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Post Chapter II - She Burst Some!
I tried something new - sentences in italic describe actions outside Tomas' knowledge. I don't know if I should have done that to the first chapter too.
Feedback is greatly appreciated
I'm thinking of making future chapters a bit shorter. What do you think?
link to deviant art:

Chapter II - She Burst Some!

I laid in bed unable to sleep, with a visible tent in my crotch area. I turned my head and gazed at my prize, the wet red nozzle. It had several shredded tentacles which emphasized its loudness and violence as it burst in Cathy’s magical mouth. It had burst, because Cathy had decided to force breath after breath, knowing it couldn’t take any more air. It had burst because Cathy had written its destiny, because she had chosen to “make” it burst. She burst it. Fuck! I threw the bedsheet away and lowered my pyjammas to my ankle, as I grabbed my pole with the ultimate death grip and proceeded to do what any sane human being would; mercilessly jack off to exhaustion.

The next day was a Sunday, I had already woken up and was having breakfast, still thinking about Cathy’s last innocent puff, that last breath which disintegrated and shredded the almighty red orb. That one thing I was afraid of throughout my childhood, she had innocently and gently, with all her feminine and delicate manners, BURST. I was feeling sad, almost depressed. Such a wonderful fantasy, coming to a halt. I wanted more, I was obsessed, hungry and desperate. My cellphone suddenly rang, catching me off guard. I rushed to the other side of the room, where my phone was still plugged to the wall outlet. My heart started racing as I read the word Chloe, suddenly remembering the dangerous request she made the day earlier.

“hello?” I said with a trembling, almost raspy voice.

“Hey Tomas! Did I wake you up?”

I audibly clear my throat before responding:

“uhm no, not at all, uhm.. do you need help with somet…”

“Yeah, about that, Cathy is coming over at 11, would you mind helping us clean up the place? There are like a hundred balloons from yesterday that we need to pop, and there’s latex all over the house.”

“I can do that. Is Michelle coming too?”

“Well I called her but she had already left town, seems like she’s busy.”

“Alright then, see you in about 10 minutes”

My heart was pounding, my head was spinning, I still got a chance to be around Cathy and balloons. I took a quick shower, got dressed and barged out the front door.
I rang the doorbell, shaking from nervousness. Just as Chloe opened the door, an immense aroma of latex filled my nostrils. The intoxicating smell had a quick effect on my cock, as it tried to push against my pants. Luckily though, I wore a belt that kept the beast at bay. The door completely opened, as I finally saw Chloe, with a gigantic blue balloon in her mouth, and an opened bag of balloons in her right hand. She took the balloon out of her mouth and looked at me with a smile.

“Hi Tom! Just look at this balloon! It’s huuuuuuuuuuuuge! I just found this bag of balloons that was left aside and the balloons in it were noticeably bigger than the rest, so I couldn’t resist blowing one up to see how big it would get.”

Holy molly guacamole! That was one of the most beautiful, most delicious balloon I had ever seen! It was smoooooooth, THICK and most of all, it was HUUGE. I took a peek at the bag in Chloe’s hand and sure enough, they were 24 inch. I was too excited, too happy and couldn’t wait to cover every inch of my mouth with that big nozzle. We went and sat on the sofa in the famous balloon room.

“Well, Michelle must have forgotten to tell us about those” I said staring at Chloe’s wet fingers holding the giant, soaking wet, nozzle.

“Or maybe she just took them by accident?” Said Chloe.

Chloe then moved the neck closer and closer to her lips, until she inevitably opened her mouth wide open and plugged it shut with that big, dripping wet nozzle. The girth of that deflated neck was making it harder for the brunette to fit it in, which resulted in some messy and slippery attempts to grip it firmly with her lips and teeth. Saliva was all over Chloe’s fingers, some have even dripped to the sofa, making small round wet patches.
Chloe was looking at my eyes, and I was staring back at her like a starving dog. Chloe smiled and giggled at my shocked face, not knowing that she was on the verge of being molested. I was frozen in place, trying to regain control of myself.
Chloe gave the balloon a loud woosh, filling it with air, all the while staring at me. She grabbed my hand and placed it on the balloon, before giving it another loud woosh. She took the balloon away from her lips, creating 3 distinct bridges of saliva which inevitably broke as she moved the balloon too far.

“Feel how smooth it is!” Said Chloe before caressing the surface of the balloon with her other hand. She couldn’t get herself to make any squeaking noise, even when she used her nails.

Chloe then looked at me, expecting an answer, a nod, anything, but alas, my frozen figure could barely process what was happening let alone form a structured, coherent sentence in English. Just as I opened my mouth to embarrass myself, the doorbell rang.

“And that must be Cathy. Uh, can you hold the balloon for me please.” Said Chloe as she handed me the balloon.

As my eyes witnessed and assessed the fact that Chloe had indeed left the room, I looked back at the delicious neck between my fingers. Saliva was concentrating into a single point, which then became too heavy and dribbled down to my fingers. Succumbing to the immense urge of tasting this balloon, I quickly wrapped my lips around the soaked neck, dousing it with my own slobber, savoring the delicious taste of Chloe’s mouth. I gave this heavenly balloon a quick silent breath, feeling it expand in front of me. I enjoyed every moment as much as I could, before logic and reason took over my mind. Realizing the dull clomping sound was the girls’ footsteps, I gently removed the balloon out of my mouth and waited patiently.

Chloe quickly came over to me and took back her balloon, while Cathy was still standing at the entrance, staring at this gargantuan balloon.

“Don’t worry Cathy, I won’t be popping it. I just want to see how big it’ll go.”

The red head walked slowly towards us, making sure not to stomp on any balloon. She sat right next to me and placed her hand on my lap, smiling. Just as I smiled back at her, Cathy’s face turned red.

“Cathy I still cannot believe you agreed to help us burst those balloons, you’re so brave. When you feel uncomfortable, just tell me and I’ll stop okay?” Said Chloe.

“Okay, thank you. I think your balloon is quite full isn’t it.” Said a worried Cathy.

“No, I think it can take quite a lot more. Here, give it a blow Cathy.”

Chloe moved her hand towards Cathy’s face, the deflated neck inches away from the red head’s lips. Cathy hesitated, then slightly leaned forward and took the balloon into her own mouth. She felt Chloe’s delicious wetness which reminded her of their dirty adventure the night before. Chloe relaxed her grip on the neck, which suddenly inflated and forced Cathy’s mouth to open further. The red head gave the balloon a large dull woosh, before parting her lips from the giant monster in front of her.
Chloe took her balloon back between her lips and continued blowing it up, smiling at Cathy. I felt something was off between those 2 girls, so I decided to have some water and clear up my mind from all those dirty thoughts.

“I’m getting the vacuum cleaner.” I said walking out of the room.

I entered the kitchen, and noticed some balloons laying on the floor. We really did fill that girl’s house with those big balloons I thought. I had my refreshing cup of water, and tried to calm myself down. I was too horny, everything was sexual, I couldn’t continue like that. I have some 2 minutes to myself, drinking more and more fresh, cold water. I then grabbed the small portable vacuum cleaner and silently walked back to the room.

While Tomas was away, Cathy was starting to feel very nervous around those balloons. She looked at Chloe and told her how nervous she was. Chloe asked Cathy if kissing her would help, to which Cathy timidly agreed. Chloe then proceeded to kiss Cathy in the sexiest way possible, trying to get Cathy all excited in order to help her cope with her fear.

My eyes suddenly widen, as I witnessed the 2 girls making out, creating all sorts of kissing noises. Cathy opened her eyes and quickly pushed Chloe away, staring at me in shock. I walked in and placed the machine on the table. Wanting to sound open minded, and hoping to see them kiss each other again, I said

“I really don’t mind. You can have all the fun you want, as long as I get to watch.”

“Yeah I bet you enjoyed that.” Said a smiling Chloe.

I noticed Chloe’s balloon sitting on the sofa, tied with a rubber band. Chloe removed the empty nylon bags that were on the table, searching for something. She pushed away the last nylon bag which revealed 3 long, sharp needles.

“Let’s get popping shall we.”

“Chloe I’m not ready for this. I don’t think I can handle that.” Said Cathy, worried.

“Want me to, uhm, kiss you some more?” asked Chloe.

Cathy was staring at me, blushing. Her face was extremely red. Chloe kissed the red head again, passionately, while caressing Cathy’s boobs. I noticed that Cathy was clearly uncomfortable with me watching them.

“Better?” asked a sexy Chloe.

Cathy shook her head, still staring at me shyly and innocently. Chloe looked at me, then at Cathy.

“Want Tomas to help you out then?” Said Chloe with a mischievous grin on her face.

Cathy and I looked at Chloe in shock, not expecting her to say this. My heart started racing, my face turned red. Chloe stood up and pushed Cathy next to me.

“I know you’re straight Cathy, so maybe our gentleman here can take good care of you.”

Cathy started to relax as she noticed me smiling. She approached me and we locked eyes.

“Oh cmon! You were literally glued to Tomas the entire time yesterday Cathy! I know you like him, come on give him a nice kiss.”

Cathy was clearly very shy and didn’t want to initiate anything. I didn’t know what to do, so Chloe approached me and kissed me on the lips, taking me completely off guard.

“Did that excite you?” asked the brunette.

She looked at me and placed her hand on my crotch, feeling my erect member. Chloe suddenly started undoing my pants and I was left staring at Cathy in disbelief. Cathy stared back at me with wide eyes, and a very light smile. Chloe pushed my pants down to the ground and slowly removed my boxers, making the beast inside spring to attention. She grabbed the shaft with her cold hand, making my cock release a small load of pre cum. It dribbled down her fingers as she started stroking my rock hard cock. After a minute of Chloe stroking me and me trying to keep myself from grunting in pleasure, she suddenly stood up and pushed Cathy onto my lap. Cathy sat on my lap, right before my cock.

“Your turn Cathy, I know you want him so bad.”

Cathy slowly and timidly moved her head closer and closer until our lips finally met. The kiss quickly escalated to a passionate one with tongues and everything. Chloe was watching intently while gently scratching the surface of a big balloon using her needle. The balloon didn’t stand a chance and burst violently and suddenly, making Cathy’s teeth hit mine as she jumped in fright. This sent Cathy into overdrive as she suddenly tried eating my mouth out, moaning, squelching and slurping on my lips. Chloe knew what she was doing and quickly grabbed a second balloon, tracing its surface using her needle.
BANG it went off, Cathy was trembling and moaning loudly. I was so lost in the moment I didn’t care the slightest about that balloon. Cathy placed a hand on my cock and began stroking me slowly. Pre cum was dribbling on to her fingers and down to the base of my cock. She felt the warm liquid on her fingers and got hornier by the second.
She suddenly pushed me to the side, making me lie on the sofa. She started removing her shirt, and I followed suit, until we became completely naked. Cathy climbed on top of me and continued her furious kisses while I caressed her beautiful naked body. I caressed her boobs, her ass, her everything.
By that time, Chloe had already burst 6? 8 balloons? I don’t quite remember. She grabbed the 24 inch balloon she had inflated earlier which was now on the floor. She removed the rubber band holding the neck tightly and put it in her mouth.
WOOOSHHH Chloe started inflating her balloon. The loud wooshing sound caught Cathy by surprise, as she quickly turned and stared at Chloe. I could see Cathy’s eyes filled with fear. I grabbed her head with both my hands, covering her ears and kissed her again, this time, poking her labia with my cock. Cathy moaned in pleasure and started lowering her back onto my cock. As soon as my cock touched and entered slightly her dripping wet pussy, I felt her vagina suddenly relax, welcoming my member with a waterfall of love juices. Cathy stopped kissing me and had her eyes closed, enjoying the slow, delicate penetration.
Chloe stood up, walked towards us and removed the now massively overinflated balloon from her lips. She removed my hands from Cathy’s ears and kissed Cathy aggressively, making deep and loud sucking and slurping sounds.
I was mesmerized by that beautiful sight and started moving in and out of Cathy’s trembling vagina, which was struggling to keep up with the demand in fluids.
The show continued for some more before Chloe put her balloon back in her mouth and, while staring at Cathy, started huffing and puffing, giving huge loud blows.
Cathy quickly turned and looked at me with a terrified face, she leaned and kissed me on the lips, trying to fight back her fears with excitement. I glanced at the balloon, then at Chloe, and the brunette smiled back at me, knowing damn well that this balloon was about to shatter our ear drums. I brace myself, holding on tightly to Cathy’s heavenly body, as I felt myself getting closer to climax.
I put my hands on Cathy’s ears and continued my rhythmic movements, until..


Chloe’s head recoiled back at the violent explosion, her hair was sent flying in the air. Cathy’s vagina tightened like a vice, securing her prize, which was now pumping streams of hot cum deep inside of her. Chloe screamed in terror, Cathy screamed in ecstasy, and I… just grunted in delight.
The red head collapsed onto my chest, looking at Chloe with a smile. I felt hunger, dizziness, and a huge need to pee.
Cum started dribbling out of Cathy’s magic box, down my thighs and into the sofa, which was now soaking wet.
My face went pale as I just realized we had sex in front of Chloe, without protection. I started shaking badly, not really knowing what to do or say. What if Cathy got pregnant? What am I going to do? I looked at Chloe with embarrassment in my eyes, trying to think of anything.
Cathy started caressing my chest, and looked at me. She saw how nervous I was and noticed my hands trembling as I caressed her hair. Wanting to reassure me, she said:

“Don’t worry Tom, I’m infertile.”

“So you won’t get pregnant? I mean I’m sorry, I really am, but uh.”

“It’s ok, I had already come to terms with it a long time ago. It’s called endometriosis, it means my fallopian tubes are blocked by excess tissue from my uterus. I can still get pregnant though, just not naturally.”

“So you don’t get periods?” I asked curiously.

“I still get periods, actually I’m pretty lucky because some women who have endometriosis get some of this excess tissue on their ovaries and other places, which can get painful during menstruation.”

I was shocked and relieved at the same time. A mix of emotions was filling my mind, as I tried putting 2 and 2 together.
Realizing I had nothing to fear about, I suddenly relax, my whole body almost deflating, as I was so tense and nervous at the idea of impregnating a girl like that. Cathy let out a giggle, noticing how nervous I was.

“I think I need to go to the bathroom.” I Said.

“yeah me too.” Said Cathy.

Cathy stood up and went to the main bathroom, I quickly rushed to the guest’s bathroom, wanting to pee so bad.
My erection was making it exceptionally hard to pee in the toilet. I was bending forward, with a palm resting on the wall and the other hand trying to get my cock to a lower angle.
I put on my clothes and went back to the room. I noticed that most of the balloons were gone, replaced by latex shreds all over the floor. I took a seat on the sofa, next to the gigantic wet patch Cathy and I had created. Chloe looked at me with a mischievous grin.

“It was so hot watching you fuck Cathy like that. Since she’s getting better around balloons, how about we get her to blow one of the big ones until it bursts in her mouth huh?”

“What? why? You know she won’t be able to do that.”

“We’ll help her, if you know what I mean…”

Cathy came back naked, still blushing. I looked at Chloe and felt a sudden twitch in my now deflated cock. Cathy sat next to me on the sofa and started gathering her clothes. Chloe grabbed an uninflated crystal blue 24 inch and gave it to Cathy. Cathy grabbed it, confused.

“I don’t think you’ll need your clothes for now Cathy. Let’s play a game.” Chloe then knelt between Cathy’s legs.

“You stop blowing, I stop licking.”

And with that, Cathy quickly closed her legs tightly around Chloe’s head and let out a huge gasp, as Chloe started licking and pleasuring Cathy’s juicy clit. Chloe suddenly stopped licking and stared at Cathy, waiting for her. Cathy quickly brought up the balloon to her lips and, without hesitation, started furiously blowing it up. I kept watching intently as the balloon grew, grew and grew with every loud puff. Cathy’s legs were trembling and shaking, she was literally moaning into the balloon, letting out “hmmphs” and “ughhs” into the now massive balloon. Saliva was dripping from the neck into her stomach as she was struggling to keep the nozzle in her mouth. Cathy opened her eyes and realized how overinflated the balloon was, remembering how loud it detonated earlier in Chloe’s face, she got terrified and stopped blowing, which prompted Chloe to stop licking and kissing Cathy’s dripping wet pussy. Chloe looked at me funnily.

“You’ve been watching us all that time? Cmon Tom, kiss her or something.”

Cathy turned her head and looked at me, waiting for me to cover her mouth with mine. I quickly leaned in and kissed Cathy aggressively, making her moan in delight. My cock suddenly started inflating, slowly aiming higher and higher. I kissed Cathy’s neck and whispered to her

“blow Cathy…”

Chloe resumed her licking and kissing, hoping to get Cathy back at blowing the huge balloon.

“uhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Cathy moaned loudly, her eyes closed.

She quickly brought the squeaky balloon back to her mouth, and, while still moaning, plugged her mouth shut with it, continuing to moan inside the balloon. I continued kissing her neck and caressing her right boob, eventually kissing it and licking it. Cathy had both palms on either side of the balloon, which was resting on top of Chloe’s head. Chloe was slurping, kissing and licking Cathy’s crotch.



The balloon shattered into a billion pieces, shredding completely. Cathy was still biting on the massive octopus like nozzle in her mouth and let out a huuuuge moan. Her legs closed completely on Chloe’s head and she suddenly started gushing out streams of liquids into Chloe’s face. It was the first time I see a girl squirting. Chloe almost drowned as Cathy was letting out fucking Niagara Falls into her face.

“Good job Cathy. It wasn’t that hard was it?”

Cathy could barely let out a word, she was breathing heavily, still trying to recover from that body shaking orgasm.
After a good 10 mins, Chloe went and brought the cake from yesterday, each one of us had a slice.

“We still haven’t burst the balloons. Cathy, take this needle, don’t be scared, you just burst a balloon that is way louder than these ones.”

To be honest, Cathy was still scared, but she didn’t want to be such a chicken and decided to just go on.

She grabbed the needle delicately. Chloe shoved a balloon onto Cathy’s chest, Cathy grabbed it and placed the tip of the needle gently onto its surface, slowly, almost seductively poking it.
POWW the balloon exploded right in front of Cathy, pushing her hair back. Cathy winced at the explosion with her eye closed. She was smiling.
Chloe smiled back at her and took the vacuum cleaner and started cleaning up the floor from the shredded latex.
Cathy used her foot to get a balloon closer to her. Then, she slowly lowered her arm onto the balloon, slowly poking it with her needle delicately. BOOOOM
Cathy seemed to be enjoying herself, as she quickly stood up and started pricking balloon after balloon, each time doing it in such a seductive and gentle, almost teasing manner. Then she suddenly put the needle back on the table and grabbed a giant yellow balloon, and placed it on the sofa. She lowered her naked butt onto the balloon slowly making the neck shoot out in front of her. Chloe turned off the vacuum cleaner and looked at Cathy funnily.

“See, bursting balloons can be really fun.”

Cathy jumped up and down on the balloon before it gave way with a deafening crack, which was way louder than expected. Cathy giggled like a school girl. I was watching her mesmerized, with an immense erection ready to tear a hole in my pants. Cathy looked gorgeous naked like that, bursting those balloons like an angel. I noticed Chloe looking at me, I had been watching Cathy the entire time, so I quickly stabbed the nearest balloon, making Cathy jump suddenly.
Chloe clearly wanted to have her own fun too, so she just grabbed her needle and quickly burst 3 balloons in rapid succession. BANG BANG BANG. I started picking latex stuck to the wall and other furniture, while watching the 2 girls bursting the remaining of the balloons.
When there were no more balloon to shatter, both girls helped me with the latex, Chloe used the vacuum cleaner and Cathy just picked up the shreds with me. We cleaned up the room, Cathy got dressed, and it was time to leave.

“Not a single word about any of that to Michelle.” Said Chloe.

Both Cathy and I nodded. We looked at each other, then went in for another kiss. Chloe watched us, smiling.

“I love you Tom, I love you Chloe. Can I keep you both?”

Chloe and I looked at each other. Both Cathy and Chloe were waiting for my answer. I nodded in agreement.

“Oh my god thank you so much, you are both awesome.” Said Cathy.

She quickly gave me a kiss on the lips, then went to Chloe and did the same to her. Cathy and I exchanged phone numbers.

“Any plans for new year’s eve?” Asked Cathy.

It was the 15th of December and 2020 was 16 days short. I had no plans whatsoever and just shook my head.

“I’m going to my friend’s house. She invited some of our college friends and we’re spending the night at her house.” Said Chloe.

“So, want to do something together?” asked me Cathy.

I nodded, kissed her, then we both left.

The next day, it was back to college. I kept texting Cathy and she seemed to be pretty busy with final exams. I upped my stock of 17 inches tuftex, 24 inch tuftex and got some GLs too. The following week was rough; final exams, Christmas, family reunions, the usual…
I Texted Cathy, asking if we could get to see each other, but she told she was going to be out of town, with her family, till the 30th. Disappointed, I locked my phone and drifted off to sleep.
The universe isn't forever. Neither is your life. Enjoy it.

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Default Re: Chapter II - She Burst Some!
Wauw... more please!!!
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