both hands, which made it squeak loudly. She cringed and tensed at the horrible sound, then relaxed and raised the straining, bulging yellow balloon to her mouth. Chloe leaned in and pushed her lips against the balloon, this time while looking at Cathy through the transparent latex. Cathy let her tongue out and pressed it firmly against the rock hard balloon, then, with her eyes closed, she pushed her lips against the rubber, closing them slowly while giving the balloon a wet lick. Chloe noticed that Cathy was in a trance, enjoying herself. She was really feeling the moment. Cathy gave the yellow balloon several wet licks and kisses before Chloe slowly took the balloon away from her. A bridge of saliva was formed between Cathy and the straining balloon. She opened her eyes only to notice that big, long spit bridge she had created, so she quickly leans in and gives the balloon a quick lick to get her saliva back in her mouth. Chloe smiled at Cathy, then glanced at the balloon. It had a very big wet patch on one side and a nice lip print on the other side. She grabbed the needle and put it in Cathy's mouth slowly and sensually. Cathy's heartbeat was through the roof. She was too horny to think straight. Chloe really knew how to get her adrenaline pumping.

"Now kiss me through that balloon again Cathy" Said Chloe with sheer fervor and desire.

As soon as Chloe closed her eyes and started kissing the balloon, Cathy's mind started drowning in all the adrenaline and sexy hormones that were flooding her skull. Without a second thought, she leaned in fast, giving the balloon the kiss of death, right through the huge wet patch.

Chloe shrieked, not expecting the bang to come this soon. Cathy almost immediately dropped the pin from her mouth and continued leaning further, until she had her lips pressed firmly against Chloe's. Cathy didn't close her ears this time, she wanted nothing but Chloe's lips around hers. She pushed her tongue deep inside the brunette. Chloe felt something strange, and pushed Cathy away. She inserted 2 fingers in her mouth and fished out a big latex shard.

"Look at what you've done." Said Chloe with a small laugh. That latex piece was extremely wet, it was practically swimming in Chloe's mouth and was completely soaked. Cathy quickly bit the big latex shard and moved her head back. Chloe held the rubber tightly with her fingers. The rubber stretched until it inevitably snapped in half, stinging Cathy's lips and Chloe's fingers. They both gazed at each other with pure love and lust, both with glistening eyes. They glanced at the last balloon, a clear one. As Chloe leaned to her right to grab it, Cathy noticed a huge wet patch between Chloe's legs. She looked down and sure enough, her panties were soaked too. Chloe grabbed the needle and put it behind her back. Cathy gave her a quizzical look

"No needle this time."

Chloe raises the balloon up to their face and looked at Cathy right through it. The balloon was a clear one, so both girls could clearly see each other through the almost glass like rubber.

"If you want to kiss me, you'll have to get rid of the balloon. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying kissing you through it." Says Chloe with a longing smile.

Cathy furiously started kissing the balloon, with her lips, her tongue, and even her teeth. She wanted Chloe, she wanted her now! Her teeth kept sliding through the surface of the balloon, it was simply too tight and wet to actually bite it.

Cathy went lower and lower with her kisses until she met the beginning of the neck. She tried biting the balloon a second time and the neck seemed to help her get a firm grip with her teeth. Cathy’s fears slapped her in the face as she suddenly realized she was about to chew a balloon to oblivion, and taste the explosion of a deliciously overinflated balloon. She quickly plugged her ears tightly with her fingers and, with a frown, bit hard. Cathy successfully took a bite off that balloon which burst between the two beautiful faces. The exploding latex had stung Cathy in the lips painfully which heightened her sexual arousal. She quickly threw away the small shreds that got in her mouth and kissed Chloe as if her life depended on it. As they came to halt, they both stood up and contemplated at the mayhem they made. Cathy’s mouth was a mess, with tons of glossy red, still wet lipstick marks all around it. Their hair was covered with yellow, blue and clear latex, same went for the walls, the carpet, and their clothes. Cathy rinsed her mouth while Chloe shook and patted both their clothes to get the latex pieces off of them. Chloe then led Cathy to her bedroom where they sat on the bed, opposite each other. They started fumbling with each other's hair trying to pick and remove the small latex shreds that were caught in the girls' hairs. Once done, Chloe opened her wardrobe and searched for some jeans and shirt. She changed from her dress and put on a regular shirt with a pair of blue mini jeans while Cathy changed her pants to an almost identical one. She was too worried Michelle would notice but Chloe reassured her. They were ready to get back to the room but Cathy seemed a bit reluctant. Chloe noticed and caressed Cathy's pussy slightly and went for a quick kiss on the lips.

"Don't be scared Cathy, you know you can do this."

Cathy took a deep breath then left the bedroom. Michelle and I were chatting while eating some chips. Cathy was standing right outside the room, out of sight. She was nervous, too nervous. She suddenly licked Chloe's lips then kissed her sloppily. Chloe didn't reciprocate, she just let her do her thing. Cathy got herself warmed up and slipped a fast low moan before parting her lips from Chloe's and entered the room.

"About time, what took you so long?" Asked Michelle.

"Where's your dress Chloe? You looked magnificent in it!" I said

"I, uhm, well it was really uncomfortable and I just wanted to wear something casual"

"So, Did your psycho stuff work? Is Cathy still scared? I think we're just gonna find out." Said Michelle as she grabbed a balloon from the floor using both hands and started to scratch its surface.

Cathy sat right next to me, furthest away from Michelle, and Chloe sat next to Michelle. Michelle started fiddling with the knot, successfully untying it. She raised the balloon to her lips and gave it a lungful. Cathy moved closer to me and I noticed how nervous she was, so I put my hand around her head, closing her ear, and rested her head on my shoulder. Michelle gave the balloon a long, slow breath and it detonated with an echo and deafening blast. She placed the shredded nozzle on the table and grabbed her phone, which was flashing like crazy a while earlier. She received a ton of messages, and as she went through them, she gasped and stood up.

“well I guess I’m leaving guys. Happy birthday Chloe!” she gave Chloe a hug.

“oh already? Cmon can’t you stay some more?”

“Nah I really got to go, plus it’s getting pretty late.” Said Michelle before raising her foot and pressed it against the nearest balloon. She looked directly at Cathy, who was glued to my side looking for security. Michelle then glanced at me and felt some mercy towards Cathy. She released her foot off the balloon with a small laugh.

“She’s still terrified Chloe! Told you your methods wouldn’t work.”

“well at least she burst some by herself, and she’s more confident around them now.”

“She popped one herself? Well why don’t you show us Cathy?”

Cathy nervously raises her foot to the nearest balloon and pressed it gently onto its surface. She quickly looked at Chloe. Chloe was biting her lower lip with dilated pupils, smiling back at Cathy. The red head felt her heart begin to pound as she quickly stomped down hard, BANGING that balloon. Both Chloe and I jumped in fright, not expecting Cathy to be this confident.

“well that was something, nice job Cathy!” said Michele, as she walked out of the room.

Cathy grabbed a balloon and we all went to the front door and waved Michelle good bye.

“I think it’s time for me to go too.” Said Cathy.

“So I guess you’re all leaving, well if you could at least help me clean up the place tomorrow, I’d be glad.”

“yeah I’ll call you tomorrow Chloe.” said Cathy

“Just call me, I have nothing planned for tomorrow.” I said reaching for my phone, it was already 10 pm.

“Can you walk me home tom?”


After the usual hugs and good byes, I found myself walking in the empty dark street, with Cathy, holding a beautiful red balloon. Cathy was trying to undo the knot with her sharp fingernails and I was watching intently. Air suddenly rushed out as Cathy successfully undid the loop, sending her hair flying in the cool air. We kept on walking, Cathy was having fun blowing and deflating the huge balloon, getting it tightly inflated to the utmost max before deflating it just a bit so the neck would retreat back and then proceeded to blow again. The balloon was the wettest I’d ever seen, filled with Cathy’s saliva with tons of strings originating for her mouth, dripping down to the tip. When we finally arrived at her house, she stood in front of me and gently removed the balloon from her mouth.

“Tom, I, uhm, I’d like to pop this balloon.”

“what? here?” I looked around, there was absolutely no one, and the nearest house was a good 100 meters from here, so I looked back at Cathy with my heart pounding and asked her

“H…How do you want to pop it?”

“I really want to try blowing it until it bursts. But I’m scared, so if you could try and uhm.. encourage me, it…it would be great.”

Cathy turns away from me and puts the balloon back to her lips, blowing ever so slowly and sensually. I was left there, not really knowing what to do, so Cathy decided to give me some hints and grabbed my hand, and caressed her hair. I followed her instructions, but it wasn’t enough. She suddenly turns around, looking at me with a face so red it matched her hair and the balloon, and kissed me passionately. She tried doing tongues and I eagerly accepted. I let my manliness take over as I grabbed her and pushed her closer to me, making Cathy moan in pleasure. Cathy felt herself becoming way more confident and quickly pushed me away and plugged her mouth shut with the nozzle, not letting me kiss her anymore. The balloon was sandwiched between us and was pressing firmly against my erect cock. She WOOOSHED into the balloon ferociously while looking at me with a nervous smile as I quickly raised my hands to cover her ears.

Cathy relaxed as she felt my warm hands covering her delicate ears, blocking the background noise of the dark street. 2 mighty wooshes went into the balloon before it cracked with a sharp ear piercing bang that showered our clothes with wet, saliva filled latex shreds. Cathy gently removed the octopus like balloon nozzle from her mouth and put it against my mouth. I softly took it in my own mouth, feeling her saliva on it. Cathy had tearing eyes full of joy, and I was standing there in pure shock, with the nozzle between my lips. She hugged me tightly and my erect cock suddenly pressed firmly against her stomach. Cathy let out a small laugh.

“looks like you enjoyed it too. Thank you tom! Thank you so much!”

“I.. I uhm uh .. thank you too.” I was lost for words.

Cathy went inside her house and I was left standing on the street, still processing what had just happened. It took me a solid minute to come back to reality and walked back to my house, still recalling every moment, every second, every kiss, every blow………
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