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Default Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop (revised Ch.1, new Ch.2)
I previously posted chapter 1 but I wasn't quite happy with it so I've made some changes and written chapter 2 as well! Even if you've read the old version, I advise you start from the beginning again because I did change some things from the early parts of the story. I fully intend to continue with a chapter 3 but I'm not sure if it will end there or not. Anyway, just like before, Italic text indicates it is the main character's inner thoughts.



August is as hot and sticky as ever. At least I'm off of work on a Monday! Unfortunately, the rain yesterday means the trails are muddy any my plans to go mountain biking are off the table. That doesn't mean I can't still go for a bike ride. I'll ride the paved trail that leads to the next town, Misty Falls, and still enjoy the beautiful day. I grab my backpack, throw in a couple protein bars, and set off for the trail!

The trail is very peaceful and quiet. Being a week day, there's barely anybody else on it. The leaves on the trees are a deep green, the birds are singing, and the sweet aroma of yesterday's rain still lingers in the woods.

Oh did I mention it's hot as Hell? Not just hot, but humid. I'm only an hour into my ride but my shirt is practically soaked in sweat. I don't let it bother me though as the air rushing over my body while I'm moving on the bike keeps me cool.

Seeing a bench coming on the left, I decide it's a good time to take a rest and figure out where I am. I've never ridden on this trail and only have a vague idea of where it leads. After drinking some water, I pull out my phone and check the GPS map.

My hunch was right! I'm just on the outskirts of Misty Falls. Hey wait, the map has a balloon icon just ahead! I touch the screen to see what it is: Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop. Holy shit!

I have a balloon fetish (also called being a looner) but I'm not thinking about it all the time so the thought of stumbling across a balloon shop on my bike ride never crossed my mind. I rarely go into balloon shops because my fear of popping has never completely gone away. Whenever I do go, it's never on a weekend because I know they'll be constantly inflating lots of balloons. As much as I love blowing them myself (and watching girls blow them), I rarely pop them. So long as I'm in control, I'm OK.

But wait, it's Monday! I jump back on my bike so fast that I almost left my water bottle on the bench. It's only 5 minutes up the path and then it should be just on the right. The woods are still thick but I spot the opening in the trees. Just on the other side of the trees is a small single story building. It's close to the tree line but the sign in the front is big enough to be seen from the road. Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop.

What luck! There's not a single car in the small parking lot. The anticipation begins. My heart starts racing. Alright, I can't chicken out now. There's nobody here. I'm going to walk into that shop and buy some balloons. Well I'm going to at least look at them. I wonder what brand they stock? Oh no, what will I tell the clerk when they ask why I'm buying balloons? What if the clerk is someone I know?

I'm a sweaty mess. Maybe I should leave. Why did I even stop here. My negative thoughts start getting the best of me. I haven't gotten off my bike yet and almost turn around to head back to the trail when I take another look at the empty parking lot. If I'm going to go in, now's the time. What's the worst that could happen? A balloon they're filling with helium pops unexpectedly? Oh shit, that could totally happen! What if they're filling balloons right now? Wait... I know! When I walk in, if I feel too nervous, I'll make like I'm getting a phone call and walk right back out! At the very least, I'll get to enjoy air conditioning for a few seconds. Alright, I'm going to do this.

I lock my bike up at the bike rack on the side of the building and walk around to the front. There's a large bay window but it's too bright outside to make out anything inside. Well, it's now or never. I take a deep breath, turn the handle, and walk inside.

My senses are overwhelmed. The air is just as humid but only marginally cooler. The warm temperature enhances the scent of the latex. There are two rows of shelves on the left stocked with various party supplies but my attention goes directly to the wall on the right. Closest to the door is the cash register and checkout counter with the helium tanks along the wall right past it. Along the length of the wall are shelves with dozens of open topped bins filled with what look like 12 inch balloons! My racing heart shows no signs of slowing down as my eyes gaze the bins. I'm in a trance.

I've only just stepped inside the building at this point but I know exactly where I'm about to go. I take one step towards the bins when I suddenly hear a soft female voice.

“Hey there!”

I jump. Not just a flinch, but a full on jump. The female voice is soft and feminine. I'm so stupid! I was so entranced by the balloons that I never looked to see if anyone was at the counter!

I turn to my right just as the voice softly giggled, amused by my startled jump, and my eyes meet the eyes behind the counter. I hadn't considered the possibility that the clerk would be as drop dead gorgeous as this gothic goddess.

She looks to be about my age, slightly shorter than me (I'm 6 feet tall), and very pale skin. Her face is round with a small nose, plump lips with dark purple lipstick, and eyes bigger than I ever thought possible with bold dramatic eye liner and dark purple eye shadow. Her long black hair is in an elaborate French braid.

“I didn't mean to startle you!” she says after her giggle. She steps out from behind the counter. Her body is curvy in the most perfect way with large full breasts, thick thighs, and a plump round ass. She's wearing a tight fitting short black dress (which pushes her breasts together and shows a generous amount of cleavage) that leaves plenty of her legs exposed. Her hand reaches into the bin closest to her and she starts shuffling the balloons between her fingers. She turns to me and says “I guess you came in for some balloons, huh?”

chapter 2

“Oh, uh... yeah I am!” I had to regain my composure. With her hand still in the bin of balloons (black ones maybe?), she just kept a grin on her face.

“Yeah I could tell by your face when you walked in. Your eyes went straight to the balloons!” She giggled a little bit again. The sight of her with her hand in the bin of balloons made me get a full hard-on pretty quick. “So, what were you looking for? Are you throwing a party?”

There's the million dollar question. I've got to answer with something believable. “Oh no...” I hesitate but then the perfect answer came to mind. “I'm going to be doing some science videos for YouTube.” Wow what a great response! I need to remember that for next time.

Her eyes lit up and she almost jumped with excitement. “Really? That sounds fun! What kinds of things will you be doing?” Uh oh, I suppose I didn't think this through.

“Well, I'm not quite sure yet I suppose.” I tried to laugh it off. “I guess I just wanted to stop in and see what kinds of ideas come to mind?”

“So you haven't started it yet!? Can I be in them!? I can demonstrate the balloons!” My mind didn't even have time to process what she asked before she did the unthinkable. “I can blow them up in the videos!” She pulls out one of the balloons from the bin and my heart nearly stopped.

“How about an audition?” She asks as she stretches the balloon a couple times, then slowly licks her lips as she brings the balloon up to her mouth. Her eyes looked at me and she smiled (likely because of the dumbfounded look that must be on my face right now). Here's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, standing right in front of me and about to blow up a balloon. Not just to get ready for a party, but just for me! She then gave her first breath into the balloon but very slowly... as if sensual. I doubt she was trying to be sensual, but in my state of mind, that's how I perceived it. To my surprise, the balloon is actually a transparent dark blue!

My heart was racing and my hard-on throbbing. She exhaled again and the balloon grew bigger. She took it away from her mouth, smiled at it, then brought it back up to her mouth, this time with her other arm stretched out to hold the far side of the balloon. She gave another breath and then another. Each breath she gave was very soft and very quiet as if she's just breathing deeply instead of blowing up a balloon. The balloon expanded more and more in her hand which causes her fingers to spread farther and farther apart. A few more breaths and the dark blue balloon looks to be at its rated size. My eyes were glued to what looks a little bigger than a 12 inch balloon as my heart pounds even harder. Oh no it's at full size. It could pop at any time! When I glanced at her, she was looking at me as she gave it one more breath causing the neck to start to form.

By now, having never experienced something like this in person, my heart is about to beat out of my chest but I couldn't let her notice. I wanted to say “stop that's big enough!” but I just couldn't bring myself to say a single word. She took the balloon from her mouth so she could inspect it, smiles, and looks at me.

“How's that!?” she says in excitement, shoving the balloon in my face. I can smell the latex and it nearly sent me over the edge.

I try not to let my voice tremble. “Wow! I think you definitely passed the audition!”

“Ha ha, thanks! I've always loved balloons and blowing them up is NEVER not fun. This is our standard 12 inch balloon. Do you want me to blow it bigger?”

I nearly freeze up completely at that question. Before I could think of any answer, she puts the balloon back to her mouth and gives another deep breath, overinflating the balloon and causing the neck to become fully formed. My body is paralyzed in fear. All I can do is stare at her as she blows into the balloon again and then again. Somehow, the balloon is still swelling larger and larger. Her eyes follow the neck as it grows longer with each breath until it's fully inflated and touching her lips.

She takes the severely overinflated balloon away from her mouth, her hands causing the latex to squeak loudly, and she smiles at me. My eyes were glued to the balloon as fear started to take hold. What is she going to do with it now? What if she pops it? What if it pops unexpectedly while she's holding it? My mind becomes incapable of forming words.

“Well uh... hah... wow...” My reaction causes another giggle from her. “I thought for sure it was going to pop!”

She laughs. “Nope, I know the limits of these. My Uncle doesn't want me inflating them that big for customers... but since this is an audition, I'll make a special exception for you!”

“Your Uncle, huh?” The only words my brain can formulate.

“Yep, this shop is his pride and joy. He's not here today though. It's just you and me! My name is Misty by the way.”

“Misty? So then, the town is named after you!” My lame joke causes Misty to laugh much harder than I expected. "I'm James. Not as interesting as your name."

"Shut up, James is totally cool!" She says, then holds the balloon at eye level between us so and looks at me through it. “So since you're making science videos, how about I show you how this balloon can get even bigger!”

I know if she tries to force any more air into that balloon, it will surely pop. Normally I would try to excuse myself or try to stop something like that from happening, but something about Misty's beauty and playfulness with the balloon overcomes my fear. Am I about to witness her blow this balloon till it pops?

“Does it? Because it looks like that's pretty much as big as it gets!”

“It's a trick.” she says. She unsqueezes the nozzle and lets all of the air rush out of the balloon. Being a looner, I now know exactly what she is planning but I've got to play dumb.

“But you just let the air out. How's it supposed to get bigger?” I ask, trying to sound like I don't know.

Misty laughs. “You see, the latex is stretched since it has been inflated once already. So now if you blow it up again, it will get a little bigger than before!”

“Oh I see. Science!”

“Exactly! This is the kind of thing you're wanting in your videos, right?” She puts the balloon back to her mouth and blows into it. She has no idea just how much this is exactly what I want. Once again she's blowing it up slowly and this time it feels even more like she's doing it sensually. I'm sure it's all in my head though.

I notice condensation inside the balloon due to her blowing it a second time, which turns me on so much that I can barely contain myself. She sees it too and takes the balloon away from her mouth. It looks like there's saliva dripping from the purple lipstick stained nozzle. “I know it seems gross but it's science!”

I laugh nervously and say “Yeah I guess it is, huh?”

She smiles and puts the balloon back to her mouth only this time she turns to face me. She's close enough to me that the the balloon will be right against my face when it's full size. Because the balloon is transparent, I can see right through it and watch Misty's face as she blows into it. Her eyes are tracing the streaks of saliva inside the balloon and then meet my eyes.

With her next breath, the balloon is just about touching my nose and I can smell the latex. I try not to make it obvious that I'm taking in the scent but somehow she could tell. She takes her lips off the balloon but keeps holding it in the same position.

“You like the smell too, huh? I'm glad I'm not the only one!” She says as she admires the balloon. “And it seems like the scent is stronger the second time blowing it up! Here, smell.” She shoves the balloon right against my face.

Normally I would flinch if somebody did this because of the thought of it suddenly popping right in my face. Maybe it's Misty's allure, or maybe it's because the balloon had been blown up once already, but instead of fear, I can't help but feel calm. My heart rate is slower and I'm not nearly as nervous. I close my eyes and take an exaggerated whiff and let out an “Ahhh.” It's the best smelling balloon I'd ever encountered simply because it's her breath inside it, not mine. I doubt that affects the scent, but to my mind, it makes all the difference.

I open my eyes to Misty grinning bigger than I've seen so far. Her expression almost has a devious undertone. Wow she's really enjoying auditioning for videos I have no intention to make. She stretches her arm out to see the balloon from a greater distance. It looks just as big as it was before she let the air out but it looks much rounder because the neck has barely begun to form. My heart rate picks up again. I had been entranced by her softly blowing into the balloon and her saliva condensing along the inside that I didn't even notice how big it had gotten!

“You see, it's pretty much as big as it was before, but feel how soft it still is!” While pinching the nozzle closed with one hand, she presses the balloon against her chest with her other hand to demonstrate that it still has some squish to it. I look at her breasts through the balloon as she pushes the balloon against them which just about puts me into a trance. “Go on, feel it.” I snap out of it.

Is this really happening? She actually wants me to feel the balloon she'd just blown up by pushing on it against her breasts? This can't be real. I hesitate as I start reaching my hand out to the balloon. Suddenly she grabs my hand with her free hand and presses it onto the balloon. She did this so fast that I flinch. Previously she would giggle when I flinched but this time she gets that devious grin on her face. She presses my hand into the balloon (and in turn, against her breasts) much harder than I would have on my own. Each time she presses my hand, the neck of the balloon pushes out. “Can you feel how it's still soft?” she asks as she presses my hand into it again and again. Each press is harder and harder and the neck is pushed out farther and farther.

I'm to the point where my mind can't make full sentences again. “Uh... ye... yeah...”

She giggles, then raises the balloon back up to her mouth. This time, however, she makes no attempt to stand back or turn away so that the balloon is right in my face. I take a step back as she blows into the balloon. Through the balloon I see her eyes are fixed on mine. Even if there were no balloons involved, I'd still be nervous from the way she's looking at me.

The neck expands much faster this time, yet her eyes are still locked with mine. I'm about to take another step back, but before I can, she takes the balloon from her mouth and holds it out to see its size. My heart skipped a beat when I saw just how big the balloon was. It's noticeably larger than it was before she let the air out. She looks at me and says with excitement: “You see how much bigger it got!”

All I could muster is “Yeah” before she puts it against her chest again.

“Now it's not nearly as soft.” She presses the firm balloon against her breasts and I can see that it's much harder. And once again, I'm in a trance watching her do this. As if she knew I was entranced, she just keeps pressing the balloon against her breasts over and over. The neck is mostly inflated but it still bulged out with each press.

This time, Misty skips asking me to feel it and just grabs my hand to press against the balloon. “Feel how much harder it is?” She pressed my hand harder and harder as if trying to pop it. My mind starts to race. If she presses much harder, it's going to pop. It's going to be real loud. I need to stop this. Oh shit it's going to pop any second!

I start to panic. I take a step back but Misty's still holding my hand against the balloon so I inadvertently pull her towards me. She looses her balance and begins to fall forward, the balloon sandwiched between us. It all happens in an instant but it seems like slow motion. OH SHIT! SHIT! I quickly take another step but my foot trips over my other foot.

I fall backwards, pulling Misty with me. My eyes stay trained on the balloon but there was nothing I could do. Misty doesn't have time to react either and we both fall completely to the ground with the balloon between us. I close my eyes... POP!

The balloon gives way almost instantly, barely breaking Misty's fall, and she lands chest first on top of me. I didn't feel any pain from the fall, likely due to the adrenalin pumping through me. The pop was so loud and disorientating that I just laid there for a few moments while I gathered my thoughts. With my eyes still closed and Misty still on top of me, I notice her scent. I could smell her sweat, likely due to the hot and humid air, and it smells so amazing and arousing. But I smell more than that. I smell... latex?

I open my eyes and look down towards my nose. A large shard of the balloon landed right on my lips, moist with Misty's saliva. The aroma of the latex and Misty's skin is overwhelming and causing my hard on to throb so much that it almost hurts. I move my eyes up to Misty's face, which is just a couple inches above mine. Her eyes are wide and still full of surprise from the fall.

“I'm sooo sorry” She says as she starts to push herself up to get off of me. She stops almost as soon as she started, her breasts still against my chest. I can't help but glance down to her cleavage. There's a few smaller shards of latex stuck to her skin and I think I see the edge of the areola on her left breast. “James?” I snap my eyes back to Misty's face, afraid of the next words to come from her mouth. There's no hiding the fact that she caught me looking at her cleavage. She's back to that devious grin. “It feels like you're really enjoying this...”

Feels? Oh shit. SHIT! Her crotch is right on the base of my erect penis. She grinds her crotch slowly up the length of my shaft, letting out an “Mmmmm” until she's moved herself so far up that her breasts are right against my cheeks. She lowers her head down so her mouth is next to my ear. “Tell me the truth James. You enjoyed me blowing that balloon.”

Holy shit, she's asking if I have a balloon fetish! What should I say? Shit! Should I tell her about it? Maybe I should just say it was her perfect curvy body and not the balloon? She probably knows that would be a lie. Shit!

“I can tell... You have a balloon fetish. You don't need to be shy. Do you really think I didn't notice your hard cock through your thin cargo shorts when I had you smell the balloon? It's OK... I like balloons too... How about I blow up some more for you?”
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Default Re: Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop (revised Ch.1, new Ch.2)
Awesome, please continue!
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Default Re: Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop (revised Ch.1, new Ch.2)
Wow ... you have really captured the key touch-points with this! Well done ... and keep going
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Default Re: Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop (revised Ch.1, new Ch.2)
Thank you! This is a fantasy that's been in my mind for a long time so it feels good to finally put it in words. Also I'm glad I'm not the only person here who likes like curvy goth girls with big breasts lol
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Default Re: Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop (revised Ch.1, new Ch.2)
OMG wauw !!!!
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Default Re: Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop (revised Ch.1, new Ch.2)
This is a really good story. Thank you! I was wondering, will any printed logo balloons or stuff like that show up in your story soon?
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Default Re: Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop (revised Ch.1, new Ch.2)
Thank you to anyone saying they like it!

Originally Posted by Infl8 View Post
This is a really good story. Thank you! I was wondering, will any printed logo balloons or stuff like that show up in your story soon?
They could. Maybe not logo but possibly patterns like polkadots or something along those lines. I'm taking a slight break before starting chapter 3 because I didn't think writing would take so long lol
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Default Re: Misty Falls Party & Balloon Shop (revised Ch.1, new Ch.2)
Hi StrelOk,

Excellent story; I was hanging on with every sentence ..... what was going to happen next. I hope there will bee a chapter 3 !!!!

Thank you,

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