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Default Wake up call
Here is another relatively short scenario. Please provide feedback. I知 not sure if the perspective of the stories appeals to more than just a few users of this wonderful group we share. KBeecher.

The sun was rising, sending rays of light through the gaps in the shades covering a nearby window. The room was inviting - its walls a light blue decorated with various photos, posters, and medals obviously earned in some sporting competition. The white furniture in the room was matched in style. Various magazines, makeup containers, and the typical spoils of a twenty-something female adorned their flat surfaces.

I lay on the oak-wood floor next to a pair of Asics female running shoes. The right shoe lay on its side and made contact with my body. The sole was well-worn, much of its surface smooth rather than ridged as it had been when new. Near the forefoot, much of the black rubber was missing exposing the softer blue midsole rubber.

My skin was pink in color. I was fairly tightly inflated and my neck was tied off. The sensation of being an inflated balloon is indescribable. There is definitely a sense of tension as the rubber that comprises you stretches during inflation. One might think this would be uncomfortable, but it is quite the opposite. The feeling of goosebumps approaches the experience, but the latex equivalent is far superior.

She was laying in the bed, covered by a plush overstuffed white duvet cover. The sheets and pillowcase were white as well giving the scene a rather angelic appearance. She lay on her side facing me. Her hazel eyes were open, and she had the softest smile on her face. Was she looking at me?

She rolled onto her back and stretched her arms above her. Then, she pushed the sheets that covered her away revealing her naked body. 3-4 fragments of yellow latex lay next to her on the sheets, one with the knotted neck of a balloon still attached. She gathered the pieces and threw them to the floor below.

As she swung her legs out of the bed to stand up, her beauty was revealed to me. She had sandy brown hair that was straight and long enough to reach her mid-back. Her face was perfectly formed and she had a complexion to match. Her eyes were intoxicating - and now I knew she was looking at me. Her body was tan and thin, with breasts typical of an athletic girl. Her pussy was well groomed. Her toned legs ended in beautiful feet with pink nail polish. From her looks and the various trophies I could see, I guessed she was a college-aged soccer player.

My anticipation grew when she walked straight towards me, her eyes never looking away. Her initial touch as she picked me up with both hands on opposite sides of my body sent shivers of pleasure along my entire length. She carried me back to her bed and laid down on her back holding me above her. She tossed me in the air, and as I fell back toward her, she batted me up again.

When she finally grabbed me from the air, she did so fairly firmly. I noticed she was squirming around a bit in the bed. Her eyes were more focused. Her cute little smile was no longer present. She pushed me on to her belly with her right arm. I felt the warmth of her soft skin against my latex body. It was apparent to me she enjoyed feeling me against her own skin. Her left hand grabbed the tip of my balloon neck and pulled. It felt as though my penis was being tugged at, and it was magical.

Her left hand then held me down against her and pushed me up towards her breasts. With her right hand, she ran the palm of her hand down the surface of my skin, causing loud squeals from my tightly inflated rubber. She began to arch her back. I knew she was enjoying herself, and so was I.

She picked me up with both hands again, but this time flipped herself over to place me on the bed. She then lifted her right leg above and over to mount me at the level of her waist. I felt pressure as she lowered her weight onto my surface. Air was forced into my neck which expanded substantially. She began rocking gently. I could feel her pussy against me. Her breathing intensified, and she gently bit her bottom lip. She rocked forwards, backwards, and from side to side. I could not imagine another place I would rather be.

After a few moments, she moved down and pressed her breasts firmly against me. My neck bulged, and she licked my neck and tugged at my knot with her teeth. She moved back up again, and I felt her wetness against me. Her thrusting was now more violent. She moaned softly. I knew she would require me to pop to fulfill her satisfaction. I wished I could stay in this position forever, but I knew that would be impossible.

She rolled over on her back. She forcibly shoved me between her legs and squeezed hard. She was strong. I felt myself nearly unable to withstand her assault. She used her hands to claw at my surface, digging at my rubber with her nails. I knew I would be popped soon. I was ready to release the beautiful tension I felt.

As she continued to squeeze my surface with her naked legs, the nails of her right hand began to tear at my latex. I felt my body begin to separate as air rushed out. She didn稚 even flinch as I exploded into pieces. Without hesitation she grabbed the fragments of my shattered body and brought them to her pussy. She rubbed furiously until I heard the unmistakable sound of self-pleasure from her lips. She relaxed, and that same sweet smile returned to her face.
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Default Re: Wake up call
Good stuff, especially the descriptions of how the girl was using the loon to enjoy herself.
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