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Default Just a short one today
I haven’t written any looner stories in a while because I’ve been working on some other stuff. Just put this little one together this afternoon. It involves Sophie and Kizzy, the girl who’s terrified of balloons. I think this one will be a exclusive as I’ve been uploading the others to my website. Hope you enjoy.

Sophie knocks on Kizzy’s door, desperately hoping she’s in.

Last night she had a dream where she tied Holly down and blew up a balloon. Holly was begging her to stop, just like she used to all those years ago.
When Sophie woke, she tried to recreate the dream. Holly wasn’t scared though, and encouraged her to keep going. It was fun, but Sophie wanted to feel like she used to back when Holly was scared. Being in complete control and having Holly squirm underneath her in fear, turned her on like nothing else.

Sophie had then gone to Jenny’s house, hoping to scare her. Unfortunately, while Jenny had been nervous, she didn’t beg Sophie to stop. She just watched, clearly turned on. Sophie knew she could’ve scared her by using a bigger balloon and doing it slowly, but she knew Jenny would still enjoy it too much.

Sophie had left a slightly disappointed Jenny, and went back to her car. There was only one girl left who was still terrified of balloons. Sophie tried to convince herself not to do it, but she wanted it too bad.

Kizzy opens the door. Her eyes widen. “Sophie! What’re you doing here?” She looks a little wary.

“I thought I’d come and see how you’re doing. It’s been a while.” Sophie steps inside. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, of course not.” Kizzy replies. She follows Sophie in.

“Sit down.” Says Sophie, indicating the sofa.

“Umm, Sophie, what are you...?”

“I said sit down.” She repeats, a little firmer.

Kizzy nervously sits on the sofa, looking up at Sophie.

Sophie takes a balloon out her pocket, watching Kizzy closely. She sees the fear in her eyes immediately. Just what she was hoping for.

“Do you fear me, Kizzy?” Sophie asks innocently. “Am I really so scary?” She starts slowly stretching the balloon.

“N-no, you’re, um... Nice.” Kizzy stammers.

“I’m glad you think so.” Sophie sits on Kizzy’s lap, feeling her tense up. “Do you want me to stay?”

Kizzy hesitates, not knowing what to say.

“Do you have an idea of what I’m going to do?” Sophie asks.

“Please don’t...” Kizzy begs in a quiet voice.

“Don’t what? What did you think I was going to do? Tell me.” Sophie wants her to say it.

“P-pop it. I’m scared of them popping, you know that.”

“How you do think I’m going to pop it?” This is almost as fun as actually doing it. Sophie thinks.


“Say it. Tell me how I’m going to pop it, Kizzy.”

“By blowing it.” Says Kizzy, her voice barely audible.

“Say it properly, I can’t hear you. What am I doing to do?”

“You’re going to blow that balloon up until it pops.” Kizzy says, shaking.

“Do you want me to?” Sophie tries to hide how turned on she is.

“No, please don’t do it, I’m begging you.”

“I think you want it, you love it really.” Sophie raises her hand to her mouth. Kizzy suddenly grabs her wrist, trying to stop Sophie from blowing.

Sophie looks her right in the eye. Kizzy quickly lets go.

“I’m sorry.” She says, looking fearful.

She really is scared of me. Sophie thinks. She puts a quick breath into the balloon.

“Sophie, don’t...” Kizzy tries to back away.

Sophie strokes her hair, calming her. “It’s okay, you don’t have to be scared.” Then she starts blowing again. Sophie stands up, not wanting it to pop too close to Kizzy. She’s not that mean.

Kizzy plugs her ears. Sophie pauses.

“It won’t pop yet. Take you fingers out your ears. Listen to me blowing it up. Don’t you love that sound?” Sophie exhales slowly.

“I don’t like it. It might pop.” Kizzy replies.

“It won’t yet, it’s not even tight. Do as I say, or I’ll pop it in your face.” Sophie commands.

Kizzy takes her hands away from her ears, looking uncomfortable.

“There we go. Hold the balloon steady for me.” Sophie steps closer.

Kizzy gingerly places her hands on the balloon.

I can make her do anything. She’s terrified of me. Sophie thinks. She lowers the balloon.

“Kiss me.” She says, wondering what Kizzy will do.”

Kizzy just stares at her, wide eyed.

“Come on.” Sophie sits next to her and waits.

Kizzy hesitantly shuffles closer and gives Sophie a gentle kiss on her lips. She goes a little red.

She’s so cute! Sophie thinks. What else can I make her do?

“Again. Make it longer.”

“Sophie...” Kizzy starts.

Sophie puts another breath into the balloon. It has the required effect. Kizzy quickly leans in for another kiss. Sophie wraps her arms around her neck and holds her close. She keeps the balloon behind Kizzy, making sure the air doesn’t escape.

I shouldn’t be making her do this. Sophie thinks. She holds Kizzy for a little longer, before letting her go.

Sophie gets up and continues blowing.

“Stop, it’s not fair, I did what you said.” Kizzy covers her ears again.

“I never said I would stop. I just wanted to taste you. You’re not a bad kisser. I’ve certainly had worse.” Sophie carries on blowing.

“I’ll kiss you again if you stop.” Says Kizzy. “Harder this time.” She adds quickly.

“I can make you kiss me after it’s popped if I want. I’m in charge, remember?” Sophie speeds up.

“Stop it!” Kizzy tries to run. Sophie grabs her arm and throws her back on the sofa.

Was that too much? She wonders. Kizzy’s looking at her in fear.

“Sorry, just stay still.” Sophie goes to blow again. She hesitates. I’ve got to calm her down a bit before she cries.

Sophie sits next to her. “I’m going to stop for a bit. Are you okay?”

“I’m so scared.” Kizzy replies.

“I know. Take some deep breaths.” Sophie puts an arm around her. “I’ll wait until you’re ready.”

“I’m not going to be ready. You don’t understand how scared it makes me.”

“I do. It turns me on. That’s why I’m doing it. Does it turn you on too?” Sophie asks.

“Not when I’m scared. Please let the air out. It’s so big.” Kizzy stares at the balloon.

“Is it?” Sophie asks. The neck was barely full. “It can go a lot bigger, I’ll show you.” Sophie blows again, loving the way Kizzy flinches away.

“Stop! It’s going to pop!” Kizzy closes her eyes and covers her ears tightly.

“It won’t yet. I’ll tell you when. Watch me.”

“No, it’s too scary. I don’t want to know how big it is.”

“I’ll tell you what, if you watch, I promise I won’t pop it.” Says Sophie.

“Really?” Kizzy opens her eyes. “Are you sure you won’t?”

“I think so. I may get carried away though...” Sophie gets on her knees in front of Kizzy.

“I don’t believe you. You’re going to pop it.”

“You’re right not to trust me. Today I’ll make an exception, though.” Says Sophie. “If you do exactly what I say, I promise you I won’t pop any. For today at least.”

“What do I have to do?” Kizzy asks hesitantly.

“Place both hands on the balloon while I blow and keep your eyes open. You have to trust me. If you close your eyes or cover your ears, I am going to pop it. Then I’ll pop many more.” Says Sophie.

“But you might be lying...”

“True. It’s worth a shot though, right. If you don’t do it, I’m definitely going to pop them. Do what I say and you’ve got a chance.”

“Okay. I want to trust you.”

“Good girl. I’ll try my hardest not to blow too much.” Sophie places the balloon in her lips. She knows this will be difficult. The temptation to keep blowing could be too much.

Kizzy takes a deep breath and holds the balloon. Sophie can see how much she’s shaking.

She carefully blows it bigger, making the neck brush against her lips. Sophie has difficulty holding on to it.

“That’s enough Sophie.” Says Kizzy.

Sophie shakes her head and keeps blowing. This is so exciting! Sophie thinks. How far do I push it? If it pops, she’ll never trust me again.

The balloon starts getting very tight. Sophie keeps her eyes on Kizzy, watching her grow more fearful with every breath.

“Stop! You’re going to pop it!” Kizzy cries.

A little more... Sophie thinks. I think it can take it. The neck begins to bulge.

“Sophie! Please!” Kizzy looks close to tears.

I want to pop it! Sophie hesitates. I want to see how scared she’ll be when it explodes. But I promised her I wouldn’t.

She slowly adds another breath, surprised Kizzy hasn’t let go on the balloon.

She must trust me. I should probably stop...

Sophie doesn’t though. The balloon gets impossibly tight.

“You promised!” Kizzy cries. “Please stop, Sophie.”

Sophie pauses, then adds a huge breath. She can’t help herself. The balloon creaks, making Kizzy jump.

It’ll pop any second, I’ve blown this too big. Sophie thinks. It takes all her self control to let go. She lets a little air out, then pinches the neck shut.

Kizzy backs away from her. “I didn’t think you would stop.”

Sophie eyes her up. “Maybe I’m not going to.” She brings the balloon back up to her lips.

Kizzy looks toward the door, wondering if she can run before Sophie catches her.

“I’m only teasing, Kizzy. I did promise you. You were really brave.” Sophie ties off the balloon and tosses it at Kizzy.

Kizzy flinches away and plugs her ears as the balloon falls to the floor. It bounces but doesn’t burst.

“Shall I go now?” Sophie asks.

“Don’t leave that balloon here.” Says Kizzy, fingers still in her ears.

“Want me to pop it?”

“Not here! Take it away.”

“On one condition.”


“Kiss me one more time.” Sophie wants one last taste before she goes.

Kizzy slowly approaches her. She hesitantly leans in, brushing her lips against Sophie’s mouth.

Sophie grabs her and kisses hard.

What am I doing? Is she okay with this? Sophie wonders.

Kizzy doesn’t resist, so Sophie carries on. She shoves her against the sofa, her lust getting the better of her.

Eventually, she manages to pull away. Kizzy looks flustered and won’t make eye contact.

“Um, sorry. I should probably go.” Sophie picks up the balloon and walks to the door.

“See you soon?” She asks.

“Yes.” Kizzy replies quietly.

“What’s this, a present?” Asks Holly when Sophie gets home.

“I’ve just been to see Kizzy.” Says Sophie.

“On your own? I hope you didn’t scare her. I know what you’re like.”

“I went there to scare her. I didn’t pop anything though. Just teased her a bit.” Sophie replies.

“I’m impressed. You can’t usually help but pop every balloon you lay your fingers on.”

“I almost popped it. The one you’re holding. I made Kizzy hold it while I blew.” Says Sophie.

“Was that all you did?” Holly sounds doubtful.

“I might of kissed her a little...” Sophie admits.

“Just a little?”

“It didn’t get too out of hand.”

“I’m guessing you’re a little horny right now.” Says Holly.

“You have no idea.”

Holly digs her nails into the balloon, making it burst with a loud bang, then jumps into Sophie’s arms.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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