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Default Best summer
I was in middle School, during the summer a new family moved into town. They had a daughter who was my age. We became good friends and spent most of our summer together. One summer night we where out on walk. I mentioned we should get some of our other friends together and have a water balloon fight. She smiled big and said she loved balloons. My heart skipped a little. She had no idea about my fetish. So I took that opportunity and asked her if enjoyed popping them as well. Of course she, I like sitting on them. I thought I was dreaming I couldn't Believe what I was hearing. The next day I went straight to the store and bought a bag of 12" balloons and took one over to her house. I took me most of the day to blow it up and she her because I was so nervous. I waited till she went to the restroom to blow it up real fast. She came out and noticed it. I asked if she wanted to pop it. She was more then happy to pop it. She grabbed a chair from the kitchen and sat the balloon down then slowly lowered her herself on it I watched as the more weight she put on it the more the neck of the balloon extended. She sat on it for a sec and when it didn't pop she started bouncing on it. The neck getting longer and longer till boom we both laughed and asked if I had any more. Let's just say it was the best summer ever
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