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Default Party Store Girlfriend
Party Store Girlfriend

I met my current girlfriend at the Party Store where she works. I went in about ½ hour before closing and the store was dead. She was by herself, and doing all of her closing duties. Her name is Jen. She’s 5’4”, 150, with long dark hair, and a pair of 38DDs that make many girls jealous. She is 23 y.o. and I am 30 y.o. We chatted casually while she was filling out paperwork. I found out she worked at the store all through college, and was working her way up to management. Nice…a girl with a plan. I asked her a few questions about different balloons, and she answered them politely. She was cute, and I took a chance at asking her out for a drink. She smiled, and said she had a lonnnnng day, and could definitely go for a brewski. After she closed up, she locked up the store, dropped off the cash at the local bank, and followed me to the local watering hole.

Since it was Tuesday night, it was dead, and we were one of very few people in the bar. It was nice cause it was quiet, and we had the chance to talk and get to know each other. We were chatting, and suddenly there was a lull in the conversation. She paused and asked me, “Are you one of those balloon fetish dudes?” I was caught off guard, and stared back at her not knowing what to say. I asked why would she ask me that. She said she worked at the store 5 years, and can pick them our based on the questions they ask about the balloons. I decided to see where this would lead, and answered her, “I am, as a matter of fact.” She responded, “I knew it. I can spot you guys a mile away.” We laughed, and I asked her if she was a looner chick. She said, “kind of, but I have other things I like too.” Before I could ask what other things, she looked at her watch, and said she had to go. I was disappointed, but asked her if she would be willing to go out with me on a real date. She told me, to name the place and time. I did, and our friendship blossomed.

Our next date, we met in a park for a picnic. I took a chance and brought a long some 12 and 16-inch round latex balloons. She brought sandwiches, and I brought side dishes, etc. When she reach into her bag to get the food out she also dropped on the blanket, a Ziploc bag with several balloons in it. I laughed when I saw the bag, and admitted I had brought some too. She said they were store rejects, but in all reality, were in perfect condition, just not saleable. After we shared lunch, she asked me if I were a popper or a non-popper. I told her I loved doing and watching others doing B2Ps. She began blowing up a 16-inch balloon with her mouth. This girl had incredible lung capacity, and had it inflated as fast as I could imagine a compressor blowing it up. I commented on her lung capacity. She said do you mean my boobs, and how fast I inflated the balloon. I joked with her that both were very impressive, but I couldn’t believe how fast she blew up the 16-incher. She said she was a swimmer in HS and some of college, tied the balloon off, and asked me to do one. I blew up the 16-incher, but it took me probably twice as long as her. She said, “OK, now a 12-inch B2P.” She popped that balloon in about 35 seconds. Wow! We played with those balloons, and ended the picnic by finding a hose outside the bathroom. We had our own personal water balloon fight, which got some others in the park involved too.

We went back to our cars, and she asked if I could give her a ride home from the oil change place, cause she was way overdue for an oil change. We dropped her car off. As soon as she got in my car, I reached over to her and kissed her. She turned to me, and returned the kiss, and many, many more. We found a more private place to go to continue our makeout session. Our mouths both tasted of latex from our balloon exploits. We made out until her car was ready. While we were driving back I commented about her B2P skills. She bragged she could B2P “any balloon, any time.” I told her that sounded like a challenge. And she told me to bring it on. I told her I would, just not today. We laughed, and had an awesome goodbye kiss, from an awesome date.

We were still a hot item, and had found out that we shared other interests than balloons, such as bondage, and lots of oral. In fact, I got her to agree to a challenge. If I could find a balloon that she could not B2P (with her mouth), she would give me one hour of oral sex every night for a week. But if she was able to do it, I would owe her one hour of oral every night for a week. She re-iterated, “any balloon, any time.”

That weekend, Jen was off on Sunday. She came over to my apartment, and the ropes attached to the four corners of my bed told her I was in a kinky mood. She saw the ropes, and asked if they were for her. I told her yes, and she was naked in no time at all. She loves sex, even more than balloons. I told her to slow down. I sat on the bed with her standing facing away from me. I wrapped a necktie around her eyes as a blindfold. She told me she liked that. I reached around in front of her, and fondled her boobs. They more than filled my hands. I pinched nipples which made her go OOOOOOOH! I then led her to the bed. I tied each of her wrists to the corners of the bed. I made sure to remove any slack, as neither one of us likes “loose bondage.” We had done this before with her hands, but this time I spread her legs apart. I tied her right ankle to the bed. She said, “You’re really gonna have me helpless this time.” I told her, “That’s the plan.” As I spread her left leg to the corner of the bed, I could see the wetness in between her legs. I told her that she couldn’t hide how much she liked this. She responded with an HMMMMMM! Once she was tied I ran my fingers down the inside of her thighs. That made her clit pop out from under her hood. It was ready for some action. I went up and sucked on her nipples. She told me I was driving her crazy. I told her that was part of my plan.

I then climbed off the bed, and just stood there. She asked where I was. I quietly moved to the other side of the bed. She asked me, “Please touch me, fuck me, lick me, do something, PLEASE! I am so horny!” I told her to open her mouth. She stuck her tongue out, expecting my cock. Instead I placed the stem of a 24-inch balloon in her mouth. She closed her lips around it. I reminded her that she said, “any balloon, any time.” She tried to talk (protest?) with the stem of the balloon in her mouth. I told her to begin blowing. She quickly realized she didn’t have use of her hands, so she was positioning the stem of the balloon in her mouth so it wouldn’t fly off. The best part of the challenge though is that she has no idea how big the balloon is. She began blowing tentatively, and much more slowly than usual. I think she thought it was an easy 12-incher. The balloon grew, and she was blowing very slowly so as not to have the balloon fly out of her mouth. As she was inflating the balloon, I went down between her legs, and started licking on her clit. She immediately responded with HMMMMMM!, and a mumbled garb that sounded like, “That’s not fair!” I looked up at her, and said “any balloon, any time.” She continued blowing carefully without the use of her hands. The balloon was huge, but from experience I knew it wasn’t at capacity. I made circles around her clit with my tongue which I know drives her crazy. Her lips were quivering as she struggled to keep the balloon in her mouth. I sucked directly on her clit, and reached up to pinch one of her nipples, which was harder than I’d ever seen it. She realized this balloon was bigger than she originally thought. With all her concentration, she sucked in her belly, and expended all the air she could from her lungs. As she did that, I went back to circles around her clit, and the balloon flew out of her mouth. As it flew around the room expelling its air, she screamed, “OMG I’m cumming.” (As if I couldn’t already tell.) Her bodied spasmed, and I relished in not only the pleasure I gave her, but my victory in the challenge.

I went up and removed her blindfold. She looked at me, and playfully called me a bastard for making her do a B2P with no hands, while getting eaten out. I reminded her, “any balloon, any time.” She said, “I know. I know.” I started sucking on her nipples, as she loves that after an orgasm. I sucked on one, and played with the other. She started in again with the OMGs, and had another orgasm just from the nipple stim. She told me when I was going down on her, it was so intense because she was concentrating so much on her breathing. She said it was like being stimulated while being oxygen deprived. I told her I was looking forward to my reward. She promised me that one night I will tied to the bed, trying to do B2Ps, while she’s paying off her bet.
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Default Re: Party Store Girlfriend
I think we need to know more abouth his reward now...
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Default Re: Party Store Girlfriend
Super hot. I hope there's a part 2!
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