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Default Homecoming
Hey, let me know what you think. This isn't a real story, well, not really anyway, but parts of it are real. If you like, give me a heads up and I'll continue it.

Daniella was everything Jimmie wanted in a girl. She was athletic, a slim 5'4 with beautiful blue eyes like the deep ocean. Her Blonde hair wasn't too long, but also wasn't too short, allowing her a creativity that Jimmie really admired. Friend-zoned since the eighth grade, she insisted she was more like a best friend or sister rather than a potential lover. Jimmie was of course crushed by this every time he thought about it. She was everything to him - playful, but not mean, sweet but not overly saccharine -- she was just really down to earth and knew how to have a good time. Jimmie wasn't that popular and having a friend as attractive as her made him feel good about himself most times. She gave him dating advice and womanly insight that never seemed to get him anywhere, but he was grateful. It was tough on Jimmie when she dated other guys, but as far as he knew, all the past relationships were typical teenage affairs. No one treated her poorly, things just didn't work out.

Having survived the first three years of high school together as best friends, he eventually felt he had to open up about his phobia to her. Jimmie figured at some point she was going to invite him out on the 4th of july, or to a new years party, and since he never shook the childhood fear of sudden loud sounds Jimmie felt it prudent to tell her so that she wouldn't tease and torture him like his old neighborhood friends did when they found out. He also didn't want his goddess to think he didn't like her by turning her down all the time when he though he may encounter his phobia.

For all the years of their friendship, things went smooth with the no boom boom clause. She never pestered him on his least favorite days about man-ing up, and never ever teased him. Jimmie of course loved her even more for this.

It was spring of their senior year, and Dani had been boyfriend free for a few months now, opting to focus on getting ready for college and not wanting to have ties when she planned on attending school far from home. Jimmie was shocked, to say the very least when Dani asked him to homecoming.

"Well, I'm single, and you're single, so..." she said with that ever so playful smile, her white teeth accentuated by the cherry red lip gloss she was wearing.
"I don't know Dani, I can't dance, no one in the school really likes me and well, you issues with certain events at certain times and noise and all that"
"Jim, come on" she said still playfully but now with just the tiniest bit of incredulity. "The dance is on April 14th, way outside of loud noise season, you can't dance, but that's fine, no one can, and no one hates you either!"

Jim gave it some thought, the chances that balloons would be part of the motif was almost guaranteed, he was about to broach it, when Dani cut him off.
"Look, you love concerts and the music at these things is always blasting. You wouldn't hear a gunshot in that crappy old gym once the DJ gets going".

He knew she was right, the accoustics in there were so bad. "Ok, ok sure, I'd love to." Jimmie said conceding.
"Don't sound so depressed that you get to go to the big dance with a hottie like me" she said smacking him lightly on his arm
"Whatever" Jimmie said as he swung a pillow and hit her gently in the face.
"oh, you're going to get it now!" she said tackling him and tickling him.


The night of the dance Jimmie nervously showed up to Dani's house. Though he had been in her house easily hundreds of times and had a great relationship with both of Dani's parents and her younger sister, tonight just Everyone was so formal, oogling over how good he looked, and not so subtle mentions of being home on time, and the consequences of drinking or any other kind of tomfoolery were being made. Jimmie wondered why people were looking at him with a level of scrutiny that until now he had never once seen. "Maybe they thought I was gay or something" he thought. "I don't know" he concluded. It became clearer to him as soon as Dani came down the steps from her room.

She was stunning, and Jimmie was thoroughly stunned. Never in his life had he seen his best friend look so good. He wanted to cry, because in his head he knew she saw him more of a brother friend than a potential boyfriend and man did he want her bad. Her white satin dress matched the stark pinstripes of his blue suit. Her hair was done up in some kind of intricate do that he didn't think was possible. Her nails were amazingly long, square and dark blue matching his suit. She was an angel, a goddess and he was crushing so hard.

"You look amazing she said" trotting over to the couch where he was starting to stand up to greet her. She threw her arms around him in a friendly hug and her perfume only added to the deep depression he was feeling inside.

"You are...I look at you" was all he could say with his eyes like saucers. Dani made an "eeeeek" like sound that she made when she was excited and absolutely beamed at him. She held one of his hands in both of hers and hopped a bit smiling from ear to ear. There was a thankfully short period of teenage awkward silence that was broken with the start of what felt like hours of picture taking.

The dance thankfully went without incident. Yes, there were massive balloon displays and yes some of them were played with and undoubtedly popped, but Dani's promise of the acoustics being bad was mostly right. Any popping was easily masked by the overwhelming thump of the dance music and Jimmie had planned and Dani mostly agreed with him to roll out of there before the last song so as to not be in the gym when the music stopped. Things suddenly took a turn.

"Jim, there's a huge party at Johnny Walker's tonight!" Dani said excitedly. "We were invited! We so have to go" she said. Jimmie considered this. Johnny was the captain of the football team, his parties were legendary and though he was worried a bit about how much testosterone would be present as well as alcohol, he was completely mesmerized by Dani and likely would have allowed her to set off some large firecrackers near him, ok, maybe not that far, but man was he longing for her.

"Awesome" he said and led her out to his car.


The party was something out of a teenage party movie. The house was huge (Johnny's father was a lawyer and his mother was a dentist) and the cost of living in these parts was low, so the Walkers occupied one of the largest houses in the county. There were people everywhere, all of them had a red solo cup in their hands and everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives.

Dani couldn't wait to get in, and as the party went on, Jimmie was sad that Dani was spending more and more time talking to her girlfriends and not him. He sat awkwardly on a couch alone, not being included in any conversations and not starting any of his own while Dani laughed and had seemingly the time of her life. Someone yelled out to one of Dani's friends but Jimmie couldn't hear anything over the loud music. He nursed the beer that was in his solo cup and was trying not to look so glum when Dani turned to him and yelled in his ear.

"They're doing Nitrus! I so want to do it!" she said, clearly having had more to drink than him.
"I don't know Dani - " was all he got out when she bent over, showing an amazing view of her perfect B cup breasts and pulled him up. "Just come on"! She said smiling.

They turned a corner and Jimmie's heart dropped. When Dani said they were doing nitrus, he quickly put two and two together. The host's mother was a dentist. What he wasn't expecting were the gigantic balloons that people were hooking on to the end of the tank and inflating. A horrifyingly familiar "fissssssssh" sound filled the room they were in and Jimmie turned three shades whiter. Dani looked over at him and didn't notice any of this. "Come on, come on!" she said.

"Yeah, I'll uh...I have to um go to the bathroom" he said trying to give her an eye of "come on man, you know how freaked I am about balloons, big balloons and the potential noise they make"
"Ok sweetie, hurry back though ok?" Oblivious.

Jimmie made his way back to the couch he was sitting on in the room with the blasting stereo. He had no intention of going anywhere near that room. Time passed and his overactive imagination got the best of him. Dani was his best friend, this was a party, bad shit happens at parties, she was all alone. After about 10 minutes he worked up the nerve to walk back to where the small group were doing some unlicensed dental work.

He turned the corner and the door to the room was closed. He approached it, feeling the hallway shift, ever so slightly - was it the beer, or the fear? He reached out and opend the door to the room and like a camera flash, his life went into slow motion.

From the threshold he saw Dani, in all of her majestic glory holding the world's most impossibly large balloon. It was like no balloon he had ever seen before, clear, with a neck that seemed to be as long as Dani's arm. Everyone in the room seemed tense, like they were waiting for something amazing to occur. Catching the movement out of the corner of her eye, she turned slightly and started to take the balloon out of her mouth. A smile was forming, but this was a smile Jimmie hadn't ever seen before. The last thing Jimmie remembered was the sight of her beautiful blue nails on the neck of the balloon, when


It wasn't so much of a boom, or a bang, but a whiplike crack. He shook, like someone suddenly poured cold water down his back but then removed it just as fast. He looked at Dani, who's shoulders bunched up and holding the nozel of the balloon in her mouth like a cartoon character who just had a cigar explode on them. The room errupted in cheers and laughing. Dani suddenly realized why Jimmie was staring at her so harshly. He turned to leave the room, and she called out for him. On his way down the hall, he heard Dani's friend Samantha say "I'm going to make mine even louder" and he picked up his pace.

"Hey, Jimmie! Wait, please wait". Jimmie slowed down a bit, still heading through the gargantuan house looking for an exit.
"I am sooo sorry Jimmie, they were egging me on, and I just wanted to have some fun you know?" she slurred.
"I get it" he said, "It's fine"
"Come on, it wasn't that loud...and...and how could I know you would come back at that moment, you were gone so long!"
"Yeah, no it's fine, look, I'm going home, do you want me to take you?"
"Yes" she said "You're my date, it would look bad if I didn't".

They drove home in silence. Jimmie was beside himself. He was so madly in love with her, and then so suddenly mad at her that he didn't know what to do. Finally, Dani forced his hand.

"Jim, I love you man, but this phobia of yours is out of control".
"I'm sorry if I ruin your fun"
"Well, you do a bit Jim, before I met you, I liked the occasional jump scare of a loud sound. My sister and I used to always pop balloons like that when we got them to scare each other".
"I see...I'm sorry I'm a burden" he said as he pulled up to her house.
"You're not a burden Jim, I just want you to have a good time!"
"Ok" he said - "you're home."

She looked at him, not understanding him, not really wanting to, but wanting to none the less. He just looked devastated.

"I had a really great time" she said - kissed him gently on the cheek, sisterly, and got out of the car.
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Default Re: Homecoming
Love it a lot... please go on and let her use those stunning nails!!!!
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Default Re: Homecoming
That was really good! Thanks for the story! I like it a lot. I was wondering, will any printed balloons or any school logo balloons show up in the future within the story? I'd love to see more of your story.
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Default Re: Homecoming
Very well done! I can relate.
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