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Default The Curvy Cook blows
The phone rang. The number on display put a smile on my face.
"Hi sweetheart!! Good evening!! What made the lady gorgeous ring up her stupid cupid?"
"Stop this flirting and lovey-dovey things!! Let's reserve it for some intense night session. Have you done what I told you to do?"
"Sure my Mistress!!! I have bought them, both types. Two packets each, one for the purpose you told me to and the another.......... you can guess well,right?''
"It's my luck that you remembered. I am coming in half an hour to collect the packets."
"In that case ,be ready for a kiss on your lips. Can I also expect a quick magical service of your soft and beautiful hands?"
"NOO!!! Not now!! I am going to a party dear!!! It's not possible. I don't request you to show your skills with your fingers if you visit me before going to a party nearby me!!''
"Okay!!! I am sorry, it won't happen again."
"Don't get angry babu!! I would like to see you using your hands when I go to your place, but under one condition"
"Please tell me"
"Blow up both the types upto their maximum as you have two packets of each type. I want to know the maximum size so that I don't embarass myself by doing a b2p on Rishita's boyfriend's birthday"
"As her Majesty orders."
"Alright my service-man, I am disconnecting so that you can put your breath to good use. Love you"
"Love you too."
R1000. The size was specified in the packets which was now in my hands. the damn scissor couldn't be found and I went to the kitchen to tear open the packet with a knife. Then I remembered I had forgotten to take out the bladder type ones. So I did it promptly and the packet was opened in a jiffy.

My door-bell rang. It was time for my chubby and voluptuous cook didi.
"I am coming!!" I said while approaching the door and throwing down the packets on the table of the dining room.
I opened the door to a sweet smell of jasmine and she gave her trademark smile.
"Fry some potatoes today, prepare the pulses and scramble an egg for my dinner didi"
"Okay bhaiyya" said the 30 year old as she moved into the kitchen.
I meanwhile took out two types of balloons from one packet each respectively and focussed on putting some breath into it to be rewarded by my lady love. I picked up a pink R1000 and gave it the customary stretch thereby releasing it making the customary sound of latex rubber.
BUT THE DAMN THING REFUSED TO SWELL UP. I gave a few puffs and failed. There must be a leak I thought and decided to throw it in the dust-bin of my kitchen.

" What happened? what are you doing with this balloon? why are you throwing this cute thing away? "
I explained my actions.
"Let me give it a try. I can blow harder than you" she said, to which I obliged. She put the little pink thing under the tap and washed it before shrugging it dry. Holding it across her lips, she puffed her cheeks and her voluminous bosoms became larger just like something she was supposed to blow up. She puffed AND THE PINK ORB MAGICALLY SWELLED UP.
"Bhaaiyaa, you could not blow this one?" she taunted "I gave my slightest blow and it worked".
That 'slightest blow' by the curvy lady not only made a balloon grow, but it also had it's effects inside my pants. The effect grew stronger as the chubby lady was merrily whooshing her breath into the latex rubber object that was growing in size with proportion to time. The effect caught her eyes. ''You tried too hard as it seems from your pants.'' I was a bit scared. "Don't worry. Sometimes these things happen. On any other day you could blow up this with success.'' She removed the balloon from her lips and said before continuing with the process of blowing till she blew it to it's max. The pink and white shiny thing was looking beautiful.
"It's so beautiful!!! Though my hands are itching to burst it, my mind is saying not to do it. Or should I burst it?''
"Don't do that!!! You can blow another one and burst it for sure!!'' I said and gave her a green one to fulfill her wishes.
Within two minutes there was green fully blown one being tied by a curvy lady with massive breasts that was with the shape of the balloon. Then her fat, fingers were seen wrapped around the bulbous part of the green orb and in a moment a bang followed with her smile.
"Okay bhaiyya!!! Let me cook your dinner while you try with the round one. If you can't then ask for help"
"I don't think I will need it. In case I need it I will call on you'' I replied before starting to blow up an orange bladder with success.

Atleast for this time.
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Old 21-05-2020, 10:15 PM
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Default Re: The Curvy Cook blows
That was a nice story. Thank you. I was wondering, are those R1000 balloons easy or hard to obtain?
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Old 30-05-2020, 12:35 PM
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Default Re: The Curvy Cook blows
It's not that much tough.
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