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Default Blown Away
The first of several short stories about the experience of actually becoming a balloon at the mercy of a beautiful woman.

I could feel the warmth of her skin against my thin body. I lay on her midsection, just below the border of her blue high-cut night shirt. She was thin but athletic. Her face was beautiful and soft, but her cute smirk made me suspect she was not shy. Her dark brown hair was brushed straight and fell to the right side of her head. She wore soft grey shorts from which her long and toned legs stretched, ending in beautifully manicured feet. She looked to be in her mid-twenties.

My body was formed from my head, neck, chest, and abdomen being fused into a single hollow cavity. From this cavity came my 渡eck, which felt surprisingly like my penis when I was human. My skin was made of yellow latex which was incredibly sensitive.

She was laying on a couch, her head against the armrest. In front of the couch, I could see camera lights and 2 different photographers. On the floor in front of the couch were several tightly inflated 12 inch yellow and blue balloons.

徹K. Let痴 get started said one of the photographers.

She turned her head towards the camera and gave a wicked little smile. Her left hand came up and pinched the tip of my neck. She lifted me into the air above her and swung me from side to side. Her right hand grasped the other end of my body and she stretched me forcefully a number of times. Her right hand let go and I snapped back to normal size. I suspected I was the star prop of this photo shoot, and I had a good idea what was in store for me.

She sat up from the couch as her left hand brought me towards her face. Her tongue came from her mouth and enveloped the tip of my balloon neck in a sultry and sexy display. She bit at the rolled back portion of my neck, tugging at me with her teeth then letting go. The sensation was bliss. Her touch sent shivers throughout my entire body. I knew my fate, but would enjoy our short interaction.

As she first blew into me, I felt her warm and moist breath fill me as my body began to swell. My skin thinned as I expanded. There was no pain, just incredible stimulation. She stood up and began walking among the inflated balloons that littered the floor below her. As she blew more breaths into my body, she looked down momentarily as she lifted her bare foot above a blue balloon then gently let her foot rest on its surface. She lifted her eyes to the camera, removed me from her mouth, and gave a playful smile with a raise of her eyebrows. With that, her foot came down hard, and the doomed balloon shattered into pieces that flew in all directions.

She turned her attention back to me. She pressed my sides and found me to still be relatively soft and under inflated. She stretched the tip of my neck with her right hand as her left hand held the base of my neck. I could tell I wasn稚 the first balloon she had treated this way - and I had a suspicion she was truly enjoying herself.

As she continued blowing, a thin layer of her saliva coated the inside of me. My skin was thinning significantly as I grew larger. I was just beginning to feel pressure rising slightly inside me when in rapid succession she stomped on 2 additional balloons. The second balloon wrapped itself around her foot and toes after bursting making her a makeshift sock. She giggled and showed off her foot to the camera, then peeled the latex off and rubbed it up against my body before dropping it to the floor below. I knew I would soon have a similar or even more dramatic experience.

She held me in front of her. Her left hand held my neck to prevent air from escaping. She drug the fingers of her right hand down my side causing me to squeal and squeak loudly. She tapped her fingernails against my tightly inflated skin as she pouted and smiled at the camera.

I was soon back in her mouth. The way she looked at me changed. Her eyes now showed determination. She was no longer flirting with the camera, or with my mouthpiece. She blew more quickly, and forcibly. My suspicions had been correct. I knew she had no intentions of stopping until I burst at her lips. Air began to fill my neck. She didn稚 stop. The pressure inside me was rising. My skin was tight and tingled intensely. I knew I couldn稚 keep accepting more of her breath, but I struggled to resist in order to prolong our time together. She kept blowing, even as she stomped the last balloon below us. I could no longer hold on, and began to release the tension that had grown inside me. My body ripped apart in hundreds of pieces as I felt air begin to rush out. There was no pain - but intense release similar to having an orgasm. My mouthpiece remained in her mouth with shreds of yellow rubber hanging from it. Parts of me littered her hair, the couch, and the floor below.

She was laughing as she surveyed my mouthpiece and tossed it aside. She gave the camera a cute little wave and blew a kiss. With that, the photographer said 徹K, that was amazing!

典hat balloon shredded she said as she kicked at some of the yellow scraps of rubber that used to comprise me. I knew this would not be the last time she interacted with balloons. As she left the room, I hoped I might find myself at her mercy again in the future.
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Default Re: Blown Away
That's diamond, KBeecher.
Please write more in this vein.
You're really finding your voice, which is something to treasure while you have it, as clearly a latex fate awaits you, leaving you helpless and unable to communicate.
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Default Re: Blown Away
Did she say " Come on balloon make my day" lol
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